When I Was Jane

☆ When I Was Jane  Theresa Mieczkowski - When I Was Jane, When I Was Jane Do you know your name Do you know where you are I remember pieces of things flashes of time I remember being pulled from a car I remember flying in a helicopter I remember voices Female car accident ☆ When I Was Jane  Theresa Mieczkowski - When I Was Jane, When I Was Jane Do you know your name Do you know where you are I remember pieces of things flashes of time I remember being pulled from a car I remember flying in a helicopter I remember voices Female car accident

  • Title: When I Was Jane
  • Author: Theresa Mieczkowski
  • ISBN: 9780986254000
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
When I Was Jane

☆ When I Was Jane  Theresa Mieczkowski, When I Was Jane, Theresa Mieczkowski, When I Was Jane Do you know your name Do you know where you are I remember pieces of things flashes of time I remember being pulled from a car I remember flying in a helicopter I remember voices Female car accident multiple injuries What is your name he asks again I remember what they called me Jane She awakens to a life she doesn t remember A husband and daughter she Do you know your name Do y ☆ When I Was Jane  Theresa Mieczkowski - When I Was Jane, When I Was Jane Do you know your name Do you know where you are I remember pieces of things flashes of time I remember being pulled from a car I remember flying in a helicopter I remember voices Female car accident

  • ☆ When I Was Jane  Theresa Mieczkowski
    378 Theresa Mieczkowski
When I Was Jane

About “Theresa Mieczkowski

  • Theresa Mieczkowski

    Theresa Mieczkowski is a writer and life strategist from Woodbury, Ct She lives with her husband, three kids and two dogs, Potter and Padfoot Theresa knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age but after some detours sought an education in psychology and dedicated her life to being an advocate for people in need of motivation and positive change After many years of raising kids she finally finished working on the story she started as an undergrad and authored When I Was Jane, a psych thriller that infuses humor, romance and inspiration into its suspenseful story This is her first published book but definitely not her last

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  • Thank you Kadijah Michelle for this book recommendation It was awesome So different and intriguing and SURPRISING full of twists Jane is a name a woman requests to be called as she wakes up after being in an auto accident She reeks of alcohol and has severe head injuries as well as a leg ribs etc She has no memory of her life I know, there are a lot of books like that but I swear this one was different I also would have been the first to discard it if it weren t.She learns that her name is Audre [...]

  • What a fun read Once I started the book, I couldn t put it down The characters and story were so interesting I couldn t wait to see what happened next This is the kind of book you will start and finish in one sitting.

  • TERRIFIC When I was Jane is a great read Keeps you wanting to read just 1 page The characters are well written and easy to like and or dislike The plot of the story creative and suspenseful Two thumbs up for When I was Jane.

  • This book is fantastic and I highly recommend it The author does a great job of keeping you in suspense, I couldn t put it down Character development is amazing, complex human issues really tug at your heartstrings One of the best books I ve ever read

  • Hook, line and sinkeris book caught me and I couldn t put it down until I was done It really says a lot that I ve never written a book review before, but felt like I really needed to share how much I enjoyed this book New author, Theresa Mieczkowski, really nailed her first book I started reading this book on a Friday night, around 9pm I quickly realized that I was captivated by the story, so I decided to wake up early on Saturday morning and opened the book up and didn t get up from my spot unt [...]

  • Really good, especially for a first novel Kept me guessing right til the end I really hope the author does another book telling vivienne s story

  • When I Was Jane by Theresa Mieczkowski is a book that I was looking forward to reading.A woman awakens in hospital following a car accident, to a life she does not remember.She has a husband and a daughter that she does not remember.She does not recognise her name so adopts the name Jane.She doesn t seem to have any friends.She doesn t seem to have any family of her own.She doesn t trust the man who is apparently her husband She has recurring nightmares featuring a lot of blood Unfortunately, th [...]

  • I am in the middle of this book In fact, I found about because of the review I read on by Melissa M who said this was the book of the month in her Psy thrillers group online and I wanted to come on and join that group and read the book I have to say it is TRULY AMAZING I find myself having to stop and slow down because I am so anxious to get to the next part that I am afraid will miss something.This Author s attention to detail, especially the brain physiology and how she explains memories and [...]

  • I thought this book was great A very entertaining read The character of Dottie is my favorite The only thing I take issue with is the author s decision to take the Lord s name in vain I am not sure why this is so commonly done in books these days, but the story and the characters were fantastic The attention to detail on how memories are formed is spot on I have worked in the medical field for many years Suspenseful plot that kept me guessing There are a few passages especially related to Vivien [...]

  • This book was chosen for our Book Of The Month read, so I wasn t sure what to expect when I first started reading this novel It turned out to be a great mystery, pretty amazing for a debut novel There is a chilling sense of realism throughout The title alone, is such an invitation, and each chapter invites you to read I read this book in two sittings, had I not had work to get done, it would have been one Audrey Jane is a character that will stay with you for a long time Kudos Ms Mieczkowski on [...]

  • I can t believe this is this author s first book When I Was Jane kept me wanting and I dreaded when I had to put it down You will not be disappointed The author does a fantastic job developing her characters I absolutely love all the characters, especially Dottie Loved how it all came together in the end Don t cheat and read the last page You ll be missing out on a great story Looking forward to from this new author

  • If you are looking for a book experience that makes you think deeply, question characters, and escape from reality, run, don t walk, to When I Was Jane The characters you meet through this well told and fast paced story keeps you on your psychological toes and wanting I hope to read books about the supporting characters asap

  • Had me hooked from page 1 One minute you start to fall in love with some of the characters and the next minute you are thinking that same character is a bad guy Who is the bad guy or gal I was on the edge of my seat trying to foresee the ending but was completely surprised A fun quick intriguing read


  • This was a rather quick book to read I enjoyed the character development and the flow of the book This was a good first book for the author The underlying lesson I took from this book is overcoming your past and trusting your friends.

  • LOVED THIS Great book real page turner I loved the story and the charactersry thrilling plot with twists and turns Weekend read AWESOME

  • Great Book I really enjoyed the story I couldn t put the book down I loved that the characters ,kept me guessing about what was going to happen next

  • Could not put it down Loved the characters, loved the plot, loved the book from start to finish Very talented author

  • What an unbelievable book I didn t want to put it down and every time I thought I figured it out it took another turn I can t wait till your next book I m hooked

  • Terrific This book reeled me in on the first page I did not want to put it down This book was suspenseful, funny, insightful and romantic I can not wait to read from this author

  • I made the mistake of starting When I Was Jane around 9pm, thinking I d read a few chapters before bed Big, huge mistake Around 2am, I finally turned the last page A gripping psychological thriller, Jane will keep you guessing as she searches for the truth about herself and her life, a life she can t even remember after a near fatal accident When I Was Jane is as much a journey of self discovery as a search for Jane s true identity A novel that encompasses love and loss, humor and anger, terror [...]

  • So, what does the coiled rope on the deck have to do with this story I thought that it was weird, not a psychological thriller There were twists and turns, but the main character was confused, and confusing She had a husband who loved her, as did their daughter Her mother in law was super Perhaps if she had had a shrink, it might have helped The story of how Jane Audrey and Jason met proves to be false other things are, too.

  • Great book Loved the characters, loved the story I can t believe this is a first time author I ll be looking for from her in the future

  • Great book Highly recommend it Once I started I couldn t put it down Looking forward to the next book by this author.

  • For me the sign of a good book is one I try to force myself to read slowly in order to prolong my reading pleasure Try as I might, however, I found myself turning the pages of When I was Jane faster and faster to find out what happened next Now that s the sign of a great book Following a near fatal car crash, Audrey Gilbert arrives in hospital with multiple injuries, including a curious form of amnesia that wipes out all knowledge of her past life She heard the medics refer to her as Jane Doe a [...]

  • I liked this book a lot As someone who is finishing a manuscript I am impressed it is the first book put out by this author editor team I went through it really fast and wish there was but I think I am going to go back an read again I am in the discussion group on here and hope to dig deep into the story

  • What a great read This book is well thought out and the characters are very real and intriguing I could not put it down and when I did I thought about the characters daily A great escape from the daily grind of work and kids Would highly recommend.

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