Les Revenants

Unlimited Les Revenants - by Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille - Les Revenants, Les Revenants Une nuit de pleine lune Shelly est l unique t moin d un accident de voiture dont sont victimes deux jeunes gens Nicole projet e par le choc baigne dans son sang et Craig bless et en tat de choc Unlimited Les Revenants - by Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille - Les Revenants, Les Revenants Une nuit de pleine lune Shelly est l unique t moin d un accident de voiture dont sont victimes deux jeunes gens Nicole projet e par le choc baigne dans son sang et Craig bless et en tat de choc

  • Title: Les Revenants
  • Author: Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille
  • ISBN: 9782253164524
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Ebook
Les Revenants

Unlimited Les Revenants - by Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille, Les Revenants, Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille, Les Revenants Une nuit de pleine lune Shelly est l unique t moin d un accident de voiture dont sont victimes deux jeunes gens Nicole projet e par le choc baigne dans son sang et Craig bless et en tat de choc est retrouv errant dans la campagne C est du moins ce qu on peut lire dans les journaux mais c est une version que conteste Shelly Un an apr s Craig ne se remet toujourUne nuit de plein Unlimited Les Revenants - by Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille - Les Revenants, Les Revenants Une nuit de pleine lune Shelly est l unique t moin d un accident de voiture dont sont victimes deux jeunes gens Nicole projet e par le choc baigne dans son sang et Craig bless et en tat de choc

  • Unlimited Les Revenants - by Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille
    336Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille
Les Revenants

About “Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille

  • Laura Kasischke Eric Chédaille

    Laura Kasischke born 1961 is an American fiction writer and American poet with poetry awards and multiple well reviewed works of fiction Her work has received the Juniper Prize, the Alice Fay di Castagnola Award from the Poetry Society of America, the Pushcart Prize, the Elmer Holmes Bobst Award for Emerging Writers, and the Beatrice Hawley Award She is the recipient of two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as several Pushcart Prizes.Her novel The Life Before Her Eyes is the basis for the film of the same name, directed by Vadim Perelman, and starring Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood Kasischke s work is particularly well received in France, where she is widely read in translation Her novel A moi pour toujours Be Mine was published by Christian Bourgois, and was a national best seller.Kasischke attended the University of Michigan and Columbia University She is also currently a Professor of English Language and of the Residential College at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan She lives in Chelsea, Michigan, with her husband and son.

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  • This book had me from the first page, really the first paragraph I was entranced from the beginning and could not put it down I spent many way too late nights staying up to read it and long after I put the book down I would be thinking about the characters in the book Ms Kasischke draws complex three dimensional characters beautifully well for her readers The story progresses slowly in the beginning, slowly in terms of the action, but I do not mean that the story was boring Far from that it was [...]

  • I didn t hate this book In fact, I had a hard time putting it down It was a fast paced, suspenseful and interesting story However, I have to admit that I was ticked off when I finished reading it The ending was horrible This is the story of a college campus tragedy Nicole Werner was a freshman sorority girl the year before this tale takes place She dies in a mysterious car accident while her boyfriend, Craig, who was driving, survives, but without any memory of that night.The story is told by ma [...]

  • What I learned from The Raising view spoiler Sororities are evil organizations full of cruel women who have the capability to murder and then cover up said murder by faking someone else s death They also have power over their university, local newspaper, and police force to aid in their cover up, and will stop at nothing including ruining two careers, a marriage, and driving someone to suicide to get rid of anyone who could expose them And all of this, to protect their right to practice hazing r [...]

  • The story starts out really strong There s an accident A girl has been thrown out of the car on a semi rural road A professor at the college saw it from a distance and is the first person on the scene What she saw happen and what the newspapers and college report, however, are very different The next chapter is a few months later when everybody arrives back on campus after summer break The book follows key characters and explores the way the accident impacted their lives or deaths.Nicole Werner [...]

  • This book gave me the chills and kept me up at night thinking The story centers around several people and is told from several different points of view One thing they all have in common is Nicole Werner, the girl who supposedly died by the hands of her boyfriend Craig I really liked how the author weaved together the lives of so many different people I was also intrigued with the college campus life that was used as the backdrop I could possibly see some of these events occurring in real life wh [...]

  • I just finished this book and I m seriously messed up In The Raising, Laura Kasischke tackles sororities, hazing, murder, and cover ups and she does it from the viewpoints of several people involved the witness, the victim, the victim s boyfriend, the best friend, the professor They all have intricate parts and slowly, but surely, Kasischke weaves together their stories patiently bringing the reader to the end conclusion.Except, was there one From here on out will be some spoiler type informatio [...]

  • 4 out of 5 starsI liked this book I liked it enough to read it in almost one sitting I usually don t like mysteries especially ones with multiple POV However, this book pushed all the right buttons for me I didn t even mind the ending which was not what I expected It is a very fast moving book because you already know the what from the beginning you are learning the why throughout the book.I recommend this book to mystery contemporary readers OR anyone else looking for something different

  • Let me start by saying that The Raising is a novel with potential Its cover shows a blond girl lying in the grass, her profile illuminated by moonlight The story is about a seemingly perfect sorority girl hitting it off with the wrong guy and dying tragically in a car accident From the beginning, the author slips a few hints about her coming back from the dead perhaps in a sensual vampire like fashion while slowly revealing what happened in the preceding year The trouble I had with this novel, i [...]

  • This book started off with a lot of mystery and intrigue and kept me going until the very last part of the book It has 5 parts, the first 4 are fairly fast paced, really interesting, and everyone has an interesting story Each character is developed fairly well and the reader easily gets a sense of who they are The whole book is written in a way where I was wondering what was going on Who was playing with whose mind, were things as they seemed or was there something much sinister going on I like [...]

  • This book was awful The beginning was interesting enough to catch my attention, but then it just got smuttier and dirtier throughout I wanted to find out what happened so against my better judgment I kept reading Bad idea This book did not end, it did not wrap anything up or resolve any of the problems I did not like a single character in the book They were all immoral and awful I know people are human and make mistakes but I hope people are not usually as stupid as the people in this book My re [...]

  • Plot and characters kept me reading and hoping it was leading up to some kind of the good shall prevail in the end ending, but instead it was weird, abrupt and disappointing.

  • This is a fascinating mystery about a girl, Nicole, who is killed or is she in an automobile accident with her boyfriend, Craig.Nicole, however, even after her death, continues to appear to Craig, to his roommate, Perry, and to a a few of their other friends Is she a ghost, haunting them all Is she a vampire Is she a succubus For most of the novel, we don t know if this is actually a supernatural thriller or if the author is going to provide us with a rational explanation, but about 2 3 or 3 4 o [...]

  • A horrible car accident happens on a college campus and a girl dies Craig was the driver and Nicole, his girlfriend, is thrown from the car but she s alive when Shelly, a staff member at the Midwestern College the kids attend, arrives She quickly calls 911 and leaves as help arrives This isn t how it s reported in the local paper however despite Shelly s efforts to correct the story It doesn t help that Craig has amnesia following the accident By the time he returns to campus a semester later ev [...]

  • SPOILERS This book THIS BOOK I finished reading it at 11pm and my first instinct was to put my shoes on and take it across the street to the library drop box yes I live across the street from the library, envy me , because this book I had to get it out of my house immediately.Okay, so, last year Nicole Werner was killed when the car her boyfriend Craig was driving went off the road And of course she was blond and leggy and beautiful because that makes it much sad than if she was fat and pimply [...]

  • You know when you finish reading a great book and are left wondering if what you read read was real or not I need to Facebook these people, they HAVE to be real Where did they go to school That s how I felt as I finished The Raising It was not a YA book and there were some scenes that are not meant for younger readers, but I would highly recommend it to mature readers The plot was completely different from anything that I have read and all of the characters seemed unbelievably real And the writi [...]

  • As a part time resident of France, I am often mystified by French judgments of American literature This year much attention has focused on Laura Kasischke, whom one French critic even proclaimed America s greatest living writer Yes, mystified is the right word Raising is a clever novel thoroughly competent probably would be a good movie, but I just don t see much exceptional here This is a campus novel, which has at its center a group of sorority sisters who are engaged in dark, disturbing rit [...]

  • I don t know how I feel about this book At least partially this is due to an impression that the author doesn t know how she feels about the book s story and resolution I found it compelling reading for many chapters where I d want to rush to pick up where I left off if I had to set it aside Other times, however, it was annoying and slow moving The basic story is that of a sorority girl who was killed in a car accident and may or may not be haunting the campus It moves back and forth in time pre [...]

  • The author of this book teaches at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which is where I live So the book grabbed me right away, as I read the description of Craig and his father driving through town I read this entire book in about four days I am on summer break , which should tell you how much I enjoyed it I had read some non spoiler reviews before I read it, so I got the impression that the last part of the book was lacking Indeed, the author never really explains what happened to Nicole [...]

  • The Basic Story Set on a fictional Midwestern campus, the novel weaves a rather complicated tale about a sorority girl named Nicole Werner who was killed in a car accident and whether her ghost has come back to haunt the campus The book follows several characters First, we have Craig a snotty rich boy who was driving the car when the fatal accident took place and Nicole s boyfriend Then we have Perry Craig s roommate who grew up in the same small town as Nicole We also meet Shelley, the first pe [...]

  • Holy crap, if you want a tangled web of a read, this is the book you want to read I had never read anything by Laura Kasischke, but after this, I am most certainly going to look into her other works Nicole Werner is killed in a car accident with her boyfriend, and mourned by the school The sorority of the fallen girl fights to have her boyfriend who is accused of murdering Nicole banned from the college for good A professor is teaching a class in death and the act of dying and the aftermath of [...]

  • literary horror horror without the gore here s a ghost story wrapped in a lit fic wrapper, a quite well written tale of deranged sorority sisters and the lengths they will go to in protecting their twisted secrets here s the setup not spoilery, i think this is all on the back cover a young woman is killed in a car accident one night, but somehow doesn t seem to be entirely dead she keeps getting spotted by old friends and acquaintances and lovers she is apparently not terribly happy about being [...]

  • If you re looking for a good mystery, one that will chill you to the bone and keep you guessing through multiple twists and turns, then you need to read this novel This story interweaves the lives of four people on a college campus, all in relation to Nicole, a young girl killed in a horrible car crash Each chapter focuses on a different character within the novel sometimes relaying events in the present, and sometimes relaying events from the past This brilliant literary technique will keep you [...]

  • If you don t already have a poor opinion of the Greek Frat and Sorority systems, this might make you take a second look at those systems We all know the general problems of drinking, peer pressure and date rape that occur on our college campuses Add to the general problems the problems of the Greek Houses hazing, social ostracism for non conformity, and at least in this book strange and secret rituals You have all the makings of a cult, yet no one seems to take the problem seriously or even reco [...]

  • The description on the back of this book makes it sound like a Christopher Pike RL Stine teen horror novel It bears some resemblance to those, but is a wordier, adult version While reading this book, I just couldn t decide what I thought of it It held my attention until the frankly very sloppy end, but there was something off about it, even though it seemed like the usual type of book I dig I think that Laura Kisischke does an amazing job of showing you how people really think, but there were s [...]

  • If you re looking for a spooky yet literary ghost story, Laura Kasischke s THE RAISING is your book Kasischke creates a richly realized world of a college campus haunted by the ghost of a victim of a tragic accident The storyline is fascinating and beautifully detailed I particularly liked how the story unfolded through multiple characters points of view and how these characters intersected each others lives in surprising ways The story grabbed me from the first page The novel is paced briskly w [...]

  • Wow I m really surprised at this book The premise was interesting, and throughout the bulk of the story, I was glued to the pages This was one of those books you keep reading even when you stand up to go turn a lamp on, and you just hope you don t trip over anything There is no doubt that Laura Kasischke can tell a story One thing she doesn t seem to be very good at though, is ending one 461 pages is a pretty hefty book to get invested in, only to be let down with an ending like that Just saying [...]

  • A very interesting blurb and cover which caught my attention The book, however, proved to be a disappointment It started off, well enough but the plot was lost and it got really confusing The end really was the worst as it basically faded away into nothing All the mysteries had no answers and I remembered being very frustrated and irritated when I was finished At the end I felt as if reading it had been a complete waste of time.It had lots of potential and had a good story line but as I said, th [...]

  • MADDENING This whole book, while well written, was just a big build up to NOTHING, no vindication, no justice, just the urge to hurl this book into the fire.

  • L auteure, aid e de son criture particuli rement po tique, parvient, doucement mais s rement, nous emporter dans un univers sombre et macabre o se m lent mort, sexe, drogue et sororit s Elle distille petit petit de multiples indices qui passent certainement inaper us la premi re lecture mais le roman en m rite une seconde.On y d couvre des personnages dont les diff rentes facettes ne finissent jamais de nous surprendre C est une histoire o il ne faut jamais se fier sa premi re impressionCe roman [...]

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