Flaming Dove

[PDF] Flaming Dove | by ☆ Daniel Arenson - Flaming Dove, Flaming Dove Outcast from Hell Banished from Heaven Lost on Earth The battle of Armageddon was finally fought and ended with no clear victor Upon the mountain the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a [PDF] Flaming Dove | by ☆ Daniel Arenson - Flaming Dove, Flaming Dove Outcast from Hell Banished from Heaven Lost on Earth The battle of Armageddon was finally fought and ended with no clear victor Upon the mountain the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a

  • Title: Flaming Dove
  • Author: Daniel Arenson
  • ISBN: 9780986602825
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
Flaming Dove

[PDF] Flaming Dove | by ☆ Daniel Arenson, Flaming Dove, Daniel Arenson, Flaming Dove Outcast from Hell Banished from Heaven Lost on Earth The battle of Armageddon was finally fought and ended with no clear victor Upon the mountain the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a bloody uneasy standstill leaving the Earth in ruins Armageddon should have ended with Heaven winning ushering in an era of peace That s what the prophecies said IOutcast from Hell Bani [PDF] Flaming Dove | by ☆ Daniel Arenson - Flaming Dove, Flaming Dove Outcast from Hell Banished from Heaven Lost on Earth The battle of Armageddon was finally fought and ended with no clear victor Upon the mountain the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a

  • [PDF] Flaming Dove | by ☆ Daniel Arenson
    137 Daniel Arenson
Flaming Dove

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    Daniel Arenson is a bookworm, proud geek, and USA Today bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction His novels have sold over a million copies The Huffington Post has called his writing full of soul He s written over forty novels, most of them in five series EARTHRISE They came from deep space They came to destroy us Against the alien onslaught, Earth stands alone But we will fight We will rise We will win Start reading with Earth Alone, the first novel in this military science fiction series REQUIEM Welcome to Requiem, an ancient kingdom whose people can grow wings and scales, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons Requiem is explored in six trilogies, which can be read in any order If you re new to Requiem, you can start reading with Requiem s Song you can download it for free For fans of dark, gritty fantasy like A Game of Thrones MOTH Discover Moth, a world torn between day and night its one half drenched in eternal daylight, the other cloaked in endless darkness For fans of classic fantasy worlds such as Middle Earth and Narnia Start reading with Moth, the first novel in this epic fantasy saga ALIEN HUNTERS Got trouble with aliens Call the Alien Hunters A group of scruffy mercenaries, they ll remove the pest for you Low rates No questions asked Start reading with Alien Hunters, the first book in this space opera series For fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and Guardians of the Galaxy KINGDOMS OF SAND Enter a world of sand and splendor, a world where gladiators battle in the arena, where legionaries and barbarians fight for glory, and where empires rise and fall.

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  • Laila is born of angel and demon, her mixed blood a curse that bars her from both Heaven and Hell, so she must fight for the one place she calls homeearth Flaming Dove is an action packed urban fantasy that dares to challenge the reader to question the traditional roles of good and evil The apocalypse has come and gone, but the war between Heaven and Hell continues Earth is a wasteland where angels and demons slaughter each other with no regard for human life Heaven and Hell are deadlocked, but [...]

  • Armageddon Angels vs Demons Good vs Evil These are the themes in the author s new book, Flaming Dove But, for me, the book was much than these larger than life themes I found the relationships especially those of Laila, the half angel, half demon, had with Beezlebub, Michael, Bat El and even Zarel, The Demon Queen, were what propelled the book forward and kept me turning the pages Mr Arenson did a magnificent job in portraying Laila her wants and desires, her sorrow and ultimately her anguish a [...]

  • This was an absolutely fantastic book I really really enjoyed it I loved it so much I kept quoting it to my wife Beelzebub was one of my favorite characters He had so many different personalities, with trying to be romantic, sweet, mean, funny He was awesome The book was pretty much non stop action with a few flashbacks about the characters, but it never slowed down the pace of the main story line The ending caught me by surprise as well I never expected it to end the way I did.I always like alt [...]

  • In Flaming Dove, Arenson weaves an absorbing tale of the ultimate example of internal conflict a being part angel, part demon, and fully belonging nowhere In her quest for a home, she becomes caught up in the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell for dominion over the Earth, knowing that a win from either side would lead to her death He places his heroine in quite the predicament Laila rises to the task admirably, causing the reader to root for her despite the impossibility of her goals The com [...]

  • Angels vs Demons Smackdown Armageddon has taken place now the fight continues and the winner takes Earth Enter Laila, half demon and half angel She cannot live in either Heaven or Hell In Heaven the godlight burns her demon half and in Hell the hellfire burns her angel half She is exiled to Earth where she is alone except for her constant companion, a wolf named Volksfair If Heaven wins then the Earth will be filled with godlight If Hell wins then the Earth will be filled with Hellfire Either wa [...]

  • I guess this was okay It was quite interesting and or fun in places, and it was interesting to view an Armageddon story from the viewpoint of the angels and demons for a change instead of the typical human centric focus, but overall it didn t really hook me I m not sure how much of that is just me being my usual difficult to please self I have ridiculously high standards Some of my favourite authors still only get 3 star reviews and how much was that the story itself seemed quite simplistic even [...]

  • Laila s blood wars within her Her mother an angel and her father a demon, she wanders the earth after Armageddon has arrived Both factions seek her assistance in ending the stalemate between heaven and hell All she seeks is a place to belong.I was torn between giving the book 3 or 4 stars I wish you could give a 1 2 star For me this story is a sad one Laila is a tragic character and very well written The plot is a new take on the very old story of Armageddon Even the devil gets a makeover I real [...]

  • There are good books There are really good books And then there are the books you can t tear yourself away from This is one of those books Daniel s descriptions so vivid and alive that you feel like you re right there I loved it from the first few sentences and enjoyed it to the end There are very few books that can hold your attention through every single word, but this one can It is an amazing story that I plan on reading again and again.

  • Flaming Dove is a dark fantasy that pits angels against demons in the battle for supremacy on earth However as the battle rages, the distinction between good and evil blurs, epitomised by the dual nature of Leila, a half angel, half demon After twenty seven years, weary from the unforgiving conflict, both sides hope that Leila will deliver them victory.Banished from God s grace and abandoned by Hell, Leila searches for a place to call home among the wasteland that is Earth Leila s bleak and lone [...]

  • When I was a teenager I was fascinated by angels Not the puffy winged halo sporting type, the Archangel wrath of God type The fact that there was a whole army of sword wielding higher beings blew my mind The I read, the I needed to read, and before I knew it I was knee deep in biblical reference material and spouting angelic tales to any poor soul that would listen Now like every other one of my unique and sometimes warped fascinations my futile need for warrior angel information wained and I [...]

  • Posted at oh my books 2010 The Armageddon has taken place, and now angels and demons are fighting for the Earth.In the middle of this fight is Laila, the half angel, half demon Her only place to live is Earth, since the light at Heaven or the hellfire at Hell would burn her Laila was an intriguing character Since the begging of her story, we know she isn t interested in this war It doesn t matter to her who wins, since she would still die She only cares for her wolf, and drinking But when she di [...]

  • Daniel Arenson has written a really unique and quite entertaining book As a Christian, even if a slightly esoteric Christian, I found some of Daniel s characters a little hard to identify with and make that wholehearted connection so necessary to really enjoy a novel His angels are flawed and conflicted, his demons are not all that bad Take out the Christian element of it and you re left with a very exciting, page turner that is well worth reading His fluency and pace are quite amazing and for t [...]

  • Rating 4.5 5.0 stars.For a full review, check the Bitten by Books website bittenbybooks

  • Story about a half angel half demon who is being torn between forces during the angel war that occurs after ArmageddonListed with a list of survival stories, and I would not have placed it there More Urban Fantasy Complete fantasy as far as the lore is concerned but the author definitely did his research about ancient beliefs, and ancient gods I had trouble with how the demons and angels both seemed Evil and Good,,and I had a hard time not argueing with the book over what was truth,,,but still i [...]

  • I hate it when I don t like a book, but aside from the cover, which is awesome, I m having a hard time coming up with something I liked about this one And I m not saying that to be mean judging by other reviews of this book, plenty of people like it, so I m going to chalk this one up to not being my cup of tea, especially since I enjoyed Arenson s Eye of the Wizard.The first minor annoyance I had with this book is that Arenson repeated himself again and again and again Phrases, words words other [...]

  • I wanted to like this book and as a story it was brimming with promise It s for that reason alone that it s attracted a 3 star rating from me afterall it s the story I usually sign up for.This is a post armageddon novel following the ongoing and bloody war between angels and demons for supremacy of the earth Laila, half demon and half angel, becomes the pivotal pawn in a battle between two angels who are also brothers Michael, leader of the angellic hosts and Beelzebub, fallen angel and ruler of [...]

  • This has to be one of the most original story s I have read The idea s not only great, but also well executed Laila is a half angel half demon, born after Armageddon During Armageddon the human race became largely extinct and angels and demons battled it out in Jerusalem, Israel Being a half demon Laila can t live in Heaven with the Angels, but because she s a half angel as well she can t live in Hell.At the beginning of the book Laila returns to Jerusalem, where both Heaven and Hell are trying [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Big Al s Books and Pals review blog on 06 28 2012.The first character we are introduced to is Nathaniel He is a jaded and gritty angel who had lost his wings and an eye fighting an arch demon during the battle of Armageddon He was my favorite angel and he drew me in This story though is about Laila, both forces of Heaven and Hell think having Laila on their team will finally turn the tide in their favor.When Laila returns to Jerusalem and finally chooses a si [...]

  • I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and as soon as I downloaded the image for this cover I was blown away I could waste an entire review just on this cover This is hands down the best e book cover I ve ever seen in my life I should stop, because we all know you judge books by the cover, but I ll give a quick peek a boo before you go and nab it.The first thing I have to say about Daniel Arenson s writing, is his style stands out above all else Some writers restrict the re [...]

  • I wish there was a 1.5 star rating, for meh I can t give this a 1 star, because I can t say I didn t like the book I finished it, and there were parts that I liked, especially in the way the story treated the lesser, third tier characters Sidebar I would read a series about Nathaniel and the Wrecking Balls, as long as it fits the Glen Cook s Black Company but with angels that I ve half written in my head Having said that, Laila the protagonist , and this book in general, reads like the Judeo Chr [...]

  • If all the Fallen Angels are brothers then doesn t that make the daughters and sons of said angels relatives of all the other angels So technically that makes Beelzebub an uncle to the half sisters Bet al and Laila That makes all the seducing of very young girls just ever so slightly incestuous and Beelzebub a little less of a charming seducer.The concept was quite interesting but the story suffered a little from repetitive phrases and the superb battle between the evil and good forces was overs [...]

  • I must state up front, that as a writer, I am a much critical reviewer than any casual reader And, because I m not a regular reader of this genre, I can t say it is a five star per MY tastes but I am certain a reader of epic or dark fantasy will agree this is a five star work.Preamble stated to be fair Now I ll rate per my normal thought process.Setting 4 stars The reader will smell the brimstone and fire, sense the decay and rot, visualize in the sky the black, bat winged demons, and the swan [...]

  • I won this book in the good reads first reads give away This is the first book in a while that really had me fully absorbed I love the thought of this book Angels fighting demons Then along comes a character we would not expect and she is strong, beautiful, tormented, loving, a soldier, and a fighter for man and wolf This was an amazing read and every step of the way it was fun, exciting and riveting The characters are well put together that you feel invested in them and can imagine their streng [...]

  • I am a bit torn really, I really liked the book, but the thing is, I hated the end I am sure many will say, but the end was perfect Just as it should be Well not in this girl s book It made me sad and angry.The world was just, wow, so cool Earth is almost destroyed, almost no humans around as they are all dead Instead demons and angels fight each other in a war going on 27 years I liked the world, the angels, the demons All strength and weaknesses The main character Laila is both and can neither [...]

  • This book was a very fast read for me I enjoyed the authors depictions of angels and demons I had a problem with the setting for some reason I didn t feel the characters were grounded in the setting of the Holy land Maybe I m being unfair because I have lived in Jerusalem, Israel but I don t feel the author accurately described the land I also found it puzzling that the author chose Masada as the final battle instead of the tradition Megiddo I don t think the plateau of Masada is bigger enough t [...]

  • It is not often a book stirs my emotions to such an extent as tears, but this one did it I loved this book The characters carried the plot through, and I easily related to each of their individual plights, all with emotional ups and downs We have a nice romance in the background, battles, and confused emotions galore, even in angels and devils At the end of the day, they re just like we puny humans Why did I go the whole hog of 5 stars Because this book did it for me, gave me entertainment value [...]

  • I gave this book a 3 star rating because it was a half way decent read It was in a bundle of 6 books labelled as dystopian sci fi of which it is neither, it could better be described as an Armageddionish fantasy I m sure Armageddionish isn t a word but that s the closest I could come to describing it.

  • I thought there was a lot of potential with this world, but there were too many points where the narration felt like it dragged a bit I was also tripped up a couple times by seeing the same phrase or way of describing things multiple times, which made the descriptions feel a little stunted Depth was given to all the characters but the dialogue started to feel a little heavy handed and dragged out Honestly, I think this book has amazing potential I think that if the editor had been a little hars [...]

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