Silent Fear

Unlimited Silent Fear - by Katherine Howell - Silent Fear, Silent Fear On a searing summer s day paramedic Holly Garland rushes to an emergency to find a man collapsed with a bullet wound in the back of his head CPR being performed by two bystanders and her long estran Unlimited Silent Fear - by Katherine Howell - Silent Fear, Silent Fear On a searing summer s day paramedic Holly Garland rushes to an emergency to find a man collapsed with a bullet wound in the back of his head CPR being performed by two bystanders and her long estran

  • Title: Silent Fear
  • Author: Katherine Howell
  • ISBN: 9781742610726
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
Silent Fear

Unlimited Silent Fear - by Katherine Howell, Silent Fear, Katherine Howell, Silent Fear On a searing summer s day paramedic Holly Garland rushes to an emergency to find a man collapsed with a bullet wound in the back of his head CPR being performed by two bystanders and her long estranged brother Seth watching it all unfold Seth claims to be the dying man s best friend but Holly knows better than to believe anything he says and fears that his re appearanceOn a searing Unlimited Silent Fear - by Katherine Howell - Silent Fear, Silent Fear On a searing summer s day paramedic Holly Garland rushes to an emergency to find a man collapsed with a bullet wound in the back of his head CPR being performed by two bystanders and her long estran

  • Unlimited Silent Fear - by Katherine Howell
    237Katherine Howell
Silent Fear

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    Katherine Howell worked as a paramedic for fifteen years while completing her Bachelor and Masters degrees in creative writing Her first novel, Frantic, was published in 2007 by Pan Macmillan and set a paramedic alongside Sydney police detective Ella Marconi in an adrenaline rush of a thriller Sydney Morning Herald It won the 2008 Davitt award for best crime fiction Her second book, The Darkest Hour, continued the pattern with Ella and another paramedic in a finely paced and engrossing novel Guardian UK The third in the series, Cold Justice, made the Australian bestseller list, saw Katherine travelling on a PO cruise as guest author, and was described by NYT bestselling author Tess Gerritsen as one of my favourite books of the year It also won the 2011 Davitt award for best crime fiction, making Katherine the only author to have won twice Her fourth book, Violent Exposure, was described by Bookseller Publisher as arguably her best yet four stars , while the fifth, Silent Fear, was chosen as a Guaranteed Book You Can t Put Down by the national Get Reading programme Katherine s books are published in multiple countries and languages and have been likened to the work of Karin Slaughter and Patricia Cornwell Katherine is studying female doctor investigators in crime fiction for her PhD at the University of Queensland, and teaches writing and editing She lives in Queensland with her partner, who owns a bookshop.

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  • Paramedics Holly and Joe are called to the scene of a possible cardiac arrest of a 29 year old male The day is scorching hot but is that enough to have caused someone so young to collapse During their efforts to save him, Holly discovers a bullet wound to the back of his neck and she knows that he never had a chance Seth, who claims to be the dead mans best friend, is standing nearby watching it all unfold.Detective Ella Marconi is called in to investigate the homicide of the young man, who has [...]

  • Paramedic, Holly Garland and her partner, Joe are called out to an emergency involving a young man who has collapsed Arriving at the scene they quickly learn the young man and his friends had been playing a bit of football even though it was an extremely hot day Two people who were passing by when the young man collapsed started CPR, but Holly could see it was being done incorrectly and assists straight away Then Holly discovers a bullet wound at the back of the victims head which is when, Joe i [...]

  • This is not a genre I usually read, but I really enjoyed this very engaging detective fiction set in Sydney I picked it up only meaning to read a little but couldn t put it down, after a very fast start where paramedic Holly arrives at a young man s collapse, expecting a cardiac arrest, only to find he s been shot in the back of the neck On top of that her very shady brother, who she hasn t seen in 12 years, is on the scene, and she just knows he s got something to do with whatever is going on.I [...]

  • A very enjoyable book and a fast, easy read but for me it did not quite have the edge that her other books have had I was a little uncomfortable with some of the dialogue ringing untrue and the way her men are divided into the really good and the really bad However this is a teeny tiny criticism matched against the excellence of her story telling and the way it is paced Not a book you can just read a little and then put down I was happy to see a little light coming into Ella s love life and hope [...]

  • Silent Fear is the fifth novel by Australian crime fiction writer Katherine Howell featuring Detective Ella Marconi and, as with the other installments in the series, it is a page turning blend of police procedural, action and suspense.Paramedic Holly Garland is shocked to find her estranged brother, Seth, standing over the body on a routine call out for a collapse, while two bystanders perform clumsy CPR on the man When she discovers that her patient has been shot, she is certain her brother is [...]

  • It s odd, the things that can occur to you when you re reading books In the case of SILENT FEAR I just could not stop thinking how glad I was to be a reader and not a writer Honestly, how do these people come up with such consistently good characters and excellent plots Howell makes her life that little bit difficult by always bringing in a Paramedic thread, mostly with new characters each book, weaving what happens to them on the job into the plot of an excellent crime fiction police procedura [...]

  • Detective Ella Marconi gets involved in her next case after paramedics Holly and Joe are called to the scene of a man who had collapsed whilst he and his friends were kicking a football around one blisteringly hot Saturday On their arrival, two bystanders were doing their best to apply CPR to the man, but Holly could see that they were too late Their CPR efforts weren t the best, but at least they were trying To her horror, she saw her estranged brother, Seth, standing with some other men, obvio [...]

  • Katherine Howell s latest novel in the Ella Marconi series, Silent Fear is utterly gripping, atmospheric and unputdownable Opening on a sultry Sydney day close to Christmas, the kind where skin sticks to leather and flies adhere to skin, paramedic Holly is summoned, along with her partner, to what appears to be a collapse at a nearby football ground Only, when she arrives, the young victim hasn t fainted from heatstroke as first suspected but been shot in the head Discovering that her estranged [...]

  • 5 of her Detective Ella Marconi series, and chock full of angst at every turn Again Det Ella shares center stage with a paramedic, this time the paramedic has a past that really wouldn t sit all that well with patients.Fast start to this book and a very good read From attending to a person who has collapsed and they think is heat or heart attack only to find out the victim was shot in the back of the neck and a good Samaritan performing CPR slightly or would that be majorly wrong Then seeing tha [...]

  • Silent Fear is another page turner from Katherine Howell Detective Ella Marconi is back at work unravelling a complex crime involving brothels, drugs, and murder Holly, a paramedic, provides the other point of view for the story It s a good contrast between the conflicted paramedic and the dedicated detective.As usual the cast of characters is large, interesting and oh so real The suspects are linked by spidery connections that gradually pull together for the ending Ms Howell s stories are less [...]

  • What can I say this is the fifth book in the series and Katherine Howell just keeps on getting better Silent Fear drew me in from the first page and did not let me go until I had finished It was unputdownable It opens on a stinking hot December day in Sydney, paramedic Holly and her partner are sent to a suspected heart attack victim in a park, when they arrive they discover the victim has been shot in the head Detective Ella Marconi returns to take part in the investigation, but this is Holly [...]

  • This is the first of this series I have read and I found it hard to put down While Ella Marconi is the lead character in the series and is well drawn, Holly the ambulance person, survivor of child abuse and the worst of it s awful and predictable outcomes, is the secondary character in this novel and is wonderfully drawn Her dilemmas at first repel us, and then, when we fully understand them, break our hearts Two strong women characters who both like, love and respect men while struggling with t [...]

  • I read this one and Violent Exposure running on from each other in order, and they are kind of imprinted in my mind together, so I m going to do a joint review Classic Katherine Howell in the Ella Marconi style we found out a bit about her, and a bit about the original paramedics from the first book wished I hadn t read the first book quite so long ago now and how things were tying in together.

  • 4.5 stars As I wait with bated breath for each of Katherine Howell s novels to be released there s delicious anticipation but there s also a twinge of fear, a niggle of doubt Katherine s novels landed on my auto buy list after her 2nd book The Darkest Hour proved Frantic wasn t a one hit wonder So 5th book, what if its not as good Katherine s record so far has proven this unlikely but in defence of my niggling doubt it s possible This author sets the bar high and I have high expectations I ve be [...]

  • Silent Fear, by Katherine Howell, a minus, narrated by Caroline Lee, produced by Bolina Publishing, downloaded from audible.Holly, a paramedic, is called to an emergency situation where a man is said to be in cardiac arrest, but Holly soon realizes he has been shot She also realizes that volunteers who are supposedly providing CPR may in fact be putting him in even danger of dying of a broken neck To make matters worse, the man s best friend turns out to be her estranged brother, whom she hasn [...]

  • I haven t read this writer before, and a friend passed Silent Fear to me with the comment pretty light weight but fun And she basically right good ol page turner crime fic Realistic characters and there was an interesting subtext of sexual harassment of women in the workplace and how to handle it I thought i would be delighted by reading a story set in my home city, but that part of the novel actually irritated me It seemed that every third paragraph had to mention a different suburbs name Thes [...]

  • I am a huge Katherine Howell fan, have been reading her books since the first one hit the shelf Silent Fear does not disappoint the reader the plot is gripping, the pace is fast and the characters are real Ella again has a baffling case in front of her and this time has a fellow workmate being an absolute pain hoping that he may continue in further novels, so he can really meet his match with The Great Marconi I find these little additions to the storylines make it that real and believable.This [...]

  • Another pacy read from the lovely Katherine Howell featuring Detective Ella Marconi You can feel the heat of Sydney in summer in this taut, twisty tale of love, murder and money in the suburbs.Incidentally this is the second novel I ve read this year featuring a character with a history of injecting drug use The first was In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell, whose main character Catherine Berlin is a high functioning heroin addict In Silent Fear, it s paramedic Holly Garland whose dark past involves [...]

  • Police Detective Ella Marconi is back, in the fifth book of this fast paced crime thriller series As usual, I loved the paramedic s perspective and the familiar Australian setting The story was full of twists and turns and secrets, and kept me guessing until the end Katherine Howell delved into the world of illegal prostitution in Sydney, and one of the paramedics faced a serious moral dilemma I listened to the audiobook edition narrated by Caroline Lee, who did a fantastic job, speaking clearly [...]

  • As with other Katherine Howell books this was hard to put down I am finding her books to be a little formulaic, but I still enjoy them Obviously with the common theme of paramedics and detectives there is going to be a little bit of sameness about the books, but I ve also found that in almost every book, somebody has a secret Usually it s the paramedic, or it s somebody close to them Either way, I am still looking forward to reading the next book although I m taking a break and reading a differe [...]

  • If you like Tess Gerritsen s Rizzole and Isles books , you will like this one We follow the stories of Holly Garland a paramedic with a suspect past and a detective, Ella Marconi Holly attends the scene of a murder in her capacity of paramedic, and her brother, Seth a brother she has not seen for 12 years is a witness Both Ella and Holly suspect Seth of being involved in the crime This story gallops along no boring bits here

  • The best in the series, and I liked the previous four An engrossing plot, drama for returning characters, and of course a new group of paramedics to get to know, each with their own stories I like the way Howell writes, the quick back and forth, the short chapters There is a lot tragedy in this book than I was expecting of Howellhad to take a few deep breaths to continue to reading Looking forward to the next.

  • Another Ella Marconi novel A game of touch football in the park starts this story When one of the group collapses an ambulance is called A gunshot is discovered by the paramedics, and so starts this intriguing plot Obviously not all as it first appears.

  • Good book and an easy read My second experience with the Ella Marconi series I enjoyed it and will than likely seek out other novels in the range The characters are easily believable and the story can be followed without getting mixed up in too many characters.

  • Audio version of this book was entertaining and kept me intrigued for much of the book Great characterization and I enjoyed the Sydney setting, but it didn t grab me as much as the other book I ve read in the Ella Marconi series Would still look out for books in this series.

  • This book had me holding my breath at times Fast paced, realistic scenarios, great characters that you feel have come from real life Katherine Howell tells a great yarn I feel like its a true story from Underbelly Can t wait for the next one

  • This is the 2nd novei I ve read by Katherine Howell the 1st being Frantic which I loved but for some reason I just couldn t get into Silent Fear I don t really know why except it just didn t do it for me like Frantic did I thought ide love this novel also but it just didn t peak my interest

  • I enjoy the double insights of Howell s Marconi series you get the police but you also get the ambos A neat layered story of violence and stupidity and recovery set in Sydney Literally, a good read.

  • Another brilliant offering from Katherine Howell with her Ella Marconi paramedic police procedural series Captivating action packed plots where she cleverly expands on the regular characters whilst continually introducing interesting new players I can t wait for the next one

  • Strong plot line, realistic characters, fabulous undercurrents in a suspenseful thriller Another hit for Katherine Howell

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