[PDF] Unwanted | by ↠ Kerrigan Byrne - Unwanted, Unwanted His heart was made of iceBorn a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde Finn is the measure of strength ferocity and brutality at the Temple of Freya Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and mur [PDF] Unwanted | by ↠ Kerrigan Byrne - Unwanted, Unwanted His heart was made of iceBorn a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde Finn is the measure of strength ferocity and brutality at the Temple of Freya Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and mur

  • Title: Unwanted
  • Author: Kerrigan Byrne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unwanted | by ↠ Kerrigan Byrne, Unwanted, Kerrigan Byrne, Unwanted His heart was made of iceBorn a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde Finn is the measure of strength ferocity and brutality at the Temple of Freya Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and murder he stumbles on an infant deserted in the snow What he chooses next may seal his fate Her life was cold and emptyRhona McEwan has lost everything Her husband herHis heart was made of ice [PDF] Unwanted | by ↠ Kerrigan Byrne - Unwanted, Unwanted His heart was made of iceBorn a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde Finn is the measure of strength ferocity and brutality at the Temple of Freya Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and mur

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  • [PDF] Unwanted | by ↠ Kerrigan Byrne
    297 Kerrigan Byrne

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    If you re anything like me, the best night is one spent with a brawny highlander, a mysterious werewolf, a conflicted vampire, or a hot headed Irishman My stories span the spectrum of romantic fiction from historical, to paranormal, to romantic suspense But I can always promise my readers one thing memorable and sexy Celtic heroes who are guaranteed to heat your blood before they steal your heart Lose yourself in the enchanted Celtic Isles, you never know who, or what, will find you

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  • With the first two novellas of this trilogy firmly on my list of Pleasant Surprise Reads , I must admit I wasn t sure about this one The hero finds an abandoned baby in the snow and our heroine s a wet nurse Since I prefer my romances to be kid free, I was worried this wouldn t be my cuppa.But once again Ms Byrne reeled me in Finn is super sexy of course but it was Rhona who blew me away This woman has been through some stuff But she is a survivor the girl does what she has to in order to stay a [...]

  • The third in the series, and I think the best It had much story to it The characters had development The heroine and hero both have a hard history Although the heroine s was really harsh I would advise reading the previous books in the series before this one While it could be read as a standalone, it would make much sense if you had the other stories Plus it is fun to see the previous couples again This book had some history and reality that was hard to hear but it made the connection sweeter [...]

  • Unwanted has definitely become my favorite in this series because it s just a really sweet story It s hard not to like a guy who rescues a baby and woman from different but similar horrible fates The family element in this book was just fantastic I loved seeing all of the brothers come together with their mates and stand against their enemies It was pretty neat to read about their interactions during the holidays and building of this new life.What I love about these stories is the fact that the [...]

  • My review contains spoilers and they re are mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookJust finished Unwanted and I m already going on a withdrawal of sexy Highlander Berserkers Book 3 of Highland Historical was excellent in one word It had everything, even as a novella love, passion, loyalty and a thrilling story with three sexy berserkers that got me hooked till the end Yet again, Kerrigan delivers I was wondering at the end of book 2 that whose story it ll be There weren t really any indicator [...]

  • 4.5 stars Another satisfying short read I love that it s complete and you re not left feeling that there should be explanation for this or that Kerrigan Byrne is super talented in being able to do that kind of magic with these gems I think Unwanted is the best of the three MacLauchlans.

  • Okis book was offered free on and I thought, why not, it sounds interesting Unwanted blew my sock off I had to go back and buy the first two books I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good Highlander paranormal romance book.

  • Review originally posted at A Date with a Book Again, this was another great book in the series I chose to read this book as I have read books one and two in this series and thoroughly enjoyed them Check out my reviews for Unspoken and Unwilling At this point, I am hooked and eagerly anticipate the next release I love how the author has created such large creatures of men or at times can be considered beasts, but when they find their mate are just big teddy bears.I instantly fell in love with Fi [...]

  • This series just keeps getting better, once again I was captured by the thrilling story Just who was this Finn and how did his story connect to the previous books All was revealed, and I was surprised Rhona was a wonderfull women, with a big heart, just waiting for the right man Both had, had to endure tremendous hardship and cruelty they were such a deserving pair to find happiness at last This story had me tearing up once or twice, it really stirred my emotions I hope the series continues I so [...]

  • This book deserves 6 stars at least, in my opinion From start to finish I was completely hooked and unable to put the book down I adored Finn and Rhona and the story that unfolded was by far my favorite in the series Kerrigan is a very talented author that weaves a story that you can t help but be a part of and absolutely love She creates a world that is so incredible that you don t want to leave I am so glad that I have found her work and if you haven t read any of her books yet, I definitely r [...]

  • I absolutely love this book The others were good but this was so great No words I m having difficulties trying to come up with a proper review for this, but i can t seem to Loved it That s all that matters HAPPY READING D

  • I cannot deny the truth in this statement especially when it comes to book covers I often decide whether I should pick the book and read its synopsis by judging the cover Though I learned my lesson with R.L Mathewson s Perfection, I still fall into the trap of the covers Guys who are shredded, wearing kilts, with big heavy swords heh , all the things that make me drool I will definitely check that one out while wiping le drool pfft Shallow but covers that can suffuse me with a sense of calm and [...]

  • Best of the three This had all the characters from the first two books with a special surprise in this third installment Scottish Highlander berserkers, strong female leads, romance, mythology, violence, mild to moderate sexy times all wrapped in three short books If you love Irish and Scottish themed books you will not be disappointed with these quick way reads No cliffhanger, HEA, no epilogue, no ow on, good characters.

  • Hmm, this pairing was balanced but I never really felt interested in either one Some of this is due to the shortness of the story and some due to their personalities I liked it as much as I did due to the presence of characters from the previous novels.

  • Kerrigan Byrne does it again She weaves a delicious and intriguing tale of a fierce berserker who has always remained on the outside and a lonely widow whose life has never been easy From the first couple of pages I was drawn into the story, starting with Finn about to go into a berserker rage and leap into a fight only to find that it s a wee baby making all that mighty noise Driven by a compassion that he never knew he had, he grabs the baby and makes for the nearby village not knowing that on [...]

  • I fell in love with Kerrigan s writing while reading her first novella Unspoken I knew right away that I found a new favorite author Kerrigan s writing is amazing This new novella is magical and enchanting Being a holiday story made it even special Like the quote says on the cover this story really is captivating and phenomenal Her characters are always so powerful and intriguing She really writes unforgettable characters that you will always remember They will forever still with me This story [...]

  • 4 1 2 5 starsThis was my favourite of the trilogy and one I know I ll read again Rhona endured many hardships and after so much cruelty and loss, this was a heroine I wanted to see treated kindly and blessed with a well deserved HEA Finn most certainly delivered In fact, I d say both of them were given a new lease on life upon discovering and accepting each other The story pulled me right in and I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop and grow I appreciated Finn s protectiveness, th [...]

  • This was the third book in the series about the Beserkers and thier struggles to live in the Highlands A very good Scotish series and this was the best of the three book Finn has been my favorite of the three brothers, although he discovered his heritage in a different manner by nearly fighting his brother to the death The family reunion, along with each of their mates, was a nice touch But what makes this one special to me is the tender portrayal of Finn when interacting with both the baby he r [...]

  • Amazing I loved the two first installments of the MacLauchlan series but this one was even better Two lonely characters, two lost souls coming together no pun intended no sense spoiling the story If you like erotica, read it If you like heart wrenching romances, read it If you like paranormal and historical romances, read it But first, read unspoken and unwilling

  • Finn lost between doing his duty and what is right On this right path he is lead to the wet nurseRhona These two find salvation in each others arms Comfort and understanding is a hard thing to accept for Rhona who has lived a very hard life of misfortune She made the best of the life and choices that were stolen from her Finn and Rhona are thrown together for a singular good But he can t seem to leave afterward.Another great short for Kerrigan Byrne My second Highland Berserker read and I loved [...]

  • This three book series, Unspoken, Unwilling, and Unwanted was such an unexpected treat I don t normally read novellas, but the subject matter was just too compelling I m so glad I finally read them Please, Ms Byrne, write Berserker Highlander books We need Berserker Highlanders Only, I would be so very happy if you would make them full length novels I want to savor them for than the short time it took me to read these fabulous books Your newest fan.

  • Of all the books in the series this one was really the one I enjoyed the most.The characters was honest and compelling, their struggles daunting Finn and Rhona destined to meet and be together, finding peace in each others arms.And in the mist of it all they found not only mates but family Feeling wanted and loved Protecting the baby as only parents would.The passion exciting, stirring and well written.I really enjoyed this series.

  • Free from kindleHOT romance, supernatural, historicalshort, quick read About 120 pages.This is book 3 in the series, and I have not read the first two, but was able to follow along very entertaining Good emotional set up with the unwanted theme no one loves me, so how could you I hope to read the first 2 sometime soon.

  • I love it Sure there bit a of sensual moments, but I really like the characters ad storyline It was a decent book, but not winter season hehe though it did has to do with a lot about family and values of finding that special one.

  • I must say that I liked the first 2 books in this series but I loved this last one I totally didn t see what happened coming I hope we see Berserkers and longer stories from Kerrigan.

  • Damn that was good I generally don t like books written during this time period, so when I find one that I like it s because it blew me away Loved it.

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