[PDF] Zomboy | by ↠ Richard Scrimger - Zomboy, Zomboy From the imagination of one of Canada s funniest writers comes the story of a young zombie who is integrated into a regular classroom in southern Ontario Clashes heroics and hilarity ensue as the com [PDF] Zomboy | by ↠ Richard Scrimger - Zomboy, Zomboy From the imagination of one of Canada s funniest writers comes the story of a young zombie who is integrated into a regular classroom in southern Ontario Clashes heroics and hilarity ensue as the com

  • Title: Zomboy
  • Author: Richard Scrimger
  • ISBN: 9781443410700
  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Zomboy | by ↠ Richard Scrimger, Zomboy, Richard Scrimger, Zomboy From the imagination of one of Canada s funniest writers comes the story of a young zombie who is integrated into a regular classroom in southern Ontario Clashes heroics and hilarity ensue as the community s tolerance for difference and narrator Bob s tolerance for an undead rival are pushed to the limit in this exciting and surprisingly touching novel [PDF] Zomboy | by ↠ Richard Scrimger - Zomboy, Zomboy From the imagination of one of Canada s funniest writers comes the story of a young zombie who is integrated into a regular classroom in southern Ontario Clashes heroics and hilarity ensue as the com

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  • [PDF] Zomboy | by ↠ Richard Scrimger
    422 Richard Scrimger

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  • Richard Scrimger

    I was born with very little hair and very little feet and hands They all grew together and I still have them, together with all my organs except tonsils I do not have four children they have me and we all know it I write and teach and talk about writing and other things Actually, I talk a lot I m right handed, my car has a dent in the passenger side door, and my blood type is A The motto of South Carolina is Dum spiro spero success comes by breathing I like black licorice and rice pudding and ratatouille and coffee Lots of coffee My hair usually needs cutting How much do you need to know about anybody I have been writing since 1996 No, that s not true I wrote for years before that, but no one cared Since 1996 I ve published fifteen books for adults and children You can read about them somewhere else on this site A few of the books did very well Some came close A couple didn t do well at all My most recent offering is Ink Me, a tragicomedy about a tattoo gone wrong, told in supercool phonetic speak by our learning disabled hero Zomboy an undead story is due out next year My editor and I are arguing about certain scenes right now And I am writing a semi graphic novel about kids who fall into a comic book Do you want details Really Okay, then.In 1996 I published my first novel, Crosstown Toronto The Riverbank Press , which was short listed for the City of Toronto Book Award.Humorous short pieces about my life as an at home dad with four small children used to appear regularly in the Globe Mail and Chatelaine, and can still be found fairly regularly on the back page of Today s Parent I reworked some of this material into a full length chunk of not quite non fiction, which was published by HarperCollins as Still Life With Children.I started writing children s fiction in 1998 Two middle school novels, The Nose From Jupiter and The Way To Schenectady did well enough to require sequels There are four Norbert books so far, and two Peelers.My work has received a lot of attention in Canada and The United States The Nose From Jupiter is a Canadian bestseller It won a Mr Christie Book Award, was on most of the top ten lists and has been translated into a Scottish dozen languages that s less than 12 Bun Bun s Birthday, From Charlie s Point of View, Mystical Rose, and Into the Ravine made a variety of short lists and books of the year Quill and Quire, Canadian Library Association, Globe and Mail, Chicago Public Library, Time Out NY kids , blah blah Ink Me is part of the 7 series linked novels featuring seven grandsons with quests from their common grandfather Pretty cool, eh As my most recent book, it is my current favorite But watch out for Zomboy next year It s a killer

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  • Alive Or Undead You Are Guaranteed To Love This Book Red Maple nominated ZOMBOY is a brilliant present day story about a boy named Bob and his experience with discrimination, only it s not what you would think it is Bob goes to school like any other seventh grader but new to his class is a boy named Imre Lazar and something just isn t normal about Imre He is dopey, quiet, horrible at spelling, and oh yeah a Zombie Zomboy takes place in current day Dresden a small town in Ontario and is based aro [...]

  • This just might be my favourite Richard Scrimger book which is saying something because I reread the Nose from Jupiter until my copy fell apart.Zomboy is a darkly funny and somehow really touching look at discrimination through reactions to Imre, an undead student It s realistic well, not in the walking dead nature of the title character, but in the controversy, the protests, the often frustrating opinions of other characters Not just realistic but eerily familiar.And, as with all of Scrimger s [...]

  • I love that the characters are not stereotypical I love that the father cooks supper I love that there is such a strong female main character and I love that she is called Evil O I love that there are quirky characters but not too quirky that I wouldn t care about them I love that the plot isn t predictable I love Richard Scrimger s sense of humour I m not a kid but I enjoy reading good children s books and I love this book

  • Zomboy was a pretty good book Zomboy is a different kind of zombie book because it s about acceptance and less about zombies trying to kill everything I enjoyed the humour and action spread throughout this book.

  • Scrimger is a funny one Even though this is the first of his books that I ve read, I feel like they re all great Now, Zomboy is hilarious at some parts but really good overall The charecter were cool Liked the setting D

  • For my first introduction to this author, it wasn t as funny as I thought it would be, but it was still good

  • Unique and sharply funny Zomboy is a big hearted winner says Kenneth Oppel,big words coming from a highly respected author Or is it Dresden, Ontario finds itself to be home to a victim of a disease so bizarre it s truly unbelievable, The main characters go to many places in this town, including Bob s house, Imre s house,Evil O s house and primarily Their school Out of these settings, only the location of Imre s and Bob s house was explained with detail The other settings were hardly even describ [...]

  • An odd new boy arrives at small town Dresden s Westwood school Soon after, a freak accident occurs a piano careens down the school hallway, splitting as it slams into that boy The boy stands unharmed, and though he has had a wire driven into him, he does not bleed Checked by a doctor, Imre Lazar is discovered to have no pulse, no blood flow, and no temperature It appears that as the lone survivor of a nuclear accident in Port Sterling,Ontario, he has special powers he is one of the undead, a zom [...]

  • Alive or not, this is a book to behold.Zomboy is not like many first person books in the sense that it is not from the point of view of the most important good guy in the book but instead from another not so important good guy Who is the most important good guy He goes by the name Imre Lazar Imre has a few complications in his life, or is life not the right term Imre is dead Imre is a zomboy this is not a major spoiler because not only should this be pretty obvious, you find out pretty early in [...]

  • Bob and Evil O have been friends forever and puberty is not the only thing making their friendship questionable Imre, a new boy in school, catches the eye of Evil O Bob finds Imre weird, gross, cold, and just odd Well he has a good reason to After a piano falls on Imre and not a scratch is left on him, the school soon finds out Imre is a survivor from some nuclear something or other and now he is a zombie.or rather zomboy The school becomes a battle ground for protesters to support Imre or get t [...]

  • Zomboy certainly did not fail to make me laugh my head off and chuckle in between starting from the first page to the last I greatly enjoyed this book, I ve got a soft spot in my heart for books that could get me laughing and become in love with so effortlessly and looks like Zomboy s taken up than just a spot I loved each and every character in this book, especially Imre, the Zomboy who I ve often imagined to be talking and doing everything in slow motion, Evil O the loud and brave one who sup [...]

  • Bob is a little dismayed when his best friend Evil O starts spending time with the new student in their class Imre Lazar not only has to deal with being the new kid, but also he has to deal with his relatively new status as undead Yes, Imre is what we would call a zombie His inclusion in the class leads to all sorts of issues as the community splits on how they feel about having a zombie int he same class as their children.I picked this book up as it is one of this year s Red Maple nominees I a [...]

  • There s a new kid in Bob s class, Imre Lazar but he s not what you would call normal He can lift buses, shake off a whole entire football team, and disconnect his hand from his body and he s not even living He s a zombie Bob doesn t really like get s a little upset and jealous when his best friend, Evil O starts hanging out with Imre all the time, and when all the parents start protesting and fighting about whether Imre should be in their child s class, he decides that maybe he should just accep [...]

  • Bob s life is as normal as it can be, he has a best friend, parents who fight a lot, and a local bully Everything s fine until a new kid shows up Imre Bob wants nothing to do with this strange kid, but of course Evil O, Bob s best friend finds Imre interesting Torn between his own beliefs and the ones of his best friend Bob decides if this new Zomboy is worth his friendship.I picked this book up because it was a red maple nominee, and I hadn t read it yet.I finished this book because I wanted to [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book I liked how the whole zombie idea was different This book wasn t about zombies taking over the world and eating people it was about young zombie boy named Imre who goes to school and wants to be like everyone else I enjoyed the main character, Bob, and reading the story from his point of view Bob is a funny, kind,and sensitive germaphobe The ending was great, full of action and very interesting It was full of action and very interesting I thought that the book was the [...]

  • There s something strange about the new kid in school He s sort of living impaired For Imre Lazar, moving to a new middle school is hard enough with everything new and different and weird, but being dead makes it all just a little harder Imre is a nice boy despite being dead and losing bits of himself, like his errant hand, now and then , and by the end of the story manages to win friends, influence bigoted anti zombie parents, and even save the day a few times he s a wall on the football field, [...]

  • It took me a little bit to get into the rhythm of the story and I found the first initial conflict a little bit frustrating but once I got it I got it Scrimger has a wonderful sense of humour and once you tap into it you can t help but smirk.A new boy comes to Bob and Evil O s class He s not like most kids he doesn t have a heart beat, is super strong, and occasionally loses body parts He is the Z word, which cannot be uttered in school Parents are concerned, kids are unsettled, it s very famili [...]

  • A good three stars This book was full of adventure and full of fun I thought the Zomboy would be the first character that was presented and not the third or fourth Bob, one of the main characters can insecure and very worried about things Evil O is a nice, tough girl with a lot of a do anything attitude Her real name is Olive but, you ll figure out why they call her Evil O in the book Imre is a boy Well the boy they call a Zomboy they only call him this because he s dead, but living He s nothing [...]

  • When Imre, an eccentric and unusual new student arrives in small town Ontario, Bob is repulsed Not only does his best friend Evil O instantly begin to defend Imre s peculiarities, she distances herself from Bob s perceived racism towards zombies In fact the whole town is divided on how to treat Imre in this engaging, funny and creative novel for middle graders Imre s transition from geek to zombie to hero is heart warming and entertaining Recommended for readers who enjoy comedy, mystery and a g [...]

  • I m going to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this book I didn t find the zombie storyline appealing, but it turns out that the story is entertaining, light hearted, and not super zombie ish Imre, a zomboy, shows up at a small town school in Ontario with secrets to keep, but a desire to fit in The acceptance or not of the small town parallels discrimination acceptance based on other true to life aspects, such as race It was a quirky story fun and refreshing.

  • I liked this book I really liked this book And as I read the book, I fell in love with the characters in a way that I didn t even realize I only realized how much I really enjoyed each character after read the last page.And my heart actually ached at the end idekThis book was a fun read I loved the humor And Bob was a very pleasant surprise I found him so irritating in the beginning but he really really grew on me.

  • I thought this was a great book on acceptance, using the Zomboy as other, which might make it easier to discuss in a classroom I also loved the exploration of friendship between Bob, our quirky narrator, and his spunky friend Evil OOlive backwards Definitely one for literature circles because it s got lots of room for discussion along with a fun read that will appeal to many students Your boys will love the ending and there s a cool little mystery within

  • I thought that this book was pretty good Zomboy had an interesting story and had a lot of action at the end Zomboy was a twist on the zombie idea Most books with zombies are often a story about people trying to survive because zombies are every where and people will turn into one if they get bit But this story is about a guy named Bob who met a zombie who just wants to be like everyone else.I liked this book so much because it has personal relationship that keeps me interested

  • I think that this book is a very good new take on the whole zombie epidemic and giving the zombie or zomboy feelings, a personality and not changing him into one of the classic movie monsters was very creative I also think that adding Imre s little sister a real zombie into the mix twisted the plot in a way that I did not see coming On a final note showing us how he thought the world would react to a zombie made this into a somewhat believable fiction novel Bravo Richard, Bravo

  • Zomboy by Richard Scrimger was a great story.Most people in Red Maple 2015 are thinking that it s not such a great book, but it is In this book Evil O backwards for Olive meets this new boy who is very strange,but she likes him anyway And then theirs Bob who doesn t like the Zomboy, soon ends up liking him This is a book very well done that I think most people might end up liking it you will have to read it first to know.

  • So I did in fact like reading this book but I felt like by the end of it, Scrimger was just trying to finish the book Sure, the characters were amazing and the humour in this book was awesome, but I would ve rather read a longer book with a plot that kinda flowed nicely than a book with a plot that was smooth and then BAM I don t know if that sentence made sense but whatever I did really like this book, however I just feel like it was a bit too young for me if that makes sense.

  • I think the book Zomboy by Richard Scrimger was a very unique, and funny book The story started off quickly, and kept getting , and interesting Zomboy kept keeping me guessing, and had surprising twists, and turns that I didn t expect I loved how all the characters personalities were all different, but how I could relate a little bit to all of them Even though some parts of the book could have been predictable than others, I give Zomboy four stars

  • Boy comes through some kind of nuclear mishap, but he is dead For reasons that remain unexplained, this boy is not your conventional zombie, but his sister is a conventional zombie, that is Anyway, the focus is on Imre, the eponymous zomboy, and his experiences in school The appearance of Imre at the local school gives rise to heated differences of opinion and ugly racism The book is clever at times and should appeal to the 10 to 12 ages group.

  • A book about a zombie that s harmless That s a first I felt that I didn t give us enough time in the beginning to learn about the characters before Imre s secret was unleashed Imre was so strong to go to school every day even though there were people who were just down right jerks This book shows that you shouldn t be treated differently from everyone just because your different I give this book 3 stars for creativity and originality.

  • Bob must face the possibility of losing his best friend, and overcome his personal fear of zombies to see Imre as an individual In the shocking climax, Bob has to make a choice.Zomboy is a funny, creepy, and moving story about friendship and fitting in But don t be fooled by all this serious talk It s a book with zombies in it.

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