Nor Gold

Free Download Nor Gold - by Kerry Lynne - Nor Gold, Nor Gold Nor Gold picks up where The Pirate Captain left off Cate Mackenzie a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas Nathanael Blackthorne s pira Free Download Nor Gold - by Kerry Lynne - Nor Gold, Nor Gold Nor Gold picks up where The Pirate Captain left off Cate Mackenzie a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas Nathanael Blackthorne s pira

  • Title: Nor Gold
  • Author: Kerry Lynne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Nor Gold

Free Download Nor Gold - by Kerry Lynne, Nor Gold, Kerry Lynne, Nor Gold Nor Gold picks up where The Pirate Captain left off Cate Mackenzie a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas Nathanael Blackthorne s pirate friend Once again Fate has robbed her of both her heart and her home As Nathan sails off Cate tries to come to terms with her new situation Practicality tells her Nor Gold picks up where Free Download Nor Gold - by Kerry Lynne - Nor Gold, Nor Gold Nor Gold picks up where The Pirate Captain left off Cate Mackenzie a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas Nathanael Blackthorne s pira

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  • Free Download Nor Gold - by Kerry Lynne
    291 Kerry Lynne
Nor Gold

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  • Kerry Lynne

    Kerry Lynne was a history major in college and went into teaching for a few years Then she wound up in the decorative painting world, where she traveled, taught and published for over 37 years and as luck would have it her hand stopped working So she went back to what she knew writing, history and sailing Lynne s fictional writings include The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend, Nor Silver 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Finalist Award for Historical Fiction , The Pirate Captain, Nor Gold , Treasured Treasures the next in the series, TBR 2018 and a published short story, LocoThology 3 The Price of Victory The Pirate Captain The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend series is a unique literary genre, historical pirate fiction , a blend of historical fiction romance nautical paranormal The Pirate Captain series is not a romance but there is a intense love story between the Captain and a Jacobite widow It is not a story that ends in smiles and happily ever afters but there are deep emotions shared and sacrifices witnessed It is not a Treasure Island wannbe nor will Blackbeard, Mary Reed or Jack Rackam make an appearance but there are Captain Blackthorne, Cate MacKenzie, Thomas, Hattie, and Breston Creswicke Comparing Captain Nathanael Blackthorne to Jack Sparrow is inevitable What other pirate has there been in pop culture for the last 60 years They are similar, both are pirates and captains in the West Indies from there ends the sameness Nathan is dangerous and lethal, because his life has been far unforgiven For those of you who are landlubbers Cate the female main character, who is a lousy sailor helps explain the sailing of a 1700 s pirate ship If you don t understand a sailing term there is a Pinterest glossary provided at piratecaptain for not only the nauticalese, but some of the 18th century turns of the tongue Good, bad or indifferent, Kerry would love to hear what you think klynne piratecaptain

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  • The second rollocking adventure of Captain Nat, Master Cate yes she s an officer now and Captain Tom as they cut their way though the high seas Only this time there is vengeance on the mind of our captain s for one Lord Breaston Cheswicke, who had tortured Old Nat to the point of near madness years before.This new adventure moves very well, unlike the first book, there are several terrific moments in this, especially a rather erotic scene s with Cate and Nathan which are well drawn, the trap to [...]

  • Get plenty of sleep beforehand Make sure there is food in the house, and no work to be done Because when you read Nor Gold, you will not want anything to interrupt this great read including sleeping

  • When I read the first book, I could hear the Pirates of the Caribbean movie score playing in the back of mind Not so with this book Nor Gold is pretty much a romance book and not so much a pirate adventure.This is disappointing because the series has so much going for it great characters, great backdrop Caribbean , and fundamentally a great idea pirate historical fiction I m not sure what the author was trying to do with this story It does have certain Outlander ish aspects to it but even that s [...]

  • Nor Gold picked up right where Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend left off I never thought a 2nd book of a series could be better than the first, but i was wrong If you are interested in Adventure, Romance, and History this book is for you Nathan Blackthorn is a main character that i could both Love and Hate, but as i learned of his past i can almost understand This book kept me on the edge of my seat and kept building excitement to the very end I will be first in line when the next book is r [...]

  • Nor Gold 2 in the Pirate Captain series where do I start unforgettable MC s Nathan, Cate and Thomas, who are just people with their own loves and lost dreams trying to survive in a brutal world Cap n Blackthorne is a rare breed of man and in a mood after his disastrous attempt to hold onto his treasure in Nor Silver Evil enemies are abound plenty of twist, turns and subplots who can you trust no one or just one person, if only A pirate captain s life in the 1750 s is the backdrop of the story wi [...]

  • AmazingThis very poorly edited book, with all its grammatical errors and gross typos, is one of the best books I ve ever read This is writing at its creative best if one can omit the glaring scribner s errors This author has, not only an awsomely creative mind, but the ability to put creativity to paper The sea battles are so real you can almost smell the smoke and blood as well as hear the creatures of the islands and creaking of the ship s seams and mumurings of the pirates The romance is so w [...]

  • Can I give this 100 stars because 5 is nowhere near enough It s rare that the second book in a series is better than the first but Nor Gold completely and utterly blew the first book out of the water I don t even know what to say right now that was exceptional The emotions I went through while reading this are nothing short of bordering on full on crazy There were times my jaw literally hit the floor with some of the twists and turns, I hated Thomas and then loved him, could have banged Cate and [...]

  • Kerry Lynne as served up another rousing tale in her Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend with Nor Gold Once again Nathan Blackthorne, Cate McKenzie, and their pirate ship sails into trouble and revenged good, old fashioned love Enjoy

  • wow what a fan stic readvery good booki got carrired away in the storyit made me cry and laugh better than the first one but both very good booksthanks for letting me review

  • Excellent Kept me at the edge of my seat Sea battles, adventure and deep love story Great friendship, loyalty, honor and revenge What could you want Can t wait for the next one

  • The Pirate Captain books are a mind blowing trip into the world of pirates and sailing Nor Gold blew me away it takes up directly after Nor Silver ends with Captain Nathanael Blackthorne Pirate Captain on his ship after a very bad night under a chair It never lets up with a surprise ending never saw that coming This is not a romance but the MC s are driven by a passion for each other that is so intense, OMG An action adventure non stop roller coaster ride on the high seas to me it is in a genre [...]

  • What a great seriesThis is the second book in the series and it s better than the first Another friend suggested this after knowing I loved diana gabaldon books It s got a lot of twists and turns and just so good A love story but a with lot .

  • Great read, great author, great story, great inspiration I love this book as well as the first, Nor Silver I can t say enough good things about it

  • Lots of action, surprises, and romance Some parts are jaw dropping and horrific while others are humorous and heart wrenching Your emotions will be all over the place

  • Disappointed Disappointed in the ending Liked the rest Had trouble putting the book down Is the next book available for purchase yet

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