Yearn Best Read || [Trevion Burns] - Yearn, Yearn Anesthesiologist resident Veda Vandyke returned home to achieve one goal get in exact revenge get out But the universe had different plans Pregnant with her worst enemy s baby A dead man s blood o Yearn Best Read || [Trevion Burns] - Yearn, Yearn Anesthesiologist resident Veda Vandyke returned home to achieve one goal get in exact revenge get out But the universe had different plans Pregnant with her worst enemy s baby A dead man s blood o

  • Title: Yearn
  • Author: Trevion Burns
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Yearn Best Read || [Trevion Burns], Yearn, Trevion Burns, Yearn Anesthesiologist resident Veda Vandyke returned home to achieve one goal get in exact revenge get out But the universe had different plans Pregnant with her worst enemy s baby A dead man s blood on her hands A brooding police detective hot on her trail The problems just keep piling up faster than Veda can handle Desperate for escape she s forced to fast trackAnesthesiologist resident Yearn Best Read || [Trevion Burns] - Yearn, Yearn Anesthesiologist resident Veda Vandyke returned home to achieve one goal get in exact revenge get out But the universe had different plans Pregnant with her worst enemy s baby A dead man s blood o

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  • Yearn Best Read || [Trevion Burns]
    259 Trevion Burns

About “Trevion Burns

  • Trevion Burns

    I m fascinated by deeply flawed people in impossible situations, and insane people who don t know they re insane Perfection puzzles me, so my characters are always just a little bit evil whether they know it or not

751 thoughts on “Yearn

  • Book 4 opens with an Lucy and Ethel moment straight out of the I Love Lucy Show The real life duo of Veda and Hope are dressed head to toe in black scoping out the neighborhood in order to break into the dead view spoiler Hope did it hide spoiler guy s house looking for any incriminating evidence that could sink Veda and her ongoing mission to punish the 10 animals that raped her In Book 4, Hope makes several straight, no chaser tirades that serve as an effort for Veda to wake the f ck up Hope s [...]

  • That was so good I cried You guys need to read this book, it s definitely the best of the 4 Even if this one is about romance relationship than revenge, it s so well written that you can t dislike it I can t wait for the next bookONDA RHYMES SHOULD MAKE A TV SHOW FROM THIS BOOK

  • Trevion you have a great series going here but Veda is starting to get on my nerves With the back and forth with one minute she feels bad and the next it s about vengeance like make up your mind Veda You keep confusing is with Linc and Gage I will say your keeping us on our toes I want of Linc What happened to his wife The kids Whose number 10 I think it s the father How are you going to drag this out for 6 books I think the mother got her Who else could it be I m still rooting for you to turn [...]

  • LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL I JUST READ THIS BOOK IN 5 HOURS STRAIGHT That s a total first holy crap This book stressed me out.But I stupidly loved it omg Very tense Very stressful Very emotional It had my heart racing It had me very frustrated I was just all over the place By the time I told myself I needed to force myself to get up and at least shower to look presentable, I was at the end of the book with 5 minutes left and I was like I MUST FINISH So I did lol.Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh As I was going t [...]

  • pissedI am so angry right now I don t know what to say I can t believe what just happen this girl just can t catch a break, I hate that you have to wait for a cliffhanger It s a good read and would recommend it but it still pissed me off.

  • This is the best book in this series so far and I do not say that lightly OMG Chills are running up my arm and down my spine YEARN left me SHOOK When is Revenge 5 coming I need it I have so many thoughts about who grabbed Veda, why Gage is trying to be hardcore Why I love Linc and grandma Pearl the way I do well done Well done I strongly recommend giving this series a shot it starts with uncomfortable material but the need for revenge yet finding the you hate and try to right wrongs that it onl [...]

  • Love Hate RelationshipI keep having a love hate relationship with this series There s no way 7 episodes are gonna go over without notice I think 1book should have a double effect somehowI m just saying

  • Father God Whyyyyyyy Why must we constantly have to have such a beautiful love story end so tragically Why was Gage so quick to sleep with this other woman if he loved Veda so much I know that Veda hurt him, but dang Why didn t he attempt to see if Veda was okay after she left such a message Duh Find a clue Gage I don t want to feel disappointed with this love story twist I don t want Veda to end up with Linc I want Linc and Gage to figure out who took Veda Omg these cliffhangers are killing me [...]

  • Fave book of the series so far Loving the clear and concise development of the characters and story 10 books is a lot and I have never read a series that long before The authors writing and pacing keeps me interested and wanting as well Her work is very organized and although I find myself, screaming, a little tear here, laughing, swooning and even scratching my head at times, I also have to remind myself that there are 10 books Can t wait to see how it unfolds Sidenote Team Gage I don t hate L [...]

  • No No No Ms BurnsVeda has been through so much please don t take this away I m in slight depression can t stand these type of cliff hangers On pins and needles till next book I have so many scenarios rolling through my mind What s going on really with Our girl and Linc Will he catch his guy and earn his promotion We need longer

  • CharactersLoved the storySo many OMG moments The only character I really didn t like was Hope I mean she was right in the end but when Veda was a little confused she was really being a butt hole She gave some good advice at certain points but she could ve said it a different way I can t wait for the next bookI think I know what s gonna happen it s gonna be awesome

  • Can this series get any intense I feel like I m left reeling with anticipation and a touch of anxiety after every book I am rooting for Veda and just like her, despite her long past broken rule of making no friends, just adore the ones she s made Like Coco, Jake, and even Hope Even though it puts her goal of revenge at risk, they remain as little bright spots in her life despite the darkness And Gage was on the warpath I love em together, but with Veda s secrets and revenge they might just be b [...]

  • Wtf is goin on I need 5 like yesterday frfr.I dont even know where to start Gage is not my fav person right now I hope veda n the baby are ok.

  • As much as I m enjoying this series, it s also frustrating as hell When did this turn into the Scooby Gang I had the impression that Veda s main goal was to get revenge on the 10 men that raped her That s the only reason why she returned to Shadow Brook Now I can understand getting a little side tracked by some good d ck but COME ON Now Hope and Jake are in on it too And who the eff is Hope that Veda has 100% trust in her even though they haven t seen each other in 10 years Why does this seem li [...]

  • Yearning for the pace to tripleI choose quality to quantity It feels like the author is choosing money over substance There are so many ways to compose a satisfying series other than repetitive dialogues and undermining the authenticity of your characters Why wouldn t Veda listen to her intuition and ensure the body is gone when there is so much to gain rather than secure a costly regret of failing to ensure your freedom and life of your unborn child Why would Hope and Veda sit in a public place [...]

  • This series just keeps getting better I wonder who it is that s got Veda Could it be Daddy Blackwater Gage has gone mad at the world with his heartbroken self, kinda feel bad for him I said kinda, cause I ve been saying all along he needs to grow a set of brass balls and go all alpha on her to get into Veda s head maybe even gotten her to open up about her past Hopefully we don t have to wait long.

  • Well Damn I powered through all four books I am sure I ve lost s eep, the story keep me on edge a true roller coaster I m at the end of the book screaming they got Veda now I want to fight people because the bad guy got Veda I love this series and I await the next book So yeah Veda I wanted to throw my e reader when she took her narrow behind in the dark dimly lit area

  • Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 read This series is a real rollercoaster One minute I am like Hell Yeah The next I am like WTF Sometimes I find myself wanting to kick the s____ out of Veda in both of her knees She can be a bit much, but I love it.

  • The suspense is killing meI can t wait until 5 So much just happened I have been near tears For Gage and Veda Who did this I think I may know Ms Burns is doing a great job keeping us at the edge of our seats

  • StupendousRead this book sometime ago, just forgot to write a review as I was too impatient to read the next sequel Loved, loved the storytelling.

  • Where to start with this one It didn t frustrate me nearly as much as Purr The events in this didn t focus so intently on Veda focusing on getting her Number 4, but showed the crumbling of her plan thanks to unforeseeable roadblocks, and her emotional war with herself and Gage After the events in Purr, with Veda and Gage s break up, in Yearn I found myself wanting them to reconcile but also at the same time go their separate ways A lot of damage has been done with Veda being unable to open up fu [...]

  • Better, Definitely better, I don t know how she Veda is going to do it How will she exact revenge on the next six men Great job author building the suspense.

  • People are crazy, this ish is getting good The plot is thickening, the story weaving, the characters growing The couple is actually going through real couple things and scenes It s not just butterflies, sunshine and orgasms like most IR books It s real and messy I dig it I am feeling torn about the triangle I like V and L together, but I do like the idea of someone just being friends and not hopping in the sack Idk, we shall see I cannot wait for the next books.These covers are so good

  • Awesome Veda Veda Van Dyke is continuing on her quest of vengeance like nobody s business With stealthy Dexter Morgan like tactics mostly her victims don t see it coming or their gonads going Bring on five

  • Ah no wayWell no answers but the anticipation of what s coming next is at an all time high I can t wait to read what is happening next So worth the five stars for keeping me in suspense.The last book oh the anticipation of getting the answer to how it all pan s out.

  • Keeps me hanging onThe 4th in this series was as great the 1st I can t wait until the next book I hope it will be out soon.

  • Trevino Burns has done it again I love, absolutely love this series and will cry the day the final book is released Think of this particular set of books as a television series I have no problem with the amount of books in this series Ms Burns is releasing Her writing style is to be envied and with every book I am left on tenterhooks trying to guess what happens next WARNING spoilers aheadI am going to be really passed if Veda loses the baby which I m pretty sure she did Can t these people catch [...]

  • Spoiler Alert I loved and hated this episode at the same time I hate the break up with Gage and now I m relieved because there is one less person to find out about her chopping lol I do not like her friendship with Linc because he really is one step away from exposing her and she isn t using him to find ou what he knows She has become such a weeping willow with too many attachments, she should stop making friends I need her to focus on bringing vengeance on the ten horrible men who raped her and [...]

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