Deliciously Obedient

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Deliciously Obedient : by Julia Kent - Deliciously Obedient, Deliciously Obedient The final book in the Obedient trilogy asks whether being authentic means losing everything in order to gain yourself Ego bruised but spirits lifted by her relationship with Jeremy her ex lover s bes [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Deliciously Obedient : by Julia Kent - Deliciously Obedient, Deliciously Obedient The final book in the Obedient trilogy asks whether being authentic means losing everything in order to gain yourself Ego bruised but spirits lifted by her relationship with Jeremy her ex lover s bes

  • Title: Deliciously Obedient
  • Author: Julia Kent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Ebook
Deliciously Obedient

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Deliciously Obedient : by Julia Kent, Deliciously Obedient, Julia Kent, Deliciously Obedient The final book in the Obedient trilogy asks whether being authentic means losing everything in order to gain yourself Ego bruised but spirits lifted by her relationship with Jeremy her ex lover s best friend Lydia Charles comes home to her family s campground in coastal Maine with a new boyfriend some old anxieties and one big question where s Michael Bournham Mike sThe fi [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Deliciously Obedient : by Julia Kent - Deliciously Obedient, Deliciously Obedient The final book in the Obedient trilogy asks whether being authentic means losing everything in order to gain yourself Ego bruised but spirits lifted by her relationship with Jeremy her ex lover s bes

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Deliciously Obedient : by Julia Kent
    304Julia Kent
Deliciously Obedient

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    Start with my free books here prosaicpress jkentauthNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge Since 2013, she has sold than 1.5 million books, with 4 New York Times bestsellers and than 16 appearances on the USA Today bestseller list Her books have been translated into French and German, with titles releasing in 2017.From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men s room toilet and he isn t a billionaire.She lives in New England with her husband and three children in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.She loves to hear from her readers by email at jkentauthor gmail, on Twitter jkentauthor, on Facebook at facebook jkentauthor Visit her at jkentauthorAuthor photo credit Felix Rust felixrust

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  • 1 HEART Ugh This book, no this whole series irritated the crap out of me I did not like Lydia and her flaky personality This whole series was a waste of my time I tortured myself with finishing this series because curiosity got the best of me I did not like Jeremy I didn t like the betrayal Jeremy was supposed to be a good friend and keep an eye or for the one woman that Mike said he couldn t live without and what does he do He goes and sleeps with her and then had the nerve to feel threaten whe [...]

  • I d like to say that this book was better than the first two, and in some ways, it was Nevertheless, the ending just didn t feel finished Lydia, Mike, and Jeremy become a threesome against traditional norms, and the reader is just left hanging as to how they intend to pull it off.If Lydia weren t somewhat traditional and come from a large, meddling family, the ending would have worked Madge was the only one who was truly outrageous while the others seemed to value hearth and home I m not sure th [...]

  • what a great trilogy this turned out to be I laughed out loud so often Great storyline and a new author for me A sandwich hell yeah full review to come

  • I loved the first two books in this series The first book drew me and left me wanting Lydia and Mike Matt The second book was just as great and added Jeremy into the story line and yes that book left me wanting so much and asking when will the next book be out This third book in the series has quenched my thirst for Mike, Lydia and Jeremy I thought the first two books were hot boy was I wrong All I can say is WOW Julia Kent has really done it this time This book had me laughing, tearing up, ev [...]

  • I m not really sure what to say about this series I don t regret reading it and enjoyed it to a certain extent Would I recommend it probably not There is so much better out there.In the end, I think I m disappointed because I expected it to be better than it was Julia created wonderful characters that I am absolutely in love with The Charles family is absolutely delightful and I would happily read stories about each of her brothers, especially Caleb and Miles The problem is that I fear disappoi [...]

  • I love Julia s stories She is an excellent wordsmith and her plots are so inventive Her stories carry you along at a fast pace.I have been looking forward to the outcome of Lydia, Mike and Jeremy s romance and it was worth the wait I can only imagine how complicated it must be trying to cope with life in general and a menage relationship too.I like that she includes characters from her other books and they all interweave It s like meeting old friends again I love Madge and I m glad she got a big [...]

  • I received a copy of the book as an ARC for my honest opinion.I really loved the next book in the Julia Kent family I love how she incorporates characters from other books, but the background is in no way is a necessity to enjoy the current book It s fun to see what past characters are up to Plus, this book had a great story line and plenty of hot scenes As always a Julia Kent star book.

  • I received this as a ARC for an honest review, let me tell you Julia Kent has out done here self with this one You can t get much hotter in a book before it catches fire The emotional charge in this book will keep you on you toes I loved every minute spent on this book You will not be able to put this book down till the last page and then your going to be wanting this is how good Julia did

  • This book was as good as the 1st book in the series Julia Kent does so well with making you fall in love with her characters Lydia, Mike, Jeremy were totally made for each other Not only do they care for each other the sex was off the charts HOT, HOT, HOT I also laughed out loud so many times with Madge her comments Love her Also, the scenes at Jeddy s with Lydia Krysta talking Caleb overhearing Hysterical

  • I cant say how much I loved the conclusion of this series Jeremy was my favorite and rooted for him from the start but then I fell in love with Michael and hoped she choose him instead Back and forth I went until the end when I saw what was going to happen Great ending and I hope to see a book for Caleb and MaraPlease julia keep them coming and fast

  • Sorry, but no Sorry Julia I don t think I ll be reading your stuff in the future I found the writing in this Obedient series just too convoluted and strung out I found myself skipping over large sections There was also so much that was repeated I really can keep up and don t need things to be said over again Sorry.

  • Another great book by Julia Kent I hope wish this isn t the last we ll hear about Lydia, Jeremy and Mike as Julia tends to weave her books together in an awesome way I would love to read about Krysta and Caleb A great finish to the Obedient series, but I would love to read about how their relationship evolves.

  • Worst of the three books and I almost didn t finish it If they hadn t been such short books, I wouldn t have bothered I m writing my review for this three book series as one review because it should have been a stand alone Apparently there s another series about this threesome but I won t be reading it This series is in desperate, desperate need of an editor I ll say that again It s in desperate need of an editor I repeated myself because there are chunks of these books that literally repeat the [...]

  • A Sensational Finale to this Incredible Series Lydia resigns from her job in Iceland and returns to the family campground that she had previously worked so hard to escape Jeremy accompanies her, as she works to figure out where she is going with her life.The relationships continue to take center stage from the support of her family and friends, to the romance that continues to evolve Are you crying he said in a hoarse voice, the closest sound he seemed capable of making that sounded like panic i [...]

  • I enjoyed the conclusion to Lydia, Jeremy and Mike s story Lydia is growing and learns to listen to herself and not let others dictate what she needs to do So she comes back home with Jeremy I liked their relationship and how they ground each other They clicked and had good chemistry He was supportive of her and the things happening around her, in her life This book was all kinds of sexy and sweet I enjoyed watching Lydia learn about herself and what she wanted in life I liked her family and ho [...]

  • This is the final book in the series Lydia returns home to the United States to be with her family at their campgrounds She has developed feelings for Jeremy and she needs the time and space to evaluate her future life decisions She learns that Mike has been with her family for a month, evaluating his perspectives Will things turn out for Jeremy and Lydia What about Mike and Lydia Read and find out The book answers all the unspoken questions that all three have not discussed.

  • Lydia with Mike ran hot and fast Lydia with Jeremy felt like a slow burn Lydia with Mike and Jeremy was left to the very end but worth the wait.This series was good overall Lydia s family was a great addition of characters There were funny moments than obedience involved.

  • The humor was back with this installment Not much on the three some, just don t get it but the story was entertaining and a good read.

  • Deliciously Obedient Obedient Series 3 A very strange ending I feel it was fairly unbelievable I must be so out of touch with the norms these days

  • Julia Kent does it again She is wrapping up her Obedient series with all the laughs and plot twists you expect As the third installment to the series all, the characters are highly developed and you feel as if you are greeting old friends Some of the characters from her other series weave into the plot as well This gives you a sense of security that the characters you have come to love are still out there having fun and being funny Lydia comes home from Iceland to lick her wounds and figure out [...]

  • Wow It was so easy to fall in love with this novel Forget that it was hot with amazing love scenes written amazingly well, you also have characters that were all so charismatic with real life, down to earth qualities That in and of itself kept me reeling, loving and hurting, and laughing with them The Author has an amazing sense of humor and infused that into her writing with amazing results I could not help but laugh out loud You have a witty family that is down to earth leading the charge, and [...]

  • It comes as no surprise to me that Julia Kent has created another masterpiece in this last book in the Obedient trilogy You don t necessarily have to read the first two books to enjoy this one, but it would definitely enhance the experience if you do Plus the first two books completely rocked, so if you haven t read them do yourself a favor and do so ASAP.I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review I couldn t wait for this last book to come out, and I was not disappointed wh [...]

  • The first 2 books show Lydia fall in love with Mike Matt He sends her away to Iceland to protect her and also sends his best friend Jeremy to take care of her And that he does Deliciously Obedient brings Lydia back home to her family campground where Mike has been hiding out for a month under their noses To add some drama she has brought Jeremy with her After Connecting in Iceland Lydia and Jeremy begin to notice a connection deeper than the physical Meanwhile she can t stop thinking about Mike. [...]

  • I am a big fan of this series and I like how this author writes her books to tie all of her series in one form or another there are characters from another in them In this book Jeremy and Lydia are back and heading for her families camp not realizing that Mike is there and has been there for awhile In this book all three people realize what they want and what they are wiling to do to get it Jeremy had a connection with Lydia since he first met her but the time he spends with her the he realize [...]

  • It all started 2 books ago this not a stand alone book with a great premise Imagine participating in undercover boss program guaranteed to get great ratings your share price will rise and you can cash out of the Company as a billionaire What could possibly go wrong If you read the blurb on Book 1 you ll find out Read the burn on book 2 and you ll find out there s the makings of a triad if all parties start communicating This is book 3 and of course it contains the HEA I enjoyed the journey, love [...]

  • I really want to be able to give this the 5 stars that I think that it deserves, but quite honestly it just ended far too soon I am interested in seeing how their relationship would have developed once they were all together, because quite honestly, I would like to have known how that would have worked, like on a day to day level Seriously How does that work Can I also say that from the onset, I would NEVER have imagined that this was would be a love story about a threesome Don t get me wrong I [...]

  • There are thousands of books to choose from in the many genres of romance on any given day and I can honestly say I ve read at least a thousand Julia Kent is an author who makes you want to read a thousand This is serious is yet another example of the author s ability to create situations that are so extraordinary you don t want to believe they happened Yet as the story unfolds Ms Kent makes not only the situations believable but also the responses, reactions and emotions to the craziness by th [...]

  • This is the last book in the series but don t worry I am sure we will hear about this group sometime in another books somewhere down the line true to Julia Kent form which i love So Lydia and Jeremy are in Maine and Mike is there as well Madge is in the hospital and we all get to see Alex Ed s grandson who we know from a Random book and every is rallying around the family.What will happen with the Lydia, Jeremy and Mike Better yet what will the family think about Mike being under their noses the [...]

  • It is so much nicer being able to read a series serial like this all at once No waiting for the next book to be released Just a nice marathon read OR in this case re read I adore the delicious characters that Julia Kent creates Even the billionaires seem like the people next door If you are a fan, then you know that her characters stroll in and out of all of her books I forgot that about her stories until I re read this and saw characters that were in another series of hers It s like watching a [...]

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