Destined for Power

↠ Destined for Power ✓ Kathleen Brooks - Destined for Power, Destined for Power Mallory Westin was born into power But when her family s quest for power caused her a broken heart she turned her back on the only life she ever knew Now a successful owner of a security firm she s ↠ Destined for Power ✓ Kathleen Brooks - Destined for Power, Destined for Power Mallory Westin was born into power But when her family s quest for power caused her a broken heart she turned her back on the only life she ever knew Now a successful owner of a security firm she s

  • Title: Destined for Power
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Destined for Power

↠ Destined for Power ✓ Kathleen Brooks, Destined for Power, Kathleen Brooks, Destined for Power Mallory Westin was born into power But when her family s quest for power caused her a broken heart she turned her back on the only life she ever knew Now a successful owner of a security firm she s determined to forge her own path But sometimes one s past isn t so easy to leave behind Mallory has to take control of the power she was destined for after discoverinMallory Westin ↠ Destined for Power ✓ Kathleen Brooks - Destined for Power, Destined for Power Mallory Westin was born into power But when her family s quest for power caused her a broken heart she turned her back on the only life she ever knew Now a successful owner of a security firm she s

  • ↠ Destined for Power ✓ Kathleen Brooks
    291 Kathleen Brooks
Destined for Power

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    Kathleen Brooks is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kathleen s stories are romantic suspense featuring strong female heroines, humor, and happily ever afters Her Bluegrass and Bluegrass Brothers Series feature small town charm with quirky characters while her Women of Power Series shows that behind every sexy billionaire is a man strong enough to love her Then hang onto your seat for the wild and mysterious ride in the thrilling Web of Lies Series.Kathleen is an animal lover who supports rescue organizations and other non profit organizations, such as Friends and Vets Helping Pets, whose goals are to protect and save our four legged family members.Email Notice of New Releases kathleen brooks new release nKathleen s Website kathleen brooksFacebook Page facebook KathleenBrooksAuthorTwitter twitter BluegrassBrooks author show 5101707Book Order Bluegrass Series Bluegrass State of MindRisky ShotDead Heat Brothers Series Bluegrass UndercoverRising StormSecret Santa, A Bluegrass Series NovellaAcquiring TroubleRelentless PursuitSecrets CollideFinal Vow Bluegrass Singles All Hung Up, NovellaBluegrass Dawn, NovellaThe Perfect Gift, NovellaThe Keeneston Roses Forever Bluegrass Forever EntangledForever Hidden, Jan 26, 2016Forever Betrayed, Mid 2016 Women of Power Chosen for PowerBuilt for PowerFashioned for PowerDestined for Power

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  • Great Series Great Story Great Narration audible whispersync review I really enjoyed this entire series Book one started out a bit iffy but I am glad I kept with it because every story got better and better I loved Mallory, I always liked her in every book and just knew hers would be so good And it was Mallory was beautiful, smart, strong, and a bad a Loved her And Reid, was great too Handsome, strong, smart, rich and so in love with Mallory They had some great chemistry together and a couple of [...]

  • 5 starsThis was a fantastic ending to this series I loved the tie in with the Bluegrass series This was Mallory and Reid s story I have been waiting for this story since I read Chosen for Power and I wasn t disappointed, I loved that some mystery was left about his contempt for her that had been made clear in the first 3 books of the series because when you find out what happened you ll realise it wasn t contempt but a broken heart I also loved the change in roles when the woman was protecting t [...]

  • This book was amazing, funny, full of action and completely lovely Read and Mallory s story was tender, fun loving, hilarious and full of surprises and why not pure action Even Shirley got some action By the way, who didn t want to see another glimpse of the fabulous, mysterious and totally hot Ahmed One time Ms Brooks did it one time This series it s one of those that no matter how many times you read them you will laugh at the same jokes and fall in love all over again Happy reading

  • Great ending to a wonderful seriesWOW This 4th book was exciting from the very beginning spying, murder, attempted murder, a plane crash, plots for an assassination, a car chase, without any brakes, the FBI and the CIA, a lot of love and a little bit of sex What could you ask for I knew I d like Mallory and Reid s story the best, but I really did enjoy ever book in this series I didn t like Mallory s father or Ambrose or Liam or Black and Jonak They were all great bad guys, vicious, evil killer [...]

  • I enjoyed this book, it was nice to FINALLY read Mallory and Reid s story But I felt like this book was much darker than the others in this series Yes, there was an assassination plot and all of that, and espionage etc going on, but it still had a darker feel than the others I also want to go back and reread the other books to see if I can see glimpses into who Mallory really is or not.Great series, and great author, I will continue to read her books I have about 10 of them that I read often.

  • ExalantWhat a read I was gripped from the beginning in glad Mallory and Reid finally got together they sure waited long enough, it s filled with lots of action and a treat for that naughty Shirley she s soo funny

  • Powerful Mallory and Reid s story certainly answered all of the questions threaded through the other stories I loved it I laughed out loud and even cried Rarely does a book get that type of reaction from me Great book

  • I have read all of Kathleen Brooks books, so I am definitely a fan I dove into her Women of Power series and have inhaled every book at least twice The finale for this series, Destined for Power, is a fitting finale for the series We had been teased long enough regarding Reid and Mallory s past relationship with one another it was obvious the two had deep feelings for one another previously What could have happened Well, Ms Brooks rewards us the answer in an intense, well written conclusion to t [...]

  • In her great style, Kathleen Brooks has ended this series with a grand slam I give this a book 5 stars She gave us the romance and high drama with her Handsome and hunky Reid Simpson and Sexy siren Mallory Westin, who can kick ass and take names when the dust settles A story that has been told through the first three books We get the full story of their animosity and the power of lust and love that pulled them together and pulled them apart, when ever they were in the same room We find out what [...]

  • This was the fourth book in the Women of Power series Mallory Westin loved Reid Simpson from the time she was sixteen Her best friend, Reid s sister didn t even know On her eighteenth birthday her and Reed got together in bed While there her father walked in and told him to get out and leave Mallory alone She wanted to go with Reid but her father whispered to her he would destroy him and his family if she did For sixteen years she has worked for the government in security and had become one of t [...]

  • Oh Yeah.WOW This book grabbed you from the beginning and never let go You knew from the other books in the series that there was chemistry between Reid and Mallory but you never knew the back story until now My heart ached for them with what her father did to them But it leaped for joy when they were able to overcome it I absolutely LOVE Shirley and Margaret You never know what is going to come out of her mouth but when Margaret stood up to Mallory s parents and told them what it is I was cheeri [...]

  • it s a small world, Mallory is the colleague of Ahmed, or let s say Ahmed is the mentor of Mallory when she worked for CIA LOL, this is the last book also my favor, maybe it is related to bluegrass series characters Mo and Dani, let me rethink about Cy, also the CIA is a lovely one, Reid and Mallory was in love since she was 16, of course, i wil think if there were together in that moment, they may apart now After 16 years, both of them became mature, good mind to deal with everything.Mallory i [...]

  • Love Love This SeriesThis book has it allRomance, Suspense and Comedy Kathleen Brooks knows how to tell a story We have followed Reid and Mallory through The Women of Power series We never knew what the love hate relationship was all about until they got their own book We also find out what happened to her relationship with her own father and mother But importantly the love that Reid s family had for Mallory and how deep the love for the Simpson family was for Mallory How much Mallory gave up a [...]

  • Last of the Simpson sI loved and hated this book all at the same time I adore every book about the women of the Simpson family, but hate that this was the last one Mallory Westin, grew up as part of the Simpson family, but had to turn her back on some of them because of her controlling father Now, almost 17 years later, she is thrust back into the life and arms of the only man she ever loved, Reid Simpson Her past as a party girl was all a cover, and she has to hope that the people she holds dea [...]

  • Destined for Power Mallory Westin is one bad A women She has been in love with Reid for years She gets her chances but her father threatened him and his whole family She can t take that risk, so she lies to Reid telling him she does not love him Reid has love Mallory and hated her, he has tried to forget her, but ever family wedding she is there He tried of running into her and plans to put a stop to it,but then someone tries to have him killed MAllory has to protect him, but can she stand to be [...]

  • This is the last book of this series and I am sorry to see it end I have loved each and every one of these books but think that destined for power was the best of all It had the 2 people, Mallory and Reid , and just about everything else you can imagine She is a agent for the government and he is a wealthy resort casino owner under the Simpson company She moonlights as a security agent and owns her own security company and her father is a senator They , Mallory and Reid, were kept apart and righ [...]

  • Finally finding happinessReid and Mallory have kept a distance between them for eighteen years without ever giving a reason why.Finally when Reid s life is in jeopardy all the secrets come out Mallory is finally able to let everything go and tell Reid what happened all those years before Once Reid learns the truth there is no question as to whether he still loves Mallory.Shirley is up to her usual antics along with a surprise Margaret surprises her children with news of her own.Characters from t [...]

  • Women of Power 4Another great series by Kathleen Brooks Mallory Weston is throw society debutant, Reid Simpson grew up on the wrong side of the tracks before his family earns their way to a better life and the top of the business world globally Mallory s family doesn t approve of her relationship with Reid and forces a breakup as teens Over 10 years later and Reid and Mallory are thrown together Will their love overvome Kathleen Brooks is great with suspense and love I truly enjoy her books and [...]

  • Another great book about the Simpson family and Mallory I loved every second of it Like all the sisters in the Simpson family there was excitement, sadness, heartbreak and mystery It was definitely exciting to see some of Kathleen s other characters from her Bluegrass novels to come into play in Destined for Power This is definitely Mallory s story which is very exciting since she has become such an important character in these books I cannot wait to read the next addition to the story as well a [...]

  • WOW WOW WOWI loved this book, this whole series and I am sad to see it end Mallory Westin and Reid Simpson fell in love at a young age, but Mallory broke it off and left him, this book will give you the reason why and take you on a wild ride of twist and turns, bring on some international troubles and some very scary moments and your will be holding your breath and in the end cheering the outcome Oh and if that isn t enough you get a little bit of fun with Shirley, gotta love that Shirley and a [...]

  • Very well written and incredibly entertaining story I loved the romance between Mallory and Reid, and at long last we find out what happened between them in the past, and oh boy but it s good I thought that both characters were incredibly strong and I really liked the way that Mallory was able to be the one who was adept at physical confrontations, but Reid still came across as an incredibly strong character both physically and emotionally It was absolutely great An excellent end to the series [...]

  • Another fantastic book by Kathleen Brooks Women of Power series rocks Mallory Westin was not born into the Simpson family but they treat her like family She was born into a family of power She didn t want anything from them just their love but she didn t receive that Reid Simpson has a family that loves him and they always just want him to be happy He is not happy He just wants the women who told him that she doesn t love him any after their summer together Can Mallory get her family to love her [...]

  • Yay Finally, Mallory and Reid get their own story I love that he finally gets to see her total kick butt side and maintains his own masculinity while letting her show off her skills She certainly does have some skills Reid has been short of broody throughout this series, so it was nice to see him shed some of that and show his mischievous side This story was exactly what I ve come to expect from this series and had all my favorite quirky characters, including some from the Bluegrass series I rea [...]

  • Ok I don t know where to start I Love this Series I Love every book Kathleen writes She just has a way with words Mallory Loves Reid Reid Loves Mallory but its never that simple , Her Father, CIA, Bad guys all need to be over come before they can be happy but boy what a journey This book will hook you from the get go and has twist and turns that have you go WHAT Well worth the read All Kathleens books are well worth the read If you have not read them go to the 1st book every and buy them all You [...]

  • Fabulous end to an incredible series.All throughout this series, we re gotten glimpses into the lives of Mallory and Reid Now the wait is over This is their story and it sizzles.Mallory has a lot of secrets, and a lot of tricks up her sleeve Reed has his own One thing that s not a secret to anyone paying attention is that they love each other.If you like weddings, this is the book for you Not one, or two, or even three, but FOUR couples tie the knot within these pages.

  • I have to say I thought Mallory is a saint and an avenging angel to all of her adopted family of Simpsons but in the other books I thought Read was a bit of an ass but he made up for it in this book and I don t blame him for the way he treated Mallory and for what she had to do, although years past and people were hurt she do what was right.This is so full of secrets, action, love, and a lot such a brilliant series thank you Kathleen Brooks for hours of fantasy and pleasure

  • If you haven t read the WOMEN of POWER Series, you are missing out on some take charge women Kathleen has teased us and dropped evasive hints throughout the WOMEN OF POWER Series about what is going on with Mallory and Reed s relationship I have been waiting and waiting to find out what happened between them I was surprised, but loved the way the story and events came together This was a wonderful story to complete the Series.

  • What do I need to say than, It is a Kathleen Brooks book I was fascinating to finally discover were the discord between Mallory and Reid came from and to discover about how she, the daughter of rich and powerful family, got into security As always, absolutely loved the story and was thrilled with a couple of twists.

  • Always riveting readsI have just finished reading all of Kathleen Brooks novelsAGAIN They are even better each time I re read them My only complaint is that she doesn t write, edit and publish a new novel every other day Keep up the fantastic stories and thank you for sharing with others.

  • DestinedI ve really enjoyed this book as well as the entire series I was always suspicious about these two characters having a past relationship I was pleasantly pleased with how the story turns out I am even glad and abit horrified about Shirley s hea This was a great ending to the series.

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