Gentle's Holler

[PDF] Gentle's Holler | by ↠ Kerry Madden - Gentle's Holler, Gentle s Holler The sixties may have come to other parts of North Carolina but with Mama pregnant again Daddy struggling to find work and nine siblings underfoot nobody in the holler has much time for modern day [PDF] Gentle's Holler | by ↠ Kerry Madden - Gentle's Holler, Gentle s Holler The sixties may have come to other parts of North Carolina but with Mama pregnant again Daddy struggling to find work and nine siblings underfoot nobody in the holler has much time for modern day

  • Title: Gentle's Holler
  • Author: Kerry Madden
  • ISBN: 9780670059980
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
Gentle's Holler

[PDF] Gentle's Holler | by ↠ Kerry Madden, Gentle's Holler, Kerry Madden, Gentle s Holler The sixties may have come to other parts of North Carolina but with Mama pregnant again Daddy struggling to find work and nine siblings underfoot nobody in the holler has much time for modern day notions Especially not twelve year old Livy Two aspiring songwriter and self appointed guardian of little sister Gentle whose eyes don t work so good yet Even after a doThe sixties m [PDF] Gentle's Holler | by ↠ Kerry Madden - Gentle's Holler, Gentle s Holler The sixties may have come to other parts of North Carolina but with Mama pregnant again Daddy struggling to find work and nine siblings underfoot nobody in the holler has much time for modern day

  • [PDF] Gentle's Holler | by ↠ Kerry Madden
    338 Kerry Madden
Gentle's Holler

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    Kerry Madden writes under both Kerry Madden and Kerry Madden Lunsford She has written plays, screenplays, journalism Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Birmingham News, Salon, Southern Women s Review, Shenandoah, Carve Magazine, and Sierra Club Magazine , and published seven books including OFFSIDES, a New York Library Pick for 1997, and now just out as an ebook with FOREVERLAND PRESS Her book, WRITING SMARTS, was inspired by the writing workshops she s led with young writers for years and is a guide to sparking stories for kids American Girl Company In 2005 she turned her hand to children s fiction with GENTLE S HOLLER, the first installment in what became the award winning Maggie Valley Trilogy set in the Smoky Mountains of Appalachia It earned starred reviews in both Kirkus and Publisher s Weekly, was included in the New York and the Chicago Public Libraries best books for 2005, and was the featured children s book of North Carolina at the National Book Festival in 2008 It is the genuine article, wrote Rosemary Wells of GENTLE S HOLLER Its heroine is as bone real and endearing as Opal in Because of Winn Dixie The next book in the trilogy, LOUISIANA S SONG 2007 was equally well received, being named a Bank Street College Book of the Year and a finalist for several other awards The third book, JESSIE S MOUNTAIN, was published in 2008 to strong reviews Her biography of Harper Lee, published in Viking s UpClose Series, was a Booklist and Kirkus Pick of 2009 Her picture book, NOTHING FANCY ABOUT KATHRYN CHARLIE, illustrated by her daughter, Lucy Madden Lunsford was published by Mockingbird Publishers, and in the summer of 2013, Kerry and Lucy went on a book tour to rural Alabama libraries to do art and writing workshops with children across the state Kerry received B.A and M.F.A degrees from the University of Tennessee and has been honored as a Tennessee Williams Scholar and a Walter E Dakin Fellow at the Sewanee Writers Conference She has taught creative writing at Ningbo University in China, UCLA, and has visited schools across the country as a guest author doing writing workshops for young authors She is an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and editor of PMS, Poem Memoir Short Story, at UAB.Her new book, FIFTH GRADE, WEREWOLVES, HAMLET ME is out with publishers for consideration, and she is at work on a new novel, HOP THE POND, drawing from her time in Manchester, England as an exchange student.

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  • Gentle s HollerKerry MaddenLivy Two and her 8 siblings live with Mama and Daddy in Gentle s Holler in Maggie Valley, North Carolina The family lives a hardscrabble, yet gentle, existence It s gentle, because they enjoy all the tranquil riches of mountain living and the love of family But hard, because Daddy doesn t work a regular job He is a musician with a song in his pocket and a plan to make it big one day Since Livy Two writes lyrics also, she believes in her daddy s dreams After all, she ha [...]

  • You can t feed a family of ten or eleven with just love and music, but they sure do make life bearable.In Kerry Madden s Maggie Valley Trilogy, Olivia Livy Two Weems narrates the ups and downs of her mountain family life The first book in the trilogy is Gentle s Holler Livy Two s Daddy is a songwriter and traveling salesman, waiting for that big banjo hit Mama has two babies Cyrus and Caroline sleeping in the dresser drawer and one in the cradle Appelonia Emmett, Livy Two s elder brother, has d [...]

  • While her first novel, Offsides was very good in many ways, Kerry Madden s Gentle s Holler has heart and things to just be plain happy about than any novel I ve read in awhile The rhythm of the character s Southern speech and it s many particular turns of phrase is spot on and I know where to turn if I ever need a reminder of the South Oddly enough, while the story is set in the mountains of Tennessee in the 1960s, the story did not feel old fashioned nor did it feel modern, it just felt right [...]

  • I have read all three books in the series Gentle s Holler, Louisiana s Song, and I just finished Jessie s Mountain 12 7 08.The books were very well written I was able to visit Maggie Valley and Ghost Town in the Sky during the summer of 2008, which is the setting of the stories It s not far from Ashville, NC Beautiful country The stories tell about a family working together to earn a living and stay in their home Very powerful I highly recommend them I thought they should be for sale in the gift [...]

  • We read Kerry Madden s Gentle s Holler for my mother daughter bookclub this summer The book is about the Weems family, who are a very poor but artistically rich family who live in Maggie Valley, North Carolina The main character Livy Two is enchanting The family deals with a lot of heartache and yet they seem happy Takes place in the 60s Hard not to be nostalgic for that time Kerry has a wonderful voice and is a great storyteller My daughter has re read this book about 5 times.

  • Lyrical and full of Appalachian heart The main character, Livy Two is Number One with me The ending is a tad abrupt but perhaps because there is a sequel which I look forward to reading There is much to enjoy for middle grade readers and older lovers of Southern fiction.

  • 3.5 Stars When I first started this book I was rather ho hum about it, and it wasn t till I had gotten a few chapters into it that I actually started warming up to it Around the middle of the book, I decided I liked it, but the ending left me a wee bit disappointed There were quite a lot of euphemisms that had to be marked out, and a little talk of faeries witches etc that I personally didn t care for either Another thing that bothered me was Livy Two s habit of praying to her deceased sister AN [...]

  • Though it features a strong setting Appalachian North Carolina , powerful themes of family, faith, and perseverance, and a very engaging narrator twelve year old Livy Two , Gentle s Holler while a book I m sure many middle graders will enjoy suffers from having too many plot obstacles Granted, much of the novel s emotional power comes from the way its characters hold on to optimism, hope, and good humor amid a very difficult living situation an unemployed musician father whose wife is caring for [...]

  • This is the story about a girl named Livy Two Weems who lives in the North Carolina mountains with her family a sweet story about the love of family The book includes much about learning to survive without a lot of money, supporting a father s dream of becoming a famous banjo player, taking care of younger siblings there are eight children including Livy one on the way , getting books at the lending library truck, grandmother relationships, helping a younger sister who cannot see, and teaching a [...]

  • Livy Two lives with her family in the Appalachian mountains during the early sixties The Weems family is large and there s never a dull moment Livy Two, an aspiring musician, is the caretaker of her little sister, Gentle The story follows the ups and downs of growing up in a large family when times are tough But when Livy Two finds out that Gentle is blind and Daddy is injured, the Weems family must find a way to stay strong together.I found this book randomly at the library and I ve loved it ev [...]

  • The Weems family a mom a banjo playing daddy, Emmet the oldest boy, Livy Two, Lousis ,Beksie,Jitters, Caroline, Cryuse,Gentle, and last but not least Appolonia There father is trying to compose sell and maybe earn a little money You see there family doesn t have much to live on or live off of.Grandma Horace is a wealthy, but not so much of a nice person Emmet want s to skip town and go live Ghost City That is all I will tell you I think yo should read this book if you are ready for a sad yet dra [...]

  • Even though the plot sounds a tad depressing, the story never feels like a downer The writing is really lovely a little colloquial, without ever going overboard, and the characters are realistic I would have eaten this up with a spoon as a child big family, a lifestyle unlike my own, and a main character who dreams of going places and seeing the world but is still nervous about getting up on stage to sing Calling a story sweet sounds so schmaltzy, but this one never gets sappy, and it really doe [...]

  • Set in the early 1960s in the hills and hollers around Maggie Valley, North Carolina, Gentle s Holler follows the childhood of twelve year old Livy Two Weems Toss in a mess of bickering siblings, an ornery grandma, and a dog named Uncle Hazard, and you ve got a right smart chance for some serious adventures I like the historical references and the old mountain setting It s a time and place where kids still say boyhowdy and dadgummed, and babies sleep in shirt drawers because all the cribs and be [...]

  • A poor family struggles to survive in their Tennessee mountain home in the 1960s There isn t enough money for a telephone or a car, and the children too many of them, according to Grandma Horace are often hungry There is love and laughter and music and books from the traveling library, but this doesn t pay the bills or keep 14 year old Frank from running away to work in a nearby theme park or bring eyesight to toddler Gentle, born blind because her mother had German measles while she was pregnan [...]

  • gr 6 8 237pgs1960s, Maggie Valley, N Carolina 12 year old Livy Two Weems has big dreams She wants to travel the world and then come home to a house all to herself and write songs Space of her own is hard to find in family of 8 children and another on the way Livy Two wants to believe that her father is right and then any day now, he s going to write hit song and the family s constant struggle to make ends will be a thing of the past.Caught up in the daily drama of family life, the rest of the wo [...]

  • Kerry Madden writes a sweetly sad story of growing up impoverished in the hollers of the Great Smoky Mountains Amid the strains of down home banjo and folk guitar music, subsistence living is made bearable by a loving family Livy Two Weems, age 12, narrates the bleak story that collapses under the weight of too many struggles Daddy rarely has a paycheck, then has a car accident, Mama is pregnant with child 11, and sweet baby, Gentle, has than a small problem with her eyesight Madden s husband, [...]

  • A great kickoff to a wonderful young adult series filled with touching moments and an impressive range of literary references worked into the text This series is set in the real Maggie Valley, NC I developed an online tourism guide for this series at teh Southeastern Literary Tourism Initiative which includes an excerpt, photos, and tourism links related to the real area Kerry was very helpful in designing the guide Check it out here southeasternliterarytourismini

  • This is a sweet story of self discovery and resilience At the start of the story, Livy Two Weems is twelve years old, second of eight children, daughter of poverty In the course of the book, she tries to find her way in life and figure out how she fits into her world Livy Two is innocent and wholesome and I love that she can discover herself without the sexuality that s so common in the coming of age stories There s plenty of hardship, sadness, and tragedy, but it s tempered by love, happiness, [...]

  • This book was really amazing It took me a while to get into it, but once I did, I was addicted This book can be so sad and I almost caught myself crying a few times but I couldn t because i was at school lol I did not know until the middle of the book that it took place in the 60s This family is struggling with money and trying to keep up with the times all while having a blind sister, 8 kids, and hardly any jobs for the parents This book has a sequal or two and I m dying to read it I would reco [...]

  • Gentle s Holler is charming I particularly liked the realistic characters each well rounded with positive and negative characteristicseach a very distinct personality The setting in the 1960s in Appalachia is a plus for understanding nearby cultures It did remind me a bit of Little House on the Prarie in terms of the close knit family with their challenges, including the blind sibling I was drawn in by the characters and will read the other books in the trilogy This will be used in my summer Mot [...]

  • The book was very heart warming It is about a family that lives in the mountains One of the daughters sings at a folk dance but on that night her father gets into a car accident and Olivia and her family think that their father dyed but it turns out that the father just went into a coma The book was magnificent but near the end it s very emotional I recommend this book for people who want a book that grabs the reader in and a book that has a lot of mixed emotions

  • This book made me want to go to the Mountain Dance and Folk Music Festival and hear Livy Two play her guitar and sing her songs Livy Two is the 3rd of 9 children Her father is a musician, convinced that he will sell one of his banjo songs to Nashville In the meantime, the family has moved several times and are now settled in Maggie Valley in the Smokey Mountains, where they have a big garden and the lending library truck comes every couple weeks or so.

  • Read this for Battle of the Books, but really enjoyed it Set in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, this story is about a young girl, Livy Two, who is part of a large and ever growing family led by a dad who keeps promising to write a top selling banjo hit and a long suffering mother who does everything she can to provide for the family I thought it ended rather abruptly, so I was glad to find out that there is a sequel.

  • A beautiful and touching story of a rural North Carolina family who, though they have little, are bound together by love for each other, which helps them to weather the problems and crises ahead Livy Two and her sisters and brothers are drawn so vividly that I can t wait to read the sequel, Louisiana Sky I hope Kerry Madden plans to write about this family.

  • I was a bit disappointed in this tale of a young girl dealing with being poor and underrated The book seemed to be a retelling of The Yearling I was not surprised much by the turn of events in the story, nor was I impressed by the author s ability to speak in the tone of a child the age of Livy Two Not the most horrible thing I have lately read, but certainly not the best either.

  • I can t resist a book about a girl growing up in the mountains Now i have a friend crush on the main character, Livy Two It s a silly thing, I suppose, to say that a book can soothe a body, but it s the truth Before I go to sleep at night, I need my books stacked beside me where I can drift off reading the titles.

  • This book resonated with me in my connection to the country spirit the narrator and her family have I liked the personalities of the children and how they all come together during everything They try to make the crowded, poor life they have into something enjoyable, and when tragedy hits, they are there for each other There s an easiness about this book that makes me want to read .

  • Though this book is written for a young reader audience, I really loved it and the characters it was comprised of I couldn t help but want to know what would happen to this simple life family with their big life struggles Though I did shed some tears, all in all the story was wonderful and I was uplifted.

  • Listened to this on tape while I bottled jam and pears A really touching story unfortunately, the narrator lost a bit of the magic when she sang Livvie Two s songs She was a great reader, but not a great singer The story reminded me of Loretta Lynn s song Coal Miner s Daughter.

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