The Webster Grove Series

↠ The Webster Grove Series ✓ Tracie Puckett - The Webster Grove Series, The Webster Grove Series A complete compilation of the Webster Grove novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good ThingsE NEW GIRLSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new be ↠ The Webster Grove Series ✓ Tracie Puckett - The Webster Grove Series, The Webster Grove Series A complete compilation of the Webster Grove novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good ThingsE NEW GIRLSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new be

  • Title: The Webster Grove Series
  • Author: Tracie Puckett
  • ISBN: 1230000103875
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Webster Grove Series

↠ The Webster Grove Series ✓ Tracie Puckett, The Webster Grove Series, Tracie Puckett, The Webster Grove Series A complete compilation of the Webster Grove novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good ThingsE NEW GIRLSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school new friends and new experiences including a few tender glances from her sexy EnglA compl ↠ The Webster Grove Series ✓ Tracie Puckett - The Webster Grove Series, The Webster Grove Series A complete compilation of the Webster Grove novellas The New Girl Under the Mistletoe Secrets to Keep Coming Out and All Good ThingsE NEW GIRLSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new be

  • ↠ The Webster Grove Series ✓ Tracie Puckett
    444 Tracie Puckett
The Webster Grove Series

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    Tracie Puckett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Webster Grove Series book, this is one of the most wanted Tracie Puckett author readers around the world.

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  • The ladies call me Nathaniel The ladies call you revolting she spat at him Screw handsome Screw good looking Alexander Rivera was, hands down, the sexiest man I d ever met in my life REVIEW Humor, romance and a sexy English teacheris book series has it all I don t just recommend it, I prescribe it If you are a crazy romantic like me then this is without a doubt the book for you It is the cure to your addiction Alexander Rivera sigh He is my addiction and no matter how many times I re read this s [...]

  • First, I apologize in advance for the author due to the harsh words in this reviewI genuinely think that this book is an ideal gift for people you loath and you want to see them suffer such intense mental agonyI can t believe I ve been excited to have it hits head on the desk The first book was all right It was even funny at times and ok But the second book took a downhill dive Every character was starting to obsess over ABCDEF GHIJK, sorry Steph like that should ve been a warning enough It was [...]

  • 5 fantastic stars for the Webster Grove series I stumbled upon this relatively unknown collection of 5 short stories which combine into an amazing story of love between teacher and student The collection of stories written by author Tracie Puckett can be purchased and read together, as if they are an entire novel I found this series on a long list of novels about teacher student relationships on There were only 16 reviews written for this collection of stories at the time, but the reviews were o [...]

  • This was an excellent series Although the idea of an attraction occurring between a teacher and student with a nine year age difference was slightly disturbing at first, the author did an outstanding job at making this seem acceptable There were unexpected twists and turns that kept me engaged and wanting which made it difficult to put my iPad down As a fifteen year old girl, I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and although I feel that many books need sequels, I felt that this series ended at ju [...]

  • Since I got this book for free, I wasn t expecting something amazing Just something cute and funny I got all that and This series is one of the best I ve ever read The series was quite short, but nothing seemed rushed Everything was developed with just the right amount of detail and nothing dragged on I ve very happy I stumbled upon this fabulous series My favourite character was Nate his graduation speech was just pure awesomeness.

  • This series is funny, romantic, and well written I think the books were too short, and they could have been compiled into one large book, but I really enjoyed reading this series It might not be very realistic, but it catches your interest, and you can t put it down.

  • The Webster Grove series was a freebie I picked up on and I loved this series of Mini novels I read it all in one sitting that kept me up till 5.55am Tracie Puckett did a really great job writing this series I look forward to reading by her.

  • Not too bad for a self published book, mainly bc this author seems to know how to hook a reader.Normally I HATE self published books except Tarryn fishers books of course and normally wouldn t rate one so high.So my question is y didn t she just try harder to get her books published So much potential there.So many things wrong with this book on the cover the girl looks 14, so many inconsistencies in character personalities, wrong dates, predictable mostly , I felt like everything was TOO conveni [...]

  • 3.5 rating overall for the whole series, enjoyed it What I rated each individual part of the Webster Grove series The New Girl 1 1.5 5 StarsUnder the Mistletoe 2 3 5 StarsSecrets to Keep 3 3 5 StarsComing Out 4 4 5 StarsAll Good Things 5 4 5 Stars If you are a romance lover like me, and are looking for a sweet quick series to read, then look no further I thoroughly enjoyed the Webster Grove series, there were times I wanted to rip my hair out from frustration, and times I was giggling with happi [...]

  • I finished the entire series in a day The storyline had me hooked from the moment I started reading the first book As an individual rating The New Girl 3 5 really enjoyed the overall aspects however it lacked the general expectations I have of a book e.g Explaining certain situations and possibly some background info on particular characters.Under The Mistletoe 4 5 this book was extremely gripping due to the dramatic storyline and the way the characters respond to the situation In my opinion thi [...]

  • When I first read The New Girl, I thought it was an amazing debut novella Well thought out characters, a plot that moved along nicely, and a sequence of events that is truly original yet plausible As the series progressed, I found myself falling in love with Alexander Rivera Each character became and complex and in the time between the novella releases, I found myself craving There is love There is scandal There is conflict These characters became than just words on a page they became my fri [...]

  • This is the full series and I loved it Steph I laughed at her given name for a while you ll understand when you read the book is a sweet yet shyish person who has moved around way too much due to her neuortic mother Too many towns, too many houses, too many schools so she never really formed any attachments.On day one she meets her soon to be bestfriends Nate and Bridgette and is attracted by her English Teacher Mr.Rivera Steph will soon finds out that mummy dearest might actually hand around lo [...]

  • This book was amazing, I read the first novel on the series and knew I had complete the story of Alex and Steph.Beautifully written and the relationship between them was soo cute and romantic that it didn t matter most of the time that he was in love with his student and she was in love with her teacher The only thing I wish happened at the end of the series was that her mother could come and face the music and admit that she was wrong in every way possible I never expected to continue reading t [...]

  • This book is different from the teacher student relationships you normally hear about They argue constantly, blackmail is an issue, and with Alex Rivera and Abcdef Ghijk and yes that is her real name if you don t believe me, read it yourself , the heart throb English Teacher, things could not get any complicated Oh wait, they do With Alex s Grandmother interfering at every possible interval, they have a hard time coming together in the end It may be five years after she graduates, but the comme [...]

  • Because of all the darkness and intensity of the A Song of Ice and Fire series books I was reading, I bought Webster Grove by Tracie Puckett on a whim Usually, I m not a romance reader.I was prepared to dislike it because, come on , an affair between a high school teacher and one of his student That s kind of gross.But actually, the result was cute and endearing and if you like light hearted stories, go for it Because of some twists I would I have noted it 3.5 stars, but all in all the story was [...]

  • Holy crap This series was amazing First, I stayed up til 6 in the morning reading half of it, and then I couldn t put it down the rest of the day I had to finish it The characters were great and there were a ton of plot twists involved as well Like Issac and Nick I thought they were just plain creeps when the author first introduced them, but they turned out to be something so much I LOVED this series One of my favorites, definitely

  • I truly liked this series This series it s actually for younger people and it s a very clean cut one but I found the first book and I couldn t stop reading it If you want to read about a little bit of teenage drama and a lot of adult drama this is the perfect book you will definitely laugh, go nuts, feel first love and then will say OMG LoL

  • Moderately well written, intriguing plot at first, but became very predictable and for a large part distasteful high school teacher student relationship Also feel female lead showed great weakness, prefer strong female characters Quick read, however Just wouldn t recommend to friends and especially not younger ladies.

  • I was drawn in by the characters and their stories Alex was sweet and likeable and I got why Steph liked him Her story with her mother was heartbreaking Only annoying thing was that it was told in five parts so that each new part had to recap past events, like, I don t need that, I m already reading this in one sitting.

  • El nico pero que le pongo es que no concluye la situaci n de uno de los personajes que a mi parecer es principal, la mam de Steph es una persona manipuladora y mentirosa, que cambi la vida de toda una familia, y nada se supo m s de ella, aunque es una historia de amor y desamor conmovedora

  • can i give it than 5 stars i sooo wish i cud glad to have cm across this book really feel at peace having known wat happened to the characters lovely plot not too thick.t too thinjst a fine relax read i 3 webster grove 3 cheers

  • I liked this series, but it had way too many similarities to the Just a Little series I don t think I enjoyed it as much because of that and the writing wasn t quite as good I do think the author has a knack for teen romance, and hopefully she will continue to write in the future.

  • This series is fantastic I was laughing like a goof at so many parts that my parents had to make sure that I was ok Keep up the hard work Tracie You are one of my favorite authors D

  • I love this series, but it would have been much better as a stand alone novel It was an excellent series, loved it.

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