A Pledge of Silence

[PDF] A Pledge of Silence | by ✓ Flora J. Solomon - A Pledge of Silence, A Pledge of Silence When Margie Bauer joins the Army Nurse Corps in she is delighted to be assigned to Manila the Pearl of the Orient Though rumors of war circulate she feels safe the island is fortified the airb [PDF] A Pledge of Silence | by ✓ Flora J. Solomon - A Pledge of Silence, A Pledge of Silence When Margie Bauer joins the Army Nurse Corps in she is delighted to be assigned to Manila the Pearl of the Orient Though rumors of war circulate she feels safe the island is fortified the airb

  • Title: A Pledge of Silence
  • Author: Flora J. Solomon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Pledge of Silence

[PDF] A Pledge of Silence | by ✓ Flora J. Solomon, A Pledge of Silence, Flora J. Solomon, A Pledge of Silence When Margie Bauer joins the Army Nurse Corps in she is delighted to be assigned to Manila the Pearl of the Orient Though rumors of war circulate she feels safe the island is fortified the airbases are ample and the Filipino troops are well trained But on December her dream world shatters Captured by the invading Japanese Margie ends up interned at SantWhen Ma [PDF] A Pledge of Silence | by ✓ Flora J. Solomon - A Pledge of Silence, A Pledge of Silence When Margie Bauer joins the Army Nurse Corps in she is delighted to be assigned to Manila the Pearl of the Orient Though rumors of war circulate she feels safe the island is fortified the airb

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  • [PDF] A Pledge of Silence | by ✓ Flora J. Solomon
    222 Flora J. Solomon
A Pledge of Silence

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    Flora J. Solomon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Pledge of Silence book, this is one of the most wanted Flora J. Solomon author readers around the world.

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  • This is an amazing book one of those Why didn t I learn this in history class type of books.The story follows Margie, a nurse stationed in the Philippines during WWII From enchanting Manila, to the jungle hospitals, to the Malinta Tunnel, to the POW camp, to Margie trying to get back to a normal life after the war, the plot kept me captivated The characters are well rounded and multi dimensional.It is always a pleasure to find a book that is well edited, quick paced, and an interesting story A P [...]

  • One of my very favorite reads I learned so much I never realized went on to the extent they did I knew WWll involved the Phillipines but never really read or heard or actually saw a movie that brought to light the horror that took place there Everything always seems to bring to light what our GIs suffered with the women or less left in the background and never brought to the foreground The author did a magnificent job with her research and bringing everything to light.

  • This story made me cry from the very first chapter Margie is eighty one years old and attending the funeral of her daughter Barbara Ann who is has passed away suddenly She is there with her son Gary and his wife for support but is finding it all too difficult to cope with as she feels she did not show her daughter enough love during her life.After Margie is left safely in her new house she decides to go back to the house where she raised her family in order to feel closer to the memory of Barbar [...]

  • Framed by the present, Margie s story unfolds before us, from a young 17 year old who wanted to be a fashion designer to a competent Army Nurse stationed in the Philippines, a place of beauty and fun Then came the Japanese bombers, and a status change to prisoner of war We stay with Margie as she struggles to survive, mentally and physically, holding tight to her friends as they support and help each other through those dreadful years, and then afterwards as she tries to reintegrate into a socie [...]

  • I loved this book My mom was a Navy WAVE in WWII, and went to Pearl Harbor after the attack Although she did not suffer the perils that the nurses caught in the conflicts did, this book gave me a little insight into the life of the women who served their country in those times My mom was a soft spoken woman from a small town in South Dakota, and I realize now how incredibly brave it was for women to even enlist, travel thousands of miles from their homes, and establish themselves in an environme [...]

  • The author clearly did her research on nurses being in the Philippines before and during WWII.I wish research would have been dedicated to the rest of the book If it had I could have easily given it 4 or possibly 5 stars.Things that are mentioned before their inventions, or events before their time, are prochronisms This ruined the book for me It s the little things that drive you nuts Only a few of the prochronisms Mid 1940s, in a string of Christmas lights, one loose or missing bulb did not m [...]

  • A WW2 book that wasn t about Hawaii or hitler jewish concentration camps We follow an army nurse to the Philippines before during after the Philippine islands were attacked I feel the author did an excellent job of intertwining historical facts into her book This book grabbed me from page 1

  • It makes one appreciate the things our parents endured for us I knew the war in the Pacific was horrible but I was unaware of the signed pledge that prisoners of war were to sign upon their release Keeping all those memories inside certainly is not healthy as the Doctor counseled.

  • A Pledge of Silence is a historical novel based on the experiences of the nurses who valiantly served in the Philippines during WWII and became the first U.S military women to be taken prisoners of war by a foreign enemy.This was a reading I enjoyed a lot Flora J Solomon did a great job recreating the situation in the Philippines during the war Though I ve enjoyed many historical fiction novels set during WWII I haven t really read any set outside of Europe I wasn t familiar with the facts happe [...]

  • A Pledge of Silence by Flora J Solomon is based on true stories although it focuses on a fictional character, war nurse Margie and her remarkable story.Pre war romance in the 1930s, a broken heart and patriotism land Margie in the Philippines in the fight against the Japanese It is an amazing story of war time survival, personal resolve and bravery is the personal story of one woman and her private life affected so deeply by the war and its many atrocities.The book provides a lot of interesting [...]

  • This book was a special one for me One that you are just glad you came across Very good and researched historical fiction It is about a young nurse who is drafted sort of and sent to the Philippines during WWII Manilla is a beautiful, exciting place of parties, fun and love for Margie But when the Japanese bombs began falling the horror begins The book follows Margie through 3 years as a field nurse literally outdoors under a canopy of trees caring for hundreds and hundreds of injured and broken [...]

  • I am a bit mixed probably 3.5 stars total This was a Kindle Unlimited book that came with the Audible audio Whispersnyc so it became my audiosouping choice for the last few Sundays and I listen to of the book than I read I liked the WWII experience told from the perspective of a nurse in a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines her life after war, but it dragged a bit in parts and I felt like the foreshadowing of key plot points was too much I knew every major event before it happened But interes [...]

  • I was a lucky firstreads winner of the book A Pledge of Silence the main character is Margie.It starts out in the mid thirties in a small town in Michigan Margie goes to college to study to be a nurse After graduation, Margie joins the Army nurse corps in 1941 and is stationed in Manilla this is just before war breaks out after Pearl Harbor Soon the paradise she was working in becomes a prison taken over by the Japanese she ends up interned for the next three years she continues to be a nurse an [...]

  • Fantastic Must read Historical Fiction I like sugar coated pills for my history lessons The one is perfect Margie becomes a nurse, joins the Red Cross, is sent to the Philippines where she lives a country club life until the Japanese invade She tends the wounded and finally ends up in a POW camp with all its deprivations The things that happen to her shouldn t happen to anyone And it s all based on truth After being freed, life at home is not easy She gives birth to the daughter of her rapist wh [...]

  • I m sort of meh on this book On one hand, it makes me want to read about what happened in the Philippines during WWII, so on that score, it was successful.But even though I found the history interesting, I did not find the characters so Margie s live events were surprisingly predictable, despite the chaos around her, and the other characters were one dimensional The story was rather plodding and was of a list of happenings than a well developed story.

  • A friend suggested this book and am so glad she did as I probably would not have read it otherwise It was a fast and intriguing read The characters were so well written and the story genuine Would highly recommend.

  • Based on actual events in World War II Nurses serving in Manilla, Corrigidor experienced incredible working and living conditions, were taken POW and then had to sign a Pledge of Silence when they were finished with their tour of duty.

  • A five star book This is one you DO NOT want to miss Absolutely LOVED it Beautifully written Margie s story will stay with me a very long time.KUDOS to Flora J Solomon

  • Incredibly riveting and incredibly sad I finished it in one day and it was definitely worth depriving myself of sleep to finish.

  • What a wonderful and interesting book I have learned a great deal from reading it I appreciate the subject and the experience of reading it

  • I found this book on a daily Kindle deal, and with the 1.99 price tag, average rating over 4 stars, and worthy premise an army nurse stationed in 1941 Manila having to survive a Japanese POW camp I thought it was worth a shot.I almost stopped reading a few chapters in The opening narrative seems like a huge cliche two high school sweethearts scheming to escape together from their small town lot but fated to be torn apart from each others loving embrace too soon The writing, in this early part of [...]

  • This book was AMAZING An emotional and heart wrenching story about Nurses interned in the Philippines I love WWII books, I rarely pick up one about the Pacific Theatre but I m so glad I did This book was obviously well researched I learned so much I didn t know This is a story that sticks with you.

  • Opportunity to learn about the history of Philippines during World War II A good story, though it did drag somewhat in the last half of the book.

  • What constitutes a hero Is it someone that blindly joins the fray, without consideration of personal safety Is it the person that adapts to their situation and just try to do whatever they can to help where needed The answer is that there is no set formula but heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and sex More often than not, circumstances and altruistic actions are the most telling factor.In 1936, Marjorie Olivia Bauer could have never imagined the path her future would take Growing up in Little Ri [...]

  • As a female Army veteran, I love reading about other female military vets, and this story is so astounding that I am sure it will stay with me for a long time, if not forever Margie is a fictional nurse, who enters the Naval Reserve and is called up during WWII to serve in the Philippines Initially, her duty is filled with all that you might associate with a peacetime military, officers clubs, night life, easier duty, etc However, once the attack at Pearl Harbor occurs, things change dramaticall [...]

  • This a really great read This book follows Margie from High school to the death of her oldest daughter It is a book about lost love and lost hopes and dreams While in Nursing school Margie signs up for the Nursing Reserve there was no war going on at that time and she probably didn t think she would ever be called up She was called in to the army and sent to Manila to serve Her assignment in Manila had a country club feel, golfing and partying When the Japanese started bombing the Philippine s a [...]

  • This is the first WW II book I ve read that transcends almost a lifetime from pre war high school years in the 30s up to well in the twilight years in the late 90s Though fiction, the historical accounts were almost factual It was particularly interesting for me because the setting was in Manila, Philippines where I come from I ve had my share of historical tours in the city, and I ve gone twice to the island of Corregidor The light and sound show inside the Malinta Tunnel was a goosebumps exper [...]

  • Really good read A young girl s journey through adolecense into adulthood It starts as an old lady goes back to the home she d known all her life to retrieve memorabilia left behind in her move to a condo and she begins to think back to when she was a young girl She wanted to be a clothes designer but went to nursing school to make her parents happy On graduation she gets a job with the Red Cross which eventually takes her to the Phillipines in the middle of WWIIe is taken prisoner of war for 3 [...]

  • And my World War II fascination continues on with A PLEDGE OF SILENCE This was a very unique and different look at WWII through the eyes of the nurses and women who were involved in the war The book is a fictional story, but was taken from real life events from WWII, primarily the internees held captive at Santo Tomas in the Philippines, by Japanese soldiers Margie Bauer is the protagonist of the story and we follow her from her pre war days, all the way until she is in her 80 s and still strugg [...]

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