The Apothecary's Daughter

The Apothecary's Daughter Best Download || [Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert] - The Apothecary's Daughter, The Apothecary s Daughter Lillian Haswell brilliant daughter of the local apothecary yearns for adventure and experience than life in her father s shop and their small village provides She also longs to know the truth behind The Apothecary's Daughter Best Download || [Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert] - The Apothecary's Daughter, The Apothecary s Daughter Lillian Haswell brilliant daughter of the local apothecary yearns for adventure and experience than life in her father s shop and their small village provides She also longs to know the truth behind

  • Title: The Apothecary's Daughter
  • Author: Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert
  • ISBN: 9781596447028
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Audio CD
The Apothecary's Daughter

The Apothecary's Daughter Best Download || [Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert], The Apothecary's Daughter, Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert, The Apothecary s Daughter Lillian Haswell brilliant daughter of the local apothecary yearns for adventure and experience than life in her father s shop and their small village provides She also longs to know the truth behind her mother s disappearance which villagers whisper about but her father refuses to discuss Opportunity comes when a distant aunt offers to educate her as a lady in LoLillia The Apothecary's Daughter Best Download || [Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert] - The Apothecary's Daughter, The Apothecary s Daughter Lillian Haswell brilliant daughter of the local apothecary yearns for adventure and experience than life in her father s shop and their small village provides She also longs to know the truth behind

  • The Apothecary's Daughter Best Download || [Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert]
    424 Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert
The Apothecary's Daughter

About “Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert

  • Julie Klassen Tavia Gilbert

    Julie Klassen loves all things Jane Jane Eyre and Jane Austen A graduate of the University of Illinois, Julie worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full time Three of her books, The Silent Governess, The Girl in the Gatehouse, and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, have won the Christy Award for Historical Romance She has also won the Midwest Book Award, the Minnesota Book Award, and Christian Retailing s BEST Award, and been a finalist in the Romance Writers of America s RITA Awards and ACFW s Carol Awards She blogs at inspiredbylifeandfiction.Julie and her husband have two sons and live in a suburb of St Paul, Minnesota.

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  • Me at 47% This book is so unconventional and interesting The heroine, Lilly, has 4 or 5 guys who are pursuing her and I can t tell which one she s going to end up with Me at 85% eyeroll This feels like a Regency era Choose Your Own Adventure story, only with men How long is Lilly going to string all these guys along Shouldn t it be at least a little apparent to me if not to her which guy is the right one It really kind of irritated me that I could see the story going in any of at least four dire [...]

  • by Andrea Renee CoxI m so glad I reread this book It s a special story filled with twists and turns I liked that each of the potential suitors for Lilly had at least a few favorable characteristics The pace was spot on, ramping up and ebbing at the exactly right moments The setting was just as amazing as the characters and plot This is an all around great book.It was a little strange to wait until the halfway point to introduce points of view from two of the suitors Once I got used to it, both P [...]

  • Another incredible piece of historical fiction with strong characters from second published authorJulie Klassen Without a doubt, Klassen is on my favorite author s list Both Lady of Milkweed Manor and The Apothecary s Daughter were so enjoyable Each chapter starts with a quote of various pharmaceutical and apothecary means as well as a few others and it really sets the scene It is something she also used in her first book, and I truly believe that it adds an incredible important element to the w [...]

  • Lilly Haswell, the daughter of a small village apothecary, yearns for a life filled with love and adventure that will take her away from her hometown of Bedsley Priors She spends her days assisting in her father s apothecary shop with his apprentice, Francis Baylor, and she has an excellent talent for remembering and preparing remedies Lilly s mother left her family three years ago without a word, and Lilly still looks for her return When Lilly s fashionable and wealthy relations offer her an ex [...]

  • To be fair, when I started this book I didn t have any concept of what it would be about beyond what one can infer from the title.While the story itself was OK and, I ll admit it, I read the novel cover to cover over a weekend this is not what I would call a great read Maybe a good read but just maybe.Point of view jumps around with little notice and the jumps don t seem to serve the plot in any predetermined way Additionally there are times when it seems you leap from one moment to the next and [...]

  • I loved the writing I loved the setting I loved the period I loved the characters I enjoyed reading the story and seeing all the historical detail regarding apothecaries.The apothecary s daughter had far too many suitors, though, and while it was fun for a while trying to guess who she would end up with, it got to be a little frustrating and tedious There should be SOME hint or clue as to which man she d end up with, and the readers should be able to easily figure it out, even with all the red h [...]

  • The daughter of an apothecary in a small English village must assist her father and slow minded brother after her mother runs off Readers get to experience village life, London society, snobbery, kindness and the intriguing developing medical profession as though we walked those streets ourselves.An unexpectedly captivating story that drew me into Regency England I say unexpected because I don t typically read historical fiction But Julie Klassen s writing style is rich and full of period detail [...]

  • The Apothecary s Daughter by Julie Klassen isn t exactly my sort of historical fiction novel The writing itself was pleasant enough, I was very happy that Klassen did attempt to imitate 1900th century prose, which is always irritating for me since it is rarely used properly Lillian Lilly is the daughter of the local apothecary who is brilliant writer s words not mine , but like all girls in that time is striving for something In addition, she is dealing with the shame of her mother s disappeara [...]

  • Updated I really don t like this book and I dislike it everyday but it is not the worst book ever maybe no offense if you really like it, old I really liked this book, It Surprised me with some of the plot twist And I enjoyed the characters This book puts you through a lot of emotional turmoil I do want to say even though none of the doctoring did not gross me out it may for other people.

  • It was just ok It wasn t awfully compelling but the apothecary history was interesting All of the characters were thinly developed, especially Lily s suitors Why she would be interested in any of them is beyond me The author wove several story threads and didn t end any of them satisfactory The story of the disappearing mother was not well imagined nor did it have a good ending the story of the Marlows abruptly ended with some crazy scene of the younger Marlow threatening the medical profession [...]

  • Very unpredictable I was so pleased I had absolutely no clue as to what would happen, where she would end up or who she would end up with Very well written and entertaining

  • The beginnings of the book kept me very much interested in the story, and I did feel it was well written There is Lilly, the heroine, her father Charles and her brother Charlie Her father took on an apprentice, Francis Baylor It was all a happy arrangement, until her mother s relatives came to visit and whisked Lilly to London.It started to feel like a so so book in the second part of the book So in London, she went to balls, parties, outings, and the like, to find a husband , so to say She met [...]

  • Wow I liked this book far than the last Klassen book Until toward the end of the book, I wasn t sure who she would get with, and not because she was in love with a bunch of different guys Klassen is a masterful storyteller After this, I will be trying some of her books.I felt Lily s character change was the weakest part of the story and kind of by accident, hence the one star off.

  • I found this book rather confusing Lillian Haswell is the apothecary s daughter Her mother left the family and Lilly has always longed for what she believed her mother had adventure and freedom When her mother s brother and wife come to offer her the opportunity to go to London and have a season in London, she jumps at the chance She is gone for several years, barely writing home Then she receives a note that she is needed by her father and reluctantly returns What I found confusing about the ta [...]

  • I m not quite sure what to think about this book And that doesn t happen often, I either like a book or I don t but not with this book With 392 pages that was a lot of reading for such a simple ending It was confusing, she at one point had four men wanting to date her I didn t know which one was the one Then there were some deaths I didn t see were necessary I guess I m kind of shocked The poor girl went through hell and the end she was happy and married in about five pages I m kind of left with [...]

  • I originally read The Apothecary s Daughter back in 2009 At that time, I only gave it and have always said that it was my least favorite of Julie Klassen s earlier novels I don t know what I was thinking.Since I didn t remember much about the book, I decided to reread it and glad I am that I did I enjoyed it so much this time and it ranks right up there with my other favorites of hers.

  • 5 BIG STARS Julie Klassen is becoming one of my favourite authors Reading her books was one of my biggest dreams, and I owe it to my best friend Brittany, who amazingly made that dream come true Thanks to her, I have two books by this amazing author, both signed and dedicated, and they are among the treasures of my shelves But most of all, thank the Lord for giving me the chance to meet such wonderful people, even when we live in different parts of the world.Well, to the review I doubt I can tru [...]

  • This book confounded my expectations on two fronts I saw it billed as a Regency romance and winced, expecting a bunch of stock characters and a wish fulfillment plot Slightly later, I learned it was published under a Christian fiction imprint, and I winced again not only a romance novel, but a tepid one filled with religious proselytizing as well Still, I d already downloaded the audiobook, and figured I d at least give it a go I am fond of period pieces and if it was awful I figured I could fin [...]

  • About this book Lilly Haswell Remembers Everything Whether She Wants To, Or Not As Lilly toils in her father s apothecary shop, preparing herbs and remedies by rote, she is haunted by memories of her mother s disappearance Villagers whisper the tale, but her father refuses to discuss it All the while, she dreams of the world beyond of travel and adventure and romance When a relative offers to host her in London, Lilly discovers the pleasures and pitfalls of fashionable society and suitors, as we [...]

  • This has to be one of my most favorite books of all time This was my first read by Julie Klassen and certainly won t be my last This story is about Miss Lillian Haswell, the daughter of Charles Haswell, the town apothecary From a young age, Miss Haswell learns how to concoct the potions for her father from their physic garden they grow They are toted as being miracle workers for their prescriptions and mastery of the medicinal herbs they prescribe One day, an aunt and uncle that Lillian did not [...]

  • This book had nothing offensive which was good The story was too long and drawn out The quotes at the top of each chapter from books of the historical time were the best part I felt the romance which seemed the purpose of the book was not focused In other romance novels from Jane Eyre to Pride and Prejudice from whom the author seemed to draw inspiration the hero was easy to pick out he was the smartest, richest, best looking man This book was all about whoever was left She ended up married to t [...]

  • My Thoughts I really enjoyed this book about the role apothecaries had in Regency England during the mid 1800 s It was also very enlightening to know that women weren t allowed to dispense medicine I loved Lilly, the main character The reader gets to see her grow from a young teen to a woman She has worked in her father s shop since she can remember and knows the mixtures without ever having to look anything up She s resourceful and smart, probably why I liked her so much One of my favorite part [...]

  • Reviewed from a Man s Point of View.This was the first book I read on my Kindle for PC app sometime in February, 2010 I now have a Christmas Kindle Brag Being that long ago, I don t remember minute details, but I ll hit some high points I was captivated by The Apothecary s Daughter Read it in two days Very good read I ve generally felt that historical romances tend to repeat the same story over and over, but The Apothecary s Daughter had a unique story line and the setting of an apothecary shop [...]

  • I did like this book but it was an unusual read for me Here is a young woman who takes a journey of self discovery The journey is interesting and ultimately, I would say that that was the main point of the book, instead of being your typical regency romance As for the love interest, there were, I think, five men who were constant possibilities The frustrating thing for me was that none of them ever stood out as the obvious choice and she seemed to be attracted to almost all of them In the end, t [...]

  • After reading three of her books and loving them all this is the 2nd disappointment in a row There s too many love interests, she seems extremely fickle and has no character to connect with She doesn t want to be who she is yet after opportunities decides to stay who she is I do not recommend this book I found it annoying just trying to finish it Come on I hope the next one lives up to the first three I read Silent Governess, Tutors Daughter Girl in the Gatehouse

  • I actually was pleasantly surprised by how much this book doesn t read like a typical Christian novel The elements are there of course, particularly at the end, but truthfully, this story feels much like mainstream historical romance with strong elements of both Austen and Bronte The characters are all distinct and strong there are elements of feminism I wasn t expecting Lilly is an especially enjoyable protagonist Also, the characters and plot were allowed to be messy, complex, and human Also, [...]

  • For the most part, I really liked this novel I love books that tell fictional stories around historical professions that are now defunct There are no apothecaries today, as they were defined in the 19th century, and we, sadly, are likely today to have a prescription for a synthetic medication thrust into our hand than to know someone with a true knowledge of medicinal herbs and the like Pity.But in our heroine s time, there were apothecaries, physicians, and surgeons galore, and their occupatio [...]

  • Title The Apothecary s Daughter.Author Julie Klassen.Genre Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance, Medical History, Regency England.Plot Lilly Haswell remembers everything, whether she wants to or not There are things she loves to remember birthdays, days spent with her family, etc But there are also things she d rather not remember, such as the day her mother left without a word and never came back Over the years, Lilly has always imagined her mother to be off on some wild adventure, while secr [...]

  • The story line of The Apothecary s Daughter really held my interest I was eager to see what was coming up next, and as usual Klassen gives attention to historical detail without becoming too tedious I loved all of the tidbits about how apothecaries worked, the ailments and remedies used to treat them.The main problem for me is the development of the main character, Lilly I felt like she was somewhat inconsistent It may have been an effort to keep the reader guessing about which suitor she would [...]

  • I usually tend to avoid historical fiction I find that authors tend to focus on the customs, dialect or history of the stories and less on the stories themselves This is not the case with this book It is set in the 1800 s, but is completely focused on the characters and the plot Lilly is an apothecary s daughter and has grown up helping in her fathers shop Although she is excellent in this role, she hopes to travel and see of the world than her small village A rich Aunt and Uncle offer to host [...]

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