The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction

[PDF] Download ✓ The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction : by Linda Gordon - The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction In New York nuns brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona mining camp to be placed with Catholic families The Catholic families were Mexican as was the majority of the population Soon t [PDF] Download ✓ The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction : by Linda Gordon - The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction In New York nuns brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona mining camp to be placed with Catholic families The Catholic families were Mexican as was the majority of the population Soon t

  • Title: The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction
  • Author: Linda Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780674005358
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction

[PDF] Download ✓ The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction : by Linda Gordon, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction, Linda Gordon, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction In New York nuns brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona mining camp to be placed with Catholic families The Catholic families were Mexican as was the majority of the population Soon the town s Anglos furious at this interracial transgression formed a vigilante squad that kidnapped the children and nearly lynched the nuns and the local priest Th [PDF] Download ✓ The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction : by Linda Gordon - The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction, The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction In New York nuns brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona mining camp to be placed with Catholic families The Catholic families were Mexican as was the majority of the population Soon t

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction : by Linda Gordon
    486 Linda Gordon
The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction

About “Linda Gordon

  • Linda Gordon

    Linda Gordon is the Florence Kelley Professor of History at New York University She is the author of numerous books and won the Bancroft Prize for The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction She lives in New York.

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  • Anyone familiar with children s books has probably read one of the many stories of orphans who were sent west by train from east coast orphanages to adoptive families Because of who recommended this book, I assumed, without reading anything about the book, that this was another of those books I was, therefore, surprised to find that the book was historical in nature, totally meant for adults, and actually classified in the Dewey Decimal Classification system at 308.5, Ethnic and National Groups [...]

  • This is a fascinating piece of history In 1904 a young Catholic priest from France serving a parish in a copper mining camp in the mountains of Arizona helped the New York Foundling Hospital arrange for placements of Irish American orphans in his parish His parish was almost exclusively Mexican When the orphans arrived, the local Anglos decided that the white orphans should not be laced with Mexican families and kidnapped those who were already with their new families.Gordon weaves the story of [...]

  • A great book dealing with issues related to Catholicism and race, through the lens of the kidnapping by Anglo families of New York Irish American orphans placed with Mexican families in Arizona.

  • So good and then somewhat boring I was fascinated with the Arizona history Raciscm was obvious but I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the whole incident especially for that day and age I feel so bad for the Mexican women especially since they were planning and getting excited for children, how they too must have been shocked when only white children came on the train Such poor organization and lack of communication as to have something that big go wrong I found the whole story bizarre a [...]

  • Interesting narrative about a little known chapter in the Orphan Train movement around the turn of the last century.I liked the chapters regarding the actual incident but got bogged down in the alternate chapters regarding the history of unionizing in that area, sociological and cultural aspects of all involved.It was informative.

  • While this book is an interesting account of al ittle know historical event, I think it would have been effective told in a different format either from two perspectives Arizona and New York or chronological.

  • This book brings out shocking race prejudice of that place and time A great deal of research went into the story, which is admirable, but make it hard to read through to the end.

  • This book is a hybrid easy to read and still steeped in academia While the title suggest that the books focus in the Arizona Orphan Abduction, the abduction serves as a rational for a look at the social, labor, race and feminist history of the mining towns of the soutwest Having picked it up to read about a dramatic moment history, I was somewhat disappointed to be reading of a general history If you re looking an interesting presentation of the social history of that time, this would be a del [...]

  • This was a great read I enjoyed Gordon s easy to read prose, driving narrative, and description However, I did take issue with the assumptions she makes about the historical actors I also question some of Gordon s stylistic choices and methodology That said, I found this to be a worthwhile read, and, while published in 1999 and about a seemingly inconsequential event from over a century ago, relevant to present political discourse.

  • This is an account of the attempt of the Catholic Foundling Home in New York City to place some Irish orphans with Mexican parents in a mining community in Arizona However, it is much than that It is a history of the mining town and the racism of whites towards Mexicans There are strains of religion in this book as well since the criteria for the sisters of the order were good catholic homes However, the Anglos saw the children as white In New York City the children were considered non white be [...]

  • I have some very conflicting views about this book Yes, the author researched her subject thoroughly, but there were aspects of this situation that I felt were presented in the wrong light It is a socio economic gender racial study of the period around the turn of the twentieth century, and specifically dealing with two Arizona mining towns Gordon seemed to dig so deep and so far afield of the actual event to prove her points, that I found it irritating I expected a story that was complex but ve [...]

  • Linda Gordon writes of the events surrounding an orphan incident in Clifton and Morenci, Arizona in 1904 Fifty seven Irish orphans from the Catholic foundation, the New York Foundling Hospital had been adopted by Catholic families in the towns of Clifton and Morenci Mexican families The book chronicles the events that took place between the white Anglo families and the Mexican families in the two towns, Anglo families took it upon themselves to save the white orphans from their adopted Mexican f [...]

  • Women and gender historian Linda Gordon writes a micro history about the abduction of a group of orphans in Arizona The story is far complicated than this, however The identities of each group of players involved in this minor event turned supreme court case help Gordon successfully explore implications of class, gender, and race in early southwest US 20th century At the beginning of each chapter Gordon sets the scene by describing specific peoples backgrounds as well as the places they live an [...]

  • Interesting subject but terribly written I think it must have been the author s thesis for a degree somewhere More than 300 pages of substantiation that white folk discriminate with all their might against nonwhite folk this cannot be a surprise to ANYone in this country It doesn t matter what the date is, what the town is, or what the state is white folk are just not going to let the rights of anyone of a different color or persuasion be easily exercised The fact that minority i.e IRISH Catholi [...]

  • I d never heard of the orphan trains until this book opened my eyes to them it s apparently a part of American history that nobody wanted to talk about Understandably The notion of sending orphans thousands of miles away to be adopted by strangers in a strange land sounds cruel and inhumane The other part of American history I learned about in this book than in most classroom history book is the tragic depth and complexity of the long standing animosity between Americans and Mexicans Ms Gordon [...]

  • I gave this 4 stars for when I was actually reading it, the information was fascinating But I would give it also 3 stars, because the information was sometimes so detailed it was tedious and sometimes hard to pick up to continue The book focused on an incident in 1904, when NY nuns brought Irish orphans to Arizona to place with Catholic families who happened to be Mexican Within a few hours the children were kidnapped by the town Anglos, who did not want to see the children with those half breed [...]

  • While this is an interesting account of a little known historic event related to the early twentieth century treatment of orphans, I found it a little hard to read I understand what the author was trying to do by describing the background of the various people and events, and then relating it back to the orphan abduction and the related trial However, I think a different format would have accomplished the same goals and been easier to read I think a counter perspective of the New York Foundling [...]

  • After getting through the whole book, I upped my rating to four stars because, despite a feeling sometimes that I was slogging through some unnecessary detail, this book is overall an excellent treatment of a particular historical event Gordon makes complex what might otherwise be considered a simple narrative about the moving of 40 Irish orphans to a small copper mining community in Arizona in 1904 I especially appreciated her treatment of gender throughout the book, a critical aspect that ofte [...]

  • A true, historical story, set in 1904, about New York nuns who brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona ming campe, to be placed with Mexican Catholic families Soon the town s Anglos, furious at this interracial transgressions, formed a vigilante squad that kidnapped the children and nearly lynched the nuns and the local priest The Catholic Church sued to get its wards back, but all the courts, including the U.S Supreme Court, ruled in favor of the vigilantes In resurrecting this shocking [...]

  • This was kind of a random pick for me, but it was a super interesting micro level look at race relations within one town in the early 1900s Mexican American families adopt Irish American kids the white people in town literally kidnap the kids away from the families because they believed the Mexican Americans were unsuitable to raise white children The kicker The white families won in a Supreme Court case This book gives you a sometimes exhausting but very interesting in depth view of the implica [...]

  • In the late 1800s and early 1900s orphans and foundlings were shipped from New York City west to new families Many of these orphans were from poor Catholic families Protestant organizations would ship them west on trains and during stops would display them like cattle Their goal appeared to place these youngsters with Protestant families to help weaken the Catholic church Catholic organizations tried to screen foster familes to protect the children both physically and spititually In 1904 a group [...]

  • Gordon has a great way of combining historical research with a narrative style of writing She does a great job of demonstrating how race was a concept that was much malleable in the early twentieth century than it is thought of as today, and she proves this point through a fascinating incident in American history Through this dramatic controversy which erupted over the adoption of forty white orphans by Mexican American families, Gordon illuminates how in the early twentieth century a person s [...]

  • History book Sometimes it is the smallest stories that teach the largest and most important lessons Linda Gordon, one of the finest social historians, has taken an obscure incident involving a group of orphasn in the Arizona desert and found in it a remarkably revealing window on past American attitudes toward religious prejudice, ethnic and racial identity, competing notions of the family, class conflict, and ideologies of childhood It is a compelling cautionary tale with many implications for [...]

  • This was the book that probably drew the most criticism from the grad students in HST 301, given that Gordon offers some conjectures about the thoughts and feelings of some of her subjects, but it s not obvious that she really has the evidence to back that up The class was divided fairly evenly among those who liked the structure of the book, those who liked the story but not the contextual chapters, and those who liked the contextual chapters but thought the story was irrelevant Definitely a go [...]

  • This book hooked me from the beginning but then just simply lost me The author is a good writer but the information written about had little to do with the abduction or the orphans it was statistics about races and race relations the diffferences economically between hispanics and whites the history of vigilantismc The author fails to tie all of this into the subject of the book I waited for details of the trial s or of the children and what happened to them after taken and placed in the white [...]

  • My actual rating 2.75This was a difficult book The author has done so much research and has acquired a wealth of information, but its presentation was not as interesting as it could be The writing was just too dense I ended up skimming the historical chapters and reading the chapters about the actual events but, the orphans were actually secondary A disappointment.

  • To anyone who might want to read this book for fun, this book is probably not for you Unless you are particularly interested in reading textbooks research papers, you will get absolutely no enjoyment from this book I had to read this for a history course at my university and it was 318 pages of pure torture.

  • Don t let the title fool you This book is less about the actual orphan abduction and about the social and economic climate that gave rise to the event in mind numbing detail It reads like a sociology textbook After about 150 pages Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • I finished this book because my grandmother loaned to to me The historical facts upon which this book is based are fascinating, I just wished someone else had told the story This book needed a good editor who bought red pens in bulk.

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