The Dragon Lord

Free Read The Dragon Lord - by Connie Mason - The Dragon Lord, The Dragon Lord In one horrifying hour Rose of Ayrdale s life was shattered Lord Dragon one of King John s fiercest knights brought the news that Rose s father was dead and revealed that he had been commanded to m Free Read The Dragon Lord - by Connie Mason - The Dragon Lord, The Dragon Lord In one horrifying hour Rose of Ayrdale s life was shattered Lord Dragon one of King John s fiercest knights brought the news that Rose s father was dead and revealed that he had been commanded to m

  • Title: The Dragon Lord
  • Author: Connie Mason
  • ISBN: 9780843949322
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
The Dragon Lord

Free Read The Dragon Lord - by Connie Mason, The Dragon Lord, Connie Mason, The Dragon Lord In one horrifying hour Rose of Ayrdale s life was shattered Lord Dragon one of King John s fiercest knights brought the news that Rose s father was dead and revealed that he had been commanded to marry the traitor s widow or daughter and claim the estate Rose was certain that neither her grieving mother nor Starla her twin sister who longed to become a nun could bearIn one hor Free Read The Dragon Lord - by Connie Mason - The Dragon Lord, The Dragon Lord In one horrifying hour Rose of Ayrdale s life was shattered Lord Dragon one of King John s fiercest knights brought the news that Rose s father was dead and revealed that he had been commanded to m

  • Free Read The Dragon Lord - by Connie Mason
    114Connie Mason
The Dragon Lord

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    Connie Mason or Cara Miles is the best selling author of than fifty historical romances and novellas Her tales of passion and adventure are set in exotic as well as American locales Connie was named Story Teller of the Year in 1990 by Romantic Times and was awarded Career Achievement award in the Western category by Romantic Times in 1994 Connie makes her home in Tarpon Springs, Florida with her husband Jerry Prior to her first published work in 1984, Connie was a full time homemaker Always an avid reader, writing was one of Connie s dreams In 1995 Connie was featured on a segment of the CBS news show 48 Hours, a television production that devoted an entire program to the romance novel industry Connie was also featured in an article published by National Inquirer In addition to writing and traveling, Connie enjoys telling anyone who will listen about her three children and nine grandchildren, and sharing memories of her years living abroad in Europe and Asia as the wife of a career serviceman In her spare time Connie enjoys reading, dancing, playing bridge and freshwater fishing with her husband.

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  • Harder, Dragon Oh, God, yes Don t stop So that s how the book begins The hero a virile, hot, and typical Alpha male is giving it good to his mistress So, for the life of me I can t understand why the heroine resisted him so much If he came to lay siege to my castle , there would be no hesitation Anyway, they verbally spar for most of the book She blames him for her father s death He basically doesn t care and makes her burn hot for him every night At the end, they realize they love each other Th [...]

  • Arranged marriage turns into love Typical Connie Mason plot but it was kind of different since heroine fell hard and fast for her husband and she was extremely smitten with him I adored her and I adored Dominic They were madly in love and crazy about each other They didn t fight their feelings Super romantic and cheesy and hot Amazing, wonderful love story

  • I finished the first 2 3 of this book and for the first time.I am not finishing the last 1 3 Awful names A women named Veronica in the middle ages and the never ending play on the name Rose The sex scenes are what you would expect from a bodice ripper, which is a bad thing When the male character throws his head back and roars as he ejaculates.justn t Please Veronica was annoying and conveniently became the villain simply because the hero was banging her in the beginning Obviously not as virgina [...]

  • The Dragon Lord, Dominic, is ordered by his king to head to Ayrdale and inform the women there of the earl s execution and to wed one of his daughters Rose is determined to save her sister Starla, an aspiring nun, and tricks Dominic into marrying her Set against the backdrop of the Magna Carta.I was highly surprised at this book, since Connie Mason often includes a lot of betrayal, anger, and domination This book didn t have that Dominic never goes too far and doesn t fall for ruses The only unl [...]

  • an entertaining historical read.what bothered me about this book was how the hero was constantly comparing the heroine with his ex mistress he was a little too carried away with her saying that the passion he shared with the OW was magical and unparallel.his behaviour with the OW is very confusing further the book opens with a sex scene between hero and OW so if you don t want to read sex scenes between hero and OW stay away the heroine was lovely and very feisty what I liked was that the hero w [...]

  • I very much enjoyed this historical romance I liked Dominic the Dragon Lord and Rose exceedingly Dominic was sexy and lusty Rose was strong and yet vulnerable Rose was everything that Dominic thought he didn t want in a woman, yet learned he could never live without Rose didn t want to like Dominic, let alone love him but she couldn t deny the passion he stirred in her body These two fight and deny what s happening between them with their minds, while their bodies refuse to deny the obvious They [...]

  • I thought it was a good book, YES Dragon was a jerk in the beginning but i think he redeem himself to Rose throughout the rest of the book and thought he should have been stern with Veronica, Rose she was a hellion and i mean it in a good way she has guts and that fire in her belly that keeps her going and great love scenes and chemistry between Rose and Dragon of course has everyone knows its the typical twin switch, I hate you but now I love you kind of book but I thought Connie Mason did a g [...]

  • Swedish review Omd me The Dragon Lord r min f rsta l sta bok av f rfattaren Mason.Jag gillade den faktigst mycket,spr ket,handlingen och karakt rerna fascinerade mig.Om ni vill veta hur boken b rjarulle ni bara asgabbla,f r jag skrattade faktigst ihj l mig.Vilken bok i HELA FRIDEN b rjar med Harder Dragon.Oh,God,yes.Don t stop HAHAHAHAHAHA Seri st jag fick faktigst t rar det d r var bara.Jag som f rv ntade mig en REALISTISK,HISTORISK BOK som handlade omja medeltiden n stan.OCH VAD VAR DET H R HA [...]

  • I got this on a 2 for 5.98 shelf because I liked the time period, 1215 in England The historical detail is very good I enjoyed getting a look at the political machinations around the signing of the Magna Carta In addition, the twin switch plot is used than once to good advantage Finally, the hero has a good best friend and the heroine has a lot of guts.That said, this book has definite flaws First, the heroine makes some very stupid choices, almost in the too stupid to live category Next, there [...]

  • I have no idea why I read this I can t say I liked it very much, so it gets to be in I didn t like it category It is 1.5 than 1, but I don t feel generous at the moment The plot is predictable I won t retell the story since anyone can read the plot summary The point is that it didn t do much for me Sometimes I rate a book higher because it got to me This one didn t view spoiler Rose fell in love too fast I mean, she just found out her father is killed, her mother and sister left and all it took [...]

  • This book grew on me and I really liked it I think it will go on my Keeper shelf It has the potential to be a re readRose was a bit childish and hateful in the beginning but she improved a lot till the end I was a bit disappointed at her last escape as I thought it not necessary if she had just tried to talk to Dragon.I was so glad that at there was not a real big misunderstanding in the end and that Connie Mason really worked on a plot even if it was not the greatest one all in all it was a rea [...]

  • gostei muito, apesar de ser highlanders n o serem os bons da fita como se costuma dizer, desta vez s o os ingleses os bonzinhos , mas nos dois lados da historia h sempre bons e maus caracteres.The Dragon Lord e Rose s o os personagens de uma historia medieval, onde de facto o valor de uma vida n o era minimamente levado em conta A sobreviv ncia num mundo cruel e violento era o dia a dia de qualquer pessoa, seja ela um servo ou um Lord.Esta uma historia de amor, sendo que os protagonistas s se co [...]

  • SPOILERSI enjoyed the book thoroughly because it was a case where the male romantic lead finds himself forced to marry a seemingly headstrong and unappealing girl only to realize later that he has fallen in love with his wife and he accidentally married the love of his life One huge question still haunts me though Why didn t King John know that there were twin daughters

  • Novel ini menceritakan tentang Lord Dominic Dragon yang diberi hadiah oleh King John Lackland berupa sebuah wilayah bernama Ayrdale setelah jadi milik Dominic, namanya diganti jadi Dragonwyck dan menikahi salah satu dari 3 orang wanita, yaitu janda Lord Ayrdale sebelumnya, dan kedua putri kembarnya, Rose dan Starla Di awal cerita, dikisahkan Lord Ayrdale dieksekusi oleh King John karena dianggap sebagai pengkhianat Dominic sebenarnya berniat ingin menikahi Mistressnya, Veronica, tapi karena dipe [...]

  • In high school I went through a major four year phase of romance only novels Whenever I would go to the bookstore I would prowl the romance section almost all the time and used book shopping was my favourite I also went through a major Connie Mason binge and I read a lot of her books almost exclusively for a few months This book was no different but for some reason it was the one that stuck with me the most.A few months ago I had this urge to re read this book though I thought that it was a diff [...]

  • This was one of the first romances I ever read, way back in middle school I remember thinking the guy on the cover was so hot So of course when I stumbled across it I had to reread it It s a fluffy, easy story but still enjoyable It does have a lot of clich s a gorgeous, virile, battle scarred hero with a fearsome reputation and a nickname to match, a spirited, sharp tongued heroine, a snotty troublemaking mistress, sex scenes that are a little dodgy as far as consent goes the first page or two [...]

  • I enjoy historical romance novels from all different time periods This one takes place in England 1215 Lord Dominic Dragon is a champion knight, trusted by King John, who has order him to go to Arydale and marry one of the women of the keep Dominic does his duty, even though he had desired to marry his mistress, Lady Veronica.Lady Rose is a very strong female, but is also extremely stubborn and hard headed to the point of annoying at times She blames King John for the death of her father who was [...]

  • I read about a third of this and just couldn t finish It s not that it was bad, I just felt the story and characters were very hollow and underdeveloped, leaving me without a care to see what happened to the couple There was very little detail as well, I didn t like how we really only get one or two descriptions of the characters and there was very little substance added to make you actually care about what the characters are doing and why Rose was annoyingly stubborn and Dragon really is unbeli [...]

  • I had a hard time believing the way she doubted his feelings, suspecting him of two timing a bit would be understandable, but her insecurity went a bit far I just wanted them to sit down and talk through their feelings so she could see what everyone else saw This has all the cliches hatred then love, jealous ex lover, view spoiler Hapily Ever After with baby hide spoiler but is still pretty enjoyable The love scenes were pretty modern in their description despite it s historical setting you coul [...]

  • Easy read, very fascinating The romance happened to quickly in my opinion, the manga carta plot was great, I was annoyed by Veronica, and Rose being so quick to constantly doubt her husband but it makes sense that she did Rose made stupid decisions frequently that could have led to disaster but luckily the author liked her Pretending to be a squire while pregnant was stupid, forgetting her husband was attacked on their land and setting off to London was stupid, not telling her husband her uncles [...]

  • We begin this with deceptionRose and her twin are identical So when the Dragon Lord comes and has to wed one of the women, and Rose is a spitfire and her sister meek and docile he does the predictable thing and picks the sister So they switch places, he ends up marrying Rose and gets pretty pissed about it But he shrugs and says, we ll have our wedding night anyway and they have fantastic sex Meanwhile, the woman he wanted to marry in the first place, Veronica isn t giving up without a struggle [...]

  • The book lived up to my expectations I wasn t looking for any plot depth or anything just some thing to pass time with The problem is I just can t like a hero who I know for sure had a mistress before meeting the heroine Especially ones who fancy themselves in love with them and compares the heroine to them And then the mistress shows up and he feels an obligation not to hurt her feelings but is willing to hurt his wife Sorry not my kind of her and the misunderstandings where over the chart Yet [...]

  • Some really bad writing in here, an some inconsistencies that grated on me For example the name of the mistress had been mentioned earlier and was known to the heroine but then all of a sudden she was later all like ah, so that was her name as if she did not know Also the whole storyline and romance wasn t really believable The last 40 30% I skimmed through, regretting i hadn t put it down at 10% As a book it gave me absolutely nothing, except regret for wasting my time.

  • Why did I buy this It was so bad, I could not finishHero s ck twitches when heroine is around Everyone enjoys a mindless bodice ripper type romance now and then, but this was just unbearably bad.

  • Rose was strong and had a quick wit about her Dominic did what was required of him and was very thoughtful when it came to the heroine The love scenes between the two of them were pretty hot worth reading I did feel that the story was rushed at times but all in all was a pretty decent read.

  • Bad writing and exemplified rape culture all in one book, oh boy To be fair I got this book by choosing the most ridiculous romance novel I could find, but nonetheless, this is very possibly the worst book I ve ever read.

  • A good historical book set in England, 1214 Two wonderful characters that develop well with the story Rose and Starla are twins and Dominic chose to wed the meek twin, but they trick him and so the story goesThis Reader enjoyed it.

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