Got Your Back

✓ Got Your Back ó William Neale - Got Your Back, Got Your Back Dave Durand was used to meeting men at the local clubs and bars But all he had to show in his search for love was a steady string of shallow losers and superficial players Time for an intervention Ent ✓ Got Your Back ó William Neale - Got Your Back, Got Your Back Dave Durand was used to meeting men at the local clubs and bars But all he had to show in his search for love was a steady string of shallow losers and superficial players Time for an intervention Ent

  • Title: Got Your Back
  • Author: William Neale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Got Your Back

✓ Got Your Back ó William Neale, Got Your Back, William Neale, Got Your Back Dave Durand was used to meeting men at the local clubs and bars But all he had to show in his search for love was a steady string of shallow losers and superficial players Time for an intervention Enter Grady his acerbic and protective terrier whose self appointed job is saving Dave from himself This whimsical and heart warming short story celebrates the love between aDave Durand wa ✓ Got Your Back ó William Neale - Got Your Back, Got Your Back Dave Durand was used to meeting men at the local clubs and bars But all he had to show in his search for love was a steady string of shallow losers and superficial players Time for an intervention Ent

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  • ✓ Got Your Back ó William Neale
    280 William Neale
Got Your Back

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  • William Neale

    William Neale lived in Cleveland, Ohio with his partner of over a decade Relatively new to the world of contemporary m m romance, he spent over thirty years as a successful corporate communications executive, ad man, and PR spin doctor Knowing how to make up the truth prepared him well for his next career as an author William made no apologies for the fact that his books and characters are often larger than life A William Neale novel invites you to a fantasy to a place where you can dream and hope that indeed, happily ever after can and does exist.Those who seek brutally real, gritty, and angst ridden life stories probably won t find them in a William Neale book That s okay, said Neale Not everybody wants or appreciates a feel good story As for me, reading has always been a wonderful escape from reality Even as a child, I loved the fantasy of becoming Peter Pan, Huck Finn, or one of the Hardy Boys.

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  • Wow What a truly wonderful and delightful little story If I didn t have to pay a huge pet deposit, I d run out and get me dog right now.Yeah, the story had its bittersweet moment and I m no one to reveal spoilers, but trust me, it s a good, good, feel good story I love William Neale and am so grateful for his amazing talent at storytelling I know the writing reading community lost an amazing voice with William s passing I m only happy that we have his works to keep his voice and spirit alive.Whe [...]

  • A short but touching tribute to a beloved petWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS Grady who is a dog makes a lot of sardonic comments about Dave that are amusing and make for a sweet, playful dialogue between owner and pet Lars and Dave the humans are both wonderful and sweet There s not much depth to them, to be blunt, but in a story that s this short 353 Kindle locations , there s not room for characters with a lot of complexityNS Dave begins the [...]

  • OverallThis was a cute story told mainly from the perspective of a dog I enjoyed the concept and the overall story, but the writing left something to be desired at times While it wasn t a waste of time, I wouldn t have wanted to spend than I did on it, which is sad, because I think it had a lot of potential.StrengthsGrady Easily my favorite part of the story, the writing in the italic bits indicating Grady seemed well written, witty with a touch of snark and still caring Grady loves his owner w [...]

  • Dave is in the habit of picking up dates, rushing into bed with them, and then losing them Grady, his faithful Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier despairs of his loving owner s shallow behavior and does his best to keep him in order and protect him But when the handsome young Norwegian Lars appears on the scene Grady immediately recognises Lar s inner beauty but can Grady convey this message to his master Dave.This is quite simply a charming and lovely short story, told in the third person but with reg [...]

  • Dave is quite the pushover slut, and Grady s little comments which I m guessing are supposed to be cute funny just came across to me as a bit snide and or degrading The new man in Dave s life came across as so unimportant to me that I can t even really recall his name, and am too lazy to scroll through my hard drive and find the story again to check All in all, just kind of disappointing.

  • Got Your Back is a heartwarming story that had me loving it from the first page It s a very crisp and witty short story that is very light on the angst that s a plus The story is so strong that it outweighs whatever slight imperfections there may be in the writing In a one word summation of Got Your Back I d say Adorable I give Got Your Back four stars.

  • I thought this was a lovely little story about Dave and Grady his dog It was funny with the anthropomorphism of Grady and actually had me tearing up a little at the end MRL Press have this as a 10 minute read, and it is, but to make me laugh and tear up in 10 mins gives this book the right to 4 stars.

  • This was a wonderful tribute to a beloved pet Grady was the star in this book as far as I m concerned Hearing part of the story through his doggy voice with hints of wit and sarcasm made for a unique and memorable novella Grady really did have Dave s back and Dave was lucky for it Loved this little gem

  • Damn, when a 19 page short story almost makes me tear up, its a damn good 19 page short storyIts about Dave, a guy who lives with his best friend, his dog Grady Grady is almost the main character, and I loved his thoughts And when Dave s love interest has a Scandinavian background, how can I not love it, huh He s called Lars for Gods sake Perfect A sweet story

  • This is a cute short read about Grady, a dog who loves and is protective of his owner David David is afraid to love and jumps into bed with men who only want sex with no relationship Grady is one smart dog tries to telepathically tries to steer David in the right direction and he hopes in doing so his guy will find friendship, love and a wonderful relationship with the man of his dreams.

  • This is a wonderful book that i discovered as a free e book for the nook Read the foreward, usually I skip these, but it explains alot before you delve into the story It s not very long, but this author packs a lot of heart into a short read It left me wanting to read about the dog and his master.

  • 2.75 starsThis was a fairly cute short story The premise was very interesting, but the writing was not very effective I think this had much potential to become even just a novella with a properly fleshed out plot and characterization.

  • I really liked this story I m not really a dog person but the dog in this story was great and I liked that he was looking after his owner, Davie, and giving him advice telepathically It made for some good laughs while reading.

  • Very short, cute story of Grady, a terrier, who wants his owner Dave to quit going for the wrong guy and find the keeper, the one to keep forever You hear Grady through telepathy He is sarcastic, funny, is a slutnfor a pig ear and loves his Dave It was bittersweet at one point, and so sweet.

  • This feels very much like a tribute to a beloved pet Grady really was the star Unfortunately, the dialogue between the humans and soppiness detracted from an otherwise sweet story.

  • This was a very cute short story I absolutely adored Grady His commentary made me laugh out loud I d love to see a longer in depth story with Lars and Dave.

  • Well written short.William Neale brought me smiles, laughs, sighs and tears in this short story I ll be looking for of his work.

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