Be Mine

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Be Mine : by Sabrina James - Be Mine, Be Mine Just in time for Valentine s Day comes a funny fresh novel from Sabrina James Valentine s Day is fast approaching at North Ridge High And this year the school is sponsoring a Most Romantic Couple co [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Be Mine : by Sabrina James - Be Mine, Be Mine Just in time for Valentine s Day comes a funny fresh novel from Sabrina James Valentine s Day is fast approaching at North Ridge High And this year the school is sponsoring a Most Romantic Couple co

  • Title: Be Mine
  • Author: Sabrina James
  • ISBN: 9780545097390
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Book
Be Mine

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Be Mine : by Sabrina James, Be Mine, Sabrina James, Be Mine Just in time for Valentine s Day comes a funny fresh novel from Sabrina James Valentine s Day is fast approaching at North Ridge High And this year the school is sponsoring a Most Romantic Couple contest Everyone wants to win including Jennifer who s not going to let the fact that she doesn t actually have a boyfriend stop her Romantic twists and turns and comic mJust in time for Valent [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Be Mine : by Sabrina James - Be Mine, Be Mine Just in time for Valentine s Day comes a funny fresh novel from Sabrina James Valentine s Day is fast approaching at North Ridge High And this year the school is sponsoring a Most Romantic Couple co

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Be Mine : by Sabrina James
    167Sabrina James
Be Mine

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  • Sabrina James

    Sabrina James is the author of many books, most of which feature romance, humor, and some sort of comical misunderstanding Secret Santa is her first title set during the holidays.Sabrina lives in New York, New York.

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  • Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsBe Mine by Sabrina James is the perfect read for Valentine s Day It s a very cute albeit predictable read that will make you smile and sigh in mild frustration over the characters antics It s a fun, fast and adorably written YA contemporary that you shouldn t miss if you re looking for a light romance.This book centers around North Ridge High couples view spoiler , Jennifer and Will Claudia and Chase Natalie and Leo Eden and Dexter hide spoiler A few of them are com [...]

  • Rating clarification 3.5 starsD aaaaaaaaaaw How cute was that Be Mine was a very predictable but very cute read.Really, there were absolutely no surprises at all, it was completely obvious how everything would play out and the writing was also pretty simple but still, the story was cute, warmed my heart and made me smile a lot A light and fun read Side note It s a pity I haven t read Secret Santa before reading Be Mine since the characters from the previous book get mentioned a few times and it [...]

  • Be Mine is very, very similar to Secret Santa The main protagonists are different students enrolled at North Ridge High, but they basically fill the same roles as the the Christmas set Nonetheless I had a lot of fluffy, harmless fun reading the Valentine version The final couples were absolutely lovable and made me look forward to reading Spring Fling.I distributed two stars less than to Secret Santa, because I simple adore Christmas romances and this is a Valentine story The ending was quite pr [...]

  • There is only one word to describe Sabrina James books Adorable I m really glad that I read Secret Santa a couple of months ago since it felt easier to slip back into North Ridge High, in Be Mine.Be Mine was another really fun book that is centered around couples and there friends who are competing for Most Romantic Only I think this one was less confusing then Secret Santa.My favorite couple were Jennifer and Will and Natalie and Leo I don t know why but I hardly cared for Eden and Claudia was [...]

  • Very very cheesy Too many teenage girls and teen drama for me How fucked up it is that teenagers think not having a boyfriend for Valentine s Day is the death of them It was on the verge of being cute But too much of perfect cheesiness and teddy bearish Yuck Yet I finished it so it s fine.

  • Cupid is taking aim at North Ridge High.Do you think you and your boyfriend or girlfriend could win a Most Romantic contest The students at North Ridge High hope they have what it takes Especially Jennifer Harris Fed up with her arch enemy, Claudia Monroe s, bragging about her amazing boyfriend Jennifer soon hatches a plan to get a fake boyfriend, convince people they are romantic, and win The Most Romantic contest But will she be able to do all of this by Valentines day Her prayers are soon ans [...]

  • After reading Secret Santa this past Christmas, I was anxious to read by James Just in time for Valentine s day, I started to read Be Mine and I was not disappointed James has a way of making you fall for each character you ll swoon over the guys and wish you were the girls She takes an in depth look at the neutrals not popular, not unpopular crowds and makes you wonder why they re not idols for other students She makes you take a closer look at some characters who are the idols of the school, [...]

  • What I think of the book, Be Mine by Sabrina James, was that this was a really good book that I enjoyed reading.This book unlike any other books I ve previously read gave me a real reality taste of what may come in the future refering as to a girl s life in high school.I would recommend this book to maybe just girls who like reading funny romances that take place in high school.

  • This was fluffy and predictable, but also very sweet Enjoyed it And yes, I don t have much to do besides sitting outside in the sun reading at the moment.

  • Jennifer and Will r cute together Jennifer s plan to get Claudia was a major good plan She got a good no GREAT boyfriend and every one was happy Cheak out Be Mine

  • I gave this book a 3 star rating I read this book before Secret Santa, but this story takes place after it I thought it was cool and can t wait to read Secret Santa.

  • This book was pretty sappy and wrapped up a bit too quickly for the build up It s a good read for young tweens who want teen romance that s gentle.

  • I loved this book its all about love i was so sad when i finished this book i wanted to see the next part

  • North Ridge High is having a Most Romantic Couple Contest and has got the school in a frenzy of couples trying to get nominated There will be five nominations The couple that wins will get to go to New York City for a dinner Some students are really excited while others are reminded that they are spending Valentine s Day alone For instance, Jennifer She doesn t want to be alone for another Valentine s Day She gets mad at Claudia local queen bee of North Ridge High and tells her that she does hav [...]

  • I read this book for two reasons 1, it looked cute and it was 2, I want to write YA romance in this sort of comedic style, and I enjoy reading books currently being published in that genre.It worked well as a sort of do s and don ts for YA writers Looking at the majority of reviews on , this book was well liked by its target audience It s cute, has a variety of likable and appropriately unlikable characters though they are very stereotypical , and there are plenty of plotlines to keep you intere [...]

  • I chose the book, Be Mine by Sabrina James when I was in the school library in the beginning of the quarter I had read the first book of the series in seventh grade, so I wanted to read the next book which is Be Mine Be Mine takes place in North Ridge High School and takes place near the times of Valentine s Day The school is holding a contest for the most romantic couple The main character, Jennifer asks the most popular guy in school, Will to be her fake boyfriend so that they could beat their [...]

  • Falling for you A Book Review of Be Mine Point,2009,368pp 6.99Sabrina James ISBN 0545097398Valentine s Day is around the corner at North Ridge High School Everyone is talking who likes who There a contest, Most Romantic Couple Jennifer challenges Claudia, the most popular girl, on this contest Jennifer will do anything to win, even if she doesn t have a boyfriend That is until, Will shows up That s when everything happens.This bookcis a typical romance story that could happen in real life I foun [...]

  • What a cute,adorkable and predictable read.I loved every bit of it Jenny, Eden, Claudia and Natalie are 4 girls this story covers.Jenny hates valentines day and is so annoyed that there is a competition for most romantic pair She hates this and wants to participate the catch Is she doesn t have a boyfriend But she s determined.Claudia is the typical mean girl Natalie and Eden are two sweethearts that hang out with Claudia but they re such good characters and your rooting for them as well.Eden ha [...]

  • This book is all about one stupid couple contest that ends up creating a ton of problems and drama It all begins when the school principle announces the annual Most Romantic Couple Contest Claudia and Natalie, who are best friends, end up arguing with each other Everyone is making of the fat kid Leo who happened to be Natalie s neighbor s uncle Natalie never made fun of Leo in fact they sometimes bonded when they both baby sitted the little girl When Natalie s boyfriend starts being a jerk, she [...]

  • I was pleasantly surprised with this book it was clean just a few kisses without description This story is about several people who are vying for the title of the school s most romantic couple, which will be announced at the school s Valentine s Day dance What I really liked was that some of these teens realized that it s important to be who you are and not who you think others want you to be The Queen Bee, Claudia, was a real mean girl and got kind of annoying, but it was great to see these ch [...]

  • Be Mine is another great book written by Sabrina James I think Secret Santa was better though It s just about this girl named Jennifer who goes to North Ridege High like the girls from Secret Santa and she told Claudia a snotty girl that she have a boyfriend Jennifer promised she ll show up at the dance with his boyfriend and win the Most Romantic Couple contest The only problem is that she lied about having a boyfriend Then she met Will boy at her school to be her pretend boyfriend He hooked up [...]

  • Like Secret Santa, this book takes place at Northridge High It also has multiple points of view, and stories about multiple couples as the school hosts a most romantic couple contest Why this is school sanctioned is beyond me, but it makes for a good plot device Especially when Jennifer Harris tells snobby Claudia that she and her boyfriend are going to win Only problem, Jennifer doesn t have a boyfriend Light and funny I liked Secret Santa , and would recommend that one first, but you don t hav [...]

  • Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooJennifer has a bad habit of lying whenever Claudia s around Not only has she made up a fake boyfriend, but she s agreed to bring him to Claudia s party on Saturday Now she has to find a boyfriend in a week and maybe compete for the school s most romantic couple She stumbles across the perfect boy the heartbreaker Revenge gets even sweeter when he s looking to settle a score with Claudia, as well Can the two of them pull off a plan to teach the Queen Be [...]

  • this was the first romantic comedy book i ve read and i loved it it s about a girl, jennifer, who brags thats she s going to win the most romantic couple contest But there s one problem she dosn t have a boyfriend so she has to find a pretend boyfriend and they have to learn everything about each other just in time for the competitione story was so much fun to read and it kept me smiling all throught the booke ending was predictable but don t you just love happy endings

  • omg i love this book just finished it 8 minutes ago god love love love it i totally scream in excitement when Will ask Jennifer if they can be real couples i wish i was dating Will Sinclair too and i totally love Natalie and Eden s story as well read this if you re in the mood for some romance.

  • 3.5 StarsLet me start off by saying, this book is definitely nothing special In fact, it s pretty cheesy, and predictable HOWEVER, I ve read this book numerous times, and still enjoy it It just gives me such a strong feeling of nostalgia So I d say, if you can look past some of the cheese and are looking for a light read, give this one a go

  • Second time I read this book, it really entertains me Loved Will and Jennifer I like the way the author says how anyone can like whomever they want I expected a bit in the ending from Claudia, Chase or Tom Still, pretty good

  • I guess this was the first romantic novel I read As a kid I fell in love with the idea of such romance and started fantasising about my non existing boyfriend and now I read it again and I again started fantasising about my still non existing boyfriend predictable but cute

  • I didn t like Claudia at all medicine needed for her if you know what I mean PJennifer needs to learn how not to say stuff that gets her in hot watert a bad book There are better books out there though.

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