The Year of the Baby

[PDF] Read Þ The Year of the Baby : by Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton - The Year of the Baby, The Year of the Baby Last year Anna learned how to be a good friend Now that her family has adopted a baby girl from China she wants to learn how to be a good sister But the new year proves challenging when the doctor w [PDF] Read Þ The Year of the Baby : by Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton - The Year of the Baby, The Year of the Baby Last year Anna learned how to be a good friend Now that her family has adopted a baby girl from China she wants to learn how to be a good sister But the new year proves challenging when the doctor w

  • Title: The Year of the Baby
  • Author: Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton
  • ISBN: 9780544225251
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
The Year of the Baby

[PDF] Read Þ The Year of the Baby : by Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton, The Year of the Baby, Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton, The Year of the Baby Last year Anna learned how to be a good friend Now that her family has adopted a baby girl from China she wants to learn how to be a good sister But the new year proves challenging when the doctor warns that the baby isn t thriving Can Anna and her best friends Laura and Camille create a science project that saves the day In this heartwarming sequel to The Year ofLast year [PDF] Read Þ The Year of the Baby : by Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton - The Year of the Baby, The Year of the Baby Last year Anna learned how to be a good friend Now that her family has adopted a baby girl from China she wants to learn how to be a good sister But the new year proves challenging when the doctor w

  • [PDF] Read Þ The Year of the Baby : by Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton
    210 Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton
The Year of the Baby

About “Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton

  • Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton

    Andrea Cheng is a Hungarian American children s author and illustrator The child of Hungarian immigrants, she was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio in an extended family with three generations under one roof Her family spoke Hungarian and English at home After graduating with a BA in English from Cornell University, she went to Switzerland, where she apprenticed to a bookbinder, attended a school of bookbinding called The Centro del Bel Libro, and learned French Upon her return, she returned to Cornell to study Chinese and earned an MS in linguistics Now she teaches English as a Second Language at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Her children s books include Grandfather Counts, Marika, The Key Collection, Honeysuckle House, Where the Steps Were, The Bear Makers, and Brushing Mom s Hair With her husband, Jim Cheng, she has three children Nicholas, Jane, and Ann.

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  • This was a sweet story for younger readers A great look at Chinese American families, adoption, and friendship.

  • I like this book just as much as I likeThe Year of the Book , for many of the same reasons In this book, Anna the first person narrator is now in fifth grade and is still a very likable lovable character, as are her now best friends Laura and Camille I loved seeing the friendship between these girls and their compassion for others, especially for Anna s new baby sister This is a charming little book series

  • I was at first a bit hesitant to get this one I loved the previous book and I was worried that this one might totally be different after all the first book felt like a standalone to me.But in the end I just went for it, and I even pre ordered the next book I am so glad I bought this book, it was wonderful and cute.We are back at Anna s place again, only this time we have a new family member A little Chinese baby named Kaylee I absolutely loved Anna s relationship with Kaylee I know that many kid [...]

  • Anna loves her baby sister, Kaylee, whom her parents adopted from China They have had Kaylee for three months, but she has not gained much weight because she won t eat So, Anna and her friends, Laura and Camille, decide to help out They take matters into their own hands and start investigating to see if they can get Kaylee to eat The girls make it into their school science project They try different foods, music and languages to see what will make Kaylee comfortable and happy and want to eat W [...]

  • Anna and her family have adopted a baby girl from China Kaylee is adorable, but stubborn She refuses to eat, and her pediatrician fears she may be failing to thrive Anna s family is worried Meanwhile, Anna and her friends must come up with a good science fair project Anna wants to do something different and new, but she can t think of anything This sequel to Year of the Book is just as heartfelt as the original Anna and her friends are realistic girls with honest feelings and worries There are n [...]

  • What a sweet read Like its predecessor, this book addresses some potentially heavy issues in this case, adoption and infant failure to thrive in a very approachable way for a young audience The main character is so relatable, and I think this book has even general appeal than the first volume in the series, which was perhaps geared towards bookworms like myself Anna still has her love of books in this sequel, but it s not as much of a focus, so avid and reluctant readers alike will relish her [...]

  • An outstanding sequel to The Year of the Book In this novel, Anna s family has adopted a baby from China who is having trouble gaining weight This is a compassionate story about Baby Kaylee s adoption and her adjustment to her new life as well as an empowering story about the three friends working for a solution through their science fair project I especially appreciate the authentic conversations about culture and prejudice.

  • Adorable and open hearted middle grade book about the challenges of being an oldest child and a middle child and being a friend and working with your friends and being a good student and people expecting you to be a good student and making fun of you for studying It s slanting a bit younger than my favourite MGs, but I was continually impressed by the nuance of the issues that were dealt with in very few pages and at a young reading level.

  • My daughter s favorite book is the first of this series, so we were thrilled to find the next one I really enjoyed this book I think the author does a great job of touching on some complex and sophisticated issues the myth of the model minority, for instance without losing her audience I d highly recommend the series to young readers and ahem not so young readers too.

  • Another great little early chapter book from Andrea Cheng I loved that this installment addressed adoption, families, and a little bit of science I hope Cheng continues with this series.

  • The year of the Baby review Cute read aloud for my first grader I would have never picked this book due to the girly looking cover I m reading to my son but it was assigned reading It is not particularly a feminine story though, so he wasn t turned off by it, and I d say it s an age appropriate read aloud as well as regular reading for middle grade readers for children who may not know much about adoption the baby sister in the story is adopted from China I also like that the characters freely d [...]

  • Strangely, my review didn t show up after I submitted it the first timeBut I thought this book was good I liked the premise It s adorable and heartwarming However, when Anna draws a map of China for her grandma on page 80, she draws the island of Hainan where Taiwan s supposed to be Clearly, this is a mistake, because the map Anna was copying from does indicate Taiwan and China as part of the same entity.

  • This book was such a fast, fun read that we blazed through it in just a few days Now we want to find the others in the series.

  • Not as good as the first one, but still glad I read it It just wasn t as exciting or realistic I know it s for younger kids, but it was overly simple, unlike the first one.

  • This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.In this sequel to last year s The Year of the Book, Anna, who has learned to make friends beyond the pages of her favorite books is now in fifth grade, and she has a new problem Her family has just adopted a one year old little girl from China named Kaylee, but Kaylee is struggling to thrive in her new environment Anna is worried each time her new sister returns home with a negative report from the doctor s office about her failure to gain we [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Andrea Chang s previous novel, The Year of the Book, so, naturally, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Mrs Chang had gone on to release three and counting sequels The Year of the Baby was the one I was most excited about I always love stories about adoption, and am writing one myself but when I reached the end, I was left somewhat disappointed The book had been a fun read, but like many sequels, it failed to live up to its original, and it didn t even seem to be try [...]

  • In this sequel to The Year of the Book, Anna s family adopts a baby girl from China, and Chinese culture is much front and center With mentions of Chinese culture, language, and food, there also came opportunities for mistakes On page 10, Anna s maternal grandmother is correctly referred to was Wai Po , but then on the very next page, she is incorrectly referred to as Nai Nai , the term used for paternal grandmothers On page 29, Anna s family eats Chinese food for dinner, but she talks about [...]

  • Since we last met Anna Wang and her family in The Year of the Book, her family has adopted a baby girl from China Anna loves being Kaylee s big sister and helping to care for her Unfortunately, Kaylee s doctors are worried that she is failing to thrive With the help of her two best friends, Anna comes up with a plan to help Kaylee and complete an assignment for the school s science fair.I really enjoyed The Year of the Book and so I was very excited for the sequel, which did not disappoint I rea [...]

  • This is the second book in the Anna Wang Series Anna An ABC America Born Chinese is in fifth grade Her family has recently adopted a baby girl, Kaylee, from China Kaylee likes Anna s company but no one in the family is successful in getting the baby to eat, not even Grandma Anna and her two friends, Laura and Camille, design an experiment for the science fair to explore ways to get Kaylee to eat food The book ends happily as Kaylee gains weight and the 5th grade friends have a successful scienc [...]

  • Anna s parents decide to adopt a baby girl from China, and Anna enjoys Kaylee fairly well, and she is certainly worried when Kaylee doesn t want to eat and isn t gaining weight as expected When she and Laura fail to find another topic for their science project, they decide to see if singing to Kaylee while she is eating distracts her enough that she eats , and therefore gains weight Camille, from Anna s Chinese school, also gets in on the project, and Anna tries to learn some Chinese.Strengths T [...]

  • In this sequel to the Year of the Book, Anna Wang is enjoying a new baby sister adopted from China But she s also having a hard time in school What should her science project be She s been invited to do a project with Allison, Lucy, Laura and Camille but she doesn t want to do the project with the already determined outcome.She decides to go it alone but soon Camille and Laura joined her Camille saved the day by coming up with the idea to make Anna s new baby sister their science project Kaylee, [...]

  • Okay, so I still really like this series, but I did not like this second book quite as much as the first book It s all about Anna s family adjusting after they adopt a baby from China and I guess I had a hard time suspending my disbelief about their adoption process I am far from an expert on this, and it is not really a huge factor in the story, the story being about life after baby Kaylee comes to live with the Wang family and not about the process itself So Suspending issues about the adoptio [...]

  • A very sweet little middle grade novel covering a subject I ve NEVER before encountered in children s fiction an Asian American family adopting a girl from China Personally, I haven t met an Asian family with adopted children, so I was very curious to read this book and learn what it might be like from the inside I enjoyed how honest and unadorned the writing voice style and the way the author approaches ambiguous and difficult to handle topics i.e racism, learning difficulties, and the ways gir [...]

  • Fifth grader Anna Wang worries about the baby her family has adopted from China since the child seems to have little appetite and failing to gain weight She and her friends, Laura and Camille, design a science experiment to see if Kaylee, her baby sister, eats when they are singing songs in English and Chinese Like its predecessor, The Year of the Book, this title contains some words and phrases in Chinese, a recipe, and incidents that are humorous and heart warming One of the things I liked mo [...]

  • One of the sweetest books I ve ever read Anna from Year of the Book s family has adopted a little girl, Kaylee, from China Problem is Kaylee doesn t like to eat, so the visits to the doctor are increasingly frequent I love how this family supports one another, how grandmother comes to help, how both parents are juggling working, going back to school, and managing a growing family I love that Anna and her friends sew School and friendships and day to day life are an important part of this book Wh [...]

  • Anna Wang is back in this second installment, The Year of the Baby Anna s family has recently adopted an adorable and stubborn baby girl from China, Kaylee When Kaylee has trouble thriving and won t eat, Anna and her best friends Lauren and Camille are determined to help Also involves elements of Chinese culture and the stigma that Anna often feels for being ABC Asian born Chinese amongst non Asian peers Anyone who has felt other can certainly relate I rarely read such well written and deeply me [...]

  • This short chapter book transition book is about the life of a family who just adopted a little toddler from China Throughout the book the sister is trying to learn to adapt to life with her new little sister, all while attempting to help her new little sister adapt as well.There are very few illustrations in this book however, the sparse ones that do appear are sketched and done in pencil.I enjoyed this transition book I found it to be a great little story that I could see many of my future stu [...]

  • The Wang family has a new family member Kaylee is the little girl that they have adopted from China Anna normally loves helping her mom take care of Kaylee The hardest part, though, is when they have to take her to the doctor Kaylee cries a lot and Anna s mother worries a lot Mostly because the doctor keeps saying that Kaylee isn t gaining enough weight But what can they do Anna, with friends Laura and Camille, decide to try to solve the problem by making Kaylee their science fair project Their [...]

  • In this sequel to The Year of the Book, Anna s parents are back from China with her new baby sister Both her parents and the doctor are worried, though, because Kaylee refuses to eat much and is not gaining any weight With fears that she is failing to thrive, Anna takes it upon herself to try to get to her sister to eat The friendship issues with Laura and Camille were worked out in the first book, and now they stand beside Anna, as they figure out a solution to the problem and come up with a g [...]

  • Loved also this second book about Anna, her family and friends It is another exciting year as Anna s parents have adopted a little girl from China While everyone loves her, health concerns have everyone worrying Once again, Anna discovers something about herself, this time being a good big sister as a well as a budding scientist It was also beautiful to see her friendship with Camille and Laura further growing Heart warming and reassuring It also makes for a great introduction to the scientific [...]

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