Най-сетне свободна!

[PDF] Най-сетне свободна! | by ☆ Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева - Най-сетне свободна!, [PDF] Най-сетне свободна! | by ☆ Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева - Най-сетне свободна!,

  • Title: Най-сетне свободна!
  • Author: Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева
  • ISBN: 9789543573226
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
Най-сетне свободна!

[PDF] Най-сетне свободна! | by ☆ Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева, Най-сетне свободна!, Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева, [PDF] Най-сетне свободна! | by ☆ Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева - Най-сетне свободна!,

  • [PDF] Най-сетне свободна! | by ☆ Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева
    496 Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева
Най-сетне свободна!

About “Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева

  • Mahtob Mahmoody Емилия Ничева-Карастойчева

    Mahtob Mahmoody is the daughter of American author Betty Mahmoody Her father was an Iranian born, American educated doctor, Dr Sayed Mahmoody In 1987, her mother published Not Without My Daughter in which she describes how she and then four year old Mahtob had been kidnapped from the United States in 1984 and imprisoned in Tehran by her Iranian husband The book sold 12 million copies and inspired the 1991 Hollywood film of the same name.A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Michigan State University, Mahtob Mahmoody works in the field of mental health and is an advocate for public awareness of health and welfare initiatives She is represented by AEI Speakers Bureau and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  • This shocking story has been told time and time again by both Mahtob s American mother and Iranian father, and both versions are usually fueled by political and religious reasoning, citing Mahtob s father as a violent Muslim, and Mahtob s mother as a paranoid, unstable idiot but the story has never been told by Mahtob herself, who was then six years old when she was first taken to Iran and held hostage by her father Choosing to focus less on the Iranian Revolution and on the domestic abuse infl [...]

  • This is a wonderful follow up to Betty Mahmoody s books, Not Without My Daughter and For the Love of a Child In fact, of all three books, this one is my favorite I loved reading the story from Mahtob s perspective and could hardly put it down I found it very engaging from the beginning and I went through it quickly Mahtob strikes me as a beautiful, compassionate soul who, despite all that she has gone through, seems to feel no bitterness whatsoever Her resilience and faith are incredible Some of [...]

  • Not a great book at all Very interesting life story, and I feel for the author and her experience and the challenge of coping with trauma, but the writing is weak and at times bends to the melodramatic while also managing to paint very flat portraits of the people in her life Occasionally, too often for my taste , she marches staunchly into evangelical christian rhetoric This book seems to try and walk a line between memoir and personal religious testament Overall a disappointment.

  • So this is almost a sequel of sorts to Not Without My Daughter, from Mahtob s perspective If you ve ever wondered about what happened to Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody after the events of that book movie, this is for you.You may think you know the whole story just from reading or watching Not Without My Daughter, but not surprisingly, Mahtob s story is different from Betty s Obviously, right Because who doesn t see things differently as a child than as a grownup It s bigger value, though, is in letti [...]

  • This is an amazing book.It s been years since I readNot Without My Daughterby Betty Mahmoody, and I ve been haunted by it ever since It was one of those stories that you just never forget You really should, I could even say, must read that one first Especially, view spoiler as it didn t really have an ending If you ve read it, you know what I mean They were free but not safe They were home but on the run I didn t read, or know about,For the Love of a Childher second book This was the book that f [...]

  • You can escape but are you ever free The story of Mahtob and her mother s escape from her abusive father in Iran is gripping, sad and horrific Told from Mahtob perspective as she grew up loving her father until her father changed and moved his family back to Iran Once in Iran he abused and held his wife captive until they escaped Mahtob sense of who she is quite remarkable and impressive Her mother had bestowed on her daughter a very strong identity of her heritage and her independence I do have [...]

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  • It is difficult to critique this book as it was written in such earnestness and from such a source of pain The author isn t a writer and I don t detect a ghost writer as the voice seems authentic With that in mind, I can say that this is a pretty good recounting of her remarkable story The book was given to me and that was why I happened to read it Many years ago, I had read the author s mother s book, Not Without My Daughter , which was a huge best seller later turned into a movie That book bro [...]

  • Many of your know of the movie Not Without My Daughter this is a companion book to that bestseller, an autobiography written by the daughter herself For the first time, read in print the thoughts and feelings and drama of the life Mahtob lived both during the time in Iran and afterwards See how this traumatic experience changed her and shaped her This book is an autobiography but it also raises awareness for several social situations Last but not least, it is a testimony to the author s Lutheran [...]

  • I am a bit biased as I read this wanting to know of her experiences in my church s synod s schools, one of which many of my relatives went to, plus she is from my home state I have not read her mother s book, but this book made me consider how I would have handled life if I had been in her shoes I am unsure I would have had the grace to forgive as she did her father, especially after the hell he put her through not only as a child but also as a college student trying to establish a life for hers [...]

  • I have been wanting to read this book as soon as it came out It s the story of what happened to Mahtob remember her mother s book, Not Without My Daughter, and the movie starring Sally Field , from Mahtob s point of view What a story But she apparently is a very strong woman, and is doing well in her life today She s also very beautiful, at age 36 now I won t tell you whatever happened to her father you ll have to read the book

  • Really interesting to read another part of this story I remember when my mom took Not Without My Daughter out of the library when it first came out and being fascinated by Betty s story When I got older, I found For the Love of a Child and enjoyed that book even The amount of grief these women have had to endure years after their escape is insane I just don t understand the constant home invasions and fear I thought Mahtob did a really good job of presenting her strong faith without it coming a [...]

  • Several years ago I read Not Without my Daughter by Betty Mahmoody, the mother, of Mahtob Mahmoody It was an unforgettable account of their harrowing escape from Iran and a controlling husband This is Mahtob s version of the same events and what has followed in her life I found it really interesting and I feel very satisfied to now know exactly how things turned out for them both in later years.

  • Having read her mother s book many years ago, I was interested to read Mahtob s account of her life An engaging read indeed

  • I was in my teens when I first read Betty Mahmoody s story and it stuck with me When I viewed the movie, I was struck by how they had downplayed the abuse for the movie When I read Mahtob s story, I was once again struck by it What brave women These two women, experienced horror They survived But not only survived, they became conquerers through it all They did not allow it to embitter them, but instead sought out to enrich others lives Mahtob became a mental health professional, while her mothe [...]

  • Forfulgt er en fuldkommen fantastisk og grufuld historie om Mahtobs liv Ikke uden min datter st r igen klokkerent p nethinden.Den er yderst velskrevet og meget levende, l seren er helt inde under huden p denne, i dag, smukke unge kvinde Den s tter mange tanker i gang under l sningen, og efterlader et k mpe aftryk.Hun starter beretningen med hendes tilbagevendende mareridt, s ingen er i tvivl om de store ar hendes sj l b rer Derefter kommer i kronologisk r kkef lge beretninger fra hendes liv, hel [...]

  • This was a literarily pleasant and intellectually interesting read We are accustomed to hearing major headlines and then letting the aftermaths of news stories fade away but here we are taken inside a girl young woman s life as she deals with the aftermath of a serious trauma, and as she learns and grows through the new challenges that life throws her way It is clearly written, and I can recommend it as an undemanding, though still affecting, biography.

  • Opf lgeren til Ikke uden min datter Bogen handler selvf lgelig om livet efter Betty og Mahtob er undsluppet faderens fangeskab i Iran og hvordan de nu lever med frygten for at blive ofre for resdrab Bogen handler ogs om at give slip p had og negativitet og leve det liv man selv vil Den er livsklog, berigende og tankev kkende.

  • This book had me hooked Bought as a gift, with no intention of reading Flipped to a random page and read a littleI was so captivated I had to read the entire thing What a life she has lived, amazing to see how she coped with her struggles I had seen the movie Not Without My Daughter when I was younger, but now I want to go back and read the book.

  • I loved hearing the memoir in Mahtob s point of view What her and her mother went thru and endured is amazing I also loved how Mahtob was able to take that traumatic experience and not let her anger consume her Anyone that loves not without my daughter will love this memoir.

  • Not as gripping as Not without my daughter.drags a bitBut, a good lesson on forgiveness to keep one s mind sane.Sad for her life

  • recencie kan spoilers bevatten.In een woord geweldig Wat een prachtig en oprecht boek ondanks het loodzware onderwerp van een ontvoerd kind Het kind uit not without my daughter Moeder en dochter hebben hun ervaringen op papier gezet Met overeenkomsten en tegenstellingen Vanuit volwassenen oogpunt en kinder oogpunt Een ode aan veerkracht, liefde en vergeving Vergeving om zelf niet verteerd te worden als slachtoffer.Ik ben gelovig en onderschrijf dit prachtige gedicht uit dit boek Het gedicht van [...]

  • My Name Is Mahtob, by Mahtob Mahmoody Note This book was provided free of charge by BookLook Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review This was a hard book to read, as I can perhaps too painfully relate to the writings of Miss Mahmoody, who is writing here the memoir of the first part of her life, a tale of the struggle of faith and a resilient spirit against the fear that comes from having a narcissistic and abusive father and from living one s life under the harsh glare of unwa [...]

  • I remember the movie so well The idea of what happened to Mahtob and her mother was so horrifying I did wonder what happened after their escape and now I know.The story starts with Mahtob cleaning out boxes in her basement and finding one full of photos and memories She vividly remembers her life before and after she was taken to Iran It was a harrowing section to read Their escape was mind boggling and their return to America joyous Mahtob acknowledges the fear she and her mother had of her fat [...]

  • I really appreciated finally finding out what happened to Betty and Mahtob after their great escape I have been wondering for years how they have fared For that alone, I m tempted to give this book five stars This is a memoir written by someone who is not a professional author, so I wasn t expecting it to be an amazing work of literature and it s not, although it s certainly not bad writing, either It s a good book and I enjoyed reading it it s a solid three stars and worth the time of those who [...]

  • I ve been familiar with Mahtob s story since I was a child My maternal grandmother is the one who gave me Betty s book after she had read it I couldn t put it down And it s one of the last books I shared with my grandmother To me, the story is a treasure Now, to hear Mahtob s story of life at that time and how she has risen above it to find a way to forgive her father is astounding She is a credit to her family and her heritage I m very lucky to have heard her story all those years ago I often w [...]

  • puede que para algunos ste sea un libro de relleno o digan que no es necesario que se escribiera otro m s respecto a esta historia, pero por otro lado hay que admitir que somos curiosos por naturaleza, y si estuvimos viendo todo lo de Betty y su calvario junto con Mahtob, pens bamos que ser a interesante si la misma mahtob escribiera un libro contando desde su perspectiva todo lo que vivi.Es sumamente atrapante ver todo lo que nos cuenta, aquellos detalles que se nos pudieron quedar al aire y qu [...]

  • I had wanted to read this book for two years, and now that I have, it was a satisfying memoir Her life, struggles and positive moments, all show her to be a fascinating person And, yes, I was relieved to read that her father died in Iran.It was also very intriguing to read about her battle with a chronic, autoimmune disease and how she managed to put get help and see it go into remission twice I did my own research but couldn t find anything useful for me.I didn t care for the last chapter of co [...]

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