Hidden Heart

[PDF] Read ✓ Hidden Heart : by Amy Patrick - Hidden Heart, Hidden Heart Give in to the Glamour as the saga continues year old Ryann Carroll thought she knew who she was a small town Southern girl just trying to survive her parents messy divorce and find some peace for h [PDF] Read ✓ Hidden Heart : by Amy Patrick - Hidden Heart, Hidden Heart Give in to the Glamour as the saga continues year old Ryann Carroll thought she knew who she was a small town Southern girl just trying to survive her parents messy divorce and find some peace for h

  • Title: Hidden Heart
  • Author: Amy Patrick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: ebook
Hidden Heart

[PDF] Read ✓ Hidden Heart : by Amy Patrick, Hidden Heart, Amy Patrick, Hidden Heart Give in to the Glamour as the saga continues year old Ryann Carroll thought she knew who she was a small town Southern girl just trying to survive her parents messy divorce and find some peace for herself She thought she knew what she wanted a summer job a car a first date that didn t suck and NO complications from a serious relationship any guy in her life wouGive in to the Glam [PDF] Read ✓ Hidden Heart : by Amy Patrick - Hidden Heart, Hidden Heart Give in to the Glamour as the saga continues year old Ryann Carroll thought she knew who she was a small town Southern girl just trying to survive her parents messy divorce and find some peace for h

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Hidden Heart : by Amy Patrick
    451 Amy Patrick
Hidden Heart

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  • Amy Patrick

    Amy is a two time Golden Heart finalist 2013 and 2014 She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two sons and actually craves the heat and humidity of Mississippi, where she grew up She s been a professional singer and news anchor and currently narrates audio books as well as writing every day.

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  • FantasticJust as good as book 1 Kept you on your toes all the way through The love triangle thickens at first you want to hate lad and then at the last minute you change your mind about him Talk about emotional overload Poor Ryann

  • ARC kindly provided by Amy Patrick in exchange for an honest review.Review I was very excited about this novel After the EPIC first novel Hidden Deep I couldn t WAIT to launch into this sequel I was eager to return to the world or Altum and its elven inhabitants as well as follow Ryann and Lad as their romance blossomed Full of emotion, it really captured my reader s heart I felt deeply connected to all the characters and loved how much the author pulled on my sympathy strings, even though they [...]

  • So, I just love this trilogy thus far It s all new to me from sways to all the mind tricks This book takes place in la and the famous scenes celebrities Fan pods And this book is a lot spicy but still leaves a lot to your imagination The only bad thing I can say is cliffhangers, she gets me every time and I can t wait for the next book

  • Team Nox I don t think I ve ever wished so hard for any other guy to get the girl Highly entertaining I enjoyed this book better than the first Excellent read

  • Truly, it is never wise to start a book at 10pm I just wanted a peek at first en I needed to read through the first chapter a few hours later, at about 4 30am, I was done with the book and wanted to do a reread immediately Needless to say, I loved this second installment of the Hidden series by Amy Patrick.There is no such thing as a perfect book I m sure there is always a flaw to be mentioned somewhere somehow I was cool about this book in the first couple of chapters, but after that, I just zo [...]

  • free ARC from author MY REVIEWRyann thinks everything is going well She finally has a chance to be with Lad But that all comes crashing down after the death of his father Ryann is suspected and Lad orders her away, she doesn t see him for days but she manages to keep her cool and keeps telling herself that he will come back In the meantime, her friend has joined a fan pod of an elven superstar She s wiped of her senses and becomes a squealing fangirl, worshiping her elven idol Determined to save [...]

  • So I am not too sure where to start with this review I am a huge believer of reviewing a book without giving away spoilers and there is just sooo much about this book that is just wow If you haven t read the first book yet you need to start there You can read my review of Hidden Deep here and then you can run on over to and pick it up for free I was recommended Hidden Deep by my best friend who I ve been close to since I was 11 and I have been hooked since day one Hidden Heart was a one day read [...]

  • Fan pods are out of control, otherworldly creatures are gaining the upper hand, and Ryann s world has flipped 360 degrees Ryann s heart is confused she s in over her head and can t decide between the two men in her life Lad has been hot and cold his new position within his community has started to shape his life and Ryann isn t feeling it But when Ryann desperately needs his help he is there without a second thought Nox is laying it all on the line life be damned He knows what he wants and a lit [...]

  • Quick fun read Quick fun read and a little racier than the first book yay fans of Jennifer L Armentrouts Lux Series will enjoy these books.

  • I feel weird about this series because I want to know about the world and I want to like the characters but at the same time the glamour that Elvens have other the humans and the all fandod thing made me a bit uneasy like I found it quite creepy honestly and the love triangle annoyed me but I want to know how this end so I guess I ll read book 3 then I ll probably be done with it I m just too curious to end now

  • I wanted to like itThis book was so two dimensional compared to the first The characters were annoying and some of the story was cheesy The instant romance in this book made the first book seem unauthentic I may read the next just to finish things up if I find it for free somewhere, but based on this one I would have never started the first.

  • Can t Stop ReadingThis series has me sucked in I cannot stop reading I barely started reading this book a few hours ago and now I m done with it.Amy Patrick has really kept me entertained with the Elven culture.

  • This isn t the best series that I ve read s predictable on so many levels and the story line has been done before Yet I can t seem to put them down I have to know how it all ends.

  • Ok thenI guess I m not sleeping tonight on to the next one Its such a rollercoaster of emotion and you never quite know what s going to happen next

  • This book descended sharply into love triangle territory which I don t like so overused in YA books , but I still enjoyed the overall story and it kept me engaged.

  • I really really reeeeeaaally want to give this book stars than what I d given So honestly I did rated it based on my emotions and not exactly by how good the story developed like other readers claimed I am NOT HAPPY with this second book Why I m not happy Yeah clearly I can t understand what the hell Ryann was thinking I know I should put the blame on Lad too when everything was broken apart between them but really hadn t their love not strong enough which made Ryann easily moved on with someon [...]

  • 4.5 StarsFirst of all, I would like to give a huge thank you to Amy Patrick, the author of the Hidden trilogy, for supplying me with an advanced reader copy ARC of this novel I really appreciated the world building of this series Hidden Heart really showcased the fan pods the dynamics, purpose and execution of them were brought to light in a scarily realistic manner.Although I loved Hidden Heart , it did take me about a hundred pages or so to really get into it mainly because Ryann the protagoni [...]

  • I received a copy in exchange for my honest review I tried not to give away any spoilers Amy did it again I was given the amazing opportunity to read this book before it goes on sale and I have to say that I don t think anyone will be disappointed The first book in the series is mainly about Lad and the Light Elves Ryann was just introduced to the reality that people lived in her forest and that one of them happened to be the very cute Lad However, this book does a complete 180 from the first bo [...]

  • 1st of all Amazing The writing of the story line, the twists turns this author puts us through OMG Come on Amy Patrick, You should be apologetic on the emotional roller coaster u put us through.I am an avid reader, luv paranormal series I actually began this series with a, Eh why not I was await the release of the next book of a series I m enthralled with The 1st book was a free download, being a Kindle unlimited member, I can read this free download load as I await the release date of my nxt bo [...]

  • Lad telling Nox to take her Ryann , when all chaos broke out has left her numb As she awaits his return, she is floored when he tells her to move on, heartbroken she seek out her best friend only to find she has been ensnared in the horrors of the dark elves plots When Lad turns her away when seeking help She is forced to seek the help from Nox There trip to L A will make way for friendship to turn into something While on a planned rescue mission every ones life will be thrown in to a tailspin, [...]

  • The world of elves has so many secrets Ryann has gone to LA to find her friend Emmy believed to be living within a fan pod Fan pods are like brainwashing cults hidden amongst celebrities used by the Dark Elves for the sole mission of turning humans into servants During her trip Ryann learns about Nox, Vancia and Lad You need to read Hidden Deep or most of the characters won t make sense Ryann also has a rude awakening about her own family and elf heritage This series is perfect for a fan of fan [...]

  • Okay so this book was way better than the first book Normally my sides do not flip when there is a love triangle and I get annoyed, but now I am totally all for Nox He was so sweet and the moments between Ryann and him seemed to develop naturally I thought that Lad had finally chose to fight for Ryann in the first book instead of running away, but now he has made me want to drop kick him out of here I also liked the aspect of the story of friendship with Ryann s main concern being to get Emmy ba [...]

  • I wouldn t have believed it The second book to the series is better than the first And made me on the fence about who Ryann should end up with at the end of the series I ve got a foot in the Lad camp and a foot in the Nox camp Usually, I have a difficult time shifting gears in a romantic triangle to a different herobut now THEY ARE BOTH AWESOME How hard is that choice going to be Great to have happiness in this ending but to still have a cliffhanger to make me anxious for the next installment I [...]

  • This one was a little disappointing I expected to pick this up continue the relationship between Lad Ryann Nope they split up again now she is falling in love with Nox I could go with either one, but not complete indecisiveness I think that is the major flaw in the YA books lately I understand that teens are not always reliable in their decision making skills, but come on One could at least have some morality a back bone I will continue the series because enough in the world building has intrigu [...]

  • Ok, so this book has story than the first, but there s so much angst between the 4 main characters it s a little nauseating I hate when books have these pyramids of love between several characters Give it a rest people It was predictable what happened at the end, but not disappointing Even though the way these books were written irritates me, I like the main story of the light and dark elves I hope anyone who reads these enjoys them and maybe it s just me and others will like that style writing [...]

  • Hidden Heart, Book 2 of the Hidden SagaWow great book Just as note worthy as the first book What a saga Ryann,Lad and Nox have going for them This book was hard to put down I can t wait to read the next one What are they going to do in the next one What is going to happen to Nox now that he has been outed as the heir to the dark elves throne And what does Vanica have to do with it all What happens to Ryann and Lad Do they rekindle their love affair I guess we ll see in book 3.

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