Memories of John Lennon

[PDF] Memories of John Lennon | by ☆ Yoko Ono - Memories of John Lennon, Memories of John Lennon My first encounter with John Lennon gave me a sense of humility which is funny in a way The Beatles were such a big deal then this was in before we had made a record and we weren t really anyon [PDF] Memories of John Lennon | by ☆ Yoko Ono - Memories of John Lennon, Memories of John Lennon My first encounter with John Lennon gave me a sense of humility which is funny in a way The Beatles were such a big deal then this was in before we had made a record and we weren t really anyon

  • Title: Memories of John Lennon
  • Author: Yoko Ono
  • ISBN: 9780060594558
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
Memories of John Lennon

[PDF] Memories of John Lennon | by ☆ Yoko Ono, Memories of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Memories of John Lennon My first encounter with John Lennon gave me a sense of humility which is funny in a way The Beatles were such a big deal then this was in before we had made a record and we weren t really anyone Mick Jagger In this unique and evocative book Yoko Ono the widow of John Lennon gathers together memories from fans friends and colleagues about the inspirin My first en [PDF] Memories of John Lennon | by ☆ Yoko Ono - Memories of John Lennon, Memories of John Lennon My first encounter with John Lennon gave me a sense of humility which is funny in a way The Beatles were such a big deal then this was in before we had made a record and we weren t really anyon

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  • [PDF] Memories of John Lennon | by ☆ Yoko Ono
    137 Yoko Ono
Memories of John Lennon

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  • Yoko Ono

    Yoko Ono Lennon is a Japanese artist and musician She is known for her work as an avant garde artist and musician, and her marriage and works with world famous English musician John Lennon.

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  • I really didn t know much about John Lennon prior to reading this book, but wow, what an intro to his life Getting a peek from others accounts of him really allows you to see the impact that his presence made on this world If only we could have personalities in the world like that of John Lennon Ono.

  • Three hundred pages of memories Contributions mainly from the poptasic world, luminary artists like Ray Charles, Sir Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carlos Santana and Mary Wilson to name just a few Also mother Terri Augello and daughter Alicia Keys There are sixties Beatle people like Cilla Black, Peter Brown, Astrid Kirchherr, Billie J Kramer and Klaus Voormann Tom Hayden tells how MI5 and FBI tracked Lennon on both sides of the Atlantic in the late sixties and early seventies and Jon Wiener, au [...]

  • Put together by Yoko, this is a compilation of memories written by people who knew John Lennon or were affected by him during his life The only reason I gave this a 4 and not a 5 was because a few of the writers were so wordy I had to skim through their entries Overall the book was lovely It was like looking through glasses seeing John for myself.

  • 4 stars well, you really cannot rate people s memories can you But I did enjoy reading most about the casual encounters with John, how he was in real life and how people related to him, and how he affected them and their lives Realized I am not such a cuckoo after all, and if I am, I am not alone Others who never met him have been affected by him all their lives just like me and I was so lucky to meet Yoko once meeting her made me realize just how wrong people were about her, although I had noth [...]

  • I enjoy John Lennon s music and think he was an important cultural figure, but I think this book is suitable for die hard Lennon fans Edited by Yoko Ono, entries consist of essays, artwork and poems centering around Lennon I found many of the entires redundant the Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show was indeed an important landmark on the landscape of rock n roll, but where people were and how it affected them was covered again and again d again , and I found myself getting bored, [...]

  • Although this was a nice tribute to John Lennon, I found it surprising that many of the contributors had never even met him I also found it redundant when than half the contributors began by talking about how old they were when the Beatles came to America I actually admire Yoko as an artist, but I found this book to be very self serving it was as though she ONLY included essays that made her look like the be all, end all in John s life even though he contributed so much to the world independent [...]

  • Throughout reading Memories of John Lennon by Yoko Ono, I felt a lot of inspiration John Lennon stood out among The Beatles as an inspiration and role model For any true Beatles or John Lennon fan, I suggest reading this book Yoko reaches out to all those that John s life has made an impact on This is definitely a favorite of all books that I have read One thing I do dislike about the book is how Yoko never contributes John s true impact on her life In the book she states that she can simply not [...]

  • I enjoyed the intimate stories about John A few of them brought actual tears to my eyes My only wish for this book would be that it had been compiled by a less biased eye Any person other than Yoko Ono It s easy to see why she selected THESE stories amongst the MANY I m sure she received Could she be any self serving I have always been on the fence about the Yoko John thing but this one tipped my favor into the Yoko sucks camp Why couldn t the bullet miss him and hit her He probably would have [...]

  • I liked this book for what it was several glimpses at John particularly post Beatles as seen through others eyes I wondered at the inclusion of a couple names one in particular who has previously published what I thought to be an unflattering portrayal of John and Yoko , and I was sorry for though didn t wonder at the lack of a page or two from Cynthia Powell.

  • This book includes many different people s memories about the life of John Lennon Most of the people I don t even know, and many didn t know John well I would have happier to read memories of Yoko Ono Lennon as she apparently knew him well and might have brought things to light the public and his fans didn t know about I was very disappointed with it.

  • A collection of memories by people, both famous and not, of John The collection is edited by Yoko and is therefore, I think, very pro Yoko Nevertheless, it was an interesting read.

  • Few essays allowed me to feel that I was getting a glimpse of John Lennon The one that stands out was the Mintz essay That for me was descriptive and solid and telling of John s character But to read about a celebrity s memory of when Lennon was shot or when they first heard a certain song those essays seemed like inconsequential space fillers I was interested in the people that knew John than people that never had met him but contributed to the book anyway.The book was repetitive and if I read [...]

  • Before reading this book I thought I knew everything there was to know about John Lennon I was proved wrong, very wrong And I m glad I did read this book because despite the long perspectives and insights from all these famous people I realised they all had the same views about the person John was I read through each sentence carefully and I learned about the many personality traits that John Lennon had Some stories made me laugh and some made me cry These stories were so personal and it gives y [...]

  • I always read books and articles about John Lennon that are written by Yoko Ono with a bit of objective distance But I m enjoying the anecdotes and thoughts of various celebrities which they have shared for the publication of this book Cilla Black, John s cousin, David Geffen, etcThere seems to be a smidgen of Camelot myth making involved He did have his dark side, as we all do and then there s his first son Julian, and his first wife Cynthia I haven t seen if Julian contributed anything to Memo [...]

  • I read almost all of this To be fair, I skimmed a few pages with political subjects Overall, it was an interesting book We checked it out for my Dad but I opened it just for a quick look and ended up reading the whole thing over a period of a few days I enjoyed learning about Lennon He was interesting he had his good and really, really horrible sides The different testimonies were an interesting way to do this I guess, for me, it lacked oomph I couldn t connect with it Honestly, he sounded down [...]

  • Included in this book are, not surprisingly, people s memories of John Lennon Those included range from his cousins, to close friends, to musicians, to people who never met him They all write very well even the people who only manage one sentence show the depths of their emotion in missing Lennon My only issue with this book is that, with Ono being the editor, there are quite a few essays that go on and on about her greatness Yes, I think she affected Lennon s life and should be included No, I d [...]

  • I very much enjoyed reading about a man whose prophetic lyrics have touched so many While it s difficult to know how real their take on Lennon is I mean what else would you say, are they really being honest but who cares, if they guy was a dick then he wouldn t have written Imagine , simple as that It s interesting his interest in Primal Therapy, you don t delve that deep unless you re one deep dude.

  • Well, I m actually still reading this the Holidays, you know, not much time , but everytime I read a little memory from one of the Lennons friends, or from Yoko, I get all choked up Why can t I have an amazing romance like this , I think The pictures are beautiful, and the contributors are some of the greatest people of our time, and some that recently passed, Norman Mailer included.Highly recommend it

  • I am fortunate to have a copy of the I corrected proof, which may have intimate memories by a greater variety of contributors than the published version This, I m giving it one or two stars than the average review The proof really includes some lesser known stories that capture the essence of John s lifed I like the drawings and photos.

  • As George said, It s All Too Much Person after person tells about how much John meant to them, how they met didn t meet him, how they loved him, how he inspired them There are some good stories, but they re buried under all this well meaning mush which quickly becomes repetitious.Too bad At half the length, it could ve been much interesting.

  • Love it this book is a collection of memories that were told by people who effected by john.ese collection was edited by yoko ono.d i m happy to know about how john was in real life and how people related to him.ever, i m sad cause no one of the other beatles was a part of it,therefore i give it 4 5

  • I ve been a fan since I was nine years old, when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show For people like me, the wealth of personal details and perspectives in this book bring the period and atmosphere of the sixties and seventies to life and make us realize that it wasn t just our imagination John Lennon really was a unique and powerful person.

  • This book features a collection of people s memories of John Lennon Very few of these accounts are interesting and worth reading, however there are some interesting photographs and drawings of Lennon scattered throughout A biography of Lennon would probably be a better place to obtain a better understanding of Lennon and his impact on the lives around him that he touched.

  • Worst book ever she knew John Lennon better than almost anybody else, and yet believes that ALICIA KEYS and other celebrities who didn t even know him would have interesting things to say about him Yoko Ono is an idiot, and calling her the author of this book would be a stretch.

  • Great book, the only regret is that none of the Beatles were a part of it Mentioned, but not a part of it But over all this is a great book.

  • Most of the contributors never even met john Elliot Mintz s contribution was nothing new ditto Mick Jagger and Cilla, Eltons dissapointingly short Only Astrids was good.

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