[PDF] Fearless | by ↠ Nicole Edwards - Fearless, Fearless He s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses t [PDF] Fearless | by ↠ Nicole Edwards - Fearless, Fearless He s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses t

  • Title: Fearless
  • Author: Nicole Edwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Fearless | by ↠ Nicole Edwards, Fearless, Nicole Edwards, Fearless He s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses to let anyone close enough to hurt him He s had his heart broken before he s not looking for it to happen again He s the one who let love slip through his fingersNoahHe s the one who walked a [PDF] Fearless | by ↠ Nicole Edwards - Fearless, Fearless He s the one who walked awayDare Davis one of the four owners of Pier Marina has been living the past fifteen years of his life not taking risks He considers himself fearless because he refuses t

  • [PDF] Fearless | by ↠ Nicole Edwards
    122Nicole Edwards

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    New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her professional writing career in July of 2012 Having been an avid reader all of her life and a huge fan of creative writing, it seemed the likely path for her to take Since then, she has released than forty books and has no plans to stop As her full time career hobby, Nicole writes steamy contemporary and erotic romances.Nicole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who was born and raised in Texas Married with three kids and four dogs, she has plenty of interaction to keep her imagination brewing Her books have been featured in USA Today s Happy Ever After segment as well as Indie Reader s best seller list She has forged her way as an independent author.Although she has a bachelor s degree in Human Resources, she prefers to be hiding out in her writing cave, talking to the fictional characters that have built up in her head over the years.When she isn t writing or plotting her next book sometimes translated to playing on Facebook , Nicole loves to read and spend time with her family and her dogs.

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  • 2.5 Stars We only regret the chances we didn t take.And you know what For the majority of this book, there wasn t anyone taking any chances or doing shit about anything Well, except for me I was doing this Oh, and Dare and Noah were doing this And after finishing this book, I sit here like this This series is now two for two when it comes to a great idea but the author fumbling with the execution The plot here was seriously underdeveloped and had no sense of direction.e I m sorry to break it to [...]

  • 5 Stars Sometimes time doesn t matter When you really, truly love someone, I don t think that ever dies No matter how much time you spend apart Fearless is the second book in Nicole Edwards MM series entitled Pier 70 In this series were are introduced to the men who own and operate Pier 70 Cam Strickland featured in book one , Roan Gregory, Dare Davis, and Teague Carter I fall wholeheartedly in love with anything Ms Edwards writes and if you know anything about her books you know that she tends [...]

  • 3 stars book 2 in the Pier 70 series about 4 friends owning a marina Book 1 was about Cam and Gannon Book 2 is about Dare, the fun guy from the band, and Noah, his past lover from 15 years ago.Dare was deeply in love with Noah when he was nineteen and wanted to spend his life with him, but Noah thought Dare was too young Tired of waiting and deeply wounded, Dare turned his back to Noah and went with his life Fifteen years after their break up, Dare and Noah get reunited on a ship during Cam and [...]

  • 2.5 stars rounded downThe second story in the Pier 70 series, a series centered around 4 best friends who own a marina together, concentrates on Dare Funny, silly, happy go luck Dare He uses his humor as a shied to keep men away because he does not do relationships He learned his lesson after breaking it off with the man of his dreams, Noah Pearson, 15 years ago after Noah wouldn t take their relationship to the next level after 2 years of dating He walked out on Noah in the middle of the night [...]

  • I am a huge Nicole Edwards fan and Ethan is one of my all time favorite mm books I have been un patiently waiting for this book ever since I ve read the previous book I was very curious about Dare and his story This book however almost drove me to drink The push and pull between the two MC s made me insane Dare is a partial owner of the marina he works at We were introduced to the marina and the guys who own it in book 1 Dare is a funny, happy go lucky kinda guy who is always in for a joke and d [...]

  • Another great book by Nicole Edwards If you like romance books of the M M variety, you will LOVE this series They are all standalone but I like reading them in a series to be able to know all of what is going on with the men at Pier 70 Dare, being the light hearted jokester at Pier 70 thought this cruise was going to be loads of easy going fun with his friends, no drama involved When Noah showed up on the cruise as Milly s step brother, his heart dropped and his emotions were all over the place. [...]

  • Overall book rating 4.3 Stars Audio book N A Book Cover 3 Stars MC1 Dare Davis Marina co owner MC2 Noah Pearson FirefighterI really don t know how she does it but this book had a special feel to it, I don t know how to explain it but it was different and I so love this story.We have Dare with his pierced nipples all sexy as hellAnd we have Noah all sexy firefighter And the chemistry between them is out of this world Nicole Edwards just have a way with words, it s like you feel every word I norma [...]

  • M M This book would have been very close to 5 stars if it had just focused on the Dare Noah relationship, two guys who had desperately loved each other 15 years ago but parted on less than happy terms but now meet again on a wedding cruise for another gay couple I loved both Dare and Noah even though there was a lot of push and pull in the relationship and lots and lots of steamy sex.What I didn t really care for was the focus on a lot of side characters that didn t interest me at all I found my [...]

  • Really enjoyed this next installment although I must say Dare Noah frustrated the hell out of me at times I was glad to see them finally reconcile after 15 years of mindless connections that just didn t work These soul mates eventually found their groove Looking forward to the next book

  • They were in love 15 years ago and they still are now.A little push and they found it again with HEA Lovely read.

  • This series is definitely going to be one of my favorites This one is as good as the first one and can not wait to get started with the next one in the series I m so glad I ve found her books One thing i didn t likeMilly helping hand in book one was ok, bc it was done in such a cute way, but in this one she is too much.I don t hope she is the one who has to save the relationship between the men for the rest of the series.

  • FGMAMTC Blog Review Playlist Excerpt3.5 starsPier 70 is about a group of men owning and running a marina Fearless is Dare s story, but it also features the rest of the gang It s all about relationships including romances, friendships and families To me it felt a little deeper than book 1, but I would still consider it a fairly light read.Dare and Noah were a young couple 15 years ago Things didn t end well for them After not crossing paths since their breakup, they end up on a cruise ship as par [...]

  • 5 Star review of Fearless Pier 70 2 by Nicole EdwardsThis is the second book in the Pier 70 series and I loved it This is an M M story about a second chance at love It begins 15 years earlier and then bullets into the present I love how Ms Edwards set up this story and their history from the beginning.Although a stand alone, I would recommend you read Reckless, book 1 first, as you will get a better understanding of the Pier 70 owners and the secondary characters.Dare Davis is one of the owners [...]

  • Stay and fight I fell in love with the men of Pier 70 when I first met them in Reckless However I must confess that it was Dare that I crushed on the hardest His laid back lifestyle, sense of humor, and aversion to wearing shoes made him stand out for me I was positive that he was hiding something or someone in his past He was also hiding his heart, unless it was needed to help out one of his friends, the other owners of the Pier 70 Marina He never hesitated to lend a hand when needed But I just [...]

  • Fearless by Nicole Edwards 1 2 stars The joy that can only come after reading a Nicole Edwards book is the state I m in Dare and Noah are freaking spectacular Mrs Edwards makes you not only need a glass of ice water next to you while you read but she sucks you in with the heart and soul of each character This is a second chance romance, which is usually hit and miss for me but this was a hit It s written in a way that it s not forced or unbelievable It s so real These two men walked away from ea [...]

  • I am loving this new Nicole Edwards series It s true that I ve loved just about every book of hers that I ve ever read, but stillI get a thrill when I discover that, once again, she s performed her magic Reading some reviews others wrote, it seems that a common complaint about this book is the slow pace of the relationship I can relate, I suppose, but it never got to the place where it was annoying to me Especially when you consider that these two once had a deep, loving relationship together Th [...]

  • I really love this series and I love Nicole Edwards writing She has that power to suck you in and make you stay I loved Dare from the moment I read Reckless He s the kind of character you tend to fall for immediately He s funny and sarcastic, but he also has a soft side especially for his best fiends This is definitely a story about second chances I really enjoyed Noah and Dare s dynamic They just have that spark together that only happens once in a lifetime My only complaint, and this is honest [...]

  • Just when you think Pier 70 couldn t get any sexier, it does This book brings the whole crew together for Cam and Gannon s wedding There is a whole lot of surprises in story with unexpected match making Noah and Dare loved each other 15 years ago but couldn t make it work They are given a second chance to find the love that they shared but will it be enough Looking forward to Teague and Hudson s story

  • Finally finished This was a total case of its not you, it s definitely me I just could not get into this I was fighting tooth and nail to finish, and that s only because I am so excited to Teague and Hudson s story Dare and Noah just irritated me throughout about 75% of the book Oh well Onto the next

  • 3.5 5 rounded down.My bar was set pretty low by Reckless, so Fearless was a nice surprise For the most part, I loved this one I really liked Dare and Noah I liked the concept for the plot intense love separated by 15 years and reunited by chance But I had a lot of issues with how it was handled.So this gif pretty much sums up my major issue with this book No one talked about their issues, we didn t get everything out in the open between them until like 80% of the way through I want to say the co [...]

  • Das Schicksal f hrt Dare und Noah auf unerwartete Weise nach 15 Jahren wieder zusammen Vor 15 Jahren haben sich ihre Wege getrennt und nie wieder gekreuzt Doch in diesen Jahren haben Noah und Dare sich ver ndert Aus den jungen M nnern sind reife und lebenserfahrene Erwachsene geworden Und trotz aller Verletzungen und verwirrenden Sehns chten und W nsche, existiert diese Anziehungskraft zwischen ihnen Ist es nur k rperlich, oder geht es tiefer Und kann man es wagen sein Herz erneut in Gefahr zu b [...]

  • The things we do to each hurt each other linger for years Dare and Noah were together for about two years when Dare was 19 and Noah was 23 Dare was in love with Noah, knew what he wanted and wanted to move to the next step together Noah, for several reasons, dismissed Dare, told him he was a kid, too young, to know what he wanted Fast forward 15 years and they see each other again on a destination wedding cruise Cam and Gannon, from book 1, are getting married Dare, Cam, Roan, Hudson and the oth [...]

  • 2.5 Stars I really liked the first book but this one had some issues for me First let s get past the premise of the book that these two guys were in love and broke up and even though they didn t live far from each other never saw or heard anything about the other for 15 years and then they end up on the same cruise together Okay I suspend my disbelief on that one The problem I had was that one or the other of them kept running away as soon as things got emotional It took FOREVER before they actu [...]

  • I m getting to the Pier 70 books with perfect timing The 4th book in the series will be coming out at the end of March Well, I read the first book in the series in January but there were other books between the 1st and 2nd book in this series in my Nicole Edwards reading challenge I ve discovered that, although the first book in the series isn t going to keep me reading a series if it s not good, it is seldom the best book overall I mean that about all authors and series, not just this one That [...]

  • No cliffhangerStandalone though book two in a larger seriesTold from multiple POVsNo major editing issuesHo ly mo ly That book was super hot Might be one of the hottest books I have read in a long time I love all things Nicole Edwards and this book was no exception.Dare and Noah dates for 2 years when they were younger but when Dare wanted to take things to the next level Noah wasn t so sure Dare left Noah when he realized Noah would always see him as just a kid.15 years later their paths cross [...]

  • This book wow It had been a while since I had read a Nicole Edwards s book boy do I feel bad about that This m m series is hot sexy full of alphas Noah Dare were a sexy fun loving couple who when Dare wanted Noah just couldn t commit They break up to run into each other 15 years later They are stuck rooming together while on a boat How fitting they hadn t seen each other for 15 years were now stuck being around each other for the whole cruise The chemistry between these two was so off the chart [...]

  • 3.5 This installment of the series was a teensy bit less angsty than the first book I definitely enjoyed the characters they both especially Dare had a great sense of humor so the conversations were fun Now on to the third in the series

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