Savor You

☆ Savor You ✓ Emily Snow - Savor You, Savor You Includes a bonus chapter from Devoured from Lucas Wolfe s POV Kylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years but it s impossible for them to end their to ☆ Savor You ✓ Emily Snow - Savor You, Savor You Includes a bonus chapter from Devoured from Lucas Wolfe s POV Kylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years but it s impossible for them to end their to

  • Title: Savor You
  • Author: Emily Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Savor You

☆ Savor You ✓ Emily Snow, Savor You, Emily Snow, Savor You Includes a bonus chapter from Devoured from Lucas Wolfe s POV Kylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years but it s impossible for them to end their toxic push and pull Not when their attraction is constantly fueled by lust and proximity she s her older brother s Lucas s assistant and Wyatt is his best friend and band mat Includes a bonus ☆ Savor You ✓ Emily Snow - Savor You, Savor You Includes a bonus chapter from Devoured from Lucas Wolfe s POV Kylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years but it s impossible for them to end their to

  • ☆ Savor You ✓ Emily Snow
    387Emily Snow
Savor You

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    Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the DEVOURED series 2012, 2013 and TIDAL 2012.

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  • If you have read Emily Snow s Devoured series, you have met Lucas Wolfe s little sister, Kylie, and his guitarist, Wyatt I loved Kylie in Devoured She is spunky and fun, with blue hair, tattoo s and piercings but we see a whole different side of her in Savor You.Wyatt McRae was Kylie Wolfe s first love They have been doing the on again off again thing for the last 7 or 8 years since Kylie has been 17 They have been through too much together Their love is intense, real, yet they seem to be toxic [...]

  • Happy Independence Day, guys To celebrate the Fourth of July, I ve dropped the price of Savor You to 99 cents until tomorrow The links for , BN and Smashwords are all below Also, if you haven t read my book Tidal, it is currently on sale for 2.99 on and Google Play Savor You ebookBarnes and Noblebarnesandnoble w savorSmashwordssmashwords books view I hope everyone has an AMAZING 4th 3

  • Almost 4 stars.I don t appreciate the fact that Emily Snow s scheduled release dates are never in sync with when the books actually finally go live.But I do enjoy her books and Savor You was no exception Her writing is well paced The stories and characters rock stars are interesting And the dialogue flows Following her first series, I take it that she has a certain style She starts out in the middle of the story The back story is written later on via a novella That s what happened with Devoured [...]

  • 4 4.5 sKylie is the sister of Lucas, lead singer from Your Toxic Sequel and the main character in the Devoured series and Wyatt is the band s bassist Wyatt and Kylie, Kylie and Wyattwhat s really been going on with them and are they in a relationship or not Sooo, somehow I completely flaked over this book I missed that it had come out and for some reason I didn t realize it was connected to the Devoured series Thankfully, the extremely wonderful Jxxx , alerted me to it and I m sooo happy she did [...]

  • No matter how hard we try, there s no place for me whatsoever in Wyatt s life Anyone that has read the Devoured series has met the dynamic and spunky Lexi Lexi is Lucas little sister and band manager She loves her brother fiercely, she loves rock and roll, and she loves Wyatt McCrae Wyatt McCrae is the epic damaged bass player He has always loved Lexi and yet his rough and tough rock star lifestyle has always kept them apart While reading Devoured, we learned how desperate Lexi is to rid herself [...]

  • 4.5 savory stars I ended up liking this one a lot better than Devoured simply because I love, love Kylie Her push and pull relationship with Wyatt was angsty and hot I connected with their love story, maybe because they had a long history Her history with Wyatt was definitely complicated and full of heartache They were both in love with each other but are too stubborn to either just let go or work at their relationship They were the very definition of toxic Wyatt really surprised me here While [...]

  • A toxic relationship that spans 7 8 years, full of nothing but lies and cheating The hero can t even say that he loves the heroine until he realizes after 8 years she s finally done mind you he just got caught in a major lie about cheating on her This was just a horrible book about a weak woman not understanding her worth and subjecting herself to, what I m assuming, a lifetime of adultery and lies.After 8 years he can only say I love you so that he can win the argument and keep her in that sick [...]

  • 5 Huge Your Toxic Sequel Stars from me I loved this book, you actually get a true connection with the characters Wyatt and Kylie I LOVED reading their story BUT don t let me get started on Wyatt OMFG you would want to hand cuff him to your bed and not let him go Scorching hot Wants the next book NOW

  • Well there is 99c I ll never see again This review is difficult for me, because my brother went through something similar for 4 years while in varsity and it was horrible and heartbreaking to see.The relationship between the H h can never have a HEA They have been screwing on and off for the last 8 years The h gave the H her virginity at 17, but since then their relationship seems to go something like this have sex, fight, split , he has sex with groupies, she hates him, they have sex, fight, sp [...]

  • Wyatt and Kylie have, over the years, been the best and the worst thing to ever happen to each other Their relationship appears to follow a vicious cycle whereby they enjoy intense happiness together only to hurt one another, each time a little worse than the last and, as we join them, Kylie is about to give up on all that pain and walk away from Wyatt for good but he s not about to give up on her so easily.I really liked Wyatt he s an easy going, charming, tattooed and pierced badboy rocker and [...]

  • It was a little slow for me Ky and Wyatt have 8 years of history but we never get to know something then what the prologue says, the fact that Ky lost her virginity to him, they were never exclusive and the blackbirds Ky Ky s tattoos, you can see them on the cover are related to their relationship There is some talk about a Brenna but nothing is being revealed until the end of the book Why Wyatt waited so long to go after Ky ANd why couldn t he keep his ick in his pants I am interesting in Hei [...]

  • 4 StarsSavoy You is the first book in the spin off series for Devoured where we get up close and personal with Kylie Lucas s sister and Wyatt Lucas s best friend and band mate.Wyatt and Kylie have an 8 year history of dysfunctional hook ups and in Savor You Kylie has finally come to a point in her life when she feel it s all or nothing for her and Wyatt so she takes a much needed vacation to start the healing process of getting him out of her system, this is until he turns up to try and make thi [...]

  • 4.5 missing a half because I feel like I was left with unanswered questions But I loved the characters and the story line

  • God, I just hate when I stumble across a rock n roll book that leaves me blank, disappointedShit I just didn t understand this relationship, you might call me any name in the book, but I don t think that two people who are on and off when they are together they f ck each other s brains out then they leave each other when the next hardship comes a long and to consider the fact that this kind of shit has been going on for seven yearsey ve been cheating each other too, well like that s something ne [...]

  • I probably should not have read this book, given the content This couple took seven years to get together, and during that time the H cheated hurt the h 18 times SPOILER How can any woman stick with a guy after that, and still love him I absolutely disliked the H, and wished the h had backbone.

  • I give this one a meh Savor Me is not a good stand alone book Too much of the story is twisted and mangled up with the previous book, and for me who has never read that one, can be a little bite bored with some of the specific dialogs Personally, I was in the mood for a guy chase Not one where an insecure bombshell, with an IQ lower then the Dead Sea, chases after the alpha man hormonal sociopath for 20 or brutalizing chapters of irrelevant drama You know the ones you can t find anywhere, tha [...]

  • Rating B Heat HotKylie Wolfe is one tough chick You d have to be to put up with the Lucas Wolfe on a daily basis, right But she does have one weakness, her kryptonite, Wyatt McCrae These two crazy kids have been put through the emotional ringer, a relationship that s only been hinted at in Devoured, and now we finally get to see Kylie and Wyatt Their often effed up but always crazy beautiful relationship So when these two are forced on a semi cross country road trip, revisiting painful memories, [...]

  • Read reviews Find Me on Facebook Call it clich , but when the man you ve loved since you lost your virginity to him at 17, the heavy sleeper that you re just a few days away from leaving for good, calls out your name in his sleep, you ve got no choice but to react KylieSavor You tells the story of Kylie the sister assistant to Lucas the hunky rock star that you met in the series Devoured I loved Kylie in Devoured She didn t take any nonsense from her rock star brother and told him how it is the [...]

  • We first met Kylie in Devoured, Lucas Wolfe s sister and person assistant While she is mostly absent from Devoured, Savor You is a glimpse into her life while she was off trying to escape her past present Trying to purge Wyatt from her system and failing miserably.Years of a pseudo relationship with Wyatt who is in her brother s band My Toxic Sequel has taken it s toll on Ky She has been in love with Wyatt for as long as she can remember but she can t continue to be led down this road any longer [...]

  • 3.5 starsIt was just okay nothing special but I feel like the next book will be better This book feels like a set up to the REAL ROMANCE, THE REAL RELATIONSHIP This book is not a cliffhanger it is of to be continued ending.I wish the next book was already out but it s notI know this is a book that I will have to reread before the I read the next because it is just not that memorable but I know I want to read the next one, if that makes any sense I know that does not sound like a resounding reco [...]

  • This book was absolutely amazing It cuts through all the BS and gets down to the passionate and tumultuous and consuming love of Wyatt and Kylie Wyatt is a bad boy that only let s his guard down for his weakness that is Kylie love their love and how hard they try to fight for it especially Wyatt he melts my heart at every step of the way Five freaking stars are well deserve Love Wyatt sooo Stinking much and the appearances of Lucas is a happy bonus since his sexiness knows no bounds Emily I hope [...]

  • This was yet another simply eh book Nothing exciting, and nothing out of the ordinary I actually was quite uninterested throughout most of it I have read Lucas and Sienna s book, but still if there was information I was supposed to remember from that about Kylie and Wyatt I clearly missed it I was confused throughout most of the book There were so many secrets set up right from the beginning that were never explained, like 1 who is Brenna 2 why was she in Livingston in the beginning 3 why did he [...]

  • SummarySavor You by Emily Snow is a story set in the rock n roll world of Devoured I recommend reading All Over You and Devoured prior to reading Savor You It might make sense as a stand alone, but is definitely enhanced by reading the other series books first Savor You is the story of Kylie, sister and personal assistant to rock god Lucas Wolf She has been engaged in a long term, tempestuous relationship with the bassist in her brother s band, Wyatt McCrae This story follows her attempts to cal [...]

  • Please bear in mind that this is a spin off from the Devoured series and may therefore contain spoilers for that series.You are all very much aware that I love Lucas Wolfe so I was very excited to be able to get to know his little sister, Kylie a bit better in this spin off series Tidbits of Kylie s story were tantalizingly placed throughout Devoured increasing the desire to understand her better While a glimpse of Kylie s relationships, actions and interactions was achieved I still felt as if w [...]

  • I loved Devoured and All over You and I liked Kylie but I was a bit disappointed with her story.I couldn t quite engage with her and I must be honest and say I was so not mad about Wyattl thateverytime they get together s like sex and sexter a bit I found myself skimming pages.d that s not good for me And the end.I was likeIS THAT IT IS THAT THE END But I guess, this being book 1 in the Savor Series, we will have on Kylied hopefully she will be a bit interesting

  • I enjoyed this book but the reason I have given it only 3 stars is I did not feel a connection with Kylie and Wyatt.Why did their relationship have to be so complicated when they were both single this wasn t explained or why Kylie did what she used to do to herself, why I feel we did not get a real back story for them both and the ending came so quick.It was same thing over and over bar, hotel room and road trip.

  • Well talk about opening another can of worms I now know who Brenna is and that I really hope that Kylie and Wyatt make it work They need to learn to trust now that they have the love Loved the Tattoo part BUT now I want to know WTF is up with Lucas, Sienna and Sam Dammit Cannot wait until Savor Us

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