Breakfast in Bed

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Breakfast in Bed : by Sandra Brown - Breakfast in Bed, Breakfast in Bed Hurt one too many times in the past Sloan Fairchild isn t interested in love Instead she pours all her energy into running her elegant bed and breakfast inn But when her best friend asks her to hous [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Breakfast in Bed : by Sandra Brown - Breakfast in Bed, Breakfast in Bed Hurt one too many times in the past Sloan Fairchild isn t interested in love Instead she pours all her energy into running her elegant bed and breakfast inn But when her best friend asks her to hous

  • Title: Breakfast in Bed
  • Author: Sandra Brown
  • ISBN: 9780553100150
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
Breakfast in Bed

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Breakfast in Bed : by Sandra Brown, Breakfast in Bed, Sandra Brown, Breakfast in Bed Hurt one too many times in the past Sloan Fairchild isn t interested in love Instead she pours all her energy into running her elegant bed and breakfast inn But when her best friend asks her to house her fianc for a month Sloan opens the doors of Fairchild House to Carter Madisond meets a man who turns her world and her concept of herself upside down Sloan triHurt one too many [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Breakfast in Bed : by Sandra Brown - Breakfast in Bed, Breakfast in Bed Hurt one too many times in the past Sloan Fairchild isn t interested in love Instead she pours all her energy into running her elegant bed and breakfast inn But when her best friend asks her to hous

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Breakfast in Bed : by Sandra Brown
    313 Sandra Brown
Breakfast in Bed

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Sandra Brown is the author of than sixty New York Times bestsellers, including STING 2016 , FRICTION 2015 , MEAN STREAK 2014 , DEADLINE 2013 , LOW PRESSURE 2012 , LETHAL 2011.Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million Her work has been translated into over thirty languages.In 2009 Brown detoured from romantic suspense to write, Rainwater, a much acclaimed, powerfully moving historical fiction story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression.Brown was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University She was named Thriller Master for 2008, the top award given by the International Thriller Writer s Association Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  • People sorted this as a cheater romance People went on and on about how poor little Alicia got cheated by her eeeeevil friend the heroine.My thoughts on this Could you be wrong Ok, so the hero had an obligation.Really An obligation If you ask me, marriages of convenience in this day and age are very hard to pull off The author gave us the reasons for the hero the woman was his friend s wife, he wanted to take care of her, and he needed a family because it was time.Aha Well, first of all, call m [...]

  • If you ask what genres of books I like to read, Romance Novels would not make the list My main complaint against romances is that the plot just loosely weaves together the sex scenes and the hero is always handsome and virile and the heroine is always strikingly beautiful And there is never any mention of birth control or protection against STD s OK, I know it s supposed to be a fantasy However, I have read Sandra Brown s Breakfast in Bed twice since receiving it a week ago, so something in it c [...]

  • If I could, I wouldn t even give this one star.I ll preface my review of this book by saying that when I enter a book giveaway at , I feel a responsibility to write a review, which means finishing the book That is, after all, the primary reason for authors and publishers giving away their books Well, I couldn t finish this book I made it to page 45 and I just couldn t make myself go any further.I have to wonder what Sandra Brown was thinking when she decided to give away this book First of all, [...]

  • My Rating 4 10My Take Not really Spoilers You have to know I didn t hate this book I think it was very well written and often than not the steamy scenes steamed up my glasses First off this is not a love at first sight novel.Its a lust at first sight novel I don t believe that in the first few minutes of meeting each other where Carter notices her breasts and she gets aroused that this is love Not even a few days laterBut I can look past all of this I expect nothing from a romance.You also hav [...]

  • I totally love this book Definitely my favorite Sandra Brown book I originally read it many, many years ago and have read tons of her books since and this is still my favorite Typical cheesy love story A woman falls in love with her best friend s fiance The fiance falls in love back And what do you know Everything works out dandy in the end I know it sounds sarcastic but I really, really love this cheesy love story Sandra Brown s old books have always been my guilty pleasure This one will always [...]

  • Honestly when I almost immediately got a bad taste in my mouth when I started this book I was still wondering if I have a case of acid reflux or if my usual dislike of romance is the reason I simply could not make myself like either main protagonist.But hey, lets recap Within seconds she tingles in her secret place after opening the door to a man who is looking her right in the breast I mean eye No I mean breast And this is how true love starts I hope not.He is her best friends fianc He is the f [...]

  • BREAKFAST IN BED by Sandra BrownMy Thoughts I don t know what to sayis book was terrible I ve never read a romance novel this bad before The characters were horrible Which I will explain in my spoiler review The scenes got worse and worse, it was all the same crap over and over The story wasn t what I expected it to be, it was the worst romance I ve read in a long, long time, and the characters just amplified that There were way too many boring, repetitive love scenes, as well as arguments, and [...]

  • I received this book for free through First Reads I read another review where the reader had mentioned that she wasn t sure what Sandra Brown was hoping to gain in providing this giveaway I find it difficult at times to provide a review on a book that didn t fare too well in my opinion I realize that s the whole point of providing a review, but this one is a little awkward for me to write 1 The book was extremely dated I supposed I should ve expected that by looking at the cover and giveaway det [...]

  • I had received this book from Sandra Brown , Author, to review I have only just started the first couple chapters, It grabs your interest right from the start, with suspense and anticipation of romancetween Sloan and Carter Salon runs a bed breakfast, her best friend Alicia is engaged to an Author who is having trouble finishing his book, Alicia makes arrangements for Carter to spend a month at her friend Salons BB to work on his book When Salon Carter meet, there is tension between them but Car [...]

  • Got a copy from the author to review.The book was maybe a 2,5 It was an nice read and entertaining, but the characters ware a bit flat and I felt that the story could have ben evolved and made deeper Everything happened really fast, which is both good and bad, the book was never boring to read but it did not feel realistic at times The book contain several intimate moments, and I did not feel that I got to know the characters I liked the surroundings in the book and that the characters ware dri [...]

  • Breakfast in Bed by Sandra BrownSloan runs a bed and breakfast and allows single women and couples, not single men Except her best girl friends soon to be husband, Carter will be staying there, finishing his novel then onto his wedding with Alesha.She helps him in writing his book, acting out scenes and things heat up over time and they wonder how they will be able to explain to Aleshi that they couldn t be wed.She doesn t want to continue with his advances but he s becoming very forceful.Due to [...]

  • Listened to this last night and I think it would have been much better to read Since it was recorded in 1997, in all of the dramatic climatic scenes cheesy music would begin to play in the background and make me want to stop listening to the story.The story as a whole was okay There was a lot of repetition, and the characters at times were shallow.In conclusion, glad I read it but I wouldn t recommend it.

  • An older romance from Sandra Brown that definitely has a dated feel However, even with the sometimes purple prose, and the fact that the basic plot isn t one of my favorites woman falls in love with fiancee of best friend , I enjoyed spending a few hours reading the book.

  • i absolutely loved this book it was so sweet i loved the plot and the characters they were so fun their relationship was fun to read about need to read again

  • Risiko novel tipis ya ceritanya simple aja dipadu bumbu bumbu hormon yang bergejolak sebagai penyedap halah bahasa gue.Alur ceritanya kurang smooth, bukan terlalu cepat sih tp lebih ke apa ya duh ga bisa dijabarin pokoknya banyak yang loncat sana sini, bisa dimaklumi kok risiko novel tipis.Karakter heroinenya katanya suka merendahkan dirinya sendiri tapi kalo di atas tempat tidur bisa jadi singa tapi kurang banget digambarin, bisa dimaklumi kok risiko novel tipis.Konfliknya yah soal aku tresno k [...]

  • 1 22 2018 It s been at least 20 years since I ve read a romance novel and it may be that long before I read another one I m kind of embarrassed that I read this and embarrassed that I actually enjoyed it It was kind of fun to indulge in some trashy soft porn

  • Well this was bad And I mean really, really BAD I could lie and say I didn t know it was going to be bad, but I did I totally did The thing is, I was bored and I was kinda in the mood for some eye rolling And if nothing there is A LOT of eye rolling in this one This novel is so bad it s ridiculous But what am I saying all her novels are like that I read the first novel by Sandra Brown not really knowing what am I getting into I read the second one expecting it would be better stupid right And th [...]

  • I don t think the idea of cheating on your best friend s fiance is a good idea The fact is it s a really really bad idea I mean it s so wrong to have a relationship behind someone else The worst is, that someone is your bestfriend, your special friend If all women do like Sloan did to Alicia, I d better have no bestfriend Cause it hurts, freaking hurt.It s not only about cheating, but betraying coz you put on trust to her, but see what you get Never trust people a hundred percentI don t want to [...]

  • I don t know where to start When reading this book I was insulted as a woman with free will and thoughts of my own But I was also questioning whether the author actually is a woman It was so bad I had to keep myself from throwing the tablet off the balcony Which would be even worse as all the good books in there would go with it.I really wish I didn t need to read this book and here are a few examples why Her breast were trembling beneath the sheerest, most elegant lingerie she owned wtf since w [...]

  • I won this book in the GoodReads giveaway Romance is not something that I often read, but perhaps the pouring rain, made for an ideal setting to snuggle into a comfortable chair and read this It is mushy and filled with fantasy love scenes, which I guess all romantic books are That said, the story line was good and realistic, I guess such things can happen in real life Also the setting of a bed and breakfast run by Sloan Fairchild was good It was all about the heroine as they would term it in Bo [...]

  • Thanx to and Sandra Brown, I won this edition in a giveaway Though I had read this book before, I so enjoyed reading it again This book was first published in 1983, so I was thinking that I wold be getting some pretty generic love scenes and overly dramatic dislouge,etc Boy Was I wrong Sandra Brown must have gotten some seriously raised eyebrows on this on Sloan Fairchild and Carter Madison are super likeable characters They are two people who have an impossible attraction and Sloan is at odds o [...]

  • Sloan is a lonely woman, living and working at her bed and breakfast inn Carter is a famous author and her best friend s fiance And they share an intense, undeniable attraction that soon reveals to be love But Carter must marry Alicia and look after her children, and Sloan knows that it doesn t matter if they love each other They have to let it go.Well, I m not a romantic person but I do enjoy this kind of books, once in a while And, though the story is quite the classical romantic scenery, with [...]

  • Like this author, but this book is pretty awful How can you love someone after two days It s an interesting storyline in theory, but the characters fell flat and I just couldn t get into it I finished it, but it wasn t very good.

  • This book is just so wrong on so many levels Sloan is a doormat and Carter is a jerk with no personality Sloan has a BB in San Francisco Her best friend, Alicia has asked her to let her fianc e stay there while he finishes his latest book Carter shows up and it is instant lust for both of them One big problem Alicia.Alicia s first husband died in an accident and left her with two little boys Carter was his best friend and feels responsible for them, so the marriage proposal Not true love at all. [...]

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