Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

☆ Star Trek I: The Motion Picture ↠ Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston - Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Star Trek I The Motion Picture Der Roman zum Film Ein mit t dlicher Energie ausgestattetes riesenhaftes Gebilde rast auf die Erde zu Diese Energiewolke entzieht sich jeder Sondierung zerst rt alles was sich ihr in den Weg stellt ☆ Star Trek I: The Motion Picture ↠ Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston - Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Star Trek I The Motion Picture Der Roman zum Film Ein mit t dlicher Energie ausgestattetes riesenhaftes Gebilde rast auf die Erde zu Diese Energiewolke entzieht sich jeder Sondierung zerst rt alles was sich ihr in den Weg stellt

  • Title: Star Trek I: The Motion Picture
  • Author: Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston
  • ISBN: 9781852860691
  • Page: 294
  • Format: None
Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

☆ Star Trek I: The Motion Picture ↠ Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston, Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston, Star Trek I The Motion Picture Der Roman zum Film Ein mit t dlicher Energie ausgestattetes riesenhaftes Gebilde rast auf die Erde zu Diese Energiewolke entzieht sich jeder Sondierung zerst rt alles was sich ihr in den Weg stellt und scheint mit Hilfe einer Technologie erschaffen worden zu sein die jeder menschlichen Vorstellungskraft spottet So bedrohlich die Lage f r die Erde auch ist f r Adm ☆ Star Trek I: The Motion Picture ↠ Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston - Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Star Trek I The Motion Picture Der Roman zum Film Ein mit t dlicher Energie ausgestattetes riesenhaftes Gebilde rast auf die Erde zu Diese Energiewolke entzieht sich jeder Sondierung zerst rt alles was sich ihr in den Weg stellt

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  • ☆ Star Trek I: The Motion Picture ↠ Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston
    294 Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston
Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

About “Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston

  • Gene Roddenberry Alan Dean Foster Harold Livingston

    Eugene Wesley Gene Roddenberry, was an American screenwriter and producer He became best known as the creator of what would become the science fiction universe of Star Trek He would also become one of the first people to be buried in space Roddenberry was a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions in the U.S Army Air Corps in the Pacific Theatre of World War II Roddenberry was sometimes referred to as the Great Bird of the Galaxy in reference to his role in Star Trek.

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  • The Final Frontier goes to the Big Screen THE FORCE FACTORThis is the novelization of Star Trek The Motion Picture, written by Gene Roddenberry, but I think that Alan Dean Foster must be the ghost writer of the novelization.I think that all was due the competition between Star Trek and Star Wars, and since around that time, was published too the novelization of Star Wars known nowadays as Episode IV A New Hope written by George Lucas, and while that was already exposed that it was indeed Alan De [...]

  • I remember going to see this movie when it first came out in 1979 My mom was a huge Star Trek fan, and she was so excited that there was a movie after years of watching re runs of the television show I liked the show too.but I wasn t sure what to expect from a movie version I remember being impressed with the special effects Not quite as flashy as Star Warsbut really good And it was nice to see all the familiar cast members again Especially McCoyhe was always my favorite, probably because he was [...]

  • All right, I m going to come right out and say it because of this book, The Motion Picture is my actual favorite Star Trek movie Really Not kidding at all And yes, the book s quality is MUCH better than the movie, though I like to think of it as a supplement or, perhaps, the movie is a supplement to the book The book s main and most invaluable service is showing what a gosh darned good plot TMP actually has, underneath all the uh, quirks It is, at its core, an absolutely classic sci fi plot with [...]

  • This is a rare instance of a novelization of a movie being far better as a book than as a movie In fact, I can t think of another time when this was the case at all The credit for writing the novel is attributed to Gene Roddenberry Personally, I am deeply skeptical of this I suspect it was as ghost written as any of Shatner s novels The writing technique in the novel is too advanced for a first time novelist However, I am reasonably certain that Alan Dean Foster, sometimes believed to have writt [...]

  • This book explains so much that the movie doesn t, and as it is written by the show s creator, it s given even weight.

  • I ll echo what others have said, it s better than the movie And there s actually a few little snippets in there that didn t make it into or were just slightly altered from the movie s commercial release I read it at a time when I was a big TOS The Original Series trek fan I remember hearing Gene Roddenberry speak at a Trek Con down in Detroit 1980 He gave some small talk about his favorite episodes and introduced the fan favorite TV blooper real It was my first sci fi related con and a real eye [...]

  • 3.5 Stars The Gush I m going to commit a horrible Star Trek faux pas I don t like this movie I m really close to hating it There are a lot of reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to the fact that IT MAKES NO SENSE Nothing is explained, nothing happens half the time, and the editing stinks So, I ll admit, I did not want to read this However, this year I swore to myself that I would attempt to read all the Star Trek novels that I could get my hands on at least the way I have nearly every Sta [...]

  • Space the final frontier These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise Its five year mision to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no man has gone before Captain James Tiberius Kirk The first time you heard that statement, you were just a kid, watching Star Trek the Original sereis on TV Land Well, now you can have the joy of reading the most accelerating series there is The man, who created Captain Kirk and all other Star Trek characters, [...]

  • loved reading the book of the film As stated by other reviews the start gives some interesting back story and ideas into what earth is like in the Star Trek universe but the rest is very similar to the film However it does fill in some details of what the characters were thinking I actually really like this Star Trek film as I think it fits in well with the Star Trek ethos Although slow in places it reminds me of 2001 Space Oddesey I enjoyed being reminded of all this in the book and the vivid [...]

  • This is the first Star Trek book published by Pocket Books after they acquired the franchise from Bantam Originally published in December 1979, this is a novelization of the first Star Trek film to hit the Big Screen Star Trek The Motion Picture is set three years after the end of the Enterprise s five year Mission James T Kirk has given up his commision as a Starship Captain and has joined the Federation Admirality A position he has come to regret.Out in space a mysterious cloud has passed thro [...]

  • Like many have said before me This is one of those rare times where the novellization is better than the film In fact, I d go as far to say that this is the best Star Trek tale ever told It captures everything I love about science fiction while also expanding upon characters I ve grown to love over many years Roddenberry s genius vividly comes to fruition in this tale as well view spoiler One small thing I noticed that I greatly enjoyed was the shift in perspective that happened when the novel d [...]

  • If you have seen the movie from which this novel was adapted, then you have all you really need My favorite part of TMP is the Jerry Goldsmith score which has been used throughout Trek since 1979 and the shuttle fly by transporting Adm Kirk to the newly refitted Enterprise Unfortunately, like many other novels based on movies, there was little added to help the story Most fans know of Will Decker s father and his appearance in the tv episode Doomsday Machine but for whatever reason was almost co [...]

  • Explains lots of stuff that was glossed over in the film, and doesn t spend a mind numbingly long time on the visual aspects of V Ger and the cloud it generates Also everything in the novel is about 150% gayer than the movie, which is excellent It s very important to me to know that Kirk actually engages in self reflection about his motivations for taking over command of the Enterprise, since the movie made him look like a self important bully.

  • As a standalone book it was allright The storyline wasn t earth shattering, but I really enjoyed the character s perspectives on their lives post Enterprise 5 yr mission When compared to the movie though, wow The movie leaves out practically the whole plot.

  • I know this is over used but I had watched the movie before getting the book and the book explains things so much better than the movie did Glad I found this.

  • The novelization of the first Star Trek film isn t perfect by any stretch it moves from one thought to another entirely too quickly at times Kirk s relationship with Nogura, for instance and some of the characterizations are off But what it brings to the story is a warmth largely missing from the movie.Here, we see the crew interact as if they know each other with their individual quirks coming through loud and clear There is a deeper understanding of the emotions and thoughts of the lead charac [...]

  • If you love yourself you should read this book Not only does it make The Motion Picture actually watchable, but I found the descriptions of everything that ended up on screen just so lovely I found myself wishing that he had done the novelizations of the other films not that I haven t completely enjoyed those as they are, but it s something special to have it from the voice of god

  • As is usual the book is always better than the movie There is so much to this story than ever made it into the movie I did enjoy Spock realizing that pure logic was not the answer he was looking for Vejar s flaw was that there was no compassion, curiosity, and no wonder in all the knowledge that it had acquired It was just a machine created by a carbon based infestation on it home planet I am sure that was enough of a shock to keep it busy for a long time I was sad that William Decker and Ilia [...]

  • Can Gene Roddenberry, the father of Star Trek, write a good Trek novel Well, his novelization of Star Trek The Motion Picture is good, but definitely a schizophrenic read What I mean by that is that this is a novel based on someone else s screenplay that is based on someone else s story The multiple generations show their distinctions as you read Roddenberry keeps the story flowing, but his ambitious additions really stick out from the preset story and dialogue.The story is a good one, though th [...]

  • Have you seen the first Star Trek film It s great, isn t it Except for the bit with Spock and Uhura in the turbolift That was just weird I especially liked the bit with Sulu and the swords and Hmm What s that That was actually the eleventh Star Trek film Now you mention it, I do recall some earlier ones There was that one with the Borg, right That one was fantastic And before that they kind of alternated between being not so good and being not so bad All the way back to Wrath of Khan, yeah that [...]

  • There s no way to hide an erection in those pajama uniforms Why do I like this book so much I don t get it I just read the entire Lost Years collection and was bored to tears with most of it Why do I want to read 4 books about how Kirk shouldn t take a desk job I read this because some reviewers claim this book does a lot to help you understand the VJer incident than the movie does and it was written or co written by Roddenberry himself The book reads like a movie script so it s a quick read It [...]

  • Sapete quando si dice che il libro sempre meglio del film Non sempre vero, ma in questo caso la cosa va su un altro livello S , perch una volta tanto il libro a essere ispirato al film, ed MOLTO MEGLIO dell originale Premettendo che comunque The Motion Picture non un granch come film, quindi non difficile fare di meglio Il problema pi grosso con la versione cinematografica che al tempo esagerarono con gli effetti speciali stavano cercando di fare concorrenza a Star Wars, nonostante quello fosse [...]

  • This is better than the movie Since the movie was absolutely awful, that s faint praise At least one review here claims it was actually written by Alan Dean Foster Really Yes, I know Foster came up with the story on which the the script was based, but I doubt he wrote the novelization First of all, because Roddenberry was the creator and producer of Star Trek, not just say, an actor, and part of his skill set was blocking out stories for episodes, even if others then filled them out into the scr [...]

  • The first Star Trek movie has never been universally liked Despite that, I ve always had a good opinion of it The story has some interesting thoughts about technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, that appealed to me The book based on the screenplay expands on those same ideas a little, especially in ways that are not possible on screen, making it a good read.On the flip side, one of the major issues with the book is that Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek himself, decided to tell [...]

  • For Star Trek fans looking to read the books, this is a good place to start For those, like me, who have never seen the original series or the movies featuring the TOS cast well, I ve seen Undiscovered Country, but that s it , this is still a good place to start All you really need to know as far as background is that Kirk and crew completed a five year mission of space exploration and then Kirk became an Admiral, and even then, it s explained in the book Mr Roddenberry, mercifully, takes care o [...]

  • About as boring as the movie but easier to sit through You ll learn the extent of Kirk s midlife crisis Starship command fitted his psychological needs so perfectly that deprivation of it produced physical and emotional symptoms remarkably like those associated with narcotics withdrawal pg 98 why it hardly matters that Kirk denied having a sexual relationship with Spock But it still felt painful to be reminded so powerfully and unexpectedly of his friendship and affection for Spock theirs had be [...]

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