Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible

Free Read Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible - by Anonymous - Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible, Holy Bible NIV Compact Thinline Bible A trim go anywhere pocket Bible that contains the entire Old and New Testaments plus many features usually found only in full size Bibles Free Read Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible - by Anonymous - Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible, Holy Bible NIV Compact Thinline Bible A trim go anywhere pocket Bible that contains the entire Old and New Testaments plus many features usually found only in full size Bibles

  • Title: Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9780310937685
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Leather Bound
Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible

Free Read Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible - by Anonymous, Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible, Anonymous, Holy Bible NIV Compact Thinline Bible A trim go anywhere pocket Bible that contains the entire Old and New Testaments plus many features usually found only in full size Bibles Free Read Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible - by Anonymous - Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible, Holy Bible NIV Compact Thinline Bible A trim go anywhere pocket Bible that contains the entire Old and New Testaments plus many features usually found only in full size Bibles

  • Free Read Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible - by Anonymous
Holy Bible: NIV Compact Thinline Bible

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  • Holy shit literally This book is riveting It is a fictional novel based on the life of a guy named Jesus who is one badass motherfucker The book chronicles some of his totally rad and awesome adventures, such as turning water into wine and coming out of a cave after he died Any lover of fictional adventure books such as harry potter will love this book It does have some slower parts, but it picks right back up every couple of chapters the chapters are creatively named after people Also, I learne [...]

  • As nothing than a piece of literature, this isn t even a good book As a basis for religion, life, and or government, it s dangerous The entire Old Testament is filled to the brim with outrageous fiction and illustration after illustration of a diety who can t make up his mind, doesn t think rationally and is ruled by emotion, and reigns down punishment on beings he created, knowing that the very composition of their beings would lead them away from his will This diety created two imperfect bein [...]

  • I got my first Bible in 1974 and have been reading the Bible nearly daily since then I have at least six Bibles Two of them are falling apart, I ve read them so much God has such a great sense of humor Whatever page I turn to, there is a message of what I need that day I was born three months premature and the doctors did not expect me to live Prayer made the difference I cannot get through a day without prayer I do not know how anyone does The Bible helps me through the worst times in my life I [...]

  • The Bible, Hmm, how do you review God s Word people have attacked it, scientists have expended their best energies trying to disprove it, governments have butchered millions to kill it, bu it remains For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail, but if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men you will only find yourselves fighting against God.

  • It would be an understatement to say that this book changed my life Knowing this book and its author is my life Just today I read Psalms 81 and Romans 5 and it breathed life and mystery into me for my day I have learned to better love the Saviour and hero of this book, Jesus Christ, and what my identity and life is in him I would say that this book best compares to the food and water that we need for our bodies In the same way we desire food and drink throughout our day, so in the same way I th [...]

  • Note, Jan 18, 2017 I edited this review just now to correct a typo.I ve read the Bible multiple times, and intend to keep on reading it for the rest of my life I know it to be God s communication to humanity, written by men under the guidance of His Spirit, and revealing His nature, His love, His plans for the universe and for our salvation, and the principles by which we should live It s a bedrock foundation of truth on which to build our lives.

  • I have studied and read parts of the Bible throughout my life However, I was never able to read the Bible from beginning to end I failed each time I tried I had even tried various Bible reading plans I think what I lacked at that time was commitment Well last year about this time I tried again This time I set time aside for devotion and Bible reading, each morning I placed my Bible and computer on my nightstand I used the Our Daily Bread webpage for devotion It is a very short read with Bible pa [...]

  • How does one rate the Bible Honestly I ve just spent the past 20 minutes reading GR reviews The glowing reviews made me laugh oh you, lol The bad reviews made me laugh oh you, lol I ve only ever read translations, so I can t rightfully give it 5 stars And I m not interested in learning a foreign language for the sole purpose of reading it, so I probably never will give it 5 stars But it has been around for a very long time and most of the books published in the world don t have that kind of stay [...]

  • The Holy Bible is a fictional historical epic with elements of fantasy, and the supernatural in general Epic is a word not out of place here, for the Holy Bible is indeed a very hefty read There are actually various versions of the texts, the Hebrew and the Christian I will talk about the Christian edition here, so when I say Holy Bible I will refer to it.The Holy Bible is primarily divided into two big chapters the first is called the Old Testament, and the other the New Testament Each of the t [...]

  • Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses, it s like religion is the skirts feebleminded people hide behind to flee from personal responsibility and thought.Sad this bunch of dross inspired so much violence and hatred through the centuries and still doesA Had to read this again for summer 2009 class it s even unbelievable to me after a refresher that anyone could believe one word of this and think it s the word of anything but humans bent on building a power base the Old Testament doesn [...]

  • The only book to CHANGE the course of my life To give me hope, something to feed on, something to guide me when I am lost, something to make me cry, fills me with awe, helps me find words to express and pray

  • Very unsatisfying fantasy novel Awful writing, unconvincing and poorly thought out world design, undeveloped or pathetically two dimensional characters, lack of suspense Various narrators present accounts that neither correspond well nor create an interesting divergence of point of view where they disagree the inconsistencies are so poorly used as a storytelling device that they almost appear accidental Many sections, such as Leviticus, read like the Cetacea chapter of Moby Dick, only worse The [...]

  • This was my Bible version from my teens until mid 20 s and is therefore covered in colourful stickers and scrawled writing It provides a good middle ground between versions like New American Standard Version NASB and English Standard Version ESV and versions like The Message and The Good News Bible or even The Street Bible The former options are accurate to the original text so I switched to NASB some years ago, however, if I m struggling to concentrate I sometimes return to my trusty NIV which [...]

  • This review will likely not change any opinions about this book It will perhaps give anyone interested a look into my particular worldview Disagree with me all you like, for my worldviews are based simply upon questioning, reading and attempting to understand the world according to scripture and observation For everything I have seen in my life and of the world confirms to me that there is a spiritual side to reality and that there is a powerful God who exists.When one considers the term religio [...]

  • I have been reading this book since 1992, the year prior to my salvation January 4, 1993 I love this book above all the books I own This book is why I live, breathe and have my being I love Jesus with all my heart and because of Him I am living la dolce vita the sweet life If you want to know about Jesus, you can visit my blogs at creatingmemories.typepad cI have many blogs on their feel free to browse around Tina

  • I believe the Bible is the Word of God I think some will call me crazy but sometimes things don t have to be fully explained to be true That is kinda the entire point of faith I also believe there is a God shaped hole in all of us No matter how hard you try to fill it with money, fame, realtionships, sex, other idols it will NEVER satisfy your soul You will still be thirsty and searching.Books I have fully read GenesisExodusRuthHoseaEstherPhilemon 1 PeterMatthewMarkLuke John1CorinthiansEphesians [...]

  • This is my BESTSELLER EVER I started reading the Bible when I was still a High School student, on and off in college and through adulthood But and so now As in daily And it is my source of wisdom, strength, guidance, everything Because the bible is God breathed So go and start reading it daily you book worm And after you ve read all it s books, you can read it all over again and still get fresh revelations

  • Really interesting, but it tries to hard to be enlightening, the plot moves at a Lost moses in desert pace and the prose is a little dull I am however, looking forward to the authors next work Bible 2 The Son Returns.

  • It s the Bible, aka God s Word, aka the best and most influential book ever written What do I need to say EDIT This is my umpteenth time reading through the Good Book in a year s timed I plan on doing it again next year and every year after that

  • 2.11.18 This update is LONG overdue To give you an idea of how my reading that I mentioned in my last update went, I did finish the Gospels in mid January I had a good feel for how long that would take me, and I finished right when I thought I would As much as I obviously enjoyed reading the Gospels though, it was difficult My reading plan was very intermingled, and the commentary website I ve been using had a completely different set up for the Gospels, so it was a chore to get my reading done [...]

  • The Holy Bible is a letter from God about His family He tells about His sons and daughters such as Moses, Abraham, and Deborah, and most of all, tells us how we can be saved through His Son Jesus Christ The last section of this book, called the New Testament, explains how Jesus, who was God s Son, came to earth in the form of a man, and gave His life so that we could go to heaven to be with Him Three of my favourite quotes from this book are God so loved the world that He gave His one and only S [...]

  • There s too much to be said about this book.When you cut away any socio political feelings you may have about it, there s no denying it s sheer importance in the literature world Not even Shakespeare comes close.As a pragmatic spiritual guide for living, it also can t be topped So, so much of Western and Eastern culture is based in it s concepts Love it or hate it, but you re probably a product of it.If you re a believer you probably regard this as a five star bit of literature Well, I m a bit [...]

  • It was easier to get through Atlas Shrugged than it was to get through this monster Yes, all the awesome stories of rape, racism, murder and genocide that you expect to find are there Getting to them, however, takes plodding reading through pages and pages of repetitive and boring recitations of how super awesome this god guy is At least the bible has the fun parts, in comparison to the koran, which seems to be an extraction comprised exclusively of these mind killing passages.The second part is [...]

  • a bit dicey in parts, some R rated stories, too much violence, confusing, getting a PhD in it won t help, changes you when you read it usually for the better it s sometimes called the book that knows me , begins well ends in terror and joy see what I mean about confusing , only valid source of info about Jesus but will the real Jesus please stand up , needs an editor, you say you re going to read it straight through and you don t you skip all the parts you can t pronounce or that bore you , need [...]

  • I m working on a major project, and I figured, since I ve got several books on my currently reading list that I m not likely to complete for years, I might as well add another, and share my progress here I am trying to read the entire Bible, as an adult, for real no cheating, skimming, or skipping, not even dietary rules or geneologies I have been meaning to do this since childhood, because, beyond the religious aspect, I feel that the Bible or at least some big chunks of it is essential reading [...]

  • Over long, disjointed, repetitive in the extreme The main character, God , is poorly sketched out by the anonymous author, and his supposed motivations are often contrary to his actions showing his love by acts of genocide By the time the narrative shifts to the Roman occupation of Judea the author has given up all attempts at generating new material and repeats the same narrative 4 times in a row Lazy.The final section, Revelation , reads like the ramblings of someone who has been eating too mu [...]

  • This is a great read You ll never want to put it down It has all the answers you re looking for and is beautifully written by God

  • I read this twice The second time I read it was on a challenge from a youth group leader I earned a leather jacket from mexico for it Still have it The first time I read it was because it was a classic Here, I thought, was a book that was known the world over It caused disputes and wars, people killing each other over it, politics argued using it as its basis, and referenced by many a literature around the world For this alone it was a book worth reading The beginning bit was a a bit tedious thi [...]

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