In Search of England

[PDF] Download º In Search of England : by H.V. Morton - In Search of England, In Search of England Currently in its th printing with its original publisher in the UK this is the book that one British newspaper has called travel writing at its best Bill Bryson must weep when he reads it Whether d [PDF] Download º In Search of England : by H.V. Morton - In Search of England, In Search of England Currently in its th printing with its original publisher in the UK this is the book that one British newspaper has called travel writing at its best Bill Bryson must weep when he reads it Whether d

  • Title: In Search of England
  • Author: H.V. Morton
  • ISBN: 9780413544902
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
In Search of England

[PDF] Download º In Search of England : by H.V. Morton, In Search of England, H.V. Morton, In Search of England Currently in its th printing with its original publisher in the UK this is the book that one British newspaper has called travel writing at its best Bill Bryson must weep when he reads it Whether describing ruined gothic arches at Glastonbury or hilarious encounters with the inhabitants of Norfolk Morton recalls a way of life far from gone even at the beginning ofCurrently [PDF] Download º In Search of England : by H.V. Morton - In Search of England, In Search of England Currently in its th printing with its original publisher in the UK this is the book that one British newspaper has called travel writing at its best Bill Bryson must weep when he reads it Whether d

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  • [PDF] Download º In Search of England : by H.V. Morton
    158 H.V. Morton
In Search of England

About “H.V. Morton

  • H.V. Morton

    Henry Canova Vollam H V Morton, FRSL, was a journalist and pioneering travel writer from Lancashire, England, best known for his prolific and popular books on Britain and the Holy Land He first achieved fame in 1923 when, while working for the Daily Express, he scooped the official Times correspondent during the coverage of the opening of the Tomb of Tutankhamon by Howard Carter in Egypt.In the late 1940s he moved to South Africa, settling near Cape Town in Somerset West and became a South African citizen.

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  • An enchanting journey through old England, Mr Morton s meanderings and interactions with the village folk he meets along the way are nothing but enchanting

  • In Search Of England by H.V MortonAfter many years abroad, H.V Morton set out one morning in the mid 1920s, in his Morris two seater car, on a tour of his home country.This book was published on 2nd June 1927 It is now in its 40th printing with its original publisher in the UK One British newspaper described the book as travel writing at its best Bill Bryson must weep when he reads it I agree The book is an absolute delight The best travel writing inspires the reader to want to go and visit the [...]

  • While ill and abroad, the author found that he missed England with a passion and, on his return, set out to find his version of the rural idyll This is the story of his travels, by motor car, around England, which was first published in 1927 The 1920 s were a time when coach trips were extremely popular and had made much of the countryside open to people even so than the railways The author both extols the delights of popular travel, while bemoaning the vulgarization of the country Although de [...]

  • Morton, H V IN SEARCH OF ENGLAND 1927 this ed 2002 Morton, born in 1892 near Manchester, was a prolific writer of articles and travel literature It helped that his father was the editor of the Birmingham Mail and that he started his own career on the rival Birmingham Express at the age of 17 After a stint with the Warwickshire Yeomanry during WW I, he went back to his writing career His first major success was in reporting the discovery of Tutankhamun s Tomb After that, he was given the opportun [...]

  • The England H V Morton is searching for is one untouched by the Industrial Revolution, which took some hunting for even in 1927 He revels in anywhere which has kept its sense of history He tries to capture that history and give the feel of the places he visits.Many of the places he visits are well known, on the tourist trail a few are quiet backwaters I know all the places in the first three chapters very well, those in the next four well enough to recognise and have visited most of the rest at [...]

  • H V Morton made his name as one of the twentieth century s most wonderfully companionable travel writers with In Search of England, a book which has been through countless impressions and still stands as possibly the very best introduction to the country and its people I have gone round England like a magpip, writes Morton, picking up the bright things that pleased me A glance at the route followed will prove that this is not a guide book, and a glance at the contents will expose me to the scorn [...]

  • H V Morton starts the book with the reason why he wrote it Believing he was dying in Palestine, and in pain, the style of his writing is established by him describing his homesickness for England, forgetting the pain in his neck for the pain in his heart.He realised he hadn t written about his home country and he knew so little about England He had wandered the world and neglected things near at home.He vowed to go in search of England.Travelling by car he starts his journey in the south where C [...]

  • This book was published in 1935, based on the author s travels in the 1920s, so this aspect was interesting, and when the comparison is made to our lives today it is even so The author is treated to a wireless evening one night , which was apparently a big thing in the village he was in Radio was not a household thing in those days, and the reception wasn t too good, but still, its hard to imagine the world he traveled in The writing is good, and he finds human interest in all sorts of things, [...]

  • Morton s travelogue is the ne plus ultra of travel writing He s the master of the genre, and his work here is the measure of it Morton has earned his popularity by capturing the sights, sounds, and splendour of England as it was in the 1920 s with aplomb It s a joy to read this pleasant tour of bridges, forests, pubs, village greens, and eccentric characters.

  • I enjoyed accompanying Morton around England This was a relaxing read, and a bit of a travel classic Apparently, you can still get a free glass of beer at that monastery he mentions

  • I am madly in love with H V Morton I refuse to give credence to those spurious claims that he was a philanderer and an anti Semite I picture him driving in his sporty two seater through the rolling hills of England, accompanied by a healthy knowledge of history, a playful imagination, and an eye for the beautiful He starts each chapter with a most adorable summary Chapter OneI go in search of England Describes how I leave the Place Where London Ends, meet a bowl turner, stand beneath a gallows o [...]

  • He s a wonderful, descriptive and thoughtful writer who brings England very much to life with his words It s a travelogue but also has lots of interesting history in it, which he presents in a very lively and interesting and easy to follow fashion.

  • The first paragraph of this book hooked me I believed that I was dying in Palestine There was no woman to convince me that the pain in my neck was not the first sign of spinal meningitis, so that growing rapidly worse, I began to attend my own funeral every day My appetite, however, remained excellent Morton was a homesick journalist during the Great War and wanted to come back to England he was the first to break the story of Tutankhamun s discovery Once home, he traveled to as many towns and c [...]

  • One of the seminal books of travel as literature, this is a tour around the cathedral towns and assorted small villages of England Morton was in his early thirties when he wrote this book in 1927, and his style had not yet fully matured.At times beautiful in its physical descriptions and at times merely silly, this is a good hud, loving tour of the England of its day As Jan Morris writes in his her introduction to this edition, anyone looking to use this as a guidebook today will be stupefyingly [...]

  • I picked up or rather inter library loan requested a copy of In Search of England based on recommendations that it was the quintessential British travel book to read I knew it was a bit older, but it wasn t until it arrived that I realized it was first published in 1935 apparently my copy was from 1935 the book itself dates form 1927 oops Morton s England though was of pastoral, small village England and he writes odes to it s charms chapter upon chapter I much preferred it to Bill Bryson s Note [...]

  • Finally getting around to reading this one It s very romanticized and quaint like Clovelly, but a very enjoyable read I loved his visit to Widecombe I learned the grey mare song in elementary school in California and found it interesting to read about the real place, with all of Morton s allusions to the song I don t know England at all, so I have no idea how much of Morton s England remains I suspect that, like Tintagel, his England is to be found only within the covers of a book.

  • I didn t enjoy this as much as his pilgrimage books, In the Steps of The Master and In the Steps of St Paul I found it a bit twee at times, patronising of the North West, and he was rather too determined to find characters Unlike his writing about the Near East, this did not make me want to visit any of the places described The style falls into that dangerous area between contemporary and old enough to be classic as George Borrow So, not really recommended.

  • c1920 What a lovely little book and I can see why it is still in print It is not just the descriptions of the places that he visited but it is the casual acquaintances that he makes along the way which just make this such a good little read Highly recommended Weymouth has not yet recovered from the surprise that George III discovered it as a health resort Brilliant

  • Yes was amazing Anyone who loves England, especially England in the 1920s, will thoroughly enjoy this stroll down memory lane Too bad we can t go back to this era, and be a tourist in the countryside and cities, and follow Mr Morton on his fabulous journey I will re read this travelogue again and again.

  • Morton s journey shows his love of the country, but he has very old fashioned and now unacceptable views He comes across as being superior to almost everyone, and his frequent comments on the women he meets certainly grated with me In spite of this, his landscape descriptions are excellent.

  • Thiswas a great way to view England, however, it was a rather biasef view point it endulges in history of england dating from pre Roman era to comparison of that modern day thee are also comparison between pre industrial revolution and post ww1

  • What else can I say A wonderful story and wonderful experiencesThe Wayfarers dole, ruined abbeys, charming encounters with fascinating characters along the way Wonderful stuff.

  • A thoroughly enjoyable journey around England in 1926 H.V.Morton writes well and describes things so clearly you could almost be there I look forward to reading many of his books.

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