The Iliad

✓ The Iliad ☆ Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu - The Iliad, The Iliad One of the foremost achievements in Western literature Homer s Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War At its center is Achilles the greatest warrior champion of the Greeks a ✓ The Iliad ☆ Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu - The Iliad, The Iliad One of the foremost achievements in Western literature Homer s Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War At its center is Achilles the greatest warrior champion of the Greeks a

  • Title: The Iliad
  • Author: Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu
  • ISBN: 9780140447941
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
The Iliad

✓ The Iliad ☆ Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu, The Iliad, Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu, The Iliad One of the foremost achievements in Western literature Homer s Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War At its center is Achilles the greatest warrior champion of the Greeks and his conflict with his leader Agamemnon Interwoven in the tragic sequence of events are powerfully moving descriptions of the ebb and flow of battle the besieged city ofOne of the foremos ✓ The Iliad ☆ Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu - The Iliad, The Iliad One of the foremost achievements in Western literature Homer s Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War At its center is Achilles the greatest warrior champion of the Greeks a

  • ✓ The Iliad ☆ Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu
    262Homer E.V. Rieu Peter Jones D.C.H. Rieu
The Iliad

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    In the Western classical tradition, Homer Greek is considered the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey, and is revered as the greatest of ancient Greek epic poets These epics lie at the beginning of the Western canon of literature, and have had an enormous influence on the history of literature.When he lived is unknown Herodotus estimates that Homer lived 400 years before his own time, which would place him at around 850 BCE, while other ancient sources claim that he lived much nearer to the supposed time of the Trojan War, in the early 12th century BCE Most modern researchers place Homer in the 7th or 8th centuries BCE.The formative influence of the Homeric epics in shaping Greek culture was widely recognized, and Homer was described as the teacher of Greece Homer s works, which are about fifty percent speeches, provided models in persuasive speaking and writing that were emulated throughout the ancient and medieval Greek worlds Fragments of Homer account for nearly half of all identifiable Greek literary papyrus finds.

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  • What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Victory or defeat in ancient Greek wars is primarily the result of marital spats and or petty sibling rivalry in Zeus and Hera s dysfunctional divine household.2 Zeus the father of gods and men is a henpecked husband who is also partial to domestic abuse.3 If you take a pretty girl who is the daughter of a priest of Apollo as war booty and refuse to have her ransomed, Apollo will rain plague on your troops And he won t be appeased until you [...]

  • I have conquered The Iliad I can truly call myself a Greek Mythology lover now.Angst, love, honor, angst, family, drama, death, angst Did I mention angst No, I m not talking about Beverly Hills, 90210 Oh Ancient Greece, you were a very mixed up angsty place.This is basically how it went down These memes are dark and full of spoilers I ve said it before and I ll say it again I was born too late Where s the Tardis when you need it

  • Pablo Picasso spent his entire life trying desperately to do something new, something unique He moved from style to style, mastering and then abandoning both modern and classical methods, even trying to teach his trained artist s hand to paint like a child.In 1940, four French teens and a dog stumbled upon a cave that had lain hidden for 16,000 years Inside, they found the walls covered in beautiful drawings of men and animals When the Lascaux caves were opened to the public, Pablo Picasso visit [...]

  • At my college graduation, the speaker was a gruff professor He was one of those older men whom people somewhat patronizingly describe as a teddy bear to convey the idea that while he looks like Santa Claus, they wouldn t be surprised to see him arraigned on assault charges at the local courthouse I liked this professor in general, and his graduation speech was a grand warm congratulations on a crisp early summer day He decided to inform us, however, that anyone who had not read The Iliad and The [...]

  • I m often kept up at night brooding on my troubles, wishing I could find some solace that would help me sleep But now I know that the best way to keep insomnia at bay is to get out of bed, hitch up my chariot, tie the corpse of my mortal enemy to the back, and drive around for a few hours, dragging him, until I cheer up and can go back to sleep The Iliad is unmatched, in my reading, for works that describe the bloody, ridiculous, selfish lengths people will go in order to feel better The sticks [...]

  • TROY VI THE INVENTION OF ACHILLES The Classics, it is the Classics William Blake is said to have exclaimed, with pointed reference to Homer, that Desolate Europe with Wars Blake s exclamation might not be as atrocious as it sounds at first There might be some truth to this, a universal truth.Significantly however, this is not how the ancients understood it They understood war as the catastrophe that it is.Strabo, the Roman geographer, talking about the Trojan wars, puts it thus For it came about [...]

  • After reading The Illiad I faced a quandary how do you review one of the most important and enduring works of creativity in human history What can you say that hundreds of thousands of others haven t My answer to this question is that I must join the chorus of those who have come before me and sing the praises of what is one of the best stories I have ever read, as fascinating and gripping now as it no doubt was when it was penned nearly three millennia ago.There are many reasons why this book h [...]

  • The story of the siege of Troy is one of heroism and tragedy There are so many unforgettable characters here both gods and heroes that it is like watching an old black and white movie with those incredible crowds like in Ben Hur You can see the vast encampment of Greeks around Troy, you can smell the cooking fires and hear the laughter in the camp the jeers at the wall and the frustration on both sides as the siege goes on and on The epic battles near the end the claim the lives of some of mytho [...]

  • Foolish me I thought I was going to look at the different editions of The Iliad and choose the one most readable but did not reckon with the overwhelming beauty of the language and story The truth is, it does not matter which edition you choose, so long as you read at least one It is inevitable that you will find yourself drawn to the question of the most beautiful and complete rendition but you may wisely concede defeat at the beauty of each The Homeric epics are said to be the greatest stories [...]

  • Book Review3 out of 5 stars to The Iliad, a Greek lyrical work written around 800 BC by Homer Ah The Trojan War We all know of the horse, but how did it come together Who was at war And why You ll need to read The Iliad The Odyssey to figure all that out of the two, I preferred the Odyssey I still found the story fascinating and enjoyed the read But it s a lot to digest It s amazing when you realize these works are almost 3000 years old Such beauty in his words And to think about everything we v [...]

  • E assim foi o funeral de Heitor, domador de cavalos P ginas e p ginas de cabe as e membros decepados, de tripas pelo ch o, onde a terra corria negra de sangue Mortos, mortos, mortos sem fim Ainda assim, serei eu demasiado rom ntica e ignorante ao dizer que a Il ada uma hist ria de amor es O amor entre Paris Pr ncipe de Tr ia e Helena O rapto da mulher de Menelau a origem do ataque a Tr ia pelos gregos, comandados pelo irm o, Agam mnon.O amor entre Aquiles e P troclo com a morte deste que o belo [...]

  • Iliad, Homer The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer Set during the Trojan War, the ten year siege of the city of Troy Ilium by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles 1334 720 1377 579 9643053865 1381 1385 1387 9789643053864 08 1973 Characters Ajax, Odysseus, Helen of Troy, Menelaus, Paris, Hector, Achilles, Agamemnon, Aeneas, Sarpedon, P [...]

  • I don t know why I read this It isn t on The List I guess because it s technically a poem, not a novel , and it wasn t assigned reading or anything But for whatever reason, reading The Iliad has been on my mental to do list for a while now, and last week I finally picked it up My first reaction dude, this epic is epic thank you, I ll be here all week It s full of dudes getting killed in really exquisite detail, dudes talking about killing or not killing dudes, dudes mourning dead dudes in a tota [...]

  • They lived in a house where a narrow enfilade made up for a pitch to make up for an amateurish game of cricket with one opening to the hall room and the other two to a bedroom and kitchen facing opposite to each other As any elder sibling is wont to do, he sneaked into the younger sibling s bedroom and passed taunts in an attempt to slake his vengeance for the previous match lost The challenge of a re game to settle the dust on who is the better player would finally lead to a recollection of pas [...]

  • La Il ada, este inmortal poema pico griego que la historia de la literatura le atribuye a Homero comentar esto m s adelante , es un libro sobre la guerra, pero que tambi n habla de una poca, en la que Troya o Ili n es el campo de batalla donde se pone de manifiesto la perfecta conjunci n de dioses, h roes y hombres, quienes luchan a la par y en distintos planos, como el terrenal y el del Olimpo.Este es un libro que habla sobre la c lera de Aquiles y la bravura de H ctor y nos involucra r pidamen [...]

  • I have now read The Iliad for the first time since my college days I almost wonder if I actually read the whole book back then It seems so different now, so much all encompassing, universal and timeless in dealing with men at war, issues of honor, duties of leadership, fate, individuals and community Certainly the gods seem petty and childlike than I remembered On this reading it is both brutal and beautiful than I expected in that way I would guess it mirrors life It also does seem relevant [...]

  • I read the Odyssey at Uni and really loved it A romp off to parts unknown with a man who is good company from a distance As with much of fiction, the people I am delighted to spend lots of time with on the page are not necessarily those I would want to spend anytime with otherwise.I ve always meant to get around to reading this I mean, this Homer guy only wrote two books and I had enjoyed the other one, so so, a mere twenty years later how time flies I got around to reading this one.The problem [...]

  • So how do you fairly critique something that originates circa 700BC I mean it s kinda crappy to give this any less than four stars But you know me Admittedly I found this a little hard to read at times I think partly my own fault because I kept mixing up who was who, Greek or Trojan etc and also because I m not entirely sold on this particular translation I read The Project Gutenberg version of the Iliad is in a very recognisable poem format and I had expected this to be similar but with helpful [...]

  • What can I possibly say Truly one of the greatest works of art our species has produced, remaining profoundly moving, thrilling, philosophically rich and emotionally complex well over 2000 year later I have read other translations in the past but this new version from Caroline Alexander knocked my damn socks off Pope s version is poetry of the highest order, and was probably my favourite up till now, but the distance between it and the original is pretty immense What this version lacked in poetr [...]

  • The true hero, the true subject, the center of the Iliad, is force Force as man s instrument, force as man s master, force before which human flesh shrinks back The human soul, in this poem, is shown always in its relation to force swept away, blinded by the force it thinks it can direct, bent under the pressure of the force to which it is subjected Those who had dreamed that force, thanks to progress, now belonged to the past, have seen the poem as a historic document those who can see that for [...]

  • Am I really going to bother reviewing Homer s _Iliad_ I mean, what am I going to say that hasn t been said by generations of scholars, reviewers or readers Does another drop in the ocean matter Well, even if it doesn t I ll give it a go I guess Reading the _Iliad_ was mostly done by me as a correction to a perceived gap in my education I had always known bits and pieces about the poem and its heroes from various sources and the culture in general, but I had never read the poem itself Given that [...]

  • Estuve mentalmente metida en la guerra entre aqueos y troyanos de agosto a diciembre Al menos, no dur tanto como la verdadera diez a os en total.Il adaes un poema pico extenso y arduo, repleto de descripciones de armas y combates, pero que compensa cada queja con unos pasajes sublimes y una naturalizaci n de personajes que sorprende.Breve reposici n de argumento Il adase concentra en la interminable ira de Aquiles, el mejor guerrero de los aqueos, a causa del robo de su bot n, que inclu a a Bris [...]

  • THE ILIAD by HOMER translated by Robert FaglesOh My God, I absolutely HATED the Iliad If you want to read a bunch of reviews by people who loved this book, go to and read the reviews there The fans of this book will say that this is the ultimate book of war and this is the best translation ever, that this story shows the courage and manliness and heroics of the soldiers on both sides of the Trojan war even as they are being manipulated by the gods who are having their own arguments amongst thems [...]

  • Durante muito tempo me questionei porque sempre que se citava Homero, ou se citavam os cl ssicos da literatura grega, era da Odisseia que primeiro se falava, quando em termos cronol gicos, tanto da sua conce o como da hist ria contada, a Il ada o primeiro dos dois livros N o compreendia, at porque na tradi o contempor nea, o mais importante das hist rias est normalmente associado ao primeiro livro, ou primeiro filme, n o passando os restantes de sequelas, suced neos, que n o raras vezes falham e [...]

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