✓ Breathless ☆ V.J. Chambers - Breathless, Breathless Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won t sleep with her Then Jason races into her life He won t say where he came ✓ Breathless ☆ V.J. Chambers - Breathless, Breathless Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won t sleep with her Then Jason races into her life He won t say where he came

  • Title: Breathless
  • Author: V.J. Chambers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Breathless ☆ V.J. Chambers, Breathless, V.J. Chambers, Breathless Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won t sleep with her Then Jason races into her life He won t say where he came from or who s chasing him He s a delicious puzzle a boy who has no problem using his fists to solve arguments or quoting Plato to justify his actions Azazel is drawn toAzazel is seventeen ✓ Breathless ☆ V.J. Chambers - Breathless, Breathless Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won t sleep with her Then Jason races into her life He won t say where he came

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  • ✓ Breathless ☆ V.J. Chambers
    135 V.J. Chambers

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  • V.J. Chambers

    V J Chambers writes about being inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring Her works span mundane settings and fantastic ones She writes about serial killers, cult leaders, werewolves, witches, for hire assassins, zombies, space pirates, and regular everyday people.She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat Isis.

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  • google imgres q fuck fThat s how I feel about this book I feel yucky for even reading it Can I please have my money backoh yea it was free but please I would like some kind of refund after reading this toilet water clusterfuck of a book.Here s my description of this book We start out with Azazel in her boyfriends truck Toby and she s trying to fondle him when clearly he doesn t want to get it on with her He has told her over and over he does not want to have sex with her Note that the first half [...]

  • This book was Crazy Cuckoo Bananas, but I really really liked it Wow, I am speechless after reading this story I really loved this book It was raw, compelling and gritty had surprises at every turn I am truly impressed with this author WARNING THIS REVIEW DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS This is the story of Jason and Azazel Azazel is a teenage girl who thinks she has the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect parents and perfect BFF Boy is she ever WRONG She meets Jason when he literally stumbles into h [...]

  • Click Here to read YA reviews at READING, EATING DREAMINGMy review is of the entire Jason Azazel trilogy THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS, BUT IT ALSO GIVES LIGHT TO THE TRUE SUBJECT OF THIS TRILOGY I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT THIS TRILOGY WAS REALLY ABOUT BEFORE I STARTED IT SO CONTINUE PAST THIS POINT WITH CAUTION view spoiler A crazy town full of Satanists who want to rape and kill innocent people, the Messiah who happens to be killing machine and satanic hippies who conceive the child of th [...]

  • Kept me up all nightI seriously could not put this down to come Ok, so now that I ve managed to get a little shut eyelet s tackle this review, shall we Where on God s green earth do I begin Holy crap What a ride A seriously twisted, freaky, laugh despite your discomfort, mindboggling, WTF, and OMG roller coaster I started this at around midnight and chain smoked, caffeine dripped all the way to the end which I reached at 10 30 this morning.Now, here s the thing I was raised Roman Catholic I am [...]

  • I am falling for Jason A killer who tried to figure out his life and found his love on the way Azazel was made for him.

  • 2 1 2 3 stars While I liked this it needs work I don t know how eBooks come about however, if they are derived directly from the hard copy with no additional typing, copying, or pasting then the editing proofreading staff needs to be fired This book was littered with punctuation errors, missing words, phrases that shouldn t have been there, etc It was awful, annoying, and distracting.Now to the actual writing The author failed to make me really care about her characters and what they were going [...]

  • Azazel has a funny name, but the rest of her life is pretty normal She s been dating her football player boyfriend, Toby, since Freshman year, she has a fun BFF named Lilith, and she gets good grades in school Her only real problem is that she wants to lose her virginity to Toby like, yesterday, but he keeps telling her he wants to wait During one of their frustratingly chaste make out sessions, Azazel spots a boy running through the woods toward their truck, looking like he is being chased She [...]

  • Oh, hell no I won t be reading any of this series view spoiler The pentagram on the front and the subtle hints throughout should have been heeded, but I kept reading anyway I held out hope that it wasn t going to be what I feared it was I love paranormal of just about any type but I won t touch flat out devil worship with a 10 foot pole There are some places I just will not go hide spoiler Don t get me wrong, V.J Chambers is talented and knows how to write an engaging story This is just not a s [...]

  • I really don t think this should be a YA book In that genre I find it completely inappropriate I wasn t even able to finish Once I hit the plot twist halfway through I literally felt sick and had to stop reading for fear I would lose my lunch What seems to be billed as another mysterious paranormal romance with love triangle turns into a completely horrifying tale that I would not feel comfortable having my children ever read Place it in in a different genre and please change the misleading desc [...]

  • Ok, in the first chapter I pretty much hated Azazel A near perfect person with a seemingly perfect life Plus, she whined a lot I thought it a bit odd that she immediately offered refuge to some strange boy, without giving it a second thought However, once we meet her family and get to know about her particularly how she was raised that decision made complete sense to me It seemed likely that someone who was raised the way she was, would indeed do that And once she slowed down enough to stop whi [...]

  • Azazel lives in a wholesome small town where the most exciting thing has been finding Jason He s on the run from danger and Azazel wants to keep him safe with her family She s determined to uncover the secrets that haunt him but soon finds that their lives are intertwined in a horrifying plot between a violent religious order and a satanic cult This is the first book in the Jason And Azazel series.Breathless is a dark, young adult story that explores mature and controversial themes The narration [...]

  • I normally don t have spoilers in my reviews, but this time, I m going to have to make an exception I only got part way through this book, before I had to put it down, and go take a shower Once I reached the vivid and graphic description of the main group of people being Satanists, preparing to rape the main character in a Satanic cult ritual on Halloween, I stopped in disgust Not my kind of book I really would have liked some warning that this book had that sort of thing in it, and I never woul [...]

  • I loved the three books that completed the Jason and Azazel Trilogy, i read them all in a week, i coudn t stop The author created a true story, with real characters, real places, and for God s sake, a real lenguaje and normal sexual tension This how the teenagers actually are, of course it has a lot of violence, rudennes, sex and feelings, but it is all put in the right place so it all has sense For my was refreshing, new, young, alive I loved it for real, i really hope she write someother book [...]

  • Who is giving this book so many 4 and 5 star review here and on Thirteen year old girls, maybe, as the book sounds like it was written by one The plot is ludicrous, the heroine too stupid to believe, the writing juvenile, and the editing barely passable errors like your you re and then than are common I wouldn t have finished it except I was away from home without a book Should have known there was a reason this book was free for Kindle sometimes you get what you don t pay for.

  • I like the plot and the characters of this book, they all have different and powerful characteristics You could distinguish one character from the other It always put me on the edge of my seat Its so good.

  • Well, it was good, but for me very drawn out and the words feel like they are just taking up space in a book to lure you onto book number 2 Um, and I don t want to read book number 2 enough, so it was OKaaaayyyy.

  • Kinda boringKind of boring and uninteresting It never caught my attention And believe me I tried to get into it unsucessful though

  • Easy and simple read Relaxing as well For a first book I would have expected AHA moments that would push you to read the next book, but this finished with a soft ending.

  • Honestly I want to give this book than 3 stars because I love the writer s style and voice It was very readable, and it did certainly draw me in I did not give it stars simply because it is not my genre of book, and I am definitely too old to be the target audience I read it because I was interested when the author posted in group I participate in here on GoodReads that she had written a book in that genre, and that this one was available as a free download.The genres this book encompass fall [...]

  • Honestly, I don t know what to think of this book I ve had it in my kindle for literally over a year, maybe two, and I decided to read it because I realized there s A LOT of books in my kindle that I bought and never read cause I m a book hoarder like that Starting this book, my first thought was oh my gosh, why didn t I start reading this before Azazel was funny and adventurous, her boyfriend, Toby, was kind of a wuss, and at times a dick, but that was okay because Jason was sweet and funny and [...]

  • Title BreathlessSeries Jason and Azazel series, book 1Author V.J ChambersGenre YA Paranormal RomanceRating 3.5 4 starsThis book wasn t what I expected, with the whole satanist act and Azazel worshiping and blah blah blah But the I did like it, a lot, the fact that it was completely different to most of the other books in the YA paranormal Romance genre, it gave the reader visuals on both God and various worshipers and religions.The whole meant to be relationship thing took a bit long for me, how [...]

  • Being one of those adults who likes to read YA the first thing I should say is this For adults who monitor what the kiddies read and don t want them reading dark things Skip buying this one for them Language is the least of the issues parents would have in this book When it comes to the YA childrens books you really never know what you re going to get This book It s definitely for the older end of YA spectrum and could be tough for some adults.Azazel lives her life in a small town It s boring No [...]

  • I gave this book three stars instead of two because it has a lot of potential, but doesn t deliver It starts off light hearted enough, with a teenage girl and her teenage problems and, of course, there s a secret being kept from her Chambers does well, dropping enough hints at the secret to keep us interested without giving away what it is until the very last second The plot movement was simple, yet believable, and the premise hooks you in pretty much immediately I really thought I had a winner [...]

  • This book was a freebie, and I often have lower expectations for freebie books I know this is a form of book snobbery, but it is what it is I still like reading the freebies though, because I do find books that surprise me with how much I enjoy them This was one of those books Other than the fact she can t get her boyfriend to sleep with her, Azazel is pretty happy with her life, which includes unconventional parents, foster siblings, and a pretty uneventful existence But when Jason runs in fron [...]

  • Let me start by saying that I loved this book I think however that it s getting a bad rep And here s why There s devil worship in it And yes, people seriously do that But all I m seeing in the comments and reviews is people FREAKING out talking about having to douse themselves in holy water and junk Look, yeah it s real, but can I just say I didn t feel that need.I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the moment I believed that he died on the cross for me and took on every sin that I have done or w [...]

  • Holy % Where has this book been in my indie author wanderings V.J Chambers pushes YA to the absolute edge The sweet, delicious edge This is one of those books that crosses over paranormal, urban fantasy, thriller, YA, adult, romance, horror, apocalypse, conspiracy, adventure, and Wow I don t even know how to categorize this Other than brilliant It s definitely that Brilliant Tell your friends Tell total strangers This book rocks.What begins as a sweet but compelling YA romance morphs, midway th [...]

  • This was a pretty great book.I suppose I should start off by saying, I sneaked looked at some of the reviews before reading this, but as always it didn t deter me away from reading it and making my own assumptions The only thing I do agree with the majority of readers on is that this is a very dark YA book so I wouldn t pass it over to your twelve thirteen year old and let them read it It s definitely for the older YA At the beginning I wasn t a fan of Azazel Jason I understood, heck I even seem [...]

  • I thought this story was very cute It s like the teenager version of Da Vinci Code I found that the heroine, Azazel, was very immature and naive, but it fit her age She wasn t wise beyond her years, like the feeling I get from most young adult heroines She was concerned about things that most high school girls are concerned about looks, popularity, family, herself As odd as it sounds, it didn t bother me I actually found her very funny Jason on the other hand, is not the typical high school stud [...]

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