The Shivering Sands

The Shivering Sands Best Read || [Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall] - The Shivering Sands, The Shivering Sands A coastline rich in ancient ruins a family scandal and forbidden love are buried in the shivering sands In this gripping new novel of suspense Victoria Holt again spins her enchanting web of romanc The Shivering Sands Best Read || [Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall] - The Shivering Sands, The Shivering Sands A coastline rich in ancient ruins a family scandal and forbidden love are buried in the shivering sands In this gripping new novel of suspense Victoria Holt again spins her enchanting web of romanc

  • Title: The Shivering Sands
  • Author: Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall
  • ISBN: 9780449014974
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle
The Shivering Sands

The Shivering Sands Best Read || [Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall], The Shivering Sands, Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall, The Shivering Sands A coastline rich in ancient ruins a family scandal and forbidden love are buried in the shivering sands In this gripping new novel of suspense Victoria Holt again spins her enchanting web of romance and terror Caroline Verlaine lovely young widow of a world famous pianist comes to the legend haunted Stacy Estate to investigate the sudden disappearance of her sister A coast The Shivering Sands Best Read || [Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall] - The Shivering Sands, The Shivering Sands A coastline rich in ancient ruins a family scandal and forbidden love are buried in the shivering sands In this gripping new novel of suspense Victoria Holt again spins her enchanting web of romanc

  • The Shivering Sands Best Read || [Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall]
    224Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall
The Shivering Sands

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  • Victoria Holt Mark Bramhall

    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Eleanor Alice Burford, Mrs George Percival Hibbert was a British author of about 200 historical novels, most of them under the pen name Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books the best known, apart from Plaidy, are Victoria Holt 56 million and Philippa Carr 3 million Lesser known were the novels Hibbert published under her maiden name Eleanor Burford, or the pseudonyms of Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow and Ellalice Tate Many of her readers under one penname never suspected her other identities.

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  • Old fashioned, Gothic style mystery suspense novel by the prolific Victoria Holt, written in 1969, and set in what appears to be the late Victorian era in England there are trains but no automobiles girls put their hair up at age 17 Caroline Verlaine, a young widow and very talented pianist who had let her own career lapse in favor of supporting her husband s, takes a job at the mysterious Stacy mansion on the Kent coast in order to quietly investigate the disappearance of her older sister She s [...]

  • There was no sign of her It was as though she had just walked out into nowhere The quick run down on the plot heroine Caroline comes to the Dover Coast in search of her sister who vanished without a trace sister was an archaeologist working on local digs Caroline studied music, and she comes to the Napier household in the guise of a piano tutor for the young ladies in residence at the manor In true Victoria Holt fashion, it doesn t take long for things to go bump in the night is there a ghost , [...]

  • 2017 Summer Lovin Reading List In many ways, this is a very dated Gothic romance after all, it was first published in 1969 I m pretty sure that I read it as a teenager, but it must not have been part of my personal collection, because this reading felt like I was enjoying it for the first time There are enough differences from Holt s usual romance formula to make it feel a bit fresher plot wise too.A young widow, Caroline Verlaine, takes a position as music teacher at an estate close to excavate [...]

  • What a tangled web she weaves And what fun for the reader to untangle slowly along with Caroline This hits all the right buttons for me We have intriguing conversations, mysterious goings on but not too dark as to be depressing, a variety of strange characters, tons of atmosphere, strong female protagonist with a passion music This actually keeps reminding me of Rebecca but I like this much better I was not bored for a minute with this and it is not as dreary I love that so much happens never a [...]

  • I usually stray away from the romance genre, but I love these old Gothic mysteries and this one is no exception The Shivering Sands is eerie, suspenseful and subtly haunting in its plot and assortment of original characters.

  • Victoria Holt really was the queen of the Gothic romance Spent many enjoyable hours reading her novels over the years They are a little dated now but you can never detract from a story well told Many reviews already on offer but if Gothic romance with a well plotted mystery component is what you are looking for then this novel does deliver Love the air of sinister foreboding and isolation Also enjoyed that the culprit wasn t readily apparent Enjoyed all the characters on offer here.

  • Oh My Another shiveringly good book, of which I ve no idea what to say What can one say when a book is so good Caroline Brandon was the black sheep of her family She had dared to turn her nose up at archaeologists and therefore, her parents as well as her older sister, Roma Their one comfort was that their daughter was musical, amazingly so Caroline gave her family up for music, only to give her music up, for Pietro.Selfish, Passionate and Brilliant Pietro Only to lose him, the only person who u [...]

  • Plenty of Gothic fun and suspense I found it too implausible for full enjoyment, but once I deliberately suspended disbelief it was an easy and diverting read I have too literal a mind for some kinds of books and I tend to take a very dim view of abusive men with dark pasts My inner Mr Spock kept getting in the way, too, noting that there were rather too many crazy people wandering around Lovat Mill, that everyone seemed to be hiding an improbable number of secrets, and that quicksand does not w [...]

  • This whole book irked the life out of me I get that Holt is writing Gothic romances, but she always seems to take the worst parts of Mr Rochester Jane Eyre and Heathcliff Wuthering Heights and uses that to make the male heroes in these stories I think Heathcliff was terrible by the way for anyone that is ready to jump at me in the comments I think due to the last book and this one I am going to pass on Holt for a second even though most of her books are available to borrow at my library right no [...]

  • I read this book in high school college and loved it I vividly remember the day I finished reading it because I was alone in the house and ran out in the summer sunshine to be with my mother and sister because the ending was so creepy to me I have NEVER forgotten it or the way it made me feel.

  • 4 and 1 2 Stars A love story wrapped in a mystery Set in the late Victorian era, this is the story of Caroline Verlaine, a young widow, who has lost her archeologist parents and her brilliant pianist husband to untimely deaths, and now her sister Roma has disappeared Determined to find Roma, who went missing while on a dig in Dover, England, Caroline, who is a pianist herself, takes a job in the area as a resident piano teacher to Sir William Stacy s three young charges One of the girls is the i [...]

  • Carolina Verlaine suffered tragedies Her parents, both archeologists, died in a train crash in route to a dig She forfeited a promising career as a pianist in deference to her husband Pietro who was talented, but he dies, leaving Carolina a widow at age 28 Then Carolina s only sister, Roma Brandon, also an archeologist, disappears just as her team finishes excavating Roman ruins at the Lovat Stacy estate in eastern England Carolina s former piano teacher who is teaching four young women at Lova [...]

  • I m counting this as my Gothic romance for the Unapologetic Romance Readers challenge, although I will probably read many Gothics before the year is done For some reason, this genre is my literary comfort food, probably because the genre was so popular when I was growing up, and the image from so many Gothic covers, of a young woman in a flowing white dress running through the darkness, with a ruined castle or mansion in the background, is emblazoned deep within my psyche But the genre does hav [...]

  • It scores big points for gothic atmosphere, the heroine, and handling of the mystery, although the love story was a little too standard for my taste But a certain part surprised me and was especially important, as it s something I believe in strongly and a choice I ve also had to make, and am so glad I did It alone made me love the book EDITED SO AS NOT TO CONTAIN TOO MUCH SPOILING My head told me, Go right away from here and forget your nightmares Live graciously, comfortable and easy But, said [...]

  • This was my first victoria holt novel and i was 15 years then The cover of the book had a haunting looking girl with waves of water around her.It was this cover that made me read i was still young and new to the world of books and this was a author and Genre unknown to me.I was in for a treat It was the most suspenseful book ever and many years later after having read countless holt books i can safely say that this is her best work.

  • Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, The Unread I m absolutely loving the various authors and titles that Sourcebooks are resurrecting from the recent past Victoria Holt is another of those that I d vaguely heard of, but had never got around to reading before, and now I want to investigate of her back catalogue The Shivering Sands is a great introduction to her work, and had me figuratively on the edge of my seat at various points.Written in 1969, and set in the latter part of the 19th Cen [...]

  • I used to love Victoria Holt s books back in the day, but rereading this one, I can t remember why I had a hard time getting involved in the storyline or caught up in the romance, and I didn t find the mystery particularly suspenseful It didn t help that I thought the heroine was rather dim for not figuring out what her pupils were up to it seemed pretty obvious , and I found the hero too one dimensional to be interesting, or maybe he just wasn t around enough to become a compelling character Th [...]

  • More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.A Gothic romance was my last category to read for my 2017 romance challenge with the Unapologetic Romance Readers group I d had The Shivering Sands picked out for quite a while, and saved it for the end of the challenge so I d at least have one good category to look forward to after drudging through a bunch that I really didn t like Someone once told me that Victoria Holt was the queen of Gothic romances, and so it seemed like a good cho [...]

  • In my early teens I devoured romantic suspense books by Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney and, of course, Victoria Holt Several Victoria Holt gothics have now been released in e format I grabbed this one up as a daily deal and had lots of fun reading it Published originally in 1969, it follows Holt s tried and true formula and has some interesting moments even though it s not her best work.The heroine here is a recently widowed Caroline Verlaine, whose late husband was a virtuoso pianist Caroline, a [...]

  • Perhaps my first foray into gothic romance mystery, it was helpful to consult google images, dictionary, and articles to visualize the landscape, architecture, and other elements the author used to depict place, period, and cultural references This is a first person account of a woman attempting to unravel the mystery of her sister s disappearance, becoming caught up in the tangle of misunderstandings and accusations, and failing to trust her own instincts.The story holds many fascinating compon [...]

  • The Shivering Sands finds Caroline Verlaine, young widow of the musical genius Pietro Verlaine, looking for a means of support Pietro may have been magical with the piano, but he was no financial wizard and Caroline s small income needs a bit of bolstering She was once a promising young pianist as well, but gave up her ambition in her love for Pietro Now she teaches piano Her sister Roma, an archaeologist following in their parents footsteps, disappeared while on a dig for Roman remains on the S [...]

  • I have a certain fondness for gothic novels, though sadly there are a great many unsatisfying and or ridiculous books in that genre I suppose I ll keep muddling through them, lured on by the hope that the next one will be better than the last As these novels go, this one seems about average Not remotely literary, but perfectly readable, it s peopled with strange characters who have mysterious pasts and behave in suspicious ways and have frustratingly repetitive conversations The heroine isn t a [...]

  • I wonder how so many readers have given this book high ratings saying it was spooky, eerie and one of Holt s best I totally disagree with them In fact, I purchased the book because of these good ratings The India Fan was way better and much engrossing than this book.Some observations a The mystery takes a backseat when Caroline goes to stay at Lovat Stacy, just because she does not want people to know her relation with Roma She hardly does any investigation b Were the police not involved when R [...]

  • The beginning of the book was interesting than the last half because of the little bit of character development in the first half and also the setting was described well Had a hard time figuring out when this was set late 19th century Very early 20th maybe I liked the heroine but the hero had me scratching my head We re supposed to like this person And the conversations between the two were justweird.The supporting characters were interesting but I kept getting all the girls mixed up Sylvia, Al [...]

  • OHMY What a thoroughly entertaining read This book had me on the edge of my seat dying to know what happened I didn t want to put this book down at all and did so only for work.Caroline was a wonderfully created character who was just darn perfect in my eyes I was captivated by her experiences and loved going through them with her Napier was quite an enigma, but I felt as drawn to him as Caroline I can see why she was so intrigued and determined.And the story can you believe it I was fooled I qu [...]

  • This is one of her earlier books, at least earlier than the other books of hers that I ve been reading I don t know how to feel about it I enjoyed reading it, but it feels a bit contrived, and she has stereotypes symbols that she didn t actually seem to use Her three young girls are based off a Longfellow poem, and she has Sybil an old woman who has uncanny knowledge and seems to know the future with her paintings I feel like maybe she was trying to DO something with those things that I just did [...]

  • I read a few Victoria Holt novels as a teen I can t remember if this was one of them let s be honest, they are all kind of similar As I was reading, I found things that weren t issues back then that bothered me a little now, like the fact that no one ever factored the shivering sands into their investigation of the disappearances It would seem to me to be fairly obvious, but.However, I did enjoy the book, and one reason is the different perspective I had reading the book as an adult rather than [...]

  • This is a classic Truly suspenseful, creepy, Gothic style romance the likes of which we don t see any It really kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book Ms Holt gives a real sense of place to the estate and the area she writes about One of my favorite aspects of Gothic romance is that the setting is almost treated as another character in the novel, and this one definitely doesn t disappoint Highly recommended

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