Razor's Traitorous Heart

Razor's Traitorous Heart Best Read || [S.E. Smith] - Razor's Traitorous Heart, Razor s Traitorous Heart Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between two factions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago Born and raised on the streets she stands as a silent sentinel at her brother s side as he battles Razor's Traitorous Heart Best Read || [S.E. Smith] - Razor's Traitorous Heart, Razor s Traitorous Heart Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between two factions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago Born and raised on the streets she stands as a silent sentinel at her brother s side as he battles

  • Title: Razor's Traitorous Heart
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781500156725
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
Razor's Traitorous Heart

Razor's Traitorous Heart Best Read || [S.E. Smith], Razor's Traitorous Heart, S.E. Smith, Razor s Traitorous Heart Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between two factions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago Born and raised on the streets she stands as a silent sentinel at her brother s side as he battles to gain control She will do whatever it takes to bring peace to those she has pledged her life to protect including fighting against the creatures that came to their worldKal Razor's Traitorous Heart Best Read || [S.E. Smith] - Razor's Traitorous Heart, Razor s Traitorous Heart Kali Parks is a shadow in the war between two factions that are fighting to gain control of Chicago Born and raised on the streets she stands as a silent sentinel at her brother s side as he battles

  • Razor's Traitorous Heart Best Read || [S.E. Smith]
    150 S.E. Smith
Razor's Traitorous Heart

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    S.E Smith is a New York Times Twin Dragons and Dagger s Hope and 14 time USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance She brings action, adventure, and suspense filled romance stories to transport readers out of this world Sexy, funny, action packed Science fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Contemporary stories with a twist Discover stories with a heart at sesmithfl.

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  • I liked the heroine surprisingly and the hero too All of the books in this series have the supposedly awesome warriors getting themselves stuck in ridiculous situations where they have to be rescued, usually multiple times, by the heroine Yawn.But why the poor rating Drumroll please.It had OW drama I mean WTF I hate this in general, but in PNR it is inexcusable I knew it was coming, it ate at my stomach until the end and then wham it hits All it did was make me mad at the hero and unhappy with t [...]

  • I love this series I was hoping for Dagger s story after reading Hunter I can see why this was needed first Razor is yummy and Alpha and a big teddy bear for his lady Kali is a warrior in her own right, love her attitude She is surviving and protecting those around her Her sass matches her courage There are a few moments when she is rash, especially when hooking up with her alien Razor is every bit the warrior his race is known to be I loved the conflicts he faces and how he struggles to make th [...]

  • .You Tube Book Trailer for Razor s Traitorous Heart Now that s what I m talking aboutIn this, the second installment in the The Alliance series, Razor, kick ass stone cold alpha alien commander, is literally blown away the first time he meets Kali And it got better and better after that Kali, a rebel fighter, doesn t make it easy for Razor either as she has home field advantage advantage Earth to evade Razor getting his hands on her On top of that is a non stop action adventure storyline that ke [...]

  • Razor s Traitorous Heart is book two in The Alliance series In this installment we are introduced to and follow the story of Razor, a brutal Trivator Alliance councilmen, and Kali, the sister and head of security for her brother, the leader of one of the rebel Earth factions in Chicago On route to one of the final areas of conflict in Chicago, Razor s transport vehicle is shot down Kali being in the immediate area jumps right on in to see if there are any survivors not realizing one is an alien [...]

  • This one is even better than Hunter s Claim Here we have Razor, a really bad ass alpha His ruthlessness is legenday, but when he falls for Kali it was almost hilarious how fast he did that LOLI appreciated that Kali was the one to save his life and to be strong enough to defend her ideas A little less her attachment to her brother Don t get me wrong, I liked her love for her brother, but it was a little bit to much to want to protect him as if he was a 5 years old I wanter to tell her to stop tr [...]

  • Yai Razor Another sweet alpha male from Susan I couldn t put the book down waiting to see what other troubles might find Kali There were details about the Alliance and what they were trying to do and how they were trying to help the humans.The story left me wanting to know about the brothers and their Amate I hardly wait to hear about Dagger, Saber and Trigg Nice reference to the Kassis lords I love when characters and references to other series are found when I read It gives me a great feel a [...]

  • Do you know what s better than a huge, handsome, hotter than blazes alpha male from an alien world How about if said alpha is an over the top hero who is turning all sweet and totally devoted to one tiny but fierce human woman They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall and the fierce warrior, Razor fell hard and fast for Kali, a strong warrior in her own right.In Three, Two, One suspend your existence in reality and prepare to race at warp speed along a journey filled with danger, deceit [...]

  • In the second book of the Alliance series Razor s Traitorous Heart we get Hunter s oldest brother Razor s story Razor is a serious warrior with an intimidating reputation for quelling uprisings and smoothing the path when native insurgents make the transition to a peaceful pact with the Alliance difficult The city of Chicago hold the last of the hold outs in the large city and Razor is sent to either accept a surrender or destroy the city and all of it s inhabitants Kali and her brother Destin a [...]

  • I loved this book It was just as good as the first one Loved Razor and Kali, they were perfect for each other I couldn t put it down I can t wait for the next book This is a definite recommended read

  • I love S.E Smith She has become one of my go to Author I could not put this book down.This had humor, romance, action the alpha male.And the dumb male that always tries to tell the female what to do.She was strong and knew her own mind.Can t wait for the next one in the series.

  • Overall Rating 5 Rockin Razor had been sent to Earth as the final resort to bring the rebellion under control As a High Chancellor for the Alliance it is his duty to take care of things that need to be done quickly and efficiently His methods are often brutal but at the same time he is fair when dealing with the hold outs and he insures that justice is done He does not negotiate Since coming to Earth, he has quickly eliminated all but one of the rebellion s strong holds The Chicago resistance is [...]

  • I was surprised that what started out as a 3 star book elevated itself to a 4 star read for me I read the first book and don t recall a bit of it I read too much So for me, this was of a standalone and I never felt like I was missing too much The book has action out the wazoo after a somewhat dull start and I was unable to put it down once things got rolling.Overall Dude is a big bad ass alien general type who has been ordered to take over the subduing of human rebels who are holding up the pea [...]

  • The Alliance is a consortium of alien races that have banded together to save smaller planets and species They come to the planets in peace, and try to bring them into the consortium, not to enslave them, but to bring them up to speed, so to speak, with the rest of the universe They have been on Earth for 6 years now The Trivators are warrior race, who are the peace bringers for the Alliance They are the race that comes in to the planets, and tries to make peace with the beings who inhabit the p [...]

  • This is a book I won at a giveaway on Always nice to win something and also nice to get the change to read a book from an author you never read a book from before.When I joined in this giveaway I didn t realise it was a Science fiction romance If I had known that I would have probably not joined the giveaway, since I am not a fan of Science fiction stories But how lucky was I that I didn t know that, because I loved this story It is a wonderful one And I couldn t stop reading the book.It was a b [...]

  • I am IN LOVE with this series Here we are now children now it s getting good S.E Smith just upped the hell out of her game GAME ON.The world, the world, the world Oh how did I love it Exactly the type of SciFi I love described well, built up appropriately, just immersive and explosive to the reader You KNOW these characters, you live them This is longer and much tightly edited I was not a fan of the flashback s and have not been in this series but I have to admit that they work Reading this and [...]

  • 5 starsThis is probably one of the most interesting scifi erotica reads I ve read so far The pacing of the story was just right Did I mention that I love the characters especially the heroine She is so awesome I like her strong personality at the same time I love her independence and the love she has for protecting her brother even at the cost of her life The way she tries to help save everyone including Razor even finding out that he s an alien Razor and Kali s attraction to one another is so h [...]

  • Another favorite comfort readAll of the components that I ve come to expect from a SE Smith story As always the characters grab my interest from beginning to end and are the heart of the story The hero is a get things done now alpha male who butts heads with the feisty, determined heroine Their romance starts at the opening of the tale and grows as the hero and heroine learn that a true relationship involves accepting your partner without trying to change them Some great secondary characters tha [...]

  • My Kind of Apha Male and Kick Ass HeroineSE Smith writes a great sci fi action adventure with drool worthy alphas and heroines who can hold their own Razor is a tough in charge alien who has met his match in Kali Razor is tasked to end the rebellion in Chicago, using any means necessary All Kali wants to do is protect her brother, one of the rebel leaders Protecting is something Kali is good at, since she is the head of her brother s security team There are plenty of obstacles to overcome, inclu [...]

  • S.E Smith, I have a couple questions for you.How is your health Are you eating right and exercising Do you get enough sleep I ask because I want you to be around and writing until I am dead and buried so that I can keep reading your books lady Totally being serious here This author has written 2 of my favorite books and now this one can be added to the list It is even better than the first one and I m not sure how she is going to top it with the rest of the books in the series but I can t wait t [...]

  • Heartwarming and excitingI m so glad I started reading SE Smith s books All of them are wonderful and exciting, doing a great job of drawing the reader in and refusing to let go Razor s book is no different than any of her other books however I think this one is the best so far It starts with a bang and doesn t stop until you re sniffling your way to the very end Kali and Razor are a perfect fit, and Kali s reactions are much like my own would and have been in the past I love this book and so di [...]

  • I have been a fan of S.E Smith for a while now, and I can honestly say, I enjoyed this story than I have some of her recent books It s not that I don t enjoy her books I continue to read them but I felt the romance was so much stronger in this one, which is mostly why I liked it I thought the characters were good Razer being a super alpha, and Kali bing super strong in her own right It s definitely a suspend reality type of book, but that s what I lean towards with lots of action, violence, an [...]

  • Really good with some great funny parts Another badass heroin who makes a big scary warrior falls for her Razor and Kali are quite the couple, he the scary alien coming to restore peace on Earth, Kali the rebel protecting her brother and trying to rebuild her city To say she is wild in an understatement but because she is, she needs someone to ground her, to protect and shield her and this someone is Razor.I loved how he went from scary to soft around her, like he was learning about feelings for [...]

  • Favorite installment in the series so far Nothing special or never seen before The covers for this series are horrible but whatever But again in this book there is a very strange shift in the plot The beginning is always action packed and quick and then we hit 70% into the book , the pacing is slow and full with romance and at the end there is one action packed scene It feels like she uses the same path in the series

  • Razor, a big strong bad ass alien meets a kick ass chick, Kali as Earth is crumbling about her ears and puts some truth to Earth girls aren t easy I love Kali s dedication, free spirit and if your gonna jump in jump with both feet attitude I also like that Razor was this massively huge scary dude who unsuspectingly has a very soft spot when he finds his mate A few clunky sentences aside, I enjoyed this read and look forward to in this series.

  • Comparing books in a series is usually bad some sequel flounder while other exceed, most is the former However this second book did it wonder Kali did really well to prove to the alien men that women are kick ass and that they fight for what is theirs Razor is super alpha and that is just like his brother kidnapping and asking permission later really it is her fault anyway, she shouldn t have made him fall in love with her upon meeting, its that simple this is a total great book.

  • I have yet to read a book by S.E Smith that I have not liked Very well written with thought out char s I love how she makes the women in her books fall in love but where their not ruled by it I also like how she has strong female s in all her books This one is just as great as her other s I also like how in all her books she has an ongoing story line There are not many books out there that I m waiting on pins and needle s for the next one to come out.

  • Action packed alien romanceAction packed alien romanceLove an alpha male who finds his mate I liked the characters and their chemistry Kali not talking to Razor because of what his ex did was a bit extreme and wreaked of page filler Not a fan of juvenile theatrics The rest of the story was exciting and enjoyable It was an action packed alien romance.

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