Destined for the Throne

[PDF] Destined for the Throne | by ✓ Paul E. Billheimer - Destined for the Throne, Destined for the Throne The preparation of the Bride of Christ the Church for her eternal destiny Foreword by Billy Graham Revised edition [PDF] Destined for the Throne | by ✓ Paul E. Billheimer - Destined for the Throne, Destined for the Throne The preparation of the Bride of Christ the Church for her eternal destiny Foreword by Billy Graham Revised edition

  • Title: Destined for the Throne
  • Author: Paul E. Billheimer
  • ISBN: 9781556617393
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
Destined for the Throne

[PDF] Destined for the Throne | by ✓ Paul E. Billheimer, Destined for the Throne, Paul E. Billheimer, Destined for the Throne The preparation of the Bride of Christ the Church for her eternal destiny Foreword by Billy Graham Revised edition [PDF] Destined for the Throne | by ✓ Paul E. Billheimer - Destined for the Throne, Destined for the Throne The preparation of the Bride of Christ the Church for her eternal destiny Foreword by Billy Graham Revised edition

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  • [PDF] Destined for the Throne | by ✓ Paul E. Billheimer
    165 Paul E. Billheimer
Destined for the Throne

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    Paul E. Billheimer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Destined for the Throne book, this is one of the most wanted Paul E. Billheimer author readers around the world.

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  • Disappointed Inferior to Billheimer s later work, Don t Waste Your Sorrows New Insight Into God s Eternal Purpose for Each Christian in the Midst of Life s Greatest Adversities Most readers should skip this book and read it, especially as that book includes a summary of this material Sadly, Billheimer s scholarship here is lower, too His most controversial doctrine may be that salvation is limited wholly and entirely by the intercession, or lack of it, of the Church He skirts theologically close [...]

  • I was given this book when I was a young Christian and I didn t get it then Years later I picked it up again and was blown away.I don t read a lot of Christian books I was discipled by someone who always said two things to me, faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God and God doesn t need any foreign aid Now I m not going to quibble over the value of getting help with interpreting, etc BUT, I want to know that I know, that I know I don t spend a lot of time having someone tell me [...]

  • favorite author of my life readings will change your life if i had one book is would be it other than the Bible.

  • this book is helped me learn my role as a part of the church of Jesus this is almost a manual on how to approach living a Christian life.

  • This was not an easy book to get into and I notice that other reviewers question the theology of some of the arguments but overall I think the book is a real inspiration for prayer.Three chapters were particularly helpful and thought provoking The two that dealt with Jesus death on the cross and the terrible cost to him which brought authority to the Church and his incredible victory on the cross which demolished all the power of the enemy If as Christians, we could only get hold of that truth, [...]

  • Destined for the Throne How Spiritual Warfare Prepares the Bride of Christ for Her Eternal Destiny , by Paul E Billheimer, is a must read for followers of Christ A truly amazing book which gives clarity to the power and importance of prayer, as well as praise I will read this again.This book was a suggested reading from our church last summer.

  • While there are certainly statements made by the author that should compel the reader s careful contemplation, the work as a whole is deeply thoughtful and a powerfully convicting call to prayer that demands unclouded, honest introspection.

  • In spite of all her lamentable weaknesses, appalling failures, and indefensible shortcomings, the Church is the mightiest force for civilization and enlightened social consciousness in the world today Paul E Billheimer, Destined for the Throne, Page 60 I have read some other reviews here on and the ones who give a low score to this book are so wrapped up and brainwashed by corrupt theology that they fail to see what the author is making an effort to convey in this book He says this quote over an [...]

  • The author tries to provetext his theory Contains some good ideas and the general theory is not bad per se but it s just read into the Bible This book also contains the incorrect doctrine of original sin and it s result that Jesus was not a son of Adam which He was according to the Bible p 74 76 It contains the heresy of Jesus not fully paying for our sins on the cross p 94 footnote but having to suffer in hell to redeem us p 84 and later on having to be born again to be reconcilled to the Fathe [...]

  • A classic book on prayer that is still life changing Chapter 8 on praise is worth the purchase of the book I used it with a home group study along with Batterson s The Circle Maker and it was an incredible study So many Christ followers live defeated lives, not understanding the authority we have in Christ Jesus Billheimer s book reminds us that we are the bride of Christ and what that truly means Even if you ve read it before, as I had, it s worth picking up again.

  • Interesting and a reminder of who we are in Christ if we we destined to reign with Christ, how might this change the way we pray Are things not happening because we do not pray God is not unable, but he has chosen to work when His people pray There are questions concerning the sovereignty of God vs the freewill of man All in all, If God has commanded us to pray, and to ask, Should we expect to receive if we do not ask find if we do not seek or to have doors opened if we do not pray

  • great book that breaks the faith down and explains due process of law, importance of the church, how the church and believers have the same authority as Christ, the importance of prayer, how prayer is our weapon against evil forces, and the list goes on totally recommend for believers who want the details this book grew my faith or for skeptics who are looking for answers as well.

  • The author has some incredible insights into the universal church, God s purpose for his church, the authority that has been given the church, and the dynamic of prayer Billheimer has challenged me through this book to spend even time in prayer than I have been doing, which was probably much than the average believer.

  • I would recommend Destined for the Throne to any Christian This book changed my prayer life and changed the way I view prayer Paul Billheimer unfolds the profound truth of prayer through the scriptures.

  • While Billheimer is strictly close minded with his thoughts on the last days, it accurately displays the knowledge that he has on the subject However, it s a book that gives the reader the opportunity to truly grasp the concept of revelation.

  • Don t like his logic or use of scriptures to support his arguments, but makes some big claims and some good points about the church and the nature of prayer.

  • Every church man and women should read to see the end game God has in mind for the Bride on earth in preparation for eternity

  • its my favorite book a must read i suggest all of you to read it thanks to uncle George Verwer for sending me.

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