Nobody's Hero

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Nobody's Hero : by Katey Hawthorne - Nobody's Hero, Nobody s Hero Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds With his family he s the golden child of awakened superpowered society He s meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers with the appropriate girl hand [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Nobody's Hero : by Katey Hawthorne - Nobody's Hero, Nobody s Hero Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds With his family he s the golden child of awakened superpowered society He s meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers with the appropriate girl hand

  • Title: Nobody's Hero
  • Author: Katey Hawthorne
  • ISBN: 9781611188042
  • Page: 496
  • Format: ebook
Nobody's Hero

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Nobody's Hero : by Katey Hawthorne, Nobody's Hero, Katey Hawthorne, Nobody s Hero Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds With his family he s the golden child of awakened superpowered society He s meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers with the appropriate girl hand picked by his mother He s already failed at the former so he can t bring himself to tell her that the latter isn t happening either With his friends he s the social diJamie Monday liv [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Nobody's Hero : by Katey Hawthorne - Nobody's Hero, Nobody s Hero Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds With his family he s the golden child of awakened superpowered society He s meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers with the appropriate girl hand

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Nobody's Hero : by Katey Hawthorne
    496 Katey Hawthorne
Nobody's Hero

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    Hi I m Katey I write superpowered and fantasy romance of an LGBTQIA bent I live at Superpowered Love kateyhawthorne.I know, I know, it looks like I don t read anything here at GoodReads But I do, I swear My reviews and stuff are all over at my other GoodReads thingie, KV Taylor Relevant shelves to Katey Hawthorne stuff RomanceLGBTQandComics, Graphic Novels, and Trade Paperbacks

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  • 3.5 3.75Sweet, cute, sexy, snarky, with a hot nerdy tattooed Irish boy with a comic books addiction who listens to The Tossers and The Dropkick Murphys UMMM HELL TO THE YESSSS Where do I sign up This is the third installment in the The Superpowered Love series by Katey Hawthorne and all I can say is, her writing just works for me I love these stories and the characters are FAB and so likable I loved Kellan and James Kellan was a little skittish, and it took me a while to figure him out, but when [...]

  • I love the Superpowered Love series and this third story is definitely the hottest Jamie is the office flirt, popular and open about his sexuality This is in direct contrast to his hidden home life where he is the very powerful only son of an Awakened family who expects him to continue the family line Enter the new guy at work, the awkward and blunt but very attractive Kellan It doesn t take long before their colleagues notice the chemistry between them and set them up for a date.This is a decep [...]

  • It s been said that honesty is the best policy, but is that always the case It s my belief that nothing is black or white What if being totally honest puts yourself and others in jeopardy And, what if the secret you are sworn to keep does not necessarily apply to a certain situation What if it s actually detrimental Isn t that time to sneak in some gray Jamie Monday of Nobody s Hero is being torn apart while internally debating this issue What he decides will determine not only his happiness and [...]

  • Another solidly sweet story heh Can t seem to avoid alliteration sometimes about the superpowered story is narrated by Jamie superpower electricity and it s about his journey from out at work but not at home, all but engaged to Mom s friend s daughter to all out in love with Kellan, who he met at work Their backgrounds are very different Jamie grew up the only child of a neurosurgeon dad who died when he was very young and a presumably executive mom, with plenty of money and privilege and charm [...]

  • Rating 4.8 starsJamie Monday is living two lives In one life, he is normal and outwardly gay, he s the life of the gay party scene, the office extrovert, everyone s favorite homo Then there s his other life, the hidden one as a member of the Awakened, people who can control the elements As an Awakened, Jamie is deep in the closet He hides his sexual identity from his mother and the Awakened community who expect him to marry and procreate Additionally, Jamie hides the fact that he is an Awakened [...]

  • 3.5 starsThis review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found thereBODY S HERO is the third book in the Superpowered Love series and probably the one that brings most of the author s talent to the surface The writing is balanced when compared to the previous book and holds of the contemporary elements than supernatural Jamie Monday is a party boy, rich with a great job and considered the elite among others with his abilities The perfect marrying type and that is exa [...]

  • I love starting a book and being able to tell right away that the author has hit this one out of the park There s no worry that I m going to get bored with the characters I don t have to spend time deciding whether it s worth it to invest myself in the story I m just hooked.That s Nobody s Hero.I adored Jamie instantly, and, if possible, loved Kellan even I m a big fan of prickly characters, but I think the challenge for authors writing them into a love story lies in making readers understand w [...]

  • In this, the third novel in Katey Hawthorne s Superpowered Love series, I feel she has come into her own as an author The writing is smoother, the plot evenly balanced no real plot inconsistencies and the pacing was much even It is also my favorite in the series so far, and the first to rate above 3 stars.Jamie Monday, an awakened with electrical power, is living two lives, and in both of them, he is hiding an essential part of himself With his mother and the awakened community, he is in the c [...]

  • This is my favorite book so far in the Superpowered Love series Jamie Monday is an awakened , meaning he is one of the few humans that has amazing superpowers In Jamie s case, he is one of the strongest up and comers in his superpowered awakened society Unfortunately, being a part of this society has certainexpectations Since birth, his mother has expected him to marry another powerful woman of their society and create perfect, super charged babies Sounds great, right It s the like being in the [...]

  • There wasn t anything wrong with this story and I did enjoy it but I just didn t connect enough to love it I think it was Jamie s refusal to deal with his family community I get he never told anyone he was gay, lots of people don t, but I never really got it There is reference that they had to be keep hidden because of hunters crazies, but the whole arranged marriages and the way he kept sending these vague messages to his intended and then being annoyed she didn t know what he was really saying [...]

  • I am a firm believer that there s such thing as chemistry with author s writing and this one sort of fails me in that sense I just feel like Jamie s narration 1st person is meant for himself or those who are clued into his mind Like there s a personal joke or reference somewhere that I don t have my hands on Sure, there s one or two scene that I enjoy, like when Jamie meets Kellan s colorful family However, most of the times, I feel like I m that kid in the party, where there are conversations h [...]

  • My new book, coming March 13 Woohoo Contains electricity, Irish American punk, baseball, The Winking Lizard Ohio people, you know what I mean , family issues, nerdflirting, Powers Irish Whiskey, surprising tattoos, arranged marriages, recurring nightmares, Little Italy, big arguments, sex, Catholicism, accidental heroics, secrets, lies, love, and white Jockey underpants.May be enjoyable for those who like their romantic conflict a little internal, those who like their guys either grouchy and ne [...]

  • I dare you to read this story and not fall madly in love with Kellan This is another great addition to the series It s light on the paranormal stuff, but I prefer it that way I like the main focus to be on the relationship As always, Katey Hawthorne s writing just sparkles Jamie s narration is witty and clever and wonderful.

  • This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayJamie Monday is a great guy social butterfly, lots of fun, good friend, and a bit of a slut But he is living a double life that is weighing on him To his friends, coworkers, and most of the rest of the world he is an out and proud, average guy But to his mother and her social circle, he is one of the awakened, a guy with the ability to control electricity, and one who has incredible power To them he is the dutiful son, playing straight [...]

  • Guilty pleasures are things we are so often ashamed of things we keep locked away and take out only every so often to examine, but never too closely, as that would cause the illusion that we truly don t like our little secrets to shatter Rather, It would reveal to us just how much we loved that little something about ourselves and then we would be faced with the truth of how despicable we really are Jamie Monday has a guilty pleasure it is his power, and what a power it is With an electrical for [...]

  • Nobody s Hero is the sixth book I ve read by Katey Hawthorne, including her horror story Scripped under the name K.V Taylor, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors right alongside John A Lindqvist I d call reading her gay supernatural superhero romances a guilty pleasure, except I never feel guilty for reading them, and her writing is pure pleasure from start to finish.It s not about the sex, although I must say, Katey does an outstanding job of writing hot sex scenes She writes [...]

  • 4 stars I hadn t been too sure about this book to start off with, even though I loved the previous two instalments of the Superpowered Love series I m not sure if it was just a case of me not being in the right mood to properly enjoy it, but I found myself struggling to get through the first couple of chapters Having said that, it didn t take too long to get into it and soon enough I fell in love with Kellan and Jamie s story By the end, I was so engrossed in the story that I couldn t put it dow [...]

  • Kellen is prickly and awkward He grew up poor and unpopular, and his family, while loving, is far from perfect He has an inferiority complex that flares to life at the slightest provocation Jamie is a charming, good looking extrovert who seems to have everything going for him Yet it turns out to be Kellen who has the stronger sense of self He can t tolerate dishonesty or lack of integrity, and this is what drives the course of the romance.Please see the rest of this review at charming2020oklikes [...]

  • It was a nice story, but I was hoping for plot and less sex Not that the sex wasn t hot and well written I would have liked to see the impact of the main characters powers in everyday life could he make the TV turn on without a remote if he could see the energetic field of other people meant he was really sensible and could walk in a dark room without bumping into things Anyway, I think to book needed a bit of physics about electricity and it s impact for the reader to be able to grasp the abil [...]

  • 3.5 starsI enjoyed it, but was surprised to turn on my ereader at one point, wondering what to read, only to discover that I was apparently halfway through this I ve been a bit busy and distracted, but it still doesn t seem good when I so completely forget I m reading a book Once I started reading it again, I remembered it, remembered why I d been enjoying it, and continued to enjoy it through to the end.

  • The storyline developed slowly and with enjoyable pace I liked this couple Jamie and Kellan started it slow In a way their pace was a bit to slow for my taste but then, this was part of a plot The story ended with grace and really satisfying emotions This was really well written third part Great work from this Author

  • 3.5 starsIf a character has special powers I tend to prefer a story where they re actually getting used in an active, plot intensive kind of way Alas, these special powers play a dormant role here but I can t argue with with decent relationship building and nicely developed characters.

  • I liked the story but I think the fantasy factor has been overshadowed and the story loses a bit Jamie is a good character, but Kelly could be interesting, especially with all that talk about church and religion could be interesting to compare with the power to Jamie

  • 3.5 stars Good paranormal m m romance about a charming salesman who s very attracted to the quirky new computer programmer at work He never expects to be at all tempted to share the secret of his extraordinary power

  • I really enjoyed this book, despite the almost too much angst There was significant story and character development I will certainly look up books by this author.

  • Cute, entertaining read I wasn t sure how it would be, but I found the MC s completely enjoyable The paranormal subplot was fairly light, and that worked well for me.

  • D a Fucking d a Maybe I can improve on this review when I ve had a bit time to process, but generally fucking d a That is all.

  • Weird, but kind of cool I liked the self aware element, in that characters understood certain things and so you weren t sitting there wondering whether such TSTL people actually could exist or not.

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