Charles Kuralt's America

[PDF] Download ↠ Charles Kuralt's America : by Charles Kuralt - Charles Kuralt's America, Charles Kuralt s America Although he retired from CBS News in Kuralt has not retired from his wanderings Filled with the stories of people and their experiences suffused by a poet s love of language and rich in the sp [PDF] Download ↠ Charles Kuralt's America : by Charles Kuralt - Charles Kuralt's America, Charles Kuralt s America Although he retired from CBS News in Kuralt has not retired from his wanderings Filled with the stories of people and their experiences suffused by a poet s love of language and rich in the sp

  • Title: Charles Kuralt's America
  • Author: Charles Kuralt
  • ISBN: 9780399140839
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
Charles Kuralt's America

[PDF] Download ↠ Charles Kuralt's America : by Charles Kuralt, Charles Kuralt's America, Charles Kuralt, Charles Kuralt s America Although he retired from CBS News in Kuralt has not retired from his wanderings Filled with the stories of people and their experiences suffused by a poet s love of language and rich in the spirit and flavor of America the accounts in the latest book by the author of Life on the Road take readers from Cajun country to the North Carolina mountains to the pleasuresA [PDF] Download ↠ Charles Kuralt's America : by Charles Kuralt - Charles Kuralt's America, Charles Kuralt s America Although he retired from CBS News in Kuralt has not retired from his wanderings Filled with the stories of people and their experiences suffused by a poet s love of language and rich in the sp

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Charles Kuralt's America : by Charles Kuralt
    289Charles Kuralt
Charles Kuralt's America

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    Charles Kuralt was an award winning American journalist He was most widely known for his long career with CBS, first for his On the Road segments on The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, and later as the first anchor of CBS News Sunday Morning, a position he held for fifteen years.Kuralt s On the Road segments were recognized twice with personal Peabody Awards The first, awarded in 1968, cited those segments as heartwarming and nostalgic vignettes in 1975, the award was for his work as a U.S bicentennial historian his work capture d the individuality of the people, the dynamic growth inherent in the area, and e rich heritage of this great nation He shared in a third Peabody awarded to CBS News Sunday Morning.

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  • I loved this book I enjoy stories about people heart warming stories about the ups and downs of these common people.Charles Kuralt, famous for his On the Road TV stories, retired from CBS in 1994 and at the age of 59 he turned 60 while on the road that year decided to once again see American The book was divided into 12 chapters Kuralt wrote about his stay in a particular location for that month one location per month I had to laugh after each chapter I would think That would be a nice place to [...]

  • I read this one over about a six week period, savoring each chapter as it came The book is divided into twelve parts, each representing a month wherein Charles Kuralt, long time CBS newsman and host of his famous On the Road segments, visits and absorbs his favorite locales across America They are all return visits and considering how much travelling he s done in his life, each of these places must be pretty special to be included in this book.Not only does he visit each location and report on m [...]

  • He spent his life travelling for television, but his most poignant anecdote is his most telling He is introduced to a young woman lying naked on her bed but demurs Later that night, the woman rescues him as the motel starts burning down Towards the end of his travels, he quotes a journalism friend Regret is the women you could have known.

  • Beautiful prose and Kuralt knows how to tell a story He makes the boring seem interesting That said, some of the chapters are great and others are, well, boring I loved his view of Key West and Charleston, but Alaska and Minnesota seemed to drag The book felt like of a retirement trip slideshow at times While I enjoyed learning about some of these places as they were in 1995, I was also twinged with envy that these locales will never be quite the same as they were then.

  • Kuralt is a good writer, but only so many road stories can keep my interest I skimmed over the last 90 pages It was interesting to read the different views of life from different people through the U.S but as I stated, it gets stale.

  • Listened to the audiobook, so I really didn t give it a fair chance Months 6 10 ish were kinda glossed over as I was distracted by other things I ll have to get the physical book and read a few chapters sometime.

  • Charles Kuralt hosted a popular Sunday Morning segment on CBS I loved that show, and Kuralt s mellifluous baritone voice overs This book was written after he had retired from television He spends an entire year going to different states, spending a full month in each state he visits What does he do with all this free time He spends it just hanging out, enjoying the weather and the ambience, connecting with old friends, meeting new friends, eating, fishing and enjoying life in general Reading thi [...]

  • This book was written by Charles Kuralt the year following his retirement from CBS His first year of retirement he chose to travel around the country and spend a month in each of his favorite places His thoughts and experiences in places I ve also visited and places I ve yet to see were interesting He had a knack for meeting local folks and absorbing much of the everyday culture of each area Even though it s nearly 15 years old some of the places have not changed that much It s an enjoyable insi [...]

  • I learned that I should have hustled my way from mid sized rags out in the sticks to the big city based on my observational qualities and yen for a nomadic life Then I read this Charles Kuralt sets the gold standard for purposeful nomads, and this could be considered his best of Instead of his best writing, though, he chronicles his best places at the best times of year New Orleans before Mardi Gras, Key West before spring break, his native North Carolina in early spring, and so forth This book [...]

  • This book was recommended and loaned to me by a coworker I have to admit that the title and cover were not inspiring It probably didn t help that I had no idea who Charles Kuralt is Judging the book by its cover, it looked like it would be boring I was surprised to find that it was not It s a great travelogue y narrative of the author s visits to a number of different places in the United States He interviewed an assortment of regular people along the way, and wove that together with evocative d [...]

  • Kuralt left his job of 37 years as a correspondent for CBS, typing a short resignation the same day he felt it was time to go He then spent a year traveling around the United States about a month in the following locations New Orleans Key West Charleston, South Carolina Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina Ketchikan, Alaska Ely, Minnesota Boothbay Harbor, Maine Twin Bridges, Montana Woodstock, Vermont Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico New York CityKuralt s keen perception and talent for description [...]

  • Charles Kuralt can write There s no argument from me there I m sure there are a lot of readers who loved this book because of his portrayals of people, many of them salt of the Earth sort of folks who can take pride in what they do However, when I read this book I was hoping to gain of a sense of the places Kuralt visited in the U.S Of course, the guy traveled the breadth of America over his long television career, and by the time this book came out, perhaps he was a bit weary of trying to desc [...]

  • A travelogue of sorts, the book is an interesting look at Kuralt s signature work as a commercial visitor in some of America s most well known places He divides his prose equally between a love of places and some of the people he encounters along the way His celebrity status allows him access at times to places others might not obtain, but he spends most of his time with ordinary people Overall, he seems an introspective loner, reaching out to the land as much as to its inhabitants Sadly, some o [...]

  • Here is a traveler who doesn t go to the biggest attraction around before hitting the road Mr Kuralt visited one of his favorite regions each month for a year He just hangs around town talking to the old timers and enjoying the weather January in New Orleans where he raves about the best food ever, October in Vermont the prime season for seeing the leaves, August in MaineHe goes for a hot air balloon ride and visits a saddle maker in New Mexico What a pleasant journey we had together Great write [...]

  • If I could read this again, I would do one chapter a month, and savor it , since that s how the chapters are organized by month and clearly, Charles wants you to savor along with him Instead, I did about a chapter a day, which was much too rushed I appreciated that Charles wants us to enjoy the finer details, the obscure bits of our country, and it s blatantly obvious beauty and uniqueness that we take for granted My only criticism is that the book too often reads like a list Mr Kuralt is very [...]

  • I really loved listening to him read this book It was as vivid as watching his Sunday morning TV show, and I realize I didn t need the images He really could describe something to a tee What expertise he had Summary Though he retired from CBS News in 1994, Charles Kuralt has never retired from his wanderings In this book he sets out to revisit some of his favorite places in their favorite seasons, to rediscover slices of America that have always been closet to his heart From Montana in September [...]

  • My Mom asked me to send this book to my nephew, so of course I had to read it first I m a fan of Charles Kuralt so looked forward to his narrative on places he visited during one year He had the opportunity to spend a month at each destination, longer than many of us can, and got to know the rhythm of the place His collection of interviews and his writing style make one feel that he she is along for the journey.Of course, it helped that I had been most of the places he visited and could picture [...]

  • What s not to love about Charles Kuralt However, while I couldn t put the book down, I was disappointed He profiles in twelve chapters different locales where he has met people who have become his friends Interesting people, mostly salt of the earth types, but I could not relate to any of the people, and I came away feeling that the wonderful experiences Mr Kuralt had were only for someone as famous and well off as Mr Kuralt I am glad he loved those places as much as he did in his year of travel [...]

  • Listened to this while working in my studio the last few nights I always loved Kuralt on CBS Sunday Morning and hearing that deep, sonorous voice of his again nearly made me cry His stories of traveling the country for a year were delicious It is always a wonder to me that his love of the unique and the quixotic can weave such a spell you come away from his stories feeling as though what happened to him, happened to you I loved the part about New Orleans best of all but anyone who knows me could [...]

  • I can t be the only one that misses Charles Kuralt This is really just a little travel journal but I read it slow because every word was read in his voice The cadence and tone are so distinctive, if you know his voice, you can t help but to hear it when you read his words Makes me want to get in the car and just start drivingopping in every little town and getting to know the locals I don t think there are many people that could make you care as much about small towns as Kuralt does though.Did I [...]

  • Loved this book First one I have read by Kuralt, but won t be my last Each chapter is a different place in the US and what I loved was that he wrote about the people The sense from each place comes from the people that he talked to and had met over the years No urgency in his travel is felt and he doesn t feel compelled to do much It makes me long to take the same kind of trip I m holding on to this paperback as I think it will be one that I want to read again maybe when I m visiting each place [...]

  • Charles Kuralt s last journey on the roads of America is most poignant because of the fact that the author died 2 years after publication An intensely private man, who allegedly led a secret double life as well, Kuralt doesn t provide the kind of introspection or heart on the sleeve revelations of, say, a Blue Highways that would set this above other Discovering America esque books, but the writing is elegant and it s impossible not to hear Kuralt s voice speaking the words you re reading.

  • I was a teenager and I was in a bookstore with my grandfather He told me to choose any book and he would buy it for me I chose one, he looked at it and nodded I ll buy you that one And I think you d like this one too he said while picking up Charles Kuralt s America My grandfather was right I loved this book and it was nothing I would have ever chosen for myself I can t even remember the other book I chose.

  • I always enjoyed watching Charles Kuralt s On the Road segments on the news when I was a kid This audio book read by him, really took me back to those times sitting with my Grandma watching where in the country he was reporting from and what interesting people he was interviewing This book is just as wonderful as those old news segments with vivid descriptions of interesting people and places that you can visualize with just his words.

  • In twelve month Mr Kuralt takes the reader to twelve different regions of America He is definitely most interested in Everyman s stories, in seeing the importance in the lives most of us lead He is enthusiastic about the people he meets, the experiences he has For the most part he keeps an even keel in his narrative, though one wonders how many friends a person can have All in all, a well written travel book.

  • Charles Kuralt of CBS oldOn the Roadsegments ranges across the United States one last time, spending a month at his twelve favorite sites and detailing all in a relishing of Americana The beauty of what he finds comes not only in what he looks for but in the careful, down to earth way he captures it.

  • A standard by one of the most colorful painters of TV feature news reporting Over his career Kuralt won 3 Peabody Awards and 10 Emmy Awards for Journalism, pick up a copy of America or On The Road and you ll understand why To get a intimate or insightful look at Americana, during the last quarter of the 20th century, you d have to rent an RV then find a time machine and hit the road yourself.

  • Upon retirement from CBS, Kuralt travels to some of his favorite spots for a year and does a wonderful job introducing the reader to interesting stewards of this land, great sights and a downright good read, esp since I have been to a number of the locations and felt as if I was revisting with Kuralt If I hadn t been there, he either piqued my interest to go or made me feel as if I was there with him.

  • Kuralt is a good storyteller My only disappointment in this book is that Charles fit 12 different stories from 12 different places in only 300 pages I believe I would have enjoyed it much if he had done the same twelve stories in two books that allowed him to flesh out the stories a bit He spent some time in the south in this book, and I know that there must have been anecdotes that he had to leave out because of limited space.

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