Girl in the Dark

[PDF] Girl in the Dark | by ☆ Marion Pauw - Girl in the Dark, Girl in the Dark An award winning internationally bestselling author makes her American debut with this taut riveting domestic drama with the compulsive intensity of The Good Girl The Pocket Wife and The Stranger [PDF] Girl in the Dark | by ☆ Marion Pauw - Girl in the Dark, Girl in the Dark An award winning internationally bestselling author makes her American debut with this taut riveting domestic drama with the compulsive intensity of The Good Girl The Pocket Wife and The Stranger

  • Title: Girl in the Dark
  • Author: Marion Pauw
  • ISBN: 9780062424815
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
Girl in the Dark

[PDF] Girl in the Dark | by ☆ Marion Pauw, Girl in the Dark, Marion Pauw, Girl in the Dark An award winning internationally bestselling author makes her American debut with this taut riveting domestic drama with the compulsive intensity of The Good Girl The Pocket Wife and The Stranger about a long lost brother convicted of a horrifying crime and a sister s fight to clear his name A single mother and lawyer Iris has a colorful caseload a young son with beAn award [PDF] Girl in the Dark | by ☆ Marion Pauw - Girl in the Dark, Girl in the Dark An award winning internationally bestselling author makes her American debut with this taut riveting domestic drama with the compulsive intensity of The Good Girl The Pocket Wife and The Stranger

  • [PDF] Girl in the Dark | by ☆ Marion Pauw
    213 Marion Pauw
Girl in the Dark

About “Marion Pauw

  • Marion Pauw

    Copywriter, journalist and author Currently lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  • 3.5 Iris, is a full grown woman, a part time lawyer with a young somewhat difficult child of her own, when she finds out she has a brother she knew nothing about Not only that but he is a convicted murderer currently incarcerated in a mental facility As he maintains he is innocent, on finally meeting him Iris decides to review his case.Told in alternating chapters, Iris tells her story and Ray tells his past and present Although slow in the beginning this is a finely written novel, an interestin [...]

  • Since I received this book free from the publisher I guess I feel obligated that I should write a few words about it Well, maybe later But all I ll say right now is that I picked where this book was headed so the ending wasn t that big of a surprise for me This book had earned at least three stars up until the main character entertained a thought so stupid that it instantly caused that third star to implode leaving two dullish looking stars left in the night sky Marion Pauw just may be the answe [...]

  • A very good psychological thriller with two endearing main characters, especially Ray, a bitch mother and a deep family secret I wonder why Scandinavian authors are so talented for the dark, gruesome tales of crime Well, the fact is that whatever the reasons, some of the best thrillers I ve read are Swedish, Danish or Dutch, and Girl in the dark is no exception Everyone that likes this genre will certainly like this book.

  • This smooth, easy read is flirting dangerously with a fifth star The only reason I m holding it back is because it was just so smooth and easy and straightforward that I wonder if I ll remember it a year from now If I do, I ll bump it up a star Really well written, clear, smart, and nicely paced I ll definitely be looking for by Marion Pauw.

  • Girl in the Dark by Marion Pauw is a very highly recommended thriller mystery told through the distinct voices of two different characters This is Pauw s American debut novel.The first character we meet is Ray Boelens Ray was convicted and imprisoned for killing his neighbor Rosita Angeli and her four year old daughter, Anna He s now being moved to a forensic psychiatric institute It is clear that Ray is on the Autism spectrum and has a difficult time with emotions and reading the motives of oth [...]

  • This reminded me of Reconstructing Amelia in that it was really really dumb and felt like it was written by a 12 year old BUT, it was still kind of a page turner, and if it had been marketed as a YA thriller it could have been okay.

  • Iris Kaselstein is having trouble coping with all the demands on her In her work life, she is a lawyer representing a client she despises and whose coworkers think she is not qualified for her position In her private life, she s a single mother with a three year old son whose aggressive and disruptive behaviour in his day care causes constant interruptions when she is called to pick him up and whose mother seems to vacillate between indifference and cruel criticism Since her mother refuses to te [...]

  • I m not usually a huge thriller and mystery fan I ve read Gillian Flynn s work and loved it, but I usually have to be in the right mood So I didn t have huge expectations when I began reading this book But I have to say, I absolutely loved it Firstly, the story line was really interesting and intriguing It reminded me a bit of Dark Places by Flynn The constant suspense and plot twists kept me intrigued when reading, and I honestly couldn t put the book down I ended up finishing it in a day and a [...]

  • Een van de domste thrillers die ik in tijden heb gelezen Heb het gevoel dat m n iq met een paar punten is gekelderd Ben wel klaar met Marion Pauw

  • Lawyer to scumbags Iris finds out she has a secret brother in jail for murdering a woman and her four year old child She decides to visit and becomes interested in appealing his case due to his insistence of innocence Alternating between her and Ray s POV, this is a dark, Dutch tale.Unfortunately, I m not sure whether the translation is poor, or the story arc is just not very compelling I was compelled enough to finish, but figured out the story fairly early on a plot device mentioned one too ma [...]

  • Iris Kastlestein is a lawyer and single mother of a difficult child During his week long suspension from daycare she discovers she has an older brother, one that her mother has hidden from her Her investigation brings her to an institution for the criminally insane Dubbed the Monster Next Door her brother Ray is accused of killing his beautiful neighbor Rosita and her little girl Anna Although all the evidence in the records points to Ray s guilt, Iris decides to take on the case for his appeal [...]

  • This isn t like anything I have read before Seriously captivating and an emotional read Ray seriously made my heart ache and had me wanting to give him hugs the whole time.

  • Dit is het tweede boek dat ik uit heb sinds ik abonnee ben bij Elly s Choice, en dat ik ook weer 5 sterren geef Ik begon vrij sceptisch aan deze literaire thriller , wat ie volgens mij ook niet echt is noch literair, noch thriller Het verhaal wordt verteld vanuit ik perspectief niet mijn favoriet maar bij dit boek pakt het wel erg origineel uit Er zijn twee protagonisten Iris, de jonge advocate en alleenstaande moeder van een driejarige zoon met autistische trekjes, en de elf jaar oudere veroord [...]

  • A single mother and lawyer, Iris has a colorful caseload, a young son with behavior issues, and a judgmental mother She also has a brother shocking news she uncovers by accident Why did her mother lie to her for her entire life Why did she hide the existence of Ray Boelens from her Curious about this sibling she has never known, Iris begins to search for long buried truths What she discovers surprises and horrifies her Her older brother is autistic and in prison for brutally murdering his neighb [...]

  • A couldn t put down after it got going novel by Dutch novelist Marion Pauw, one of the best selling writers in the Netherlands, first published there in 2009, winner of the Golden Noose Dutch Crime Award, and adapted into a movie Translation published in the U.S 2016.Book is narrated by two people Iris is a single mother and attorney Ray is a prisoner, declaring his innocence of the murders he was convicted for The clues drop slowly, and in the beginning a bit difficult in connecting the lines T [...]

  • Though I guessed who the killer was from the beginning, Marion s writing made me want to read this novel in days The protagonist is strong and all of the other characters are well drawn out In particular Ray, who has autism Something Marion does is offer the reader a realistic view of a psychological disorder and a very human portrait of a sociopathic mother and a feisty heroine who will stop at nothing to get the answers she needs.The novel is layered with descriptive prose in its basic form wh [...]

  • A straightforward thriller that sneaks up on you to keep the pages turning.Iris is a young, successful attorney with a bright future until her young son is born and becomes a difficult child Though she loves her son deeply, she continually questions her ability as a parent, particularly in light of the upbringing she received from her cold and domineering mother.Her life is further complicated when, by chance, she learns that she has a half brother, Ray, some fifteen years older, who has been co [...]

  • Review by ireadnovels.wordpress So brilliant No book of Girl In The Dark by Marion Pauw should be left on the book shelf in any book shop All thriller fans should order your copy now, I can assure you all that you will not be disappointed Each of the chapters of the story are told in turn by the voices of Ray and Iris Ray became obsessed with his neighbour Rosita and her young daughter Anna He was sentenced by the judge for the murder of Rosita and Anna Iris is a lawyer she is assigned to Peter [...]

  • Dit was het eerste boek dat ik van Marion Pauw las Ik vond het een fijn boek, maar geen literaire thriller Thriller in ieder geval zeker niet, maar wel een mooi boek waarin de hoofdpersonen om en om aan het woord zijn en zeer goed worden neergezet Pauw heeft zich goed verdiept in de belevingswereld van een autist en de problemen waarmee hij kampt zijn zelfs aangrijpend te noemen Door de fijne schrijfstijl lees je absoluut snel door het boek heen om dan ineens de plot voor je kiezen te krijgen Da [...]

  • I received a copy of Girl in the Dark from William Morrow Publishing in exchange for an honest review This book was written by an up and coming Dutch author, and it definitely kept my interest throughout The story is told from two alternating perspectives that of Iris, a single mom and a part time attorney, and Ray, her imprisoned autistic brother that she had no knowledge of The story revolves around the reason that Ray is in prison the murder of his neighbor and her little girl The story line [...]

  • Viel ontzettend tegen Meestal vind ik de boeken wel vermakelijk maar nu kwam het plot aan het eind behoorlijk uit de lucht vallen en het was totaal niet spannend Thriller zou ik het zeker niet noemen Jammer, want ze heeft veel leukere en wat spannendere boeken geschreven maar dit was echt een flop.

  • I was provided this novel as a part of the Book Club Girls.I normally won t even pick up a book that is told in the alternating narrator format Haven t enjoyed one told that way for ages But this was for book club, and I also don t like showing up not having read the book Turned out to be a page turner

  • Disappointing This was a fast read but honestly I don t get where all the praise is coming from I thought the writing was just ok, the plot a bit slow until the end, and the ending a bit too much I guess it was a plot twist but I saw part of it coming and the when thing seemed awfully contrived.

  • Great read This made the Wall St Journal s Killer Thrillers for 2016 list and rightly so I recommend this But beware, it s a real page can easily lose track of time when you pick this up

  • A fine enough way to pass a few hours reading, though nothing special the story lacks enough tension to truly be a psychological thriller Unlikeable characters and a bit of a flat affect in the language makes it hard for the reader to engage.

  • Simplistic writing with mostly one dimensional characters The original Dutch title was Daylight It seems American publishers think that anything with girl in the title will sell This book apparently was written to be shocking but it s just plain boring I got half way through and gave up.

  • Hmm, wat is het toch met die zogenoemde literaire thrillers Dit is wederom geen literatuur, en al helemaal geen thriller Wel een lekker hap slik web vakantieboek Ik was stiekem toch wel benieuwd hoe het verhaal verder zou gaan, maar spannend, nee.

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