Luca's Magic Embrace

[PDF] Luca's Magic Embrace | by ✓ Kym Grosso - Luca's Magic Embrace, Luca s Magic Embrace An erotic paranormal romance Sexy vampire Luca Macquarie doesn t do love especially not with humans Yet ever since he rescued Samantha Irving he can t deny the enigmatic attraction he s developed f [PDF] Luca's Magic Embrace | by ✓ Kym Grosso - Luca's Magic Embrace, Luca s Magic Embrace An erotic paranormal romance Sexy vampire Luca Macquarie doesn t do love especially not with humans Yet ever since he rescued Samantha Irving he can t deny the enigmatic attraction he s developed f

  • Title: Luca's Magic Embrace
  • Author: Kym Grosso
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Luca's Magic Embrace

[PDF] Luca's Magic Embrace | by ✓ Kym Grosso, Luca's Magic Embrace, Kym Grosso, Luca s Magic Embrace An erotic paranormal romance Sexy vampire Luca Macquarie doesn t do love especially not with humans Yet ever since he rescued Samantha Irving he can t deny the enigmatic attraction he s developed for the alluring mortal woman Concerned for her safety he s determined to bring Samantha back to her coven His mission is to go find the novice witch and bring her home nAn eroti [PDF] Luca's Magic Embrace | by ✓ Kym Grosso - Luca's Magic Embrace, Luca s Magic Embrace An erotic paranormal romance Sexy vampire Luca Macquarie doesn t do love especially not with humans Yet ever since he rescued Samantha Irving he can t deny the enigmatic attraction he s developed f

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  • [PDF] Luca's Magic Embrace | by ✓ Kym Grosso
    254 Kym Grosso
Luca's Magic Embrace

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    Kym Grosso is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic paranormal series, The Immortals of New Orleans, and the contemporary erotic suspense series, Club Altura In addition to romance novels, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is passionate about autism advocacy She is also a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul Raising Kids on the Spectrum.She lives in suburban Pennsylvania but has a not so secret desire to move to a beach in southern California where she can write while listening to the roar of the ocean She holds a bachelor s degree from West Chester University and a MBA from Widener University In a previous life, she was employed as a speech therapist, a health care consultant, and a product manager for a software company In 2012, Kym published her first novel and today, is a full time indie romance author Website KymGrosso Email Kym.Grosso AutismInRealLife Facebook facebook KymGrossoBooks Twitter twitter KymGrosso author show Pinterest pinterest kymgrosso

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  • E Book provided by the author I just want to say a massive thank you to the lovely Kym Grosso I was over joyed when asked to read this book I had already been very impatiently waiting to read it so this just made it all the sweeter.I absolutely adored the first book in this series Kade s Dark Embrace , and this book was just as brilliant It was great to get to see Kade and Sydney again and knowing they plan to marry soon was wonderful.We briefly met the heroine, Samantha, in the first book She h [...]

  • Luca is one hot sexy vamp I love this vamp he s a predator all the way and Samantha is one lucky little witch I love The immortals of new Orleans Kym grosso s immortals are some of the hottest immortals their is I m in love with just about every character from the very hot Luca to kade to tristan the hot as hell wolf to the mysterious leopold Great storylines and lots of hot sweaty sex,it doesn t get any better Pull up a fan and a cold drink your gonna need it

  • This was an excellent read that moved and flowed so well that I read it one sitting The story was engaging and kept me wanting to no from the first page The characters are well fleshed out and speak and act in a manner that is natural for them and makes it easy to relate to their various situations In this second book in the Immortals of New Orleans series Luca has been captured after an attack as he was delivering Samantha and Ilsbeth to the coven house When he is rescued by Kade and Sydney he [...]

  • Luca s Magic Embrace will have you hookedLuca Macquarie is Vampire to his very core, he is powerful and is known to be brutally cold Luca has stood at his maker and best friend Kade s side for two centuries and will protect his own with his life.Samantha Livingston is a white hacker someone who tries legally to break into systems to help companies protect their information, that is until she is kidnapped Samantha is enthralled and is pretending to be someone she isn t and she has no knowledge or [...]

  • I was hoping that the first book of this series Kade s Dark Embrace was a fluke and that the series would get better I was a little too optimistic Unfortunately, I don t think I will be continuing this series.

  • Each book just keeps getting better I am loving this series Kym Grosso knocked it out of the park with Luca and Samantha s story It was everything I thought it would be and better Next up Tristan

  • After reading book 1 Kade s Dark Embrace of the Immortals of New Orleans last summer I was very excited to begin with the second installment of this great series by Kym Gosso.Luca s Magic Embrace takes place in a world where vampires, werewolves and witchcraft just like the first book It starts of where Kade s Dark Embrace was ended Kym Grosso has written a great story ful with this paranormal being, strong characters and don t forget HOT scenes The descriptions provide a good backdrop for the p [...]

  • ok, disclaimers must be made Read my review of the first book for details, but the most important issue is that I have met the author, and she gave me the second book for free since she liked my review of the first book, and she knows I m poor, and took pity on me So I got to save ninety nine cents.I think probably the most significant issue with this book is that if you didn t like the first one, you probably won t like the second one, but if you DID like the first book, you will like this one [...]

  • 2.5 StarsThis book takes off right after the end of the first book in the series which I did not read , and vampire Luca is missing While escorting a couple of witches home, he gets kidnapped and silvered, left completely helpless until he manages to make one brief cry for help a week later to his maker He is quickly rescued otherwise that would ve been an incredibly short book , only to find out the human turned witch he helped save, Samantha, has abandoned ship and moved back to Pennsylvania T [...]

  • LUCA S MAGIC EMBRACE by Kym GrossoLUCA S MAGIC EMBRACE is the second storyline October 2012 release in Kym Grosso s slightly erotic Immortals of New Orleans series Kym brings together an assortment of supernatural powers including vampires, werewolves and witches and writes a sexy, dark and dangerous blend of seduction and magic.Samantha Irving is a computer wiz and a reluctant witch With her powers of magic at a virtual negligible level, our heroine takes a long overdue vacation to recover from [...]

  • Luca is a very sexy Australian vampire living with his maker Kade in New Orleans but as this story begins Luca is held prisoner, drained of blood and fighting for his life It s only through the strong familial link that he shares with Kade that he is rescued but it s touch and go as to whether or not Luca will make a full recovery When Luca awakens all he can think about is the young witch Samantha who he believes was targeted when he was taken captive Samantha suffered greatly at the hands of a [...]

  • Luca s Magic Embrace starts off under the shadow of excitement and ends with one humdinger of a cliffhanger Between the start and finish comes a journey of suspense and super steamy encounters featuring to die for male characters and heroines who are stronger than they think they are.Samantha s been through a lot in the previous book, tortured and enslaved by a rogue witch, and is trying to come to terms with what happened to her and how her life has changed She s sworn off vampires but quickly [...]

  • Luca s Magic Embrace is the 2nd book in the Immortals of New Orleans series by Kym Grosso We first met Luca,the surly sexy vampire, in Kade s Dark Embrace Luca is one vampire who would rather keep his distance from humans as they are too fragile, yet he finds himself inexplicably drawn to a cute little witch, Samantha, he helped rescue Samantha was turned into a witch by an evil force before Luca saved her Having been forced to live in a local coven so she could be educated in her new witchy way [...]

  • My thoughts I loved Kade s Dark Embrace, which is book one of the Immortals of New Orleans by Kym Grosso so when I had the opportunity to read and review book two I had been hoping it would be Luca s story I jumped at the chance.I was as happy with book two as I was with book one The characters are fantastic I was excited to see that this story or less picks up where book one ended, bringing the characters I loved from Kade s story into Luca s while adding new ones All the men are larger than l [...]

  • Dark and dangerous Luca Macquarie has not allowed himself to fall in love in all of the two hundred years that he has been a vampire Yet, when he is asked to escort a traumatized young woman, recently turned into a witch, back to her coven, he immediately feels a stir he has not felt since his mortal days The two find themselves on a quest to find a magical amulet that will free the beautiful young witch from the evil that pursues her The journey quickly becomes a thrilling ride full of dangerou [...]

  • Braine s Talk Supe reviewI liked LUCA S MAGIC EMBRACE better than Kade s Dark Embrace I always have a soft spot for betas and Luca may be one but he s as fearsome and loyal as his maker and friend, Kade We first meet Luca in Immortals of New Orleans 1 and he definitely made an impression on me and I know that this dude s story will be sexy and mighty interesting I may just be two books in but I m getting a good grasp of Kym Grosso s style and I m really digging it I love the fact that we are alr [...]

  • Luca s Magic Embrace is the second book in the Immortals of New Orleans Series.I ve had the pleasure to read book one, too Kade s Dark Embrace.The action takes place in a world where vampires, werewolves and witchcraft are accepted as a way of life That in itself is a thought provoking concept and I enjoyed playing the consequences of such an existence through my mind.Equally enjoyable was the transformation the main character goes through for a man who denies the fact that love exists, Luca fal [...]

  • Wow this book had such an exciting plot It all started when Luca had been attacked and abducted while safe guarding Samantha, who was going to the witches coven for the training of her newly gained skill Samantha having reluctantly spent time with the witches, but couldn t seem to connect with her powers, decided to leave Needing some time to get her head around everything that had happened to her, she just wanted her normal life back A retreat in the mountains seemed ideal Luca was rescued and [...]

  • This book is about Luca Samantha Vampire Witch.They actually make a great pair They get to know each other as Luca is protecting her from someone trying to get a magic amulet from her That she has no clue where this is does not matter to them As they are guided in their search she is also getting to know her powers as a witch This is a pretty steamy book WOW some of the intimate scenes had my glasses fogging up There are some good action scenes in here also Love the ending Not wanting to give sp [...]

  • 4.5 5Another GREAT read from Kym Grosso I might have even liked Luca than Kade shhh don t tell him thatlol.Luca was one badass vamp and this book was full of action, smexy scenes and even LOL moments Everything I love in my Paranormals I am moving right on to the next one because I LOVE sexy as hell Wolves Go check out my Casting Post to see who I think represents all of these sexy characters alphasauthorsbooksohmyspo

  • I loved this book The pacing was perfect there was always something happening I love the characters the ones we already knew and the new ones I like her take on the supe community dynamic Can not wait for book 3

  • I loved Luca in the first book and I was so happy with his book Samantha is a strong woman after everything that has happened to her But with Lucas help, she becomes even stronger This book brings in other characters that we will see later also I also liked the little BDSM scene in this one All the way around this was a good book

  • 4.25 out of 5 starsDescription Sexy vampire, Luca Macquarie doesn t do love especially not with humans Yet, ever since he rescued Samantha Irving, he can t deny the enigmatic attraction he s developed for the alluring mortal woman Concerned for her safety, he s determined to bring Samantha back to her coven His mission is to go find the novice witch and bring her home, nothing , nothing less falling for her is not supposed to be part of the plan.Samantha doesn t want to be a witch, yet that s ex [...]

  • Luca s Magic Embrace picks up right after Kade s Dark Embrace ends Luca s been captured, silvered and drained He s on the verge of dying He s makes one final attempt to contact Kade Kade and his mate, Sydney, save Luca.Now, Luca s going after Samantha She s in danger and she s left the safety of the coven He s off to bring her back to New Orleans to keep her safe.Luca and Samantha embark on an adventure to find who captured Luca and is threatening Samantha It s a race against time.Samantha and L [...]

  • Let me call it nowI love this series Luca s Magic Embrace is the second book and between the vampires, wolves, intrigue and romance, I can t put this book or this series down Ms Grosso catches my eye with her covers, draws me in with her blurbs and captivates me with her stories Another 4 star rating for Ms Kym Grosso Really what works for me despite this being a series, each book works well as a stand alone All the characters are whether they are the MC or secondary are covered so well in depth [...]

  • Yummy I really, really liked this installment of this unnamed series I think Kym Grosso is on to something It was evident that she has range when it comes to character development Her supernatural world of vampires, werewolves, and witches is not original but neither is fried chicken until the right cook gets their hands on it.Luca and Samantha s relationship moved fast but it worked When last we saw Samantha she was being rescued from a dungeon She was the victim of an evil plot hatched by the [...]

  • First, I admit I entered a contest to be able to win this book I was very determined to win it I read Kym Grosso s first book, Kade s Dark Embrace, and fell in love with her style I am a fan and look forward to her next book coming out this year I also like how she is building her series of books as stand alone books that tie into each other Each book includes characters from the other book and is set in the same world but focuses on different people This is my favorite type of series While it h [...]

  • I liked Luca from Kade s Dark Embrace I thought it was pretty awesome that there was a vampire who was not turned on by humans at all I appreciated the fact that he was cold and offish just like vampires used to be before we all fell in love with them and I was pretty excited to hear his book would be next.Too bad cold, offish Luca is not the Luca I got in Luca s Magic Embrace Instead, I got sensitive, I care about your feelings Luca I m cool with him having a softer side, except I felt that s a [...]

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