[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Suspicion : by Kate Brian - Suspicion, Suspicion Forbidden fruit Reed Noelle and former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor have been living it up on St Barths over winter break The tropical sun has melted away all the tensions of last semester and f [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Suspicion : by Kate Brian - Suspicion, Suspicion Forbidden fruit Reed Noelle and former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor have been living it up on St Barths over winter break The tropical sun has melted away all the tensions of last semester and f

  • Title: Suspicion
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9781416958857
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Suspicion : by Kate Brian, Suspicion, Kate Brian, Suspicion Forbidden fruit Reed Noelle and former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor have been living it up on St Barths over winter break The tropical sun has melted away all the tensions of last semester and for the first time in months Reed is happy She s got her best friends by her side she has a palatial suite with an ocean view and she s landed Upton the most sought Forbidden fruit Reed [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Suspicion : by Kate Brian - Suspicion, Suspicion Forbidden fruit Reed Noelle and former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor have been living it up on St Barths over winter break The tropical sun has melted away all the tensions of last semester and f

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Suspicion : by Kate Brian
    376Kate Brian

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    Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name Kieran Scott.

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  • Even though this series has never been realistic, it was nevertheless entertaining and intriguing, keeping me looking forward to the new installment But now this series has gone from unrealistic to downright ridiculous Reed has turned into a one woman circus She attracts jerks, jealous psychos, murderers and stalkers like moths to a flame I am considering abandoning this series, something that I hadn t considered before, that s how bad things have gotten I ll await the third installment of the P [...]

  • love love love the private series they have to be my favorite teen non fantasy paranormal series.i love the dark air they have about them, it makes them different from a typical mean girl series kate brian does a wonderful job i was soooo overjoyed when i saw this book sitting on the bookstore shelf, excpet for the fact if was short but i really liked this book, i love that the attempts on Reed s life were dangerous and succesful than they have been in the past, with the person trying to kill [...]

  • Suspicion begins where Paradise Lost ended Reed is mysteriously pushed off a yacht during a party and is treading water She s eventually rescued by Sawyer and later taken to the hospital for observation Terrified that someone tried to kill her, she immediately decides to go home However, Noelle talks her into staying for the remainder of their vacation During this time, Reed s life is threatened again, she learns the secret that Upton has been keeping and the reader learns the identity of the pe [...]

  • Suspicion is about how Reed was rescued after being thrown off the boat litterally She tries to prove that Poppy tried to kill her since she hates her, she learns about Uptons past affair with a older women She get s kidnapped and put onto a deserted island on while she s holding on to her life she becomes delusional and thinks she sees her dead ex Tommy In the end the killer didn t turn out to be Poppy since they came to the realization that she s not smart enough, it was someone no one ever ex [...]

  • took us long enough to figure out whose been bothering reed and i mean i loved upton through and through throughout the whole book, i mean he means wells and tries to be a good guy but he just has this messed up past being a womanizer however these books are beginning to become repetitive, same old plot line some one is out to get reed and she tells her friends that someone is stalking her they don t believe her that is until some drastic things happen to her they realize that she is right I enj [...]

  • I normally never flag my reviews as having spoilers because I normally avoid them like the plague I hate, hate, HATE having anything ruined or even mildly tainted by having foreknowledge of it But for the tenth book in the Private series, I have to make an exception It sucked so hard I know I can t help but give specifics in explaining my hatred for it, particularly given that I have always been a fan of this series and generally rate it highly.I was no great fan of the ninth book Paradise Lost [...]

  • When I was sent this book to review, I wasn t too sure if I would enjoy it The Private series is aimed at the fans of Gossip Girl, and from what I ve heard about Gossip Girl, I m pretty sure it s not my time type of thing I m not one for popular, superficial girls, it just doesn t entertain me I thought I would give Suspicion a go anyway, to see if I would be surprised Unfortunately, I wasn t.Suspicion is the 11th book in the Private series, but it s readable as a standalone the plot is self con [...]

  • When we last left Reed Brennen, she was treading water in the middle of the ocean in a couture ball gown When we meet Reed again, well, she s still treading She s been pushed of a boat on Casino Night in St Barths While she thought this would be a great way to relax after finding out her roommate at Easton was trying to kill her, it s been nothing but She s had three near death experiences, but that s nothing compared to what she s got coming Someone on the island is trying to kill her and not u [...]

  • In the tenth novel of the Private series, you can t help but to feel very sympathetic to poor Reed Who isn t out to get her these days After a wild New Year s bash thrown in honor of Sawyer s life saving abilities, Reed has some after party plans with Upton Giles He leaves early to get everything prepared, and sends a chartered boat to take Reed back to the island Except, all goes wrong, and Reed ends up in the middle of a kidnapping plot, and stranded on a deserted island Kate Brian s addictive [...]

  • Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWorm I didn t know a thing about this series going into it My boyfriend now husband would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book, thinking I would enjoy it Well he was right lol I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol , but it s lots of fun and it was the first time I d ever read anything like [...]

  • Reed is eventually rescued by Sawyer, and decides to stay on the island, despite the numerous attempts at her life Caught in the moment of finally deciding to have sex with Upton, Reed is kidnapped and left on a deserted island When Reed gets back to the island, she discovers that all along it had been Paige s mother who had attempted to murder her because of previous sexual relations with Upton The book ends with Reed parting ways with Upton on good terms, and arriving back at Easton to find Bi [...]

  • Will this series ever end The first two books of this series were actually not bad, the drama was believable, and the plot lines were fresh Fast forward to Suspicion and all of that is gone The same basic and totally farfetched plotline that applies to the last seven books is back again The only reason I read this book in the first place was because I wanted to know how the series ends For the next book I m going to save myself the painstaking effort of reading the whole thing and just look up t [...]

  • i ve finally found a section of a book boring than the wandering in the last harry potter, and it is reed brennan trapped on a stupid island.

  • Despite the appealing plot, the story went nowhere Also, surprisingly boring despite the supposedly shocking twists Nothing than a filler, hence the length of the book.

  • Title SuspicionAuthor Kate BrianRating 3I decided to read this book as I was walking through the library trying to find a new novel to read when this one caught my eye I kept on walking and with no luck on finding another one, I went back and grabbed this book The blurb on the back wad very interesting and led me wanting to know .I liked this book as it left me on lots of cliff hangers and kept me hooked Throughout the novel I was constantly wondering who it was that was after Reed, and it defin [...]

  • Upton was such a nice change A boy Reed likes that I actually liked Past and all And Reed actually has a lot of backbone in this novel It is refreshing Even her maturity with how her and upton end things is commendable Just please don t go back to josh.

  • If you thought Paradise Lost was taking the story in a different direction, your brain may just explode while reading Suspicion Two words deserted island Paradise Lost ended with Reed being pushed off the boat, and after 3 hours she s rescued by Sawyer and co Few people believe Reed was actually pushed, with the island police completely mocking her story Kiran then decides to throw a party in Sawyer s honour on a little island off the coast of St Barths Upton Reed decide to get their sexytime on [...]

  • Cross posted from my blog right here.My Review Yet another awesome book in the addicting Private series While this book felt a little like a bridge, or filler, from one book to another, I still loved every second of it When Hooked Immediately The last book Paradise Lost left us with such an unbelievable cliff hanger that as soon as you flip open the first page of Suspicion you are hooked.Hookability 9.5 10 This series is one where you pick the book up, read, and about an hour to two hours later, [...]

  • Wow This book is a true departure from the rest of the series The mystery kept me guessing until the very end and the twist was shocking Believability was stretched through the trials Reed endured but the departure from reality was what made the plot so exciting I m a little sad we re heading back to high school for the next book 5 5 Full points for being fully engaging and surprising.

  • Reed is rushed to the hospital after Sawer catches her just before she sinks into the ocean forever She tells the police that she was pushed but they don t take her seriously until Noelle s dad makes sure they do The girls all insist that Reed is just paranoid by all the drama and Reed knows that it must have been Poppy and her onterage, but Mrs.Ryan comes out and says that one of her people actually pushed Reed over for her neckless All seems good and Upton and Noelle convice Reed to complete h [...]

  • Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooBelieve it or not, SUSPICION is the tenth novel in Kate Brian s PRIVATE series And SUSPICION picks up where PARADISE LOST ended The girls are still holidaying on St Barths.The story begins with Reed stranded in the water She s positive someone purposely pushed her off the Ryans boat with the hopes that Reed would drown Reed rips off her dress as it was dragging her down She tries to remain calm in the water, but freaks out when something floats over her feet Ju [...]

  • Suspicion tells the story of Reed Brennan who is holidaying with her rich friends on a Carribean Island The story begins with Reed stranded in the middle of the ocean after being pushed off a boat by a mysterious attacker Although this is the eleventh book in the Private series and I hadn t read any of the previous books, I found it easy to follow and a complete story in itself Suspicion can definitely be read as a stand alone novel.This book is certainly outside of my comfort zone I m pretty su [...]

  • NOTE this was originally a comment on a review for this book, but I decided that this really was of MY review, but whatever PHere it is, my review Okay, so funny story I read this book in about 30 minutes, it was so short, and at the end I thought what I think after I read any YA book Wow, that was great So i went on and gave it 5 stars BUT, as usual, the I though about it, the flaws I could see in it I find my new review close to yours actually I truly did not like the fact that it starts ou [...]

  • SuspicionAn imprint of Simon Schuster Children s publishing DivisionKate Brian 9.99 Pages.211ISBN 9781416958857Forbidden love You ll never know who you ll fall for, because maybe you aren t meant to be with him her Suspicion is the 10th book of the Private series Kate Brian wrote many other novels, for instance Lucky T, The Princess the Pauper, and much Suspicion is very exciting book with a lot of dramas going on Kate Brian writing styles make you want to keep reading on and you can feel the c [...]

  • Kate Brian, Suspicion, 211 pages, Simon Schuster, 2009Apr s qu on aie tent de la tuer, Reed est craintive Elle d cide tout de m me de rester St Barths lorsqu elle apprend que son agresseur a t arr t Malheureusement, elle n est pas au bout de ses peinesSuspicion reprend o Paradise Lost nous a laiss s, soit au bout de notre chaise Comme l habitude, Kate Brian nous remet dans un semi retour l quilibre avant de tout faire basculer encore une fois.L criture en VO anglaise est correcte, sans toutefois [...]

  • Suspicion is the tenth installment in the Private series It continues from where the previous book, Paradise Lost left off After being pushed off the yacht, Reed struggles to survive and throughout the story she faces threats proving without a shadow of doubt that someone is really intent on killing her Like Paradise Lost , this book was completely unnecessary as there was barely enough content to fill up even such a short book Consequently the repetition became the main feature, making everyth [...]

  • Suspicion is the sequel to the private series Reed Brennan had been involve in many drama in her past at Easton Academy Now she finally has the time to relax at St Barths over the the winter break with her formal bestfriends Noelle,Kiran, and Taylor And of course her hot boyfriend Upton, the hottest guy on earth as they call it, but you never know, Reed has a feeling that its too good to be true that drama is over, and there would be nothing that will happen to her again Then again dating Upton [...]

  • This is the 10th private novel.In this book it takes place in Saint Barths, where paradise lost, the ninth one also took place Everything is going fine until, someone trying to kill her she thinks it poppy, a crazy wild girl who will do anything to get upton giles, Reeds new hot boyfriends When she finds herself going to uptons house after a party and being high jacked by the killers she thinks she is going to die Then she is stranded on an Island for 6 days without food and water When she is fi [...]

  • Meh It s been a long long time since I ve read a Private.i novel and it was surprisingly easy to delve back into the world of the rich and relatively carefree I remembered most of the characters and although I don t remember the personality traits of anyone except Reed and Noelle and even Noelle I suspect I only really remembered because Reed describes her character so often based on Noelle s words and slightest of actions that didn t affect my attitude towards this book I found the plot excruci [...]

  • I m so obsessed with this series, it s not even funny This book took me less than a day to finish I just sat there with my book, reading nonstop You know, it s just crazy how she can continue the series I mean, there s always something new that Reed is involved in, she never runs out of ideas And I still have books to go It s amazing So, as far as the book goes, I was left just a tad confused by everything that happened when Reed was stranded on the island Upton managed to explain it, but I jus [...]

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